Project: Talibanization of Pakistan

This incident only highlights what is well-known:
Pakistan’s rapid decline into Taliban-style Islamism.

One night last week a group of
radical Islamists stole into the remote Darel valley and blew up the
three-room schoolhouse and tried to burn down four other schools in the area.

I was given a warning by the
mullahs and the mujahideen, ‘Today we destroy your school. Tomorrow we will
destroy your home,’ ” said Abdul Gafar, 27, the school’s teacher.

No one was injured in
the attack but it was the first of its kind in Pakistan.

This last line is significant. That Pakistan harbours
terrorists of every brand is a well-attested fact, that Musharaff’s bag of lies,
double-speak and hypocrisy are foregone conclusions, but so far none had dared
to commit an open act that sends a clear message of Beware, Islamism is
here to stay.
This has now happened, and methinks it is the beginning
of the end of Pakistan.

Here’s more:

Over the course of the next five
days four more primary schools were blown up or set alight, two in the nearby
town of Chilas.

And so, the incident stated above isn’t an isolated
case. Again, the message is clear: more will follow. The process of cleansing
the impure/infidels/apostates has begun in the true Islamic fashion: no
education for girls, abhorrence of foreigners/foreign institutions, strict
adherence to “pure” Islamic way of life, and the rest. This only proves my
closely-held conviction that Musharaff is powerless to control these forces,
that his influence runs perhaps, only in the vital power centers: Islamabad,
Karachi, Lahore, etc.

The attacks were perpetrated in
the same week that Pakistan’s military leader, Gen Pervaiz Musharraf, appealed
to religious leaders to curb extremism. They serve as a reminder that although
Pakistan is a partner in the US-led war on terror, in many parts of the
country the government’s writ does not run.

Of course, the perpetrators were duly arrested, but
there sure will be backlash the degree of which, isn’t a matter of concern at
the moment:

“The Kalashnikov culture is
strong there. They will be looking for reprisals for the men who have been
arrested destroying the schools,” said the Chilas district commissioner, Qimat

But then, am I surprised that this has happened, despite
sincere assurances to the US from Mushy that “I have everything under control,
the terrorists dare not breathe when I’m in command, etc etc etc?” No I’m not
surprised, for Pakistan was created especially to achieve that goal: to get the
coveted (sic) tag of The Land of the Pure.

Need I say anything further?

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