Hindu Holocaust: A Thorn by any Other Name…


This article by Francois Gautier generated quite an interesting discussion on a mailing list I’m part of. As related reading, I’d like to link to a similar article by the same author.

Gautier’s assertion is straightforward: based on available historical evidence, it is sufficient to conclude that a Hindu Holocaust has occurred.

Never Forget…

It takes but a moment to place these–only two–powerful words, a grim reminder of the Holocaust. According to the Wikipedia definition

The Holocaust… is the name applied to the genocide of minority groups of Europe and North Africa during World War II by Nazi Germany and its collaborators. [.] According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word was first used to describe Hitler’s treatment of the Jews from as early as 1942, though it did not become a standard reference until the 1950s. By the late 1970s, however, the conventional meaning of the word became the Nazi genocide. The term is also used by many in a narrower sense, to refer specifically to the unprecedented destruction of European Jews in particular.

The Holocaust evokes horror due to these important reasons:

  • The colossal scale of killing
  • Its short time span
  • Its assembly-line like method
  • The ideology that motivated it

Hindu Holocaust

The Holocaust is a fairly recent event, and thanks to the efforts of millions of Jews, its memory has been kept fairly alive. A few generations in future, it’ll only be a distant memory. At most, it will evoke pity sans the intensity of experience. The chill of experiencing horror first hand/having lived in those times doesn’t have the same shock value a 100 years or so down in time.

Highly simplified, this has happened in the case of Hindu genocide over more than 1000 years as we shall see.

Barring the sheer numbers of Jews exterminated in a specific historical period, the other features apply equally to the Hindu genocide over the centuries. There’s yet another crucial distinguishing factor. Hindu genocide was at least, threefold:

  • Physical: Millions of Hindus were killed because they were Hindus.
  • Cultural: Those that weren’t killed were spared because they agreed to convert to Islam. This is cultural genocide.
  • Economic: Those that were allowed to live as Hindus still, were subject to the dreaded Jiyza tax system forcing them to perpetual penury=economic genocide.

The Holocaust definition given earlier specifically uses the term “genocide” but applies it to a specific group/race. Fundamentally, Holocaust=genocide. Which is a certainty as far as Hindus are concerned. Aside, the term is rather apt to describe the Hindu genocide because the root meaning of Holocaust is “burn.” Islam’s violent history in India is a bloody record of burnt idols, temples, libraries, and entire cities.

Contemporary Evidence

Gautier’s article quotes K.S. Lal,

…who writes that according to his calculations, the Hindu population decreased by 😯 MILLION between the year 1000 and 1525.

It is certainly normal to find this figure overwhelming and therefore, incredible. However, it is fallacious to conclude simply on this basis that we cannot apply the term “Holocaust” to the Hindu genocide. The truth is the genocide happened.

And there’s also the question of evidence.

The Hindu genocide unlike the Jewish Holocaust, happened in instalments. Playing the numbers game, the total number of Hindus killed adds up to several millions, perhaps not 80 million…ah! I’m falling into the numbers-game trap but you get the idea. Why, an estimated 200000 Kashmiri Pandits were ethnically cleansed from the Valley, a mere 15 or so years ago.

As for evidence, here’s a sample:

…the conquest of Afghanistan in the year 1000, was followed by the annihilation of the entire Hindu population there; indeed, the region is still called Hindu Kush, ‘Hindu slaughter’. The Bahmani sultans in central India, made it a rule to kill 100.000 Hindus a year. In 1399, Teimur killed 100.000 Hindus in a single day, and many more on other occasions.

More here: all primary sources, written by court poets/royal historians of emperors of the order of Mahmud Ghaznavid, Iltamush, Muhammad bin Qâsim, Nadir Shah et al.


It is tragic that thousands of educated and intelligent people seek to negate the Hindu Holocaust–mostly unwittingly. That is partly the result of reading fabricated history right from childhood, and partly for being politically correct. A nation cannot be built on a foundation of half truths and outright lies about its own history. It leads to mistrust among its own people, as is very evident today. There’s nothing shameful in admitting Islam’s destructive role in medieval India. On the contrary, it should, like the Holocaust museum, serve as a reminder of what should not be repeated. Ever.

Finally, does it really matter what you call it? Holocaust, annihilation, liquidation, extermination, jihad, ethnic cleansing, mass murder, final solution, genocide, crime against humanity…all facets of the same ideology of imperialism. There’s little difference between Hitler and Aurangzeb.

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  1. PattabhiramanBalasubramanian
    July 24, 2010 at 7:29 PM

    The letter to Lady Reading and the report by Rashmi are enough evidence to show, irrefutably, how much peaceful ISLAM is. Wherever it went and spread, it was only on the strength of the sword. I can cite a few articles, by libedral Muslims, who have documented so well, the atrocities committed by Islamic invaders.

  2. Rashmi
    July 23, 2010 at 9:34 AM

    Eyewitness account of Moplah Rebellion this says it all and the politics of Moplah rebellion:-
    read full article at : http://ghatotkacha-nair.blogspot.com/2009/12/second-jihad-against-hindus-of-malabar.html

    Prominent Persons Comments On The Moplah Rebellion

    Moplah outrage upon a large number of peaceful, unarmed and unprepared Hindus can easily be corroborated by independent testimony.

    A redoubtable source straight from the ground on which the Moplahs committed their atrocities was the proceedings of a conference held at Calicut presided over by the Zamorin of Calicut, the Ruler of Malabar. To quote:
    “That the conference views with indignation and sorrow the attempts made at various quarters by interested parties to ignore or minimise the crimes committed by the rebels such as:
    (a) Brutally dishonouring women
    (b) Flaying people alive
    (c) Wholesale slaughter of men, women and children
    (d) Burning alive entire families
    (e) Forcibly converting people in thousands and slaying those who refused to get converted
    (f) Throwing half dead people into wells and leaving the victims to struggle for escape till finally released from their suffering by death
    (g) Burning a great many and looting practically all Hindu and Christian houses in the disturbed areas in which even Moplah women and children took part and robbed women of even the garments on their bodies, in short reducing the whole non-Muslim population to abject destitution.
    (h) Cruelly insulting the religious sentiments of the Hindus by desecrating and destroying numerous temples in the disturbed areas, killing cows within the temple precincts putting their entrails on the holy image and hanging skulls on the walls and the roofs.

    Lord Reading, The Viceroy said: “A few European and many Hindus have been murdered, communications have been obstructed; government offices burnt and looted and public records have been destroyed. Hindu temples have been sacked and plundered, houses of Europeans and Hindus burnt. According to reliable reports Hindus were forcibly converted to Islam. One of the most fertile tracts of South India is faced with serious famine. The result has been the temporary collapse of the Civil Government and offices and courts have ceased to function and ordinary business has been brought to a standstill. European and Hindu refugees of all classes are concentrated at Calicut and it is satisfactory to note that they are safe there. One trembles to think of the consequences if the forces of order had not prevailed for the protection of Calicut. Those who are responsible for causing this grave outbreak of violence and crime must be brought to justice and made to suffer the punishment of the guilty.”

    A statement refers to the misdeeds of the Muslim Moplahs in these words: “Their wanton and unprovoked attack on the Hindus, the all but wholesale looting of their houses in Ernad etc, the forcible conversion of Hindus in the beginning of the Moplah rebellion and the wholesale conversion of those who stuck to their homes in later stages, the brutal murder of inoffensive Hindus without the slightest reason except that they are “Kafirs” or belonged to the same religion as the policemen, who their mosques, burning of Hindu temples, the outrage on Hindu women and their forcible conversion and marriage by the Moplahs.”

