The Tyrannical Republic of India

Give the dog a bad name and hang it. A variation of this technique, pioneered by Lenin in his infamous “stick the convict badge,” an old favourite of our now-languishing comrades on the Left—from calling Subash Bose a running dog of imperialism to various other customized slander—has been perfected by the Congress party.

Of all political parties in the country, the Congress feels the most uncomfortable being out of power even for a few seconds and once there, feels compelled not to hide its tyrannical tendencies. Of all political parties, the Congress holds the record for setting the maximum number of ugly precedents in any realm of public discourse and even basic decency. Of all political parties, the Congress has done the most to wreck democracy in the country. Of all political parties, the Congress is the most intolerant of criticism.

And this party is controlled by exactly one Family: I would’ve said “dynasty” but given what has transpired over the past 7 years, “Family” is the most appropriate term. I mean “Family” in the Italian sense.

A quick recap of the Dynasty’s deeds since Independence shows how they were not different from the colonial British regime’s deeds. It is only logical that we today have an Italian woman as the Super Prime Minister lording over the natives and the renewed loot of their wealth. Suppression, violent suppression of any form of dissent is a must-have weapon in the arsenal of a colonial power. Jawaharlal Nehru, that ugly brown holdover of a white regime used suppression of various forms to brook and check challenges to his authority: from the massacre of hapless Chitpavan Brahmins in Maharashtra to knocking out a duly elected Communist government in Kerala. Unfortunately for India, Nehru imbibed the worst of both the British colonialism and Communism, which was then thriving in the USSR. The seeds for India’s downward spiral was set.

These seeds fully bloomed under his daughter. Recall that the #1 method of stifling the Opposition back then was character assassination. Back then, standards were still pretty strong and it was enough if the Congress party planted a story in the newspapers about a dissenting person’s personal affairs. That person would most definitely lose the next election and/or the public wouldn’t take him/her seriously. The best example of this was the “expose” of—Jagjivan Ram’s son—Suresh Ram’s extramarital affair. When mere character assassination ceased to matter, the Congress party unleashed the power of state machinery—the CBI and the rest. The best example in today’s time: Narendra Modi’s relentless victimization by She Who Shall Not be Named.

And so it is with Baba Ramdev who has dared to take the Family on.

In my piece on Anna Hazare, I noted that

On April 8 2011, the Queen graciously [bowed] down to the wishes of this gentle Gandhian and on April 9 2011, the Government of India [issued] a Gazette of India notification to form a joint committee to draft the Lok Pal Bill…What’s even more important is the speed at which the Queen’s conscience was shaken by the might of Anna’s moral power and agreed to all his demands.

So what’s amiss in the Baba Ramdev saga? I mean, he’s also fighting for the same cause: the rot of corruption, a facet of which is the loot stashed away in offshore tax havens. So why does he get the Jallianwallah Bagh-style treatment while Anna Hazare is mollycoddled?  In the same piece, I also noted that

…from time immemorial, governments in power always tend to crush any opposition—it doesn’t matter whether such opposition and protest is just and/or popular: what matters is that giving in to such opposition is seen—rightly so in many cases—as a challenge to the power, authority, and legitimacy of the government.

And lo and behold! Operation Midnight Masala was launched on the hapless supporters of Baba Ramdev who were in deep sleep. It is said that one of the worst sins accrues from causing harm to a person who’s asleep. Here, tons of sleeping people were brutalized by the cops who seem to have sworn allegiance to a political party rather than the nation. This is just one tiny but ugly facet of how opposition is crushed. Never mind the opposition comprises a few thousand people. A preface to Tiananmen Square.

The Congress party had earlier condescended to Baba Ramdev via “airport diplomacy,” then “hotel diplomacy” and when neither worked, it resorted to brute force. At the root of this entire sordid saga are two words: cowardice and fear. Both “qualities” are mutually dependent. We have a government headed by cowards whose mantra of governance can be summed up in two words: dirty tricks. The only way dirty tricks can be unleashed unimpeded is by creating a state of fear. I’ve remarked numerous times that both UPA 1 and UPA 2 have been slowly but steadily and systematically eroding our fundamental freedoms under our noses but we scarcely realize it. However, Operation Midnight Masala is perhaps the first open attempt to brazen this erosion out. The first open attempt not counting the Emergency.

