Activists’ Attack and Other Double Standards

Full marks to Andhra CM Samuel Reddy for displaying a stellar performance, so typical of neo-converts. Actually, he’s a second-generation convert but he’s ensuring that his offspring will have strong roots to look rely upon.

Reddy is a second-generation Christian. His father, Mr. Raja Reddy, while serving in the military in Burma came across Christian missionaries and although a firm believer in Hinduism soon converted to Christianity. [citation needed]After returning to India, he was despised by his own caste folk and shunted out of the village. By this time, missionaries in India were leaving the shores and handing over the administration of the Church to the national Indians. It was in 1947 that the Church of South India was formed. Sri Raja Reddy began to attend the Church Services of this congregation.

But that’s not all. The entire family shares Samuel Reddy’s missionary zeal in varying degrees. From the same Wikipedia article,

Sri Y.S. Vivekananda Reddy, the brother of Sri Rajasekhara Reddy is a fund-raiser and member of the local committee of the Bible Society of India headquartered in Bangalore with auxiliaries in each state. Likewise, Sri Rajasekhara Reddy’s sister is into conducting Bible classes for women. Mr. Rajasekhara’s son-in-law is a global evangelist speaker.

Now that he’s the CM, his powers are virtually unlimited. And so, he’s using said powers to find newer and more powerful ways to spread the message of God .

A Christian television channel with emphasis on evangelism will be launched in the State with the blessings of Chief Minister Y S Rajasekhar Reddy, who is a practising Protestant Christian. Four close associates of the Chief Minister will meet on August 19 to give the channel a name and make a formal application, which they expect to get in 45 days.

Samuel Reddy doesn’t rest easy. His theatre of the absurd should play on. Here you go:

Impressing the Masters: Round 1

Andhra Pradesh bans Da Vinci

Taking a cue from five other states, the Andhra Pradesh government has imposed a ban on the screening of the controversial film, The Da Vinci Code in the state… The government felt that the exhibition of the film could hurt religious sentiments of the Christian and Muslim communities and lead to law and order problems.

The government issued a Government Order (GO No. 1012) to ban the movie. ‘After taking into consideration the reports and complaints from the minority community, particularly the Christian community, the ban was promulgated,’ the GO said.

That his party’s top boss also happens to be fiercely Christian is a coincidental bonus, or is it, really?

But the damned courts delivered a resounding slap to his Round 1.

The Andhra Pradesh High Court today quashed a government order banning the controversial film “The Da Vinci Code” in the state.

Declaring the ban as null and void, Justice G Raghuram said it was a “highly unreasonable restriction” on the freedom of speech and expression.

People in Andhra welcomed this decision and the movie was screened. But Samuel’s faith is unflinching. And so he unleashed another Act:

Impressing the Masters: Round 2

Andhra government to challenge court order on Da Vinci Code

The Andhra Pradesh government will challenge the High Court order quashing its ban on the controversial film “The Da Vinci Code”, officials said here today.

A single judge bench of the High Court had yesterday set aside a government’s ban on the screening of the film in the state.

Just to facilitate the speedy expedition of this process, “Christian activists” indulged in some peaceful protest against the screening.

Angry activists of a Christian organisation today ransacked the premises of a multiplex here and forced the theatre management to stop screening of the controversial film “The Da Vanci Code”.

Waving placards, about 40 members of the All India Christian United Front stormed ‘Prasads IMAX theatre’, where the film was scheduled to be screened from today, and raised slogans demanding that the film be banned, police said.

Of course, these are merely “activists,” in the secular media’s forked tongue. When the screening of Deepa Mehta’s soft porn flick, Fire was disrupted, the media described the protestors as “fundamentalists” and editorials harped on the “violent nature” of “RSS/VHP goons’ fascist activities” which threatened freedom of artistic expression.

The fact that the emergence of outfits like AICUF (what’s that?), a hitherto-unheard of organization is a worrisome phenomenon for a simple reason. These outfits are starting to sound eerily like the innumerable Muslim outfits that take to violence on real and imaginary “threats to Islam,” for dime-a-dozen reasons. The intent however, is the same: stifle criticism of Islam, and now, Christianity.

9 comments for “Activists’ Attack and Other Double Standards

  1. madhusudhan
    September 18, 2007 at 9:47 AM

    Y.S Rajasekhara Reddy or Samuel Reddy cannot stop the glory of Hindu system and Hindu intellect. He is goon and not public figure. The christianity has spread in Europe and Africa through wars and killings by the mercenaries and not by the conviction (but thro conversion, in most cases it was forced conversion). These reddy bastards cannot play with Hindu force.

  2. Salauddeen
    October 23, 2006 at 5:22 PM

    Does the ban on screening affect renting the DVD version of the movie?

  3. June 30, 2006 at 10:12 AM

    It is frightening that the highest office holder in the state is active in evangelism in what is purportedly a secular country. The Sonia Gandhi administration entails a sell out on multiple fronts. Sad indeed.

  4. Sandeep
    June 27, 2006 at 11:50 AM


    Of course. Margaret Roy’s dumbfuckery never gets mentioned but her “courageous fight against evil forces” make for great copy.

  5. Niketan
    June 27, 2006 at 6:19 AM

    The silence of the artistic fraternity is not surprising. Remember how they screamed when during the Fire and Water controversies. The usual suspects Shabana, Mahesh Bhatt, Dilip Kumar etc are all silent.
    They are just making statements, but not taking morchas, filing petitions and the other activities they are famous for.

  6. RR
    June 26, 2006 at 5:42 PM

    Pradip Kishan is the hubby of Arundhati Roy and Arundhati Roy’s real name is said to be Margaret Roy.

    Nothing new. Just some routine land-grab of tribal land by the fatcat couple. But note that PTI deftly avoids mentioning the fact that Kishan is Roy’s hubby.


    Notices to film maker Pradeep Kishan, Vikram Seth’s sister
    Hoshangabad (MP), Jun 23: Notices have been issued to some noted personalities, including film maker Pradeep Kishan, asking them to remove alleged encroachment on land of a poor tribal at Vaariaam village, around three km from Pachmarhi near here, officials said.

    The tribal, Vijay Singh, had submitted an affidavit before the Tehsildar court accusing Kishan, noted writer Vikram Seth’s sister Aaradhana Seth and Forest department officials Nishikant Jadhav and J C Sharma of encroaching on his land to construct road leading to their lavish bunglows on the lakeside, the officials said.

    The allegations were found true after a probe following which notices were issued asking them to remove the encroachment, they said.

  7. RR
    June 26, 2006 at 5:34 PM

    Sandeep, this story is filed by PTI.I have a suspicion that evangelicals have considerable influence over PTI. The tilt started after the head of Malayala Manorama group of publications Philip Mathew became the head of PTI. PTI’s Delhi dispatches on BJP almost always start off by describing BJP as a “saffron” party. The real target is not BJP; it is the Christian fundamentalist’s way of mocking Hindu belief.

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