  3. Rashmi
    July 23, 2010 at 9:30 AM

    Next is heart rending tales of women who sufferred this holocaust:
    A heart-rending petition to Lady Reading, the wife of Lord Reading, the then Viceroy of India from the brutalised women of Malabar led by the senior Rani of Nilambur.
    Posted by Ghatotkacha at 3:58 AM

    When thousands of Hindu women were raped and many of them killed by the Moplah Muslims during the Moplah rebellion in August-September 1921, the brutalised women of Malabar led by the senior Rani of Nilambur gave a heart-rending petition to Lady Reading, the wife of Lord Reading, the then Viceroy of India.

    Taken from Chapter 5 titled ‘Moplahs’ of ANTI-HINDUS by Prafull Goradia and K. R Phanda [2003 ed.]

    Petition of Malabar Ladies to Lady Reading





    The humble memorial of the bereaved and sorrow-stricken women of Malabar.


    We, the Hindu women of Malabar of varying ranks and stations in life
    who have recently been overwhelmed by the tremendous catastrophe
    known as the Moplah Rebellion, take the liberty to supplicate your Ladyship for sympathy and succour.

    Your Ladyship is doubtless aware that though our unhappy district has witnessed many Moplah outbreaks in the course of the last one hundred years, the present rebellion is unexampled in its magnitude as well as unprecedented in its ferocity.

    But it is possible that your Ladyship is not fully apprised of all
    the horrors and atrocities perpetrated by the fiendish rebels;
    of the many wells and tanks filled up with the mutilated,
    but often only half dead bodies of our nearest and dearest ones who refused
    to abandon the faith of our fathers;
    of pregnant women cut to pieces and left on the roadsides and in the jungles,
    with the unborn babe protruding from the mangled corpse;
    of our innocent and helpless children torn from our arms and
    done to death before our eyes and
    of our husbands and fathers tortured, flayed and burnt alive; of our hapless sisters forcibly carried away from the midst of kith and kin and subjected to every shame and outrage which
    the vile and brutal imagination of these inhuman hell-hounds could conceive of;
    of thousands of our homesteads reduced to cinder-mounds
    out of sheer savagery and a wanton spirit of destruction;
    of our places of worship desecrated and destroyed and
    of the images of the deity shamefully insulted
    by putting the entrails of slaughtered cows where flower garlands used to lie
    or else smashed to pieces;
    of the wholesale looting of hard-earned wealth of generations
    reducing many who were formerly rich and prosperous
    to publicly beg for a piece or two in the streets of Calicut,
    to buy salt or chilly or betel-leaf —
    rice being mercifully provided by the various relief agencies.
    These are not fables.

    The wells full of rotting skeletons,
    the ruins which once were our dear homes,
    the heaps of stones which once were our places of worship —
    these are still here to attest to the truth.
    The cries of our murdered children in their death agonies
    are still ringing in our ears and will continue to haunt our memory
    till death brings us peace.
    We remember how driven out of our native hamlets
    we wandered starving and naked in the jungles and forests.
    We remember how we choked and stifled our babies’ cries
    lest the sound should betray our hiding places to our relentless pursuers.

    We still vividly realise the moral and spiritual agony
    that thousand of us passed through when
    we were forcibly converted into the faith professed by these blood thirsty miscreants;
    we still have before us the sight of the unendurable and
    life long misery of those — fortunately few — of our most unhappy sisters
    who born and brought up in respectable families
    have been forcibly converted and then married to convict coolies.
    For five long months not a day has passed without its dread tale of horror to unfold.

    Your gracious Ladyship’s distracted memorialists have endeavoured without exaggeration,
    without setting down aught in malice to convey
    at least some idea of the indescribably terrible agonies
    which they and thousands more of their sisters have been enduring for over five months now
    through this reign of inhuman (rightfulness inaugurated and carried on in the name of the Khilafat.
    We have briefly referred without going into their harrowing details
    to our heartrending tale of dishonour, outrage, rapine, and desolation.

    But if the past has been one of pain and anguish, the future is full of dread and gloom.
    We have to return to a ruined and desolated land.
    Our houses have been burnt or destroyed;
    many of our breadwinners killed; all our property looted; our cattle slaughtered.
    Repatriation without compensation means for us ruin, beggary, starvation.
    Will not the benign Government come to our aid and
    give us something to help us to begin life anew?
    We are now asked to settle down as paupers in the midst of the execrable fiends
    who robbed, insulted and murdered our loved ones —
    veritable demons such as hell itself could not let loose.
    Many of us shrink from the idea of going back to what there is left of our homes;
    for though the armed bands and rebels have been dispersed
    the rebellion cannot be said to be entirely quelled.
    It is like a venomous serpent whose spine has been partly broken,
    but whose poison fangs are still intact and
    whose striking power, if diminished, has not been destroyed.
    A few thousands of rebels have been killed and a few more thousands have been imprisoned,
    but as the Government are only too well aware many more thousands of rebels, looters, savagely militant evangelists and other inhuman monsters yet remain at large, a few in concealment, but most,
    moving about with arrogance openly threatening reprisals on all non-Moslims
    who dare to return and resume possession of their property.
    Many refugees who went back have paid for their temerity with their lives.
    In fact, repatriation, if it is not to be a leap from the frying pan into the fire, must mean for the vast bulk of your Ladyship’s
    impoverished and helpless memorialists and their families
    a hard inexorable problem of financial help, and
    adequate protection against renewed hellish outrages from which
    immunity would be utterly impossible as long as
    thousands of men and even women and children of this semi-savage and fanatical race
    in whom the worst instinct of earth hunger, blood-lust and rapine
    have been awakened to fierce activity- are fret’ to prey upon
    their peaceable and inoffensive neighbours who — let it be most respectfully emphasised —
    because of their implicit trust
    in the power and the will of a just and benign Government to protect them,
    had suffered their own art and capacity for self defense to emasculate and decay.

    We, Your Ladyship’s humble and sorrow-stricken memorialists do not seek vengeance.
    Our misery will not be rendered less
    by inflicting similar misery upon this barbarous and savage race;
    our dead will not return to us if their slayers are slaughtered.
    We would not be human, however, if we could ever forget
    the cruel and shameful outrages and indignities perpetrated upon us
    by a race to which we have always endeavoured to be friendly and neighbourly!
    We would be hypocritical if, robbed of all our possessions
    we did not plead for some measure of compensation
    to help us out of the pauperism now forced upon us;
    we would be imbecile, if knowing the ungovernable, anti-social propensities and
    the deadly religious fanaticism of the Moplah race
    we did not entreat the just and powerful government
    to protect the lives and honour of our humble sisters
    who have to live in the rebel-ravaged zone.
    Our ambition after all is low enough;
    sufficient compensation to save us and our children from starvation, and
    enough military protection against massacre and outrage are all that we want.
    We beseech Your Compassionate Ladyship to exercise all the benevolent influence
    that you possess with the government to see that our humble prayers are granted.
    But if the benign Government does not consider it possible
    to compensate us and to protect us in our native land
    we would most fervently pray that free grants of land may be assigned to us
    in some neighbouring region which though less blessed
    with the lavish gifts of nature may also be less cursed
    by the cruelty and brutality of man.

    We beg to remain. Your Ladyship’s most humble and obedient servants,

  4. Hindu Bong
    July 16, 2010 at 6:22 PM

    “In 1877 Queen Victoria took the title of Empress of India on the advice of (JEW) Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli. ”

    That’s just another instance of the half-truths that you propagate.

    The Test Act 1672 formerly made it illegal for a Roman Catholic to hold high political office in the English Parliament. Though it has been repealed, every British PM has officially owed allegiance to the Church of England/Church of Scotland. As far as Disraeli is concerned, he had converted to Protestantism before becoming the PM. So much about his Jewishness!!