So why has Baba Ramdev scared the Congress party into a state of heightened constipation? This party has left a long trail of shadiness: fomenting communal violence, launching repeated attacks on the essentially Hindu character of India, inaugurating the goon-to-minister political culture…none of these have managed to make even a tiny chink in its steely armour of shamelessness. So why Baba Ramdev? The answer is simple and has been staring at our faces for a long time, which is perhaps why we’ve ignored it all along.

The Congress party’s weakest wicket has always been Black Money or “Swiss Bank” as it’s known colloquially. If you carefully read media reports, especially in the post-Rajiv Gandhi era, you’ll see that corruption involving the Congress party is only paid lip service. Of late, the media pretends as if the Congress party is a beacon of virtue and character. “Congress party” meaning the Family—the minions and foot soldiers get just the crumbs, the leftovers. And it’s not hard because the rot as in every other sphere begins with the patriarch, the founding-father, Pandit Nehru. Here’s Philip Spratt, an ex-British Comintern agent on Nehru:

An item of his policy which, I believe, testifies to Nehru’s Marxist feeling, though it is no longer Communist orthodoxy, is his tolerance of corruption. Before the revolution the Bolsheviks obtained their funds by organising a prolonged campaign of dacoities, by seducing heiresses, and by taking big subsidies from the German Government…. Nehru has the same bohemian attitude towards audit objections: they belong to the fussy bourgeois era of Gokhale and Gandhi.

Nehru’s Communism is revealed in the extraordinary favour he shows to the Communist Party, as contrasted with his marked coolness towards the socialists who put democracy first, like the PSP. He allows the Russian Government, and apparently the Chinese too, to subsidise them. It has been admitted in Parliament that the Home Department knows about some of these foreign funds. No other ruler in the world tolerates this kind of thing. Why does Nehru?

In his time, the word used was subsidise. In Indira Gandhi’s time, this translated into open buying out of Congress politicians: recall the Mitrokhin Archives? Actually, in Mrs. Gandhi’s time, it was free for all. And then Rajiv Gandhi and Bofors and other smaller but significant scams. Then Narasimha Rao. And now, She Who Shall Not be Named has embarked on a loot unprecedented in scale or scope. As the Congress party’s power and influence dwindled over the years and scandals involving the Family tumbled out, one phenomenon became increasingly obvious: the pace at which such news items was buried and traces of the dubious transactions themselves obliterated. Even if you don’t go into the details, a simpler way exists to trace the corruption to the First Family: there is a direct correlation between the number of years the Dynasty has ruled and the abysmal state of the nation for the same period and the staggering amount of Indian money parked abroad. And so when a spiritual guru with a massive following refuses to turn the heat off on this issue, the Family does what it does best when it’s drunk with power: Operation Midnight Masala.

Unlike other cases, the Congress party doesn’t have a handle where it can divide the opposition headed by Baba Ramdev. Corruption is genderless, casteless, classless and religionless. To its eternal discredit, the Sleaze Unit of the Congress party tried its hand by playing the Sadhvi Rithambara-is-communal card but failed spectacularly. However, that doesn’t mean it’ll stop trying. Under the able stewardship of the suddenly-new-favourite hitman Digvijay Singh, the Congress party began a series of flip-flops that culminated—as it must—in Singh openly abusing Ramdev as a thug. One wonders what the Tyaag Maata feeds her courtiers because they have no qualms in allowing a known separatist into the heart of the capital to spew anti-India speeches. Or the fact that the party’s hitman’s sympathies lie with the Batla House terrorists? The hitman has used the other, predictable threat of investigating Baba Ramdev’s sources of income. Right. Everybody is a crook by default so it’s okay for the Family to loot. If a finger is pointed at it, we shall point a million fingers at you. What the poor hitman didn’t anticipate was this from the people.  

Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh’s residence was pelted with stones by some unidentified people who also shouted slogans in favour of yoga guru Baba Ramdev, police said on Monday.

Meanwhile, it pays to look at the list of the Hitman’s involvement in corruption and controversies.

However, the other significant reason that’s scared the Family is the sudden consolidation of the Hindu voice under Baba Ramdev. The last thing the Congress party wants is an Ayodhya-like situation. Here’s a thumb rule of sorts: the shriller the Congress voice gets about RSS and Saffron, the surer you can be about the fact that there’s a Hindu consolidation happening. Here’s an alternative perspective, a valid one but farfetched in certain places. Whatever be Baba Ramdev’s connections with the Sangh Parivar, he surely commands a massive following that cuts across social strata, who pretty much regard him as a spiritual Guru. Unlike the Sai Babas of the world, he promises no miracles or afterlife goodies but calls for a lifestyle change through Yoga. Additionally, Baba Ramdev has openly agreed to submit himself to any investigation for instance, into stuff like the ownership of an island in Scotland. Would the Queen or the Hitman or any one member of the Congress party bring themselves to say as much? Your guess is as good as mine.

As I said earlier, Anna Hazare was an easy nut to crack given that his support emanated from a largely complacent and selfish urban middle class, which shuns serious risk. His “movement” is in tatters now. Agnivesh has vanished. The motley band of self-seekers, opportunist-careerists that makes up for civil society is fighting among itself while the busload of candle-kissers evaporated before the candle flame extinguished.

It’s instructive to observe the reaction from various quarters to the Ramdev saga. There’s a significant segment of the urban middle class—the same class that mindlessly supported Anna Hazardous—that regarded Ramdev’s fast variously with derision, scorn, condescension, and in some cases outright dismissal. This class typically adores the likes of Burqa and unthinkingly swallows the tripe and lies of the English media. This class is a perverse tribute to the India that Nehru set out to create, a class that admits thus:

The last one is the most representative species and the most honest admission of Nehru’s horrible tryst with destiny: a derision for fellow countrymen who feel proud about their nation and their heritage.

On the other side is the gang of self-proclaimed guardians of various hues and the human rights brigade. Not one of them uttered as much as a syllable over the state-sponsored atrocities against the hapless citizens at Ram Lila grounds. The HQ of the NHRC is located in the same city as Ram Lila grounds. We do live in a truly tyrannical republic.

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  1. August 24, 2011 at 6:46 PM

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  2. Malavika
    June 20, 2011 at 7:01 PM

    SC seeks Ramdev-run Trust’s version on police swoop

    PTI | New Delhi

    The Supreme Court today issued notice to Ramdev-run Bharat Swabhiman Trust, saying it wants to hear its version over the eviction of the yoga guru and his supporters from Ramlila Maidan.

    A vacation bench comprising justices P Sathasivam and A K Patnaik issued notice to Acharya Virendra Vikram, the president of the Delhi chapter of Bharat Swabhiman Trust.

    The apex court said it wants to hear the other side as a chance should be given to them to represent their stand.

    The court told senior advocate U U Lalit, who appeared for Delhi Police, that police had made several allegations against Ramdev and his followers and the other side should also be heard.

    The Supreme Court posted the matter for July 11 for next hearing.

    In an affidavit, the city police had told the court that no force was used against the protesters but only eight teargas shells had been lobbed to disperse Ramdev’s supporters after they turned violent and started pelting stones.

    Justifying its action, police had said the authorities had given permission to Ramdev to use the ground only to hold a yoga camp.

    It had said that instead of holding a yoga camp, Ramdev was “instigating” the crowd during his fast on the issue of corruption and black money at the ground where more than 20,000 people had gathered.

    Delhi Police had filed the affidavit following a direction of the apex court which had taken suo motu note of the police crackdown and had directed it to explain why it resorted to such action against Ramdev and his supporters.

  3. June 16, 2011 at 3:18 AM

    Well put.. Here’s more on the ”dynasty”… amazing numbers!!

