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Forget politics. Media watching promises to be a jolly activity. Rajdeep Sardesai’s fiery journalism leads the charade. CNN-IBN seems to change colours almost every other second. From sounding out the Left in a piece that is shockingly pro-capitalist one day to cozying up to Amar Singh yet another day, the media house is zigzagging big time. Sardesai’s glorification of a third-rated power broker as a “trendsetter” is a study in ethical depravity. Not long ago, the selfsame IBN had reported Amar Singh as saying:

When Prakash Karat goes to meet Sonia Gandhi, it’s called suhaag raat (wedding night), but when we go to meet Sonia Gandhi, it’s called balaatkaar (rape).

Understandably. Anything anti-Congress is anathema to Sardesai.

At the other extreme end of the media lies the anti-Hindu (link courtesy, Nitin, also read Retributions for a neat analysis of the paper’s turncoat act), which carries an approving interview of Advani. Is it a mere coincidence that the Times of India reports that the Left is “ready” to work with the BJP provided the BJP keeps “religion” out of the arrangement? Whether the Left is on its last legs is immaterial here. The urgent need is for Prakash Karat to save his face (the UPA has to topple!), and salvage his ego.

The folks in the US must surely be enjoying the fun.

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  1. Krishnan
    July 16, 2008 at 1:12 PM

    Sorry for the unrelated comment. But I couldn’t help but bring this to your attention.

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