A New Low in the Communist Stinkhole

Thanks first of all to Atanu Dey for blogging about this.

For a long time, I’ve refrained from mentioning anything about the Communist Stinkhole (it’s a state in India) called West Bengal. Ever since Jyoti Basu took the reins of this now-unfortunate state, things have gone only one way–the Red Way.

Now, I’m sure some people may/will raise a cry regarding the objectivity of Balbir Punj’s article because he happens to be a prominent member of the BJP’s think-tank. This isn’t the place to examine that. The facts that he has mentioned in this article are pretty dim and throw an accurate light on the state of West Bengal.

Despite Mr Bhattacharya’s assurances to resuscitate industry in West Bengal and running from Mumbai to Milan in hot pursuit of investment, strikes and lock outs are a common phenomenon in the State. A few days ago, the famed Gondalpara jute mills in Chandernagore shut down and joined the league of other such mills which have been closed since 1970s, in the prized Hooghly river basin. After losing out to its smaller neighbour Orissa in the field of software exports, the Marxist Government assigned top priority to its information technology sector. Orissa’s IT industry paradoxically has an enormous presence of Bengali professionals migrating out of West Bengal. At least in theory, the West Bengal Government has kept IT industry strictly outside the periphery of bandhs that paralyse the life and economy of Kolkata virtually every other day.

This only shows the double standards, so typical of the Communists. On one hand, they want State control on everything, and on the other, they want to promote free market economy: look at the fate of the jute mills today, the selfsame jute mills that were once the pride of the whole of India; by the same token, look at the selective favouritism they impose on the IT industry! We have a proverb in Kannada that translated, reads thus, “Butter for one eye and lime for the other?” Coming to Bengalis as a race, I consider them to be one of the most intelligent races, or should I leave it to Balbir Punj to say it better:

A resurgent Bengal commanded its paramount image in 19th century when Gopal Krishna Gokhale observed: “What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow!” That was the Bengal of Raja Rammohun Roy, Bankim Chandra, Vivekananda, Surendra Nath Banerjea, Bipin Chandra Pal and Aurobindo among others.

Perhaps no other state has produced stalwarts such as these, people who sacrified their everything for the cause of their Motherland. (Undivided) Bengal has produced the greatest poets, philosophers and men of courage; paradoxically, it was this same Bengal that also saw the fructification of the dictatorial Communist ideology. It is no coincidence that a majority of the cases of history-distortion that Arun Shourie mentions in his book are to be found in the text books prescribed by the West Bengal government.

With Alfred Ford now opting for Orissa to build his Vedic Planetarium, the Communist Stinkhole has dug a few feet more of its own grave.

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