  4. Anand
    June 13, 2011 at 11:28 PM

    Sympathizing with the a murderous “cause” is bad enough, my Comrade friend, but your friend Comrade Sen sympathized with murderers too, that’s why he gave them shelter. What “cause” are Maoists serving anyway? Killing people and raping women? Is Comrade Sen so blind that he can’t see the “cause” that Maoists are serving? Your lot killed 50 people so far this month in Dantewada, already. I’m really saddened that you are brazenly defending vermin such as these.

    >>urged many people to visit and see with your own eyes how the local police and salwa judum indulge in inhuman behaviour.

    And so you justify the murders committed by the Sen gang?

    One doesn’t need to go to Dantewada to understand that murder is murder, Comrade, not some sacred “cause”. Nathuram Godse had the exact same argument as you. He claimed to have been angered by the plight of Hindu refugees in camps. The irony is that you claim to oppose Godse’s admirers, whereas actually you have much in common with them. This boils down to the point I was making: both leftwing extremists and rightwing exremists sure are opposed to violence — but only to violence done by their hate objects, not the violence done by themselves! Those who truly pursue a neutral, apolitical stand, like me, demand that the law must crack down on ALL violence-mongers ruthlessly, regardless of their political color.

    By the way, your tribals sure do love those who “fight” for them:


  5. Loneranger
    June 13, 2011 at 1:39 PM

    Anand – He doesnt sympathise with murderers. He sympathises with the cause , learn to differentiate between some individuals who indulge in violence and those whose sympathises lie with the cause. Let me ask you one question to expose you and your friends here? How many of you have gone to dantewada or raipur or bastar? Sitting in your penthouse you read and scan the net to make up your opinons. I have urged many people to visit and see with your own eyes how the local police and salwa judum indulge in inhuman behaviour. The media never reports those events and you guys never come to know. My only request for you all is to go once and then I will agree with your opinons if you still feel the same.

  6. anonymous
    June 13, 2011 at 5:43 AM

    Swami Assemanands work with the tribals is as legendary as Dr Binyak Sen. He is also falsely implicated like Dr Binayak sen before his release. You are right on this. Both vendetta is bad. Release Swami Assemmananda also.

  7. anonymous
    June 13, 2011 at 4:14 AM

    a) Interesting tweets and see the bold video of S Swamy.
    RAJAGOPALAN1951 : @akhileshsharma1 Sonia Gandhi is not in India till Friday June 17, that is what AICC privately convey to media.

    b)Swamy39 Subramanian Swamy
    @ @mmpandit : Now Sonia has buzzed off to Milan by Jet Airways enroute to Zug in Switzerland to fix her accounts
    9th Jun 2011
    Swamys video

  8. neelkanth
    June 12, 2011 at 9:19 PM

    Brilliant article in Vigil about the war facing the Hindus.

    “”Our enemies have always had a vastly superior understanding of the war against Hindu India than Hindus have had about war or about Hinduism’s enemies. “”

  9. Anand
    June 12, 2011 at 7:58 PM

    >>first learn to distinguish between sympathisers of maoists and the maoists who indulge in violence.

    Of course comrade; there is no evidence that Comrade Sen himself is the leftwing equivalent of the foetus-ripper. Did you miss my question? Let me repeat for your benefit:

    “And you want to tell me: no, no, Comrade Sen “condemns” foetus-ripping, he has no sympathy for foetus-rippers, he is no Muslim-hater etc!!!Would you also like to claim that Al Qaida is actually working for world peace, comrade?”

    Sen doesn’t exactly rip a foetus with his own hands, but “only” sympathizes with one who does.
    Being a sympathizer of a killer makes one morally as culpable as the killer himself. I know you don’t care much for morality or humaneness because they are considered a weakness by lefwingers , but the larger point is I am glad you admit that your Comrade is a sympathizer of murderers.