  5. CT
    July 15, 2010 at 8:34 PM

    No Muslim countries will DARE do that again when Iam here. :)

  6. Rashmi
    April 30, 2010 at 3:01 PM

    The History of erstwhile hindu Sindh is equally eye opening, today is a part of pakistan:
    Source :-http://www.hindujagruti.org/articles/2.html
    Valiant Hindu Kings – Vikramaditya & Daughters of King Dahir
    Hindu Dharma has a glorious past of Righteous kings who personified fearlessness and valour. Hindu kings were devoted to Righteousness and were always keen on the all round progress of their people. As per the saying ‘Raja Kalasya Karanam’ meaning the king himself is responsible for the times, the kings abided by Righteousness and hence their people were also happy, prosperous and of good moral conduct. The kings would rule under the direction of their Guru. They would patronise many artists and would wholeheartedly support the arts. They would never attack others except in self defence even though they were capable of conquering the entire planet on the basis of spiritual power. Similarly in the later part of their life they would hand over the reins of their kingdom to their heir and would perform spiritual practice further by voluntary acceptance of Vanaprasthasrhram.

    The remembrance of such great kings who have created the glorious history of Hindus is an incessant source of inspiration. Every incident in the life of these great heroes is a witness to their brilliant capability. Some special events in the lives of these bright kings have been given ahead to awaken the extinct pride in the minds of Hindus about their religion, nation and culture and also to create a new urge and enthusiasm in them to defend their religion, nation and culture. It is our prayer at the feet of God that Hindus should ready themselves for any type of assault against them by taking a cue from this history.

    King Vikramaditya
    King Vikramaditya ruled over Ujjain. In his kingdom, all law and order arrangements were based on the Dharmashastras and were excellent. In order to ensure ideal rule, in his cabinet of ministers he had nine important ministers who were truly gems.

    His kingdom extended up to Arabastan and he was a generous king who always looked after the welfare of his people. Vikramaditya’s father was Mahendradutt, mother was Soumyadarshana and brother was Barthuhari. Vikramaditya had defeated the rulers of Arabastan and had added that region into his kingdom. This victory is beautifully described in a poem by “Barham Bin Soi”. Of the sixty years that Vikramaditya ruled, he spent twenty five years in wars. He was an ideal ruler who always ensured that everyone benefitted from his decisions. He was a generous ruler who always thought of the welfare of his people and ruled accordingly. Even though he was a follower of the Shaiva religion, he always treated all religions with equal respect. In his cabinet, his nine gems were Dhanvantri, Shapanak, Amar Singh Shanku, Vetal Bhatt, Kharpar, Kalidas, Varahmihir and Varruchi.

    – Pujya Parshram Madhav Pande Maharaj, Akola

    Nine Gems of his Cabinet
    1. Kalidas: Author of the great epic, ‘Shakuntala’, great poet, dramatist and the most prominent scholar of Sanskrit language.
    2. Amarnath: Author of ‘Sanskrit Amarkosh’
    3. Shapanak: Prominent Astrologist who had achieved mastery in Astrology.
    4. Dhanvantri: A Doctor who had achieved mastery in the science of medicine; one who was an expert in diagnosis and one who could prescribe different treatments for a single disease.
    5. Varruchi: Expert Linguist and an expert in Grammar
    6. Varahmihir: Author of World famous epic, ‘Bruhatsahita’ and mastery in Astrology.
    7. Ghatakpar: Expert in sculpture and architecture.
    8. Shanku: Expert in Geography (This name is even well known today in the field of geography)
    9. Vetalbhadra : Expert in black magic & tantric sciences

    This is an example of how the Bharatiya rule was complete in all respects with peace and prosperity existing everywhere in the kingdom when there were no external attacks.

    Muslims who were aggressive against Hindustan and Hindus fought back against this aggression.

    Kings and Princess

    Daughters of King Dahir: ‘For thousands of years no one even dared to look at Bharat with a view to conquer it. But in 711 AD there was an aggressive and deadly attack on Sindh province. At this time, Sindh was ruled by Dahir Raja. The king was killed. The Queen performed ‘Johar’ and ended her life. The palace was destroyed. The attackers were surely not braver than us. Maybe they had better weapons, but the terror which they created had no equal. Armed warriors entered the small towns and villages. Earlier battles were fought on the battlefield. Warriors fought against warriors. However these aggressive and cruel warriors killed innocent women, children and old people who were in their houses. They destroyed temples and the idols residing in the temples. They destroyed schools. They raped young women. The way they treated those who were their victims, was utterly cruel. That man can be so cruel was unprecedented and unknown to Bharatiya culture. This kind of demonic aggression left the entire society afraid and terrified. As a result the aggressors found literally no opposition.

    In addition, since there was excessive adherence to the concept of non violence, even the army too was reluctant to fight. Sindh was defeated. Blood sucking, man-eating demons were dancing on the blood filled land and creating a ruckus.

    In this way unfavourable anti-Hindu youth entered the western boundary of Bharat. In these adverse circumstances, our good qualities worked against us as they turned out to be our failings.’ – Prof. S. G. Shevde (Bharatiya Sanskruti, Page Nos. 35 & 36)

    Salutation to daughters of King Dahir who avenged the insulting defeat of Sindh by killing Mohammad Bin Qasim !:

    ‘Finally the Hindu kingdom of Dahir was destroyed. He had two daughters, Suryadevi and Parimaladevi who were sent to Baghdad as a gift for the Khalif. Our culture is one which treats a woman as a mother and here was another culture, which sent girls to their Dharma Guru for appeasement and enjoyment, which was a disgrace to mankind ! But both daughters of Dahir were very brave. They gained the confidence of the Khalif and he began to trust them. As they were given as gifts to Khalif, they were unable to prevent physical violation of their bodies but just see what they did do! They sent a letter to Mohammad Bin Qasim’s generals bearing the stamp and signature of the Khalif. The letter contained an order – ‘Put Mohammad in a leather bag, seal the bag and send it here’. The order was from the Khalif. The generals followed the order word to word; they put Mohammad alive in a letter bag, sealed the bag and sent it to Baghdad on a ship. When the ship reached Baghdad after 10-12 days, Mohammad Bin Qasim’s corpse had decayed to such an extent that worms had begun to devour the corpse. The decaying smell was unbearable.

    The Khalif investigated as to ‘Why was he sent to him like this?’ The two girls then told the Khalif, “We sent a letter bearing your signature and stamp. We have taken revenge on the demon who inflicted untold misery in our kingdom. We have done this. We feel proud of what we have done. We have fulfilled our national duty. We are ready to face any consequences for this action.”
    An enraged Khalif tied the hair of the two girls to the tails of horses and made the horses run throughout Baghdad. The girls were being kicked by the horses and their bodies were being stripped of its skin in the process. Their hair was being pulled and their heads were dashing against the knees of horses. Except for the bloodied heads, both bodies were stripped and cut into pieces and were being dropped on the road. But the two girls, who were proud of having avenged the insult to their kingdom, did not have a single tear in their eyes as they embraced martyrdom. (When Bharat gained independence, statues of these two girls should have been erected on the Sindh border.)’ – Prof. S. G. Shevde

  7. April 29, 2010 at 1:50 AM

    Nice article by Dr.Shiv Shakti

    Retaining Civilizational Memory

    Historically speaking Hindus are one of the most persecuted communities in the world who had to face incessant invasions, persecution, oppression and suppression of various kinds and extremely exploitative form of colonization. Yet, there is little talk about preserving the memories for those who perished in defence of Hindu culture and civilization. Lack of historical memory has also resulted in projecting Hindus as a divided house, unconnected, scattered and splintered in numerous ways. The world is said to be globalizing, but Hindus as a community make little effort to celebrate its global presence. There must be something that binds the Hindus globally, there must be something that reconnects the scattered parts into a global whole. The common history of Hindu community seems to be one of the answers. From the sea of the past Hindus can well discover the pearl for future.

