The Art of Prostituting the Press to Serve the Dynasty

This one’s hilarious!!! Read the whole inanity and leave your comments once you are done laughing. I won’t even bother to critique it–for one, it doesn’t deserve that amount of my precious time and effort, two, Sonia’s own incoherence reveals her "vision." No external criticism is needed.

I’ve excerpted some gems for your reading pleasure: (text in bold represents the questions asked by the Congress Public Relations Officer, Shekar Gupta, who incidentally, also works as the part time Editor in Chief of the Indian Express. Text in normal font represents Sonia Gandhi’s answers)


But tell me something, this is the first time in 30 years that an incumbent government is being given a reasonable chance of coming back to power, 1984 being an exception. What is it that the Congress party and its allies are proposing to people that might be better than what NDA has?

Well, first of all, what we propose to people is what we have always proposed, don’t forget that we have been in power for 47 years. We have had stable governments for 47 years. So, we have experience in governance, we have an all inclusive agenda, not an exclusivist one.

Can you explain that?

Well, our policies are for everyone, for all sections of society.


People from the Congress who have authored economic reforms, particularly Dr Manmohan Singh, they will have a key role in the government?

Certainly, most certainly. Business going ahead and a special focus on poverty alleviation programme, social welfare, these are not mutually exclusive.

So there is no rejection of Dr Manmohan Singh or his policies?

No, not at all. This is again, yeh to galat fehmi hain. Kisine failaya ki humlog rethink kar rahe hain. Aisi baat nahin hain.

But can you name just a single policy of Dr. Singh, madam? Please…you aspire for highest office, and I as a common citizen want to know your knowledge about the achievements of your own colleague. I need to make up my mind whether I should vote for you.

But what do you think about Vajpayee, as a fellow parliamentarian, as a rival?

Well, he’s been there for more than half a century in politics, so…

This is the clincher! Either the Congress PRO has intentionally left out the words after "so" or Sonia just trailed off, the meaning is clear: our lady makes a hopeless case of presenting herself, let alone as a leader (the Prime Minister? Heavens forbid!), but as an average person with a decent knowledge about several basic aspects, nay, the most basic aspect presented in Shekar’s question: her opinion of her arch rival. Vajpayee has been in the Parliament for 50 years or so; that’s common knowledge. So? So what? What’s your opinion, you retard? He’s good? bad? competent? what?

But wait, the following response gives elevates your respect for her tremendous powers of eloquence:

There are those who say that he has acquired a Nehruvian halo, same kind of credibility, even among those who don’t vote for him.

And those who say that don’t know about Nehru, they haven’t obviously not read anything on about who Nehru was or what Nehru did.

Crony in what sense?

Cronies, friends…there is a lot of cronyism going on, even in disinvestment. So, that feel-good factor could certainly be in the pockets of those people.

That’s a serious charge to make.

Well, I have read it in your newspaper.

Well, if you keep blaming my newspaper for everything, I have to go back and do some answering.

You are an objective newspaper person, your newspaper is respected for that.

Aaahhh!!! Apart from merely being hilarious, this deserves the Oscar for Sycophancy. Shekar Gupta I believe, has in this one stroke, perfected the Art of Prostituting the Press to Serve the Interests of the Dynasty. Just read the train of words: Cronyism, etc followed by "serious charge" followed by a great show of willingness to introspect, of pretending to be being noble and truthful, and then promptly being rewarded by being called "objective" and "respectable." What the @#$! is this? This was telecast on NDTV (another loudmouth secularist news channel) in the same way as Kapil Dev’s inquisition interview was done on the BBC. But what a difference!

But is that a liability for you or your party that you originally came from Italy? Isn’t that a liability? Does it work adversely with some workers?

It may work adversely with some voters. But frankly wherever I go, especially in rural areas, among women, among less fortunate people, I have never felt — even when I first started working in Amethi — that I am a foreigner or that they look at me as a foreigner because I am not. I am an Indian.

Do you feel fully like an Indian?


When did the transition start? When was it completed?

Well, the transition was completed long ago. It was a slow transition. After all, marrying into this sort of family, which was part of the freedom movement, which sacrificed, which lived in complete service, seva, of the people. They had no life outside this. So you also imbibe and assimilate a certain amount of these feelings.

Seva of the people, Sonia? The seva that sowed the seeds of pseudo secularism, the seva that invited the Chinese to invade us, the seva that whitewashed Islam’s crimes in India, the seva that originally implanted the idea that divisive politics could be practised with impunity, the seva that alienated the patriotic Sikhs (for a few years at least), the seva that gave us Shah Bano, and finally, the seva that you are purporting to offer to us: look at your own self, Ms. Sonia–you’ve today agreed to an alliance with the DMK, the same party that harbours close links with the extremist group that killed your own husband, and you give a clean chit to it?

I guess we need to change the proverb, Power corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely to Power Corrupts, the Lust for Power Corrupts Absolutely.

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  1. Ayushi
    June 29, 2012 at 12:12 PM

    this is why Sonia Gandhi shouldn’t give interviews…

  2. November 25, 2005 at 4:33 PM

    thanks alot guys

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