  10. ramgun
    June 12, 2011 at 7:46 PM

    @loneranger: let’s see each point you have made in different posts

    1. Ramdev’s economic theory – Okay so you find faults in that. But tell me, has there been a single completely successful economic theory in entire history in any country? Adam Smith has failed, as has Marx. Our economic system in India today is a complete farce that loots the poor and pays the rich. Giving free rice, TVs, mixers and booze passes off for election manifesto and economic policy. Ramdev’s theory may be limited – but its far better than status quo. Moreover, disagreement doesnt mean you lathi-charge him and his supporters instead of discussing issues

    2. Corruption – If the govt felt he was corrupt and his money was unaccounted, they should have independently launched an investigation long ago. Unleashing the CBI and IT on him after breaking his fast seems like a desperate ploy to divert attention. After all he is only the messenger of corruption – so they try shoot the messenger since the message itself is too uncomfortable

    3. Homosexuality – As I have repeatedly said, this is irrelevant here. But if you must know, I support his view. And I suspect an overwhelming majority of Indians would do so as well. Except of course extreme ‘liberal types’ who are loud in ELM but irrelevant otherwise. In fact liberalism destroys the cultural fabric of the country – it is nothing but a transplant of Western worldview on our country while making it appear ‘universal’. And lets not forget, most of the West that talks so loudly about individual human rights today had no votes for women or blacks till a few decades ago

    4. Dr. Sen – Here I support your view. I believe he has done far more to further the situation of tribals than any elected govt has ever done. The entire case against him seems absurd, especially given that the Naxalites themselves are roaming free and killing people. While govt has caught a doctor for being a ‘sympathiser’. The vendetta against him by the BJP govt in Chhatisgarh is no different from the vendetta against Ramdev by Congress

  11. Loneranger
    June 11, 2011 at 7:30 PM

    Anand – Listen dude, the whole case is based on the testimony of one Anil kumar who “claims” to have seen in the bag of binayak sen some cash and other things. He also claims to have guha tell that sen had given him the letters. The police and the government has never come forward to say how they arrested guha or when he was arrested. There is dispute on the dates itself. Now, you will say these are semantic issues. Well, how can you rely on anil kumar saying he heard guha tell so and so. where did he hear it? when did he hear it? There is apparently no independent corroboration of Guha’s statements that the documents allegedly written by Sanyal had been brought out of jail by Sen after one of his meetings with Sanyal and handed over to Guha. The conviction of Sen seems to have been based largely on the uncorroborated testimony of Anil Kumar Singh who claims to have heard Guha tell the police that Sen gave him the letters from Sanyal.

    You cant award life sentence without the basis of any independent corroboration of facts. The whole case is based on circumstantial evidence without any independent corroboration. You will now say circumstantial evidence in case of terrorism is enough but even here guha is stating he got the letters from sen which was heard by anil. There is no continuity in the whole events.

    Does sen have any history of adovocating violence? first learn to distinguish between sympathisers of maoists and the maoists who indulge in violence. Take strong action against maoists who indulge and advocate violence but to apply the same yardstick to someone who “may” be a sympathiser is really taking the law to the extreme.

    By saying this, you will only drive even those who are sitting at the fence today to being a maoist.

  12. Anand
    June 11, 2011 at 4:20 PM

    Comrade Ranger,

    Not only do you reproduce from a PUCL pamphlet some junk irrelevant to the question I asked, but you don’t even give attribution to the junk you quoted! What sort of a human being are you man! I thought you only revel in justifying murders committed by your leftwing pals, but you are also a plagiarist! I’m sad to say your dad made a mess of bringing you up!

    Anyways, since you did not answer my question, let me rephrase it for you.

    There is this monster who according to Arundhati Roy ripped the foetus off of a pregnant Muslim woman in Gujarat riots, right. Let us support the foetus-ripping is not a figment of Comrade Roy’s macabre imagination but a real incident. Let us further assume that the guy actually ripped the foetuses of several women. This guy is on the run. But Comrade Sen knows his whereabouts. What do you think Comrade Sen does, being nice, kind, responsible citizen he is? Report to the cops? No. He helps arrange shelter for the foetus-ripper. Gives him cash, food. And you want to tell me: no, no, Comrade Sen “condemns” foetus-ripping, he has no sympathy for foetus-rippers, he is no Muslim-hater etc!!!