    In the recent historical memory, 14 August is a day which Hindus should remember and pass down its memories to the generations to come. It was the day in 1947 when India was partitioned and Pakistan was born. The event was the culmination of a bloody trail of genocide, riot, loot, arson and rape. The demand of Pakistan accompanied by demand of partitioning India was raised aggressively threatening use of force against the Hindus by Muslim League leaders. The meek response of the national leadership to the threats of Muslim League resulted in one of the massive displacement of population known to the human history with more than 12.5 million people forced to leave their homeland seeking refuge on the other sides of the border. The loss of life has been roughly estimated to be around 5,00,000 with some estimates even claiming around 10, 00,000 killings in the resultant riots and genocides. The human tragedy so far remains untold and un- accounted for with little efforts to revisit the ravaging impact of the partition.

    Of late, there has been a conscious attempt to undermine the impact of partition and the untold miseries that were inflicted on Hindus on both sides of the current border. It has become a taboo to discuss in public the events leading to partition and the manner in which anti-Hindu riots were whipped up in connivance of the ruling dispensation in erstwhile united Bengal and Punjab resulting in unprovoked killings of Hindus. The call for “Direct Action” by Muslim League was responded with silence and surrender by the colonial rulers with no protests from the national leaders of the time. Hindus became victim of the silence and surrender to the Muslim League aggression which was pre-mediated and well planned. The same attitude is being displayed even today by the Hindu leaders who choose to mislead the entire Hindu community into a false sense of security.

    The events related to partition are made to fade out of the public memory. As partition and the price of partition extracted from the Hindus fades out of the collective memory, Hindus become more and more vulnerable to repetition of such attacks which is political, social and economic in nature. A community is deprived of its history to rob it from its collective identity and any sense of unity. Such a process is aimed at ideologically disarming the community in face of mounting challenges and attacks. Hindus are passing through the same process. The history is distorted and misrepresented to make Hindus feel themselves to be a collection of disparate pieces waiting to be shattered at any single stroke. Hindus are presented as caste ridden community disunited and disoriented by diverse forces at work. Hindu resistance to Islam and Christianity is rarely discussed. The heroic struggle by the Hindu rulers and leaders alike in the face of Islamic onslaught and colonial rule are relegated to background lest Hindus discover their sense of pride and self-esteem.

    While the glorious history of Hindu resistance is not discussed in the official discourses, the losses incurred in the past are also kept out of the collective memory. The geographical spread of the Hindu civilization has been on decline. The loss of regions has reduced Hindus mainly to Indian subcontinent from its vast spread ranging beyond Afghanistan in the west to central and Southeast Asian regions in the east. Even within the Indian subcontinent Hindus are fast losing their lands. Expulsion of Hindus from Kashmir valley is the most recent example. Christianization of north eastern regions is also mainly a post independence phenomenon. Demographic shifts in Assam, West Bengal and Tripura is currently an issue of major concern. Even then a semblance of false sense of security is cultivated among Hindus by scuttling all the means through which the community may be made aware of the dangers that is lurking in its corridors. Hindus can no more afford to be complacent under the false sense of security believing that they will always survive against all the odds. Hindus will have to understand the forces which are at work acting against it incessantly.

    Attempt to retain civilizational memory should aim at renewing the collective memory of Hindus with the glorious history of past by making fresh bids to understand and imbibe the spirit of resistance and the saga of heroic struggle against the invading barbaric hordes. It has become important in the context of increasing threats to Hindu civilization that the Hindus are made aware of the impending dangers and the challenges posed by the forces pitted against it. In the light of the past experiences and current challenges Hindus need to strategize themselves in the wider civilizational context. 14 August may be chosen as the day representing one of the most recent tragedies which make us to see the necessity of keeping its memories alive. Lacs of lives were sacrificed, many times that number were uprooted, raped and looted. We need to remember the day lest such events are not repeated in future. Let’s join to mark the day by contributing to build a vigilant society which never allows such tragedies to recur.

    Hindus today constitute a large community spread over almost every part of the world. Apart from around a billion living in India, Hindus have sizeable presence in many countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Fiji, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and Trinidad and Tobago. The Hindus in India remains indifferent to what happens in Malaysia or Bangladesh, while Hindus in US and UK finds it difficult to connect back to their roots in India. The history of forced migration is forgotten, Hindus in countries like Trinidad and Tobago and Fiji are left to fend for themselves. The main objective is to create a vigilant Hindu society which is aware of its own history and is able to interact with past more analytically and objectively. It is an attempt to create a new class of enlightened people who can fearlessly question the stereotypes and obsolete concepts and create a new wave of awareness free from biased and distorted notions about the past. It aims at creating a new awakening and heralding a new era of fresh ideas and concepts. Without attempting to preserve and analyse experience of the Hindu society though the course of violent onslaught and destruction the required level of awareness so as to question existing myths and stereotypes is not possible. It is therefore necessary to institutionalize such memories which may generate a feeling of oneness and herald an era of unity so that Hindus can stand up and connect with each other globally on the issues concerning the community.

  8. Jai
    December 3, 2009 at 1:38 AM

    and don’t forget Hinglaj and other Hindu holy sites and shaktipeeths in Baluchistan

  9. Jai
    December 3, 2009 at 1:22 AM

    It is a myth that areas that turned muslim like Afghanistan, NWFP, West Punjab, Baluchistan or Sindh were Buddhist and hindu areas didnot convert. Have you heard of Kashmir and the brutal conversions in the medieval times when a Sikh guru Guru Tegh Bahadur was beheaded for demanding that forced conversions of Kshmiri hindus to Islam be stopped. Aslo, Jaypala was the Hindu Shahi king of Punjab, NWFP and Afghanistan who fought against Mahmud Gahazni along with his successors. At that time the population of places like Ghazni and Jalalabad is described as Hindu….while the Kabul Valley and central Afghanistan was Buddhist. Also, except for the swat valley which was a major centre of Buddhism, the entire NWFP was mostly hindu and Jayapala and his rajput clan hailed from the Peshawar/Ohind/Taxila area. Budhism had been wiped out from these areas and Punjab by the invasions of White Huns who destroyed monastaries and slaughtered monks a few centuries before Mahmud. As for Sindh the population was evenly split with mostly lower classes and laboureres following buddhism(because of its rejection of caste system) and middle and upper classes and some lower classes in the east following hinduism. Hindu temples form the shahi period can be found in the western parts of Punjab and eastern NWFP as well POK and ruins have been found as far as Ghazni and Gardez. While the story of Dahir the last hindu king of Sindh and his daughters is well documented in arab chronicles of the time. Kashmir was the last to be conquered by Islamic invaders that too because the hindu queen Kota rani married a muslim official from her court.

  10. Braham Singh
    November 19, 2009 at 1:27 AM

    The total Hindu population is close to a billion souls after the “holocaust”.

    Lets move on to a more worthwhile topic like providing water, electricity and basic health services to all the remaining hindus.

  11. November 10, 2009 at 9:52 AM



    In 1877 Queen Victoria took the title of Empress of India on the advice of (JEW) Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli.


    Jews purchased shares in the East India Company, well before the first investment by a Jewish businessman in the British based Royal African Company trading in Slaves in 1668. By 1693 they were 6.8% of the total number of share holders of East India Company with 12.2% of the entire stock holding.

    In 1689 Jewish merchants wrote to British Parliament that they are responsible for “exporting great Quantities of the Woolen manufactures of this Nation, and importing vast Quantities of Gold and Silver, and other Foreign Staple Merchandizes, which do greatly Enrich the Nation, and increase the Revenue of the Customs. …” Moreover, they had eliminated the Portuguese as a factor in the diamond trade with India :

    The most relevant precedent of all for Jewish merchants in London who may have contemplated investing in England ‘s new slave-trading companies was the Jewish community in Amsterdam. In 1621 the Dutch West India Company offered the opportunity to purchase stock in a slave-trading enterprise. By 1674, 11 of the Company’s “main participants,” or 10 percent of all such shareholders, were Jewish. In another British based Company Royal African Company by 1699 Jews held 12.2 percent of the Company’s stock in 1699.


