If Modi is The Hindu Jinnah, R Jagannathan is Barkha

Oh dear! Of all things, I hadn’t expected someone like R Jagannathan to mount an out-and-out personal attack against Narendra Modi. Going by his past record, I’ve always regarded him as a sensible and grounded writer but what to do? Humans are frail beings and intellect, reason, and balance depart on occasion from even the best minds. And so we are treated to an unpalatable meal like the one served by FirstPost. The foul-smelling ingredient in the meal appalls the nose right in the article’s title itself: As the Hindu Jinnah, Modi is not a viable PM for 2014.

Now before we get into the specifics, it’s pretty clear that yesterday’s Supreme Court verdict has rattled the bones in the regular closets. TV divas and devas, sometimes separately, and sometimes both as husband and wife went on an overdrive trying to mollify the Congress make it sound as if everything was still ok with the Gujarat Cottage Industry.

And so when R Jagannathan (RJ) says stuff like

However, the big questions being raised on TV shows were not about how the case would proceed, but whether Modi had won in the Supreme Court and whether it would now aid his prime ministerial ambitions. Modi himself did not contribute to clarity when he tweeted “God is great,” and his party claimed the Supreme Court’s decision as a “vindication” of Modi, proof of his innocence.

AND exclaims “whoa slow down,” AND further says

It’s simply too early to jump to these conclusions, for Modi still has to win many political and court battles, several hurdles to cross.

we simply smile indulgently and ask him: who is saying what? Let’s examine this later. But first, RJ’s article rests on the following false assumptions:

  • India is a secular country
  • The public is always suspicious of BJP because of its “crime” of having the Hindutva ideology
  • Modi presents a divisive image because of 2002
  • No discourse on Modi can proceed without a reference to 2002
  • His image is permanently dented
  • Investigations and allegations are proof that his image is permanently dented
  • RJ has inside information into the minds of voters

This is pretty much the gist of RJ’s ad hominem attack masquerading as an op-ed or analysis or whatever.

One, it doesn’t take a genius or R Jagannathan to tell us that the SC order simply moves the Gulberg case to a local Gujarat court. It’s the guys in the Gujarat Cottage Industry who’re continuously hollering that “it’s not a clean chit to Modi” and variations thereof.

Now the real question, indeed the central theme of this sorry excuse for an analysis is Narendra Modi’s prime ministerial ambitions. Really Mr. Jagannathan? Who exactly told you that Modi has prime pinisterial ambitions? The man himself? Any BJP spokesperson? Exactly who? Speculation in the media doesn’t count as proof of said ambition. Indeed, RJ’s piece itself is a longish exercise in uncalled for speculation. Oh and by the way, have you seen this statement by Modi himself? It was published today. Show us exactly one line where he expresses his desire to become the Prime Minister.

Once you embark on wild speculation, it’s only limited by your imagination, which can, and has in this case, run amok. For instance:

If the lower court allows the SIT to charge-sheet him, Modi’s image will take a knock and he will be fighting like any other common criminal.

If I was the editor of FirstPost, I wouldn’t have even dreamt of writing, let alone publishing this piece. If I was RJ’s friend, I’d have given him sane advice that speculation often wipes out one’s wealth. Dear RJ, please let the SIT do its job. Why do you get worked up and use verbiage like “common criminal?” Words are fun things. You see, for instance I can call your piece as “wordy filth.” That’s bad form no? Oh but you also say:

If it does not, that still leaves him with his current dented image.

How? What’s the evidence of his “current dented image?” Dented in whose eyes? What’s the standard to declare that someone’s image is dented? Allegations? Insinuations? Trial by media? I don’t for instance, think that Modi’s image is dented and I’m sure there are millions who don’t think so. In your view, don’t our perceptions of Modi matter at all? Oh wait, we’re foul-mouthed, violent Hindutva guys, right? That kinda explains everything.