    Would you also like to claim that Al Qaida is actually working for world peace, comrade?

  13. Anonymous
    June 11, 2011 at 11:35 AM

    This did no appear in

    Hassan Ali Plus Congress!
    by Rajinder Puri
    Finance Minister (FM) Pranab Mukherjee does not utter lies. He speaks half truths. Regarding black money stashed in foreign banks he told media that secrecy had to be maintained in accordance with the provisions of the Double Taxation Treaty signed by the Indian government with 23 other countries. The FM told media: “Let us understand the issue. No information can be made available unless there is a legal framework.” What he did not say was that much of the money parked in foreign banks was not related to tax evasion but to crime. There can be no adequate legal framework unless the government launches criminal prosecution against the offenders. In fact the government does not want information from foreign governments. Foreign governments offer information that the Indian government refuses to accept. The German list of 26 names of account holders in Lichtenstein is much talked about. That list has been provided by the Finance Ministry to the Supreme Court (SC). Can the FM confirm under oath that there are not 18 other names on that list that have been withheld from the SC? Can the FM deny that the German authorities are willing to furnish four other lists of account holders in banks outside Lichtenstein which the Indian government has refrained from accepting?

    The most glaring case of the government’s cover up of criminal money stashed abroad relates of course to Pune based stud farm owner Hassan Ali Khan. Three years have passed since the discovery of his astronomical amount illegally stashed in foreign banks. In January 2007 raids by the income-tax department revealed he had USD 8 billion deposited in just one account in the UBS AG bank, Zurich. He has several other foreign accounts. He had not filed income-tax returns since 1999. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) started investigation into suspected money laundering. After three years Mukherjee told media last Tuesday that investigations were still continuing. Meanwhile Hassan Ali walks a free man. Meanwhile, Mukherjee disclosed that the 8 billion had been diverted from the Zurich bank to an unknown destination. Regarding information about black money Mukherjee told media: “As and when the Income Tax Authorities will be in a position to prosecute cases against tax evaders you will come to know”. Hassan Ali is not a tax evader. His money in foreign banks comes from crime. Credible foreign banking sources have disclosed that in collusion with Saudi arms dealer Adnan Kashogi some of Ali’s money came from gun running. Did Hassan Ali amass billions of USD that attract tax in India over Rs 70,000 crores from selling horses? If nothing, could not the government have immediately slapped a disproportionate assets case in addition to money laundering and launched criminal prosecution against him?

    The government did no such thing. Why not? Very simply, and bluntly, because the Congress Party is most likely involved with Hassan Ali and has used his kind services to park its funds illegally abroad. That is why Mukherjee must defend Hassan Ali. This is a serious charge but the circumstantial evidence to justify it is overwhelming. Readers might recall that on May 3, 2010 it was pointed out in these columns that Hassan Ali held a secret meeting with Congress politicians including the Political Secretary to the Congress President. This was stated in the Maharashtra assembly by the opposition and subsequently confirmed after investigation by the state police. The question was posed: “During his interaction with Hassan Ali was (Congress Political Secretary) Ahmed Patel representing himself or his boss, (Congress President) Sonia Gandhi? If he was representing himself why has Sonia Gandhi not sacked him? If he was representing the Congress President how does Sonia Gandhi explain her party’s links with the nation’s biggest money launderer who is being protected by the Finance Minister?”

    There was no response in word or deed to the question raised. It is fair to infer therefore that Ahmed Patel was not acting singularly but representing his boss, Sonia Gandhi. What other conclusion can one draw but that the Congress is guilty and the government is doing everything to protect its partner in crime, Hassan Ali? Today the Congress presents a strange picture. It reminds one of a sinking ship in which the captain, the first mate and the second mate all hate each other. However because the ship is sinking, fear binds them all. Let Pranab Mukherjee know. All the half truths, the obfuscation and the bluster will not prevent the Congress ship from sinking. Its day is done. Smart Congress leaders should learn from rats. They should desert the ship before they sink with it.
    What binds Hassan Ali and Congress together?