    1857 Indian Holocaust by Christians & Jews


    “1857 was the world’s first holocaust, resulting in the loss of an estimated 10 million Indians. The Revolt was not only confined to just North India, there were widespread risings in Gujarat, the modern-day Pakistan, North Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Bengal , Assam , even modern-day Bangladesh.

    I don’t know why nobody talks of regional uprisings. No one attempted to put together a pan Indian picture. The war of Indian Independence from Gilgit to Madurai, from Manipur to Maharashtra, not one area was unaffected. It was amazingly well coordinated.”

    100,000 Indian soldiers who were slaughtered in savage reprisals, but none have tallied the number of rebels and civilians killed by British forces desperate to impose order.


  12. larissa
    November 6, 2009 at 6:47 PM

    there is one Muslim majority state Kashmir–all the Hindus have been brutally killed or driven out of their home. One gets a good picture of what is in store when areas become majority muslim–(I mean what lies in store for non-muslims).
    The Hindu and Buddhist roots of Kashmir have been wiped out and all remaining Hindu and Buddhist identity destroyed–Sri Nagar (Laxmi’s city is no longer her city in any way). If the government has settled Hindus in Kashmir in mass numbers a long time ago, this would have never happened. Now it is too late and Hindu homelands and the root of Hindu culture and civilization such as Kashmir have become unrecognizable. Will this place ever be the abode of learning as it was in Hiindu and buddhist times? Never. Even the architecture there now just does not belong and is unsuited to beautiful Kashmir (being more suited to the Mid-East desert)–but if you look at the native Hindu and Buddhist architecture, it suits the place in every way, as it is native to the place.

  13. narayan
    November 6, 2009 at 2:35 PM

    Converting all Hindus to Hinduism, should be our goal. I want to know how many of you visit temples frequently. how many of you wear sacred ash on your forehead and go to school/colleges/offices. How many of you are educating your childrens about hinduism and its culture. how many of you are sending your childrens to learn sanskrit. do any of you cared to even glance at our sacred scriptures. atleast do you know the name of them. unless we are hindus in mind, body and soul, we will be exploited and condemned in our own country and the only country of ours.

  14. Sandeep
    November 6, 2009 at 9:59 AM

    Sikhs started terrorism in Punjab. They killed thousands of Hindhus & drive away millions of Hindhus from Punjab Number of Sikhs killed in Delhi in 1984 riots were peanut compare to lakhs of hindhus killed by sikh terrorist. My friends in this forum should understand if hindhus in India have even 10% barbarism what Sikhs have what would have happen to them. Hindus are most tolerant among all religion but there is limit to this tolerance and innocent sikhs in delhi just payed price of what Sikh terrorist have done to Hindhus in Punjab

  15. KSV
    September 25, 2009 at 2:18 PM

    Mr. Dave. It is alright for us hindus if Francois Goutier does something for the hindu cause. Why don’t you express your pity for the Congressmen.

    Is it not a fact that India was divided due to the hatred of one community whose leaders said in unequivocal terms that their community is a separate nation and cannot live with Hindus. Who resorted to Direct Action and how many were killed. You accuse Francois Goutier for flaming hatred towards muslims. By what is happening in India viz. Kashmir and outside India viz. Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. (the real measurement of tolerance or intolerance being the increase or decrease of a particular community) who is flaming hatred and towards whom. If you shut your eyes the world around you cannot become dark. You cannot wish away the cruelties,mass slaughter and untold miseries brought about by the vilest of the beings the earth ever suffered by diverting the discussion to the subsequent equally heinous crimes of the white men.

  16. S B
    September 25, 2009 at 12:25 PM

    Oh I missed the anti-Semitic trash that Dave has given here.

    Oh poor you Dave! Behind all that citizens for democracy crap is all that hatred against Jews..

    Jesus loves you Dave. GO HOME.

  17. S B
    September 25, 2009 at 12:20 PM

    “Indian Holocaust Museum”

    Good twist in there, Mr. Dave.
    It was the Hindu Holocaust Museum that is required.

    People like you are experts in obfuscation. Talk about Islamic intolerance and hatred that the Quran preaches in no unambiguous terms, people like you will bring up “social inequality”, “justice for all” and every other choice word that you have acquired from your ivory tower professors.

    We Hindus have been practicing tolerance and harmony of a far deeper kind that your Semitic trash brain will ever comprehend, and it’s been our peril that we didn’t understand what you dogs really are and what your texts really teach that have caused us so much suffering.

  18. Sid
    September 25, 2009 at 11:21 AM


    We are talking about Hindu holocaust here. Can you take your fashionable anti-semitism to any other suitable forum please? There are even jews who did business with Hitler. Go ahead and advise Jews to hate themselves.

    “Then I pity those Hindus who need foreigners (Jews) to solve their domestic disputes with fellow Muslims or Christians or Sikh citizens.” – What makes you think that Muslims belong to this country? They are citizens of Dar-Ul-Islam which they want to make out of India by deceiving half-educated buffoons at Delhi.

  19. September 25, 2009 at 1:48 AM

    Indian Holocaust Museum must reflect Indian Identity & History

    I pity all those Hindus who need a Frenchman Francois Goutier to learn Hinduism and history of Bharat, the first Democracy in the history of the world with equality, liberty, freedom of free speech for every one from major and minor religions as well as to those who do not believe in any religion.

    Then I pity those Hindus who need foreigners (Jews) to solve their domestic disputes with fellow Muslims or Christians or Sikh citizens.

    The Hindu Holocaust Museum accusing Muslims only is the most insane idea by Francois Gautier who has been earning his bread and butter by flaming hatred for Indian Muslims. He is another Sir Henry Elliott a Jew, Lord Curzon, George Francois Hamilton, Lord Dufferin, M. A McAuliffe, Ernest Trumpp (1876-1925) who pursued the policy of division of religious feelings between Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists and Sikhs for the advantage of British Empire to maintain their power in India.

    These Christian and Jew rulers rewrote the history of India by taking advantage that Indians were too lazy to write their own history. Present day Hindu leaders for their blind hate for Indian Muslims are forgetting that East India Company who laid the foundations of British Rule also has Jew stock holders and merchants with a history of trading in slaves. Indian Jews openly supported the East India Company & British. Jews were also in British Army and occupying post in government who brutally crushed the first Indian Independence War of 1857. Then it was a Jew Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli who advised in 1877 Queen Victoria to take the title of Empress of India. Disraeli was twice Prime Minister of UK between 1868 to 1880.

    It is an irony no one including the Indians themselves has ever talked about the 40-50 million Indians starved to death from 1876-1943 during 25 major famines by the British colonizers of India . Under the Jew Prime Minister Disraeli in 1876-1879 famine 20 million Indians died of starvation and neglect by their rulers. In the last famine of 1943 alone more than 4 million Indian Bengali victims including new born children perished alive under the British occupants. British Christian and Jew Rulers inhuman attitude towards human disaster & sufferings of Indians became more visible in 1943 when in a response to an urgent request by the secretary of State for India, Leo Amery and Wavell to release food stocks for India, Prime Minister Winston Churchill responded with a telegram to Wavell asking, “If food was so scare, “why Gandhi hadn’t died yet.” Another Christian Democrat President FDR of America refused to release food stocks for dying Indians.

    1857 the First War of Indian Independence was the world’s first holocaust, resulting in the loss of an estimated 10 million Indians under East India Company’s Christian and Jew owners. The Revolt was not confined to just North India . There were widespread risings in Gujarat, the modern-day Pakistan & Bangladesh , North Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Bengal , Assam . From Gilgit to Madurai , from Manipur to Maharashtra , not one area was unaffected. It was amazingly well coordinated Indian Independence War popularly known as Indian Mutiny spreading to the length and breadth of India . 100,000 Indian soldiers were slaughtered in savage reprisals, but no one bothered to tally the number of rebels and civilians killed by East India Company forces desperate to impose order.

