On a Different Track

I’ll take a temporary departure from blogging about political dirt and assault you with my enlightened views on Shankar Nag’s movies. No, I’m not his fan–not now, not in my childhood despite growing up watching his movies.

Shankar Nag

I simply think he made, and acted in some amazing movies that beg to be talked about in more detail. I’ve already reviewed one of these

The most striking aspect of Shankar Nag’s movies is the utter lack of pretension: he did make some “serious” (hate that word in the context of cinema) movies but the “serious” element touched us without our knowledge; the movie just … happened. Accident immediately comes to mind. Unlike tons of “art” movies which made a deliberate show of their being meaningful, which simply was another word for incomprehensibility.

So here it is. I’ve come up with just six movies (including Accident) that I consider his best. In no particular order, I’ll post reviews one entry at a time.

Starting with my next blog entry.

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  1. shiva
    December 18, 2006 at 9:40 PM

    Saw Accident on my portable (14″) B&W TV in Bangalore over DD (only network those days) when I had little else to call my own. Enjoyed the movie immensely. I still can’t accept Shankar is gone. What a loss! What a loss!

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