  14. Loneranger
    June 11, 2011 at 10:11 AM

    Suhas – When did I ever say 9/11 was an inside job? Whosoever says that needs to be his head examined like some people on this forum. The extremist / delusionist on both sides are same for a liberal like me.

  15. Suhas
    June 11, 2011 at 9:43 AM

    He has cunningly declared only partial assets
    And the evidence you have for that is…?
    It is no crime to amass wealth but common sense will tell you that in less than 10 years no human being can amass such amount of money by legal means.
    Yeah, in 10 years no one can amass such amount of money by legal means, just like “common sense” would tell you that an airplane cannot bring down the World Trade Centre, ergo 9/11 was an inside job. In both cases, “common sense” is used as a poor substitute for “I want to believe this because without it my pet theory falls apart”. If you disagree, please define, what according to you is the max amount of money that a human being can amass 10 years legally? Also explain how arrive at that figure.

  16. Loneranger
    June 10, 2011 at 8:03 PM

    Neelkanth – I can only laugh at you. That text is by me in the site. Man, no wonder you guys are not in power.

  17. neelkanth
    June 10, 2011 at 7:07 PM

    Loneranger wrote:

    “”Anand – I have refrained from giving lengthy details of the issue but your comment has forced me to do . So here goes. “”

    Sterling job of copy pasting there from our resident moron.

  18. Azygos
    June 10, 2011 at 2:13 PM

    All these are minor contradictions like lack of signature, etc. Binayak Sen and his wife face accusations of helping maoists even open bank accounts and getting jobs. This evidence if proven is sufficient in itself. Please don’t compare Salwa Judum to the maoists who even today blew up a police vehicle and killed 10 policemen. From where have maoists acquired heavy artillery and landmines. Who is helping them? From where are the funds coming to them to take on the might of the Indian state. It is clear there are several hundred commie couriers who are aiding the maoists overthrow the Indian state. Until a full fledged military operation is taken against these good for nothing goondas (Yes I know from personal witnesses – local natives, that majority of maoists are nothing but local goondas and dadas who themselves have unleashed brutality upon poor tribals. They take hafta from industrial corporates and mining lords themselves. They are the greatest impediment to development, schooling, roads, electricity)

  19. Loneranger
    June 10, 2011 at 12:49 PM

    Anand – I have refrained from giving lengthy details of the issue but your comment has forced me to do . So here goes.

    In constructing this conspiratorial chain, the Judge has relied on forensic evidence testifying that the letters were indeed written by Sanyal. On the other hand to prove that these letter were in possession of Pijush Guha, he has relied solely on the evidence of police officers and seizure witness Anil Singh whose versions have been contested by Guha but ignored by the Judge. Guha’s statement before the Magistrate which was recorded when he was produced on the 7th of May, 2007 says that he was arrested on 1.5.2007 from Mahindra Hotel, kept in illegal custody blindfolded for six days and finally produced before a Magistrate only on 7.5.2007. The Judge has ignored even Guha’s statement to this effect made before the Magistrate as soon as he was produced. Judge Verma has said in his verdict that Guha has failed to produce any evidence in favour of his statement, thereby putting the onus of proof on the accused and not the prosecution, which is bad in law. Neither the CSPSA or UAPA (2004) puts the burden of proof on the accused.

    The Judge has also ignored the contradiction between the police affidavit filed before the Supreme Court while opposing the bail application of Binayak Sen and the police version presented in the charge sheet filed in the sessions court. In the Supreme Court the police said that Guha had been arrested from Mahindra Hotel (which Guha has alleged in his testimony) but in the sessions court the police have said that Guha was arrested from Station Road where the police supposedly seized the aforementioned incriminating articles in the presence of seizure witness Anil Singh. The police’s flimsy argument, that the discrepancy was because of a typographical error in the affidavit filed before the Supreme Court, has been fully accepted by Judge Verma. Actually, the police officer responsible should be tried for either filing a false affidavit in the Apex Court, or lying in the Sessions court under oath. Accepting Guha’s testimony would have rendered the seizure witness’s statement implausible on which the Judge has centrally relied for his narrative. This would have in turn resulted in a complete collapse of the case against all the accused, especially Guha and Binayak Sen, against whom there was no material evidence of either being a member of CPI (Maoist) or being in conspiratorial relationship with Narayan Sanyal, the principal Maoist character in Judge Verma’s narrative.