    If any Holocaust Museum is to be built in India it must reflect Indian Identity. It should be dedicated to almost 10 million Indians; Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Buddhists who were slaughtered by the Britishers to quell the First War of Freedom of India which was the First Holocaust in the world. Then it must be dedicated to over 40 million Indians who were starved to death by Britishers during various famines in India and all those millions who gave up their lives for the Freedom of India from British Christian and Jew rulers.

    Every Indian political, religious and business leader must pay attention to the vast majority of Indians whose voice they are ignoring. In Parliamentary Elections their voices are barely heard because all the Indian Politicians are promoting their early 19th century policies based on caste, religion and backwardness not nationalism the Indian identity. They are the sane and rational India with their hopes for better future, looking for progress, prosperity along with peace and harmony among all citizens.

    Dave Makkar

  20. samrat
    November 20, 2008 at 11:36 PM

    TRUTH-SEEKER, what you said is true.
    We the hindus not willing to take revenge at any time. Even chatrapathi shivaji when he fought against muslims never touched any muslim woman. that is the greatness of hindu culture. you can see other races were used as slaves in many cultures but not in hindu.all we want is everyone should acknowledge this henious acts of islam in history and what all we need is consolation thats it we will get satisfied that is our kind heart.

    Eisenhower commander of allied forces in WW2 on holocaust said that “get as many pictures and movies as you can get and keep a record of all these because on some day a bastard will come up say this has never occured” now that is what happening with hindus. even hindus under the influence of maxist baised education are unable to agree the truth. but there will be a day when some one answers all these bastards.

    the only hindu nation(nepal) on earth has fallen. now it is time to make a hindu nation in the heart of its own land. all my friends make up your mind for a hindu nation and a revolution coming soon.

    beacause he will come as he already told “sambhavami yuge yuge”
    to establish the dharma.

  21. RAVI
    August 23, 2008 at 4:21 PM

    Its though perfect that every commune has a time of emergence,
    So will the time of the Hindus will come when they will come down on others with force.
    Arif zakaria had quoted in Illustrated weekly septt 2nd week edition That Hindu is a sleeping Giant, So it is better not to wake it up.
    Like the Dashmensh Pitah Had said reagrds to teh sentiments of The Hindu society
    Jabhi Baan Lagey Tabhi Rosh jaagey

  22. RAVI
    August 23, 2008 at 4:13 PM

    Affirmative & The fact That the Muslims HAve been treated as the guest in this Nation, whose every Wrong move is treat on the brighter side, By the very fact that The Likes of Nehru & the communists(China’s fifth Column in Indian territory).
    But the startling fact is more or less degatory, there are somany Hindus who are the Traitors to their own society History is one big witness to this

  23. S.P. Attri
    February 11, 2008 at 4:34 PM

    Subj: Psychotic-Zombies

    1. Writes Dr. Suseelan Jee:
    There are several Communist intellectual zombies in India dreaming of proletitariat revolution to distribute poverty equally among all citizens. Their strategy is to embrace Islamic fascism and Christian fundamentalism and target Hindus for dehumanization. Indian Marxist zombies conceals their perplexity of having to deal with Jihadi terrorism and subversive activities of missionaries. They cannot think of social problems outside of outdated Marxist framework. It is inherent in their Marxist philosophy to turn away from common economic-social-political problems affecting the majority. Indian Marxist zombie’s thought is devoid of reality and action plan makes no sense and functional concept are meaningless.The strength of Marxist intellectual zombies depended on applause from Jihadis and evangelical Christians. Discarded alien Marxist concepts have a permanent influence on their thinking in analyzing current issues. The Marxist leaders follow a five star capitalist lifest yle while distributing poverty and empty slogans to the proletariat.
    2. My Take:
    Yes, many Communists are Zombies all right, but I am not so sure of their intellectualism. Their deductions are so absurd & demented that, most logical people would consider them as psychotic. Therefore, instead of Intellectual-Zombies, a better fit would be Psychotic-Zombies. They all are intoxicated with Marxism, and obsessed with Anti-Hinduism.
    3. Along with Sullas & Kharistas, Communists ( Zombies and Non-Zombies ) need to be thrown out of India. Their presence in India is nauseating, they are gutter-rats, and their actions & affiliations are disgusting. Sweepingly, Communists label all religion to be an opium of the masses, but when talking about India, they put a sticker of “ Opium “ only on Hinduism, not on Islam, nor on Christianity. Communists exonerate both Islam & Christianity, and address them both as, totally innocent of Opiate-Influence.
    4. Infatuated with strong Anti-Hindu Bias, Communists conclusively accept the claims of Islam & Christianity, as Religions of Peace. They come out with outlandish explanations, for the violence of Moslems & Christians against the Hindu. Citing Godhra as an example, with a cold-shoulder shrug they argue that, Hindu Fundamentalists did something to Insult Islam…like arguing over the price of a cup of tea, with a Moslem vendor. This argument must have been Highly-UnIslamic & grim enough to provoke the Moslems, to burn alive 46 Hindu pilgrims aboard the train. Communists consider this Half-A** assessment as fair-minded & impartial.
    5. This kind of Absurd Anti-Hindu reasoning of the Communists, lends potent encouragement to Sullas & Kharistas, to plan terror strikes at Hindus & Hindu institutions. Communists do an additional mischief by, manufacturing permissive excuses for Moslem-Terrorism, and thereby conferring legitimacy to their terror-warfare against the Hindu. They explain away the terror-actions of the Moslems, as the reactions of impoverished & poor masses ( mostly Sullas ), against exploitation by the Hindus. Inevitable consequence is Intensification of raids & strikes against Kafir-Hindus, by the faithfuls of Islam.
    6. These illogical & irrational explanations are the product of mentally-unstable & psychotic individuals, who pass over the barbaric actions of the Moslems, and justify them under explanations of poverty, as the real cause.
    It can be seen that nutty & psychotic minds are needed, to come out with these kinds of clarifications & explanations, that the Communists produce.
    7. Poverty-Excuse comes in handy, to explain other outcomes of Islam as well. Poverty & Illiteracy of the Moslem-Youth, “ Forces “ them to mis-interpret Islam. The blame has to go to the Kafir-Hindu, for keeping these Moslem-Youth, perpetually poor & illiterate. It is this Hindu action, which compels the Moslem-Youth to mis-interpret the peaceful religion of Islam, and take to Un-Islamic activities, such as terror strikes against the Hindu.
    8. Same causative-factor must have been the reason, over 1400 years of Islam‘s Life, for motivating Moslems to take to Jehad ( Holy-War ) of Revenge, against the Hateful-Kafirs of the world.
    Anybody who believes this kind of Horse-Sh**, can believe just about anything.
    Surinder Paul Attri

  24. S.P. Attri
    February 10, 2008 at 3:32 PM


    By S.P. Attri ( USA )

    1. During the 1400 years of Islam’s existence, the Moslems have murdered a sizeable chunk of Non-Moslem Infidels ( Kafirs ) of the world. They are now staking their claim to the rest of the Kafir-World. At the present time, the barbarian vandals of Islam, are severely persecuting the Kafirs in their own land ( the Dar-Ul-Islam ), whether it is Pakistan, Bangldesh, or any other Moslem country. Here, Kafirs are forced to surrender their cash, jewelry, and other valuables, for the privilege of being allowed to live.
    Relentless, Unmerciful, and united only in their hatred of the Non-Moslem Kafirs, the evil forces of Violent Islam, struck terror and torture in the heart of Hindu India, for over 1200 years.

    2. As the bane of a Dark Age, Islam has a Violent Agenda, dark rites, and savage tactics, conducted with cunning and cruelty, to subdue Non-Moslem Kafirs. During the last 1200 years, Moslems cut a swathe of colossal destruction, all across India, murdering hundreds of millions of our Hindu people. The High-Definition Barbarism of these Islamic-Invaders, and the whistle of their war-axe, should ring in the ears of Hindus of today. The slaughter of so many of our Hindu people, is strong enough reason to take revenge against the Moslems, and define what it means to be a Hindu, and a resident of Bharat Varsha.

    3. Unfortunately, the Hindu has been betrayed by the crowd of Phoney-Liberal Hindu Politicians. As a result, the uncivilized, uncultured, and inferior morality of Islam, and the cruel, brutal, and insensitive actions of Islam’s followers are succeeding in India. These Phoney-Liberals accept and silently tolerate the military and savagery of the followers of Islam, and allow the hate and offense of the Moslem against the Hindu.

    The Phoney-Liberals hop on their high horses, and utter the most politically correct statements, about the inviolate sanctity of the Islam’s Holy Scriptures, even though these scriptures contain colossal number of verses, about annihilating the Non-Moslem Kafirs. They suspend all disbelief and trust that, things would be just fine, if we just practice democracy and support composite culture. Because of this atmosphere of tolerance, the license to commit murder of the Quranic verses ( and all of it in the name of Allah ) is regarded as minor indignities.

    4. Allah is not only crazy, not only unworthy of being called a god, Allah does not even exist, except in Hazrat Mohammad’s crazy mind. Moslems do not even realize that Islam is Hell, and that to escape the Hell Of Islam, they must leave Islam, and embrace the truth.

    Even though the Hindu politicians seem to be wearing blind-folds, the Hindu population must not act like the Hindus of 9th century. The barbarism, brutality, terrorism, and Kafir-Hatred of Moslems, must not escape the eyes of Alert-Hindus, in the 21st century.

    Surinder Paul Attri

    December 7, 2007 at 10:04 AM


  26. hai2u
    September 9, 2007 at 3:36 AM

    come on don’t be silly, it certainly cheapens deaths…

    didn’t you get the memo? hindu lives are worthless and dispensable….so you can’t really call it a holocaust..

  27. jabberwolf
    January 13, 2007 at 2:15 AM

    Aurangzeb was also one that was bent on commiting genocide against Hindus and killed millions of Hindus. Actually, as I cannot verify this, it was reported he killed over 3 million in 1 year alone.
    That beats Hitler’s record for “installments” of mass murder.

  28. RAVI
    December 18, 2006 at 7:17 PM

    Right now the Government of India is trying to devise a law so as to empower the Muslims in this nation into the important places & strategic locations, BVut cud I just ask these Big Fleecers , why on earth their Leader Nehru accepted the partition of India on the Basis of the religion?
    The two nation theory was devised on the basis of the religion due to which the Indian nation was cut into three halves.
    The ratio of The Hindus has dwindled from 49% in 1947 to a mere .09% in 2001 in Kashmir.
    How far they will go is worth a watch, in selling this nation for their Personal Motives

  29. November 17, 2006 at 7:20 PM

    What religion did Afghans follow before Islam? What about the Hindu Shahi dynasty? Were they Chrisitians? From where did the Bamian Buddha statutes come? Wasn’t Gandhari of mahabharata from Afghanistan? You mean to say Hindu civilisation abruptly stopped at Pakistan’s western border and did not go beyond it? Some historians say Afghanistan is the birth place of Rig Veda.

    Like the denial of Jewish holocaust by Neo Nazis, the denial of Hindu holocaust by modern Muslim historians is a recent phenomenon because by today’s values, it puts their religion in a bad light.

    The chroniclers of medieval Muslim courts had no such problem. They were writing tomes upon tomes about how many kaffirs were slaughtered by the Allah’s army in various conquests. The epitome of tolerance Akbar himself ordered the slaughter of 30,000 Hindus in Mewar alone.

    You just have to pick up the court records, from Mohammad Ghuri to Timur Lane to Aurganzeb, to see if there was a Hindu holocaust or no.

    Learn to admit the barbaric history of Islam, just like Christians now admit to the blood-soaked history of Christianity and medieval church.

    No body is fooled by the argument that Islam is a religion of peace, when inncoent children and women are being blown to bits all over the world by Jehadis and the “peaceful” Muslims consider all the unbelievers as unclean and inferior, not fit for friendship.

    This kind of brainwashing can be accepted only at a liberal/leftist/communist forum. Not here.

  30. November 16, 2006 at 12:25 PM

    …the conquest of Afghanistan in the year 1000, was followed by the annihilation of the entire Hindu population there; indeed, the region is still called Hindu Kush, ‘Hindu slaughter’.

    I am not sure how much “Hindu” was Afghanistan but the conclusion of Hindu massacre was based on the name “Hindu Kush” then the argument stands on a weak foundation. I don’t think the etymology for “Kush” has been resolved yet. The three I came across from this reference;

    – koh : mountain or hump
    – corruption of “Indicus Caucasus”
    and by Ibn Batuta;

    “Another motive for our stop- page was the fear of snow; for there is midway on the road a mountain called HindÅ«KÅ«sh, i.e. ‘the Hindu-Killer,’ because so many of the slaves, male and female, brought from India, die in the passage of this mountain, owing to the severe cold and quantity of snow.”

    Clearly, the Hindu holocaust author has considered only Ibn Batuta’s quote but has twisted his words. It’s clear that the Hindus who died were slaves from India due to unbearable conditions but nowhere it was said that they were Afghan Hindus.

  31. Harish Duggirala
    November 14, 2006 at 9:05 AM

    “Dr. Lal’s research is entirely discredited in respected academic circles.”

    Oops are these the respectable academic circles that still worship the dead Soviet Union and have now started worshipping China as the new fatherland?

    “He is a BJP hack who has found popularity among the BJP/VHP afficianados.”

    And you and your fellow travellers are commie and congress hacks popular among Taliban supporters like Kaleem Kawaja.

    “Similarly, Francois Gautier is one of the firangis obsessed with Hindutva.”

    Atleast he is not obsessed with Stalinist deadwood and is not an inventor of history.

    “There is no doubt that Hindus were killed during Muslim invasions and there is historical record of a lot of it but exaggeration, and I am firmly of the view that to call it is holocaust is just that, just cheapens the deaths. ”

    Ohhh thanks massa for the favor you are doing to the heathen Hindus by admitting that they were killed.

    Oh I know it’s exaggeration to say that Timur slaughtered 100,000 Hindus in a day and that Ghazni slaughtered many more even though all these are recorded in their official chronicles.

    Hindutva guys must have used their supernatural powers to insert these things into chronicles that are hundreds of years old.

    So what doesn’t cheapen the deaths?

    Claiming that Hindus had it coming or that the dirty mushriks deserved it?

  32. November 13, 2006 at 3:11 PM

    Sood sahib:

    You are a Hindu or are you a convert to Marxism? It is people like you who are responsbile for the state Hindus are in today.

  33. Anonymous
    November 13, 2006 at 12:39 PM


    You might be right about Francois but Dr. Lal is a respected archeologist. Regardless of the BJP/VHP, he is India’s best archeologist to date. Who do you propose then – India’s Marxist brood of historians with their own ideological inclinations and twists?

  34. November 12, 2006 at 8:09 PM

    Hi Sandeep,

    Dr. Lal’s research is entirely discredited in respected academic circles. He is a BJP hack who has found popularity among the BJP/VHP afficianados. Similarly, Francois Gautier is one of the firangis obsessed with Hindutva. There is no doubt that Hindus were killed during Muslim invasions and there is historical record of a lot of it but exaggeration, and I am firmly of the view that to call it is holocaust is just that, just cheapens the deaths.

  35. Dipendra
    November 12, 2006 at 11:20 AM

    I think that it is time to deconstruct Islam as other religions have been investigated and analyzed to date. Islam is very intolerant of non-Muslims. Perhaps the following verses from the Quran would explain why.

    (i) Fight against them until idolatry is no more and Allah’s religion reigns supreme (chapter 2 verse 193).

    (ii) I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads, maim them in every limb (chapter 8, verse 12)

    (iii) Believers! make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Let them find harshness in you. (chapter 9, verse 123)

    (iv) Fighting is obligatory for you, much as you dislike it. But you may hate a thing although it is good for you, and love a thing although it is bad for you. Allah knows, but you do not. (chapter 2, verse 216)

    (v) O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and Christians for friends. They are friends one to another. He among you who taketh them for friends is one of them. (chapter 5, verse 51).

    (vi) When you meet the unbelievers in the battlefield, strike off their heads and when you have laid them low, bind your captives firmly. Then grant them their freedom or take ransom from them, until war shall lay down her armor. (chapter 47, verse 4)

    (vii) Prophet! make war on the unbelievers and the hyporcrites and deal sternly with them. Hell shall be their home, evil their fate (chapter 66, verse 9)

    (viii) Do not yield to the unbelievers, but fight them strenuously with this Quran. (chapter 25, verse 52).

    (ix) The unbelievers among the people of the book (i.e. Jews and Christians) and the pagans shall burn for ever in the fire of hell. They are the vilest of creatures (chapter 98, verse 51).

    (x) When the sacred months are over, slay the idol worshippers wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everythere for them. If they repent and take to prayer and pay the alms tax, let them go their way. Allah is forgiving and merciful. (chapter 9 verse 5)

    These verses explain Islam’s treatment of Hinduism, Judaism and September 11!

  36. Vikas
    November 11, 2006 at 5:12 PM

    “That is partly the result of reading fabricated history right from childhood, and partly for being politically correct.”

    It reminds of a certain pseudo-secular Dileep Padgaonkar of Times of India who during VS Naipaul’s interview said he is afraid to tell the true history since angry Hindu’s would take revenge on muslims. This is the state of our twisted akhbaarwaala’s, tsk tsk.

    Using his madrassa logic, he could have also said Babri masjid came down due to a tectonic shift in the Earth plates but this prejudice is only reserved for Hindu’s.

  37. November 11, 2006 at 12:15 PM

    What was KS Lal’s estimated number?

    There are some similarities between the revival of islamic terrorism under the guise of jihad and islamic imperial armies of 1000 years prior (and hence). Islamic world, it seems, is not much different now compared to a millennia (it will trample all over the weak). Hence the importance of this story, I think.

    True, terminology is unimportant; history is though and so is covering it up due to pc’ness.

  38. November 10, 2006 at 8:30 PM

    “But let us not rub salt in old wounds”

    The wounds are being inflicted even today where ever Muslims have acquired a critical mass, like Marad riots in Kerala. Or in Bangladesh and Pakistan where 2,00,000 Hindus dissappear every year.

    From 20 percent in 1947, the Hindu population in these countries is down to 1 percent in Paksitan and 8 percent in Bangladesh.

    The wounds are very much fresh and being inflicted even today. It is a different matter that Hindus take comfort by closing their eyes.

  39. Harish Duggirala
    November 10, 2006 at 5:20 PM

    “So let us instead call it the murder of thousands under numerous invasions from Mohammed of Ghazni, to Taimur, to Nadir Shah to Ahmed Shah Durrani etc.”

    More like the murder of millions, the Bahmani Sultans used to slaughter 100,000 Hindus each year. Just because Hindus weren’t wiped out doesn’t mean that there weren’t attempts to do so by Muslims (and still are).

  40. November 10, 2006 at 4:57 PM

    You are right Ravi. Read the book “Heroic Hindu Resistance to Muslim Invaders” by Sita Ram Goyal at http://www.voi.org/books/hhrmi

    It will open your eyes as to how the Hindus fought and finally defeated Muslim invaders.

    Contrary to the propaganda, the Hindus managed to finally trounce Muslims. The Mughal emperor Shah Alam was a pensioner of the Maratha Peshwa Baji Rao in 1803, when General Gerard Lake occupied Delhi.

    The battle for Delhi’s Red Fort was fought between Hndus and Christians. The Muslims were no where in the picture.

    It is a matter of pride that Hindus are the only race in the world to have been under Islamic domination for 550 years (1192 to 1757) and still emerged victorious retaining their native culture and religion.

    No other race has managed to do it — zorasters of Iran or the pagan gods of Egypt, everyone succumbed to Islamic army accept the Hindus.

  41. RAVI
    November 10, 2006 at 4:09 PM


  42. November 9, 2006 at 5:08 PM

    “What you said is true. But let us bury history and move forward.”

    Forgetting and burying history is a dangerous thing. Do you want Hindus to repeat it? Only those races excel who not only remember thier past but also derive lessons from it for the future.

  43. Sandeep
    November 9, 2006 at 4:29 PM


    Thanks for the informative comment.
    >> Somehow, Hindu areas tended to be more resilient to the impact of Islam unlike Buddhist areas that succumbed.
    Isn’t the reason simple? Buddhism rejects social life/samsara unlike Hinduism which had elaborate treatises and a system of order governing them. The Military was part of that order, which was absent in Buddhism. Moreover, Buddhism had largely degenerated and weak when Islam arrived, which is why they could wipe it out easily.

    >>So let us instead call it the murder of thousands under numerous invasions from Mohammed of Ghazni, to Taimur, to Nadir Shah to Ahmed Shah Durrani etc.
    Well, to each his own :) Which is what I’ve said in the concluding line of my post.

  44. November 9, 2006 at 2:57 PM


    You raise a difficult issue and I am slightly uncomfortable. So let me reword it. But first a preface.

    Columbus discovered the Americas, a process that set into motion the annihalation of millions of native Americans. In other words, the extermination of native Americans coincided with the introduction of Christianity. Agreed.

    The Anglo Saxon colonization of Australia had the same impact.

    European rule led to the trans-atlantic slave trade where millions of Africans were shipped across to the Americas to a life of servititude and slavery. And of course, they were baptized into the Christian faith. Agreed.

    The spread of Islam was linked to military activity as well be it in India or the Sahel. And yes, many Hindus were killed in what is today Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Many also converted under duress.

    The Hindu Muslim interface was a particularly troublesome one, one that can not be wished away.

    But most areas that turned Muslim had hitherto a Buddhist, not a Hindu population i.e. Afghanistan, Sindh, West Punjab, North West Frontier Province and East Bengal. Somehow, Hindu areas tended to be more resilient to the impact of Islam unlike Buddhist areas that succumbed. I also refer here to Central Asia i.e. what is today Uzbekistan, Kirghiztan, Kazakhastan, Xinjiang etc.

    This is not to discount the killing, enslavement and conversion under duress of large numbers of Hindus in India.

    However, I am uncomfortable with the use of the word Holocaust. I can not pinpoint the reasons for the discomfort. Perhaps it is the liberalism lurking somewhere in my subconcious.

    So let us instead call it the murder of thousands under numerous invasions from Mohammed of Ghazni, to Taimur, to Nadir Shah to Ahmed Shah Durrani etc.

    Or am I a confused liberal with an ostrich like attidude :-)


  45. Ravindra
    November 9, 2006 at 11:07 AM

    To Abhi:

    ‘Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it’ : George Santayana

  46. November 9, 2006 at 9:04 AM

    What you said is true. But let us bury history and move forward.

  47. Ravindra
    November 9, 2006 at 9:04 AM


    I remember having read this article on Rediff. Unfortunately, the moment someone like MM Joshi tries to bring in some references of Islamic atrocities on Hindus, pseudos start screaming about “saffronisation of textbooks”. And Romilla Thapar and her ilk start sulking and getting hyperactive!

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