After more speculation, I mean look at his wish list, it’s as if RJ wants these things to happen to Modi:

  • defeat in 2012 elections,
  • corruption cases “unveiled” by the Lokayukta
  • a major terror strike in Gujarat

Oops! Did I just insinuate that RJ wants those things to happen? See, Mr. RJ? It’s a double-edged sword.

So, after more speculation, RJ gives us this gem:

To retain his prime ministerial ambitions, he will not only have to win the assembly elections, but win it big. If he merely hangs on by the skin of his teeth, even the BJP will opt for a different candidate.

Like every true Indian journalist, RJ also indulges in mind-reading and fortune-telling “…even the BJP will opt for a different candidate.” Let’s examine the bit about winning “big.” How “big” has Mr. Manmohan “Appointed Prime Minister” Singh won any election so far? What are the average victory margins of an average candidate in the last 2-3 elections? And why does RJ have one standard for the BJP/Modi and one for the rest? He answers that himself:

…the public will always hold the BJP to a higher standard of secularism than any other party because of its ideological moorings in Hindutva. For the same crime, other parties will not face the same kind of demonisation by the media and rival political formations.

Recall what I noted about RJ’s assumptions—that India is a secular country. Here’s the thing Mr. RJ: if India was a truly secular nation since 1947, the Hindu revival movement of the 1990s wouldn’t have happened.  This exactly is why the Indian media is what it is: out of touch with reality, lazy, incompetent, and intellectually dishonest. As a test, why doesn’t RJ walk into a random slum or village and ask the dwellers what they understand by secularism. Or go out and observe how and on what planks our leaders campaign in the villages. I won’t make it easy for him by stating my findings but trust me, it’s very revealing. And if RJ has done all these things, and still writes like this, I’d hate to comment on his intellectual honesty. And so based on available data, I can say that it’s a testimony of sorts to RJ’s analysis that he seriously thinks that the Indian public actually makes its voting choices based on things like secularism. What public are you talking about, Mr. RJ? The same public who got 190 seats for the BJP? or the same public, which has voted the BJP into office in 7 states? The same public that’s moved on from the 2002 riots, something that the Riots Cottage Industry wants to keep alive? Oh, and of course, Hindutva is a crime because…well, because RJ says so, and I’m sure he has innumerable backers for this statement.

And now we get to perhaps the worst ever characterization of Modi.

Secondly, the real truth probably is that Modi is a Hindu Jinnah: secular to the core, but not above using the communal card for the sake of political power.

How can “real truth” be a probability? It’s like saying “the real truth probably is that 3+6 is 9.” Also, Mr. RJ needs to define what communal is. The OED defines communal as “shared by all members of a community; for common use.” If Modi is indeed using this communal card, why do you object to it? If you however, mean the other definition of communal, which is “(of conflict) between different communities, especially those having different religions or ethnic origins,” then the onus is on you, Mr. RJ, to prove how he has used it.

And your characterization of Modi as a “Hindu Jinnah (sic)” based merely on an unsubstantiated observation is vilification, character-assassination of the lowest order. Do you even realize what a loaded phrase like “Hindu Jinnah” implies? Jinnah takes the major chunk of credit for partitioning India. I trust at least now, you realize what the complete implication of “Hindu Jinnah” is. But no, nothing stops you for you also say,

the secular mafia wants to see him as communal. This is why Modi gets no credit for running Gujarat without any communal incidents over the last decade (after 2002) while the Left Front’s attack on Muslims in Nandigram and Bihar’s pathetic treatment of Muslims under Lalu Prasad earn them no opprobrium.

Really? Why don’t you quote instances of people who’ve written glowingly about the same “for running Gujarat without any communal incidents over the last decade?” Here’s a good example. And here’s another, a more telling one. Check out the very first sentence.

SO MANY things work properly in Gujarat that it hardly feels like India.

Both are from the Economist, a magazine not particularly friendly to or knowledgeable about India. Oh and why do you forget to mention what happened to the Left and Lalu at the polls? But wait, it gets only more interesting.

In recent years, he had made a shift from macho Hindutva (which brought him to power) to becoming a development messiah. This may be important, but Modi’s reinvention cannot happen without a direct reference to 2002. His reinvention has to relate to the events of that year because Gujarat is now the reference point for all discussions on communalism.

Right. But here are a few questions:

  • What is “macho Hindutva?” Words have meanings, Mr. RJ. Would you kindly define “macho Hindutva” for us?
  • Who is making the said direct reference to 2002? It’s only the saints of the Gujarat Cottage Industry.
  • Who isn’t allowing people to forget the past wounds and move on? The BJP? Modi?
  • Who is scuttling the investigations and court hearings of the riots cases by filing petitions after petitions in the courts?
  • Who is dishing out “new evidence” in the form of fake sting ops and tainted cops?
  • Why is Godhra overlooked or glossed over in all of these “discussions” on communalism?
  • Why is the fact that 200+ Hindus were killed in the riots studiously ignored? Especially when the numbers killed in the riots have already been presented in Parliament?

Any discussion on communalism where Gujarat riots are mentioned must also include answers to the aforementioned questions. Don’t you agree that it’s fair? But now that RJ is all charged up, he says:

Godhra happened during the BJP’s watch, not Congress’. Hence, it is doubly foolish for Modi to presume it can be wished away by playing the development card.

Mind-reading redux. How does RJ know what Modi presumes or will presume in future? But he gives his game away here:

To be a vote-merchant, Modi has to win a disproportionate share of the Hindu vote – which anyway does not exist outside Gujarat – to counter the potential consolidation of the Muslim and minority votes against him. This is not just improbable, but totally undesirable, given the obvious danger it can pose to national unity and community relationships.

Okay, let’s assume a large share of Hindu vote doesn’t exist outside Gujarat. But what’s the evidence to back that up? RJ’s words. And then in more interesting territory, even if a Hindu vote consolidation happens, that would spell “obvious danger” to “national unity.” Why? Heheheh! Naughty! Haven’t you heard of the dreaded Hindu Rashtra? See? Only a Hindu vote consolidation will pose a threat to national unity. Minorities’ first right to resources, Hajj subsidies, mass conversion campaigns, abuse of Hindu Gods and institutions….those are displays of secularism.

And just when you’re tearing your hair out at this almost endless piece of personal abuse, RJ outdoes himself.

…even if the court cases against him fail to nail him, Modi is not a credible candidate for the prime ministership in 2014. Unless, two other things happen.

Option One is for Modi to build a direct relationship with Gujarat’s Muslims by apologising for what happened in 2002 and taking constructive blame for it.

Correct. So the RJ School of Logic works thus: Y casts a wild allegation against X. The matter goes to the cops and courts and the rest. Investigations are in progress. Cases are heard. All along, Y drums up a powerful lobby which hollers every single day that X is guilty. Investigations are still in progress. Nothing emerges against X. Y’s lobby forgets that a court’s decision has to be respected. It continues to yell that X is guilty. After about 10 years, nothing still emerges against X. Now Y and his lobby want X to apologize to Y for a crime that the courts hold that X hasn’t committed. This, Mr. RJ is the exact nature of the Gujarat riots discourse from Day 1. And it’s pretty sad and shocking that you regurgitate it uncritically. “Taking constructive blame” for something that hasn’t been proven yet?

If you thought this was bad, wait till you read further:

Even assuming he did not, as IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt alleges, ask the police to turn a blind eye to the killing of Muslims post-Godhra, no one will believe him since he “benefited” from the Hindu vote consolidation after the riots and continued to gain from it even in 2007.

This is a classic demonstration of sleight of hand. Slip in an insinuation, “…Sanjiv Bhatt alleges…” Note that it’s merely alleges. And Sanjiv Bhatt is just an “IPS officer,” without a single mention of the fact that his testimony was rejected and the fact that his reputation is shady. And another snake oil trick in the same sentence. Here:

Even assuming he did not…ask the police to turn a blind eye to the killing of Muslims post-Godhra, no one will believe him since he “benefited” from the Hindu vote

Excellent. “No one will believe him.” So, Mr. RJ, who is “no one?” Let’s look at this another way. Had the Congress party won in 2007, what would you have written? That Modi’s defeat was “deserved” and that the Gujarat people “justifiably rejected a leader who campaigned on a communal plank.” Right? Now that Modi has delivered on the economic front, you write about how the “taint of 2002 won’t ever go away” and that “he must apologize.”  Therein lies the crux: after yesterday’s verdict, the secular drumbeat has changed from “Modi is guilty!” to “get Modi to apologize.” A nice strategy to try to put him on the defensive. Now that Modi hasn’t apologized, RJ calls him “unrepentant.” Mr. RJ, how about we play a game: let’s say I’ve taken severe offence to this enlightening piece of yours. However, you’ve written it in perfectly good conscience. But no, I ask you to “repent” and “apologize” for it. I don’t offer any proof as to why I feel offended. I get 5000 people who share my offended sensibilities. Would you then feel that you must take constructive blame for writing it? Would you apologize?  How does that sound? Nice game, no?

His next “option” is as unreasonable as it is dangerous. I mean, who even thinks of stuff like this in an analysis? Check it out:

The only other way an unrepentant Modi can gain is if there is a huge catastrophe of the 9/11 kind just before the next election. In such a scenario – god forbid – there is a chance that people will look for a strong leader, and Modi automatically fits the bill.

Offered without comment. But then RJ moves back to Option One, so let’s follow him there.

Option One is clearly the only viable one for Modi. But here’s the dilemma: if he apologises in advance of a court victory, it will seem like he is admitting to his failures and strengthen the cases against him. If he does not apologise, he will continue to be vilified and face an even more intractable public image among minorities by 2014.

Now this sounds comical even cute, except that it is neither: “apologize,” “take constructive blame,” “repent…” Seriously, an open appeal to Modi would sound more honest. This only sounds desperate. Which it is, and it neatly fits in with the hysterical behaviour we saw in the media throughout yesterday after the SC verdict.

If as RJ says, the SC verdict was only an order to do the trial in a Gujarat court, why should he pen such a pompous piece about something that Modi himself hasn’t said anything about? The answer again is desperation, which shows throughout the piece starting with the toxic title. Would R Jagannathan have written this piece if the SC hadn’t delivered its order yesterday? Would he have written the same piece if yesterday’s verdict had gone against Modi? Yes? No? Maybe? Mr. RJ? See? Even I’m trying to do some mind-reading here.

In the end, it’s pretty interesting how certain events help unravel the biases of people who we think are pretty objective and balanced. R Jagannathan, who had authored some good stuff in the past has unraveled his biases with this one piece. It’s not so much about his personal attack against Modi that’s disconcerting but the fact that he has based his piece on questionable assumptions and relied on the Gujarat Cottage Industry allegations. And thus, just as it’s enough for one black dot to sully the entire white canvas, RJ’s “Hindu Jinnah” piece has made sure that he’ll never be taken seriously again. At least by me.

If Narendra Modi is a Hindu Jinnah, R Jagannathan is FirstPost’s own Barkha Dutt. Oh! and if you ask me how I derived this conclusion, I’ll say I followed the analytical method used by R Jagannathan in this piece.

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  1. CC
    February 17, 2012 at 9:25 AM

    This “reza noorani” is at least fortunate to have been educated enough to read and write and access the internet… unlike her less fortunate sisters from other non-secular islamic countries who were married off at 12 to start breeding.

  2. cricfan
    February 17, 2012 at 8:08 AM

    @reza noorani asked “Can you be objective and say that Modi isn’t a murderer?”

  3. Ranger
    February 17, 2012 at 7:43 AM

    Dear Reza Noorani, Modi is no murderer as per the laws of the land. Just because you think he is a murderer does not make him one.

  4. reza noorani
    February 16, 2012 at 5:26 PM

    Your article reeks of support for Modi. If you claim that Jaggi is being biased… then you literally have stars in your eyes! Can you be objective and say that Modi isn’t a murderer? Be tough, won’t it?
    It’s not about forgetting the wounds of the past you fool.. it’s about JUSTICE.

  5. Jooske
    November 10, 2011 at 5:26 PM
  6. DIGviajy
    October 27, 2011 at 9:23 AM

    This LOONEY Loneranger IS SPREADING HIS STINK more than A PIG and spoils the atmosphere here. Even COMMUNAL and CORRUPT CONgis must not be wanting THIS PIG in their GARBAGE.

  7. Amit
    October 10, 2011 at 11:14 AM

    @S S, thanks for the link to Elst’s post. I do read his posts quite regularly, and what he writes makes good sense.

  8. Amit
    October 10, 2011 at 11:13 AM

    Anand, not just the cold-blooded and one-sided massacre of Sikhs in 1984, but LoonyTunes’ favorite party also started the entire mess in Punjab, which led to animosity between Sikhs and Hindus, with many innocent Hindus killed by Sikhs, which then led to brutal suppression by LoonyTunes’ government. But hey, all that communal danga-fasaad is never done by Congress (even though it has killed more Indians than any other political party – including those belonging to minorities – during the past 60 years), and when it comes to the party of Gandhis, then hazaar khoon maaf. Secularism ki jai ho.

  9. Anand
    October 10, 2011 at 9:34 AM

    Comrade L-Ranger,

    The victims of 1984 don’t need your glycerine tears. They need justice. Your party murdered 3000 Sikhs when the “great tree fell”, and not a single person was punished. And here are “people” like you peddling the pornography that nothing can be done about it now. Really, comrade!? Can Sonia and Raul condemn and distance themselves from Rajiv, to begin with, instead of splurging 300 crores of public money on his birth day as they have done recently? How about Raul retracting the clean chit he gave to Tytler through CBI? Disgusitng, comrade. Don’t forget that shoe that the anguished Sikh man flung at PC is directed also at “people” like you.

  10. Amit
    October 10, 2011 at 12:47 AM

    I do so because there is no opposition to this government who is as corrupt as they come.

    LoonyTunes compromises on his principles?? Color me shocked!!! More like LoonyTunes is an apologist for the misdeeds of his favorite party, and since he is addicted to licking his white master’s feet, he has no choice but to support him and his corrupt party. “Kya karein? Aur koi chaaraa hi nahin hai.” sings LoonyTunes in a resigned and dejected manner. Cognitive dissonance reigns supreme!!

    As far as supporting the government goes, I do it out of compulsion because I dont want a fascist, communal government to come in and neither do I want a hastily hobbled up entity.

    Subverting the meaning of terms like “fascist, communal” and using them for opponents when it has been factually and repeatedly shown that it’s Congress which is fascist and communal and has been so historically, is the hallmark of propagandists and delusional people.

    See you next week.

    Ah, how will I survive for one week without sanctimonious LoonyTunes comments and the comical relief they provide? Maybe another loony brother, like one Bhagwad Park, will pick up the slack while LoonyTunes is away to exploit the poor and their misery in the north-east corner, and to blame Modi for the atrocities in Imphal.

  11. cricfan
    October 9, 2011 at 11:55 PM

    @SS, thanks for posting that link. A very interesting as well as enlightening article by Koenraad Elst.

  12. Loneranger
    October 9, 2011 at 11:44 PM

    Amit – I support Anna , was part of his agitation and will be in future too. I do so because there is no opposition to this government who is as corrupt as they come. As far as supporting the government goes, I do it out of compulsion because I dont want a fascist, communal government to come in and neither do I want a hastily hobbled up entity. There are many like me who would not be supporting a government like this which is corrupt and is into harassing the civil society but we have no choice. Sorry affair but reality is such. See you next week.

  13. S S
    October 9, 2011 at 10:35 PM

    @ Amit.

    Koenrad Elst has written something useful about the population/ demographic issues.

    One may see it at this link: http://koenraadelst.blogspot.com/2011/10/clash-of-civilizations-cancelled.html

  14. Amit
    October 9, 2011 at 10:27 PM

    I am off to Imphal and Ukhrul for a week so I wont be able to reply to you.

    My little idiot, don’t assume that anyone cares where the LoonyTunes plays next. LoonyTunes must continue to look for validation from others caused by his own insecurities and choices.

    ..your government had shut down the state for 65 days now.

    Just like the arguments about Modi’s development keep shifting – one moment Gujarat doesn’t have paved roads, next moment Gujarat already had paved roads before Modi, just like that the alliance with government keeps shifting too, as convenient.

    One moment, UPA and Congress are the parties supported by and voted in by LoonyTunes, the next moment, LoonyTunes dissociates himself from his white Masters and it becomes “your government.” LoonyTunes supports Anna’s agitation against UPA and its corruption, but then also supports and votes for UPA and Congress.

    Is it any wonder that LoonyTunes and his shifting, illogical arguments are not taken seriously? In the end, he’s just a windbag – a thotha chana who baajes ghana.

  15. Amit
    October 9, 2011 at 10:18 PM

    LoonyTunes should focus his energy on bringing the guilty to justice for the original pogrom, instead of hiding his guilty conscience for licking the feet of Clown Prince.

    And LoonyTunes must continue making assumptions about others as he sits on his high horse and continues to be holier-than-thou as he peddles propaganda and lies.

  16. Loneranger
    October 9, 2011 at 10:08 PM

    Amit – We have discussed enough on 1984. I had said that it is unfortunate rajiv was not punished then and due to that you have the liberty to keep on saying this everytime we mention 2002.

    You keep on repeating it every second day so that your guilt conscience can be minimised. I am off to Imphal and Ukhrul for a week so I wont be able to reply to you. In case you are not aware since you are geographically challanged, these towns are part of india and your government had shut down the state for 65 days now. Will give you details when back.

  17. Amit
    October 9, 2011 at 9:12 PM

    “Your thesis on him says he didnt engineer the pogram of 2002 , you say he didnt murder his own man haren pandya, you say he has done exemplary work on development in the…blah blah blah…more propaganda…more baseless accusations…more insinuations without proof….”

    LoonyTunes, when exactly did you stop beating your wife?

    As for pogram (sic), you don’t have to look further than 1984 – now that was a fine example of a pogrom where very few, if any, non-Sikhs died and the massacre was totally one-sided, as opposed to 2002 where both Hindus and Muslims died. That pogrom was brought to you by the Gandhi family and their slaves known as the Congress Party, which have escaped accountability so far.

  18. Amit
    October 9, 2011 at 8:54 PM

    “The above are direct questions so hope you will not dodge and give some irrelevant replies.”

    The LoonyTunes just keep on coming. Looks like someone has really deep hatred for Modi in his heart, and like a fanatic bent on chopping off the hands of a “blasphemer” (and this is in secular land), will not stop. Meanwhile, direct questions put to the jholawala village idiot elicit no response from him, but he expects others to answer his irrelevant questions. Hypocrisy and propagandists are comrades-in-arms.

  19. cricfan
    October 9, 2011 at 7:16 PM

    @Jooske: “It is written by Social Scientologist Dipankar Gupta. Alright, let me explain. This Gupta, a former professor with JNU, the coffee shop of communists, is supposedly a social scientist. My understanding was that ”

    Useful link. Could u also post this to the “what they teach at JNU” thread to add to the list there for the benefit of new visitors.

  20. neelkanth
    October 9, 2011 at 6:56 PM

    “”The media was notably unsympathetic to Rajbala; the fact