    But a certain planted letter, exhibit A-37, takes the cake in Judge Verma’s narrative. This unsigned letter, supposedly written by the Central Committee of CPI (Maoist) to Binayak Sen, was claimed by the police to have been seized from Sen’s house when the police ran a search there. But this letter finds no mention in the seizure list, neither has it been signed by Sen nor the investigating officers nor the search witnesses as per proper procedural requirement. The said letter was also not part of the copy of the charge sheet received by Sen in the court. But the Judge has completely overlooked this obvious planting of evidence, accepting the ridiculous explanation provided by investigating officers BS Jagrit and BBS Rajput that the Article A-37 probably stuck to another article (chipak gaya tha) and hence could not get signed by either Sen or the investigating officer or search witnesses.

    The verdict lets the cat of its ideological bias out of the bag , however, when it accepts above the Supreme Court’s wise judicial pronouncements which were brought on record in the case by Sen, the testimony of a mere district collector KR Pisda in charge of Dantewada district that Salwa Judum was a peaceful and spontaneous protest movement of the tribals against the atrocities committed by the Maoists, and not a brutal and armed vigilante operation sponsored by the state. Later in his judgment Judge Verma insinuates that Binayak Sen’s principled opposition as a human rights defender to such a non-legal, repressive, brutal vigilante operation indulging in mayhem and violence put him in the Maoist camp against whom the Salwa Judum was targeted.

  20. Anand
    June 10, 2011 at 12:20 PM

    Comrade Ranger,

    It is not clear at all. Let’s say there’s this guy who’s suspected to have set fire to Gulberg Society in Ahmedabad. Let’s say he’s a fugitive from law. But Comrade Sen knows his whereabouts. What do you think Comrade Sen does, being nice, kind, responsible citizen he is? Report to the cops? No. He helps arrange shelter for the killer. Gives him cash, food. Helps ferry messages between him and his gang. And you want to tell me: no, no, Comrade Sen “condemns” Gulberg society burning, he has no sympathy for killers, he is no Muslim-hater etc. Are you kidding me Comrade, or are you kidding yourself?

  21. neelkanth
    June 10, 2011 at 12:06 PM

    Swapan Dasgupta in Telegraph speaks of the differences between Anna’s and Baba Ramdev’s movements.

    “”For the past three years at least, I have been told of the subterranean buzz around Ramdev’s robust festivals of health and patriotism all over India.
    All that can be said is that Ramdev’s decision to expand his mission statement to demanding political action against organized venality was not born out of thin air. It stemmed from his reading of the responses he got from the non-metropolitan audiences he spends most of the year addressing.

    The Anna movement was a made-in-media campaign.
    While most of Anna’s supporters were from the national capital region — plus shows of solidarity in the state capitals — the yoga guru mobilized people from all over the country, including a large contingent from West Bengal.”””

  22. Loneranger
    June 10, 2011 at 11:06 AM

    Anand – Kindly distinguish between maoists and binayak sen. Binayak sen has always condemned any violence perpetuated by the state or non-state actors or maoists. I had already written on PUCL in one of my posts and dont want to repeat again. PUCL is committed to peace and to find a peaceful, amicable solution to the maoists problem. I hope it is clear now.

  23. Anand
    June 10, 2011 at 10:53 AM

    Comrade Ranger,

    Binayak Sen’s gang struck again in Dantewada. Ten more mothers lost their sons, and several children possibly their fathers. It takes a warped mind, one that has been indoctrinated so young it lost the ability to distinguish between right and wrong growing up, to call this a fight against injustice. Just as substance-abuse people need de-addiction therapy, leftwing ideologues need de-doctrination treatment.

  24. stephen
    June 10, 2011 at 10:32 AM

    Please, all of you send a e-mail to this,, in protest against Communal Violence Prevention bill. Ask your friends to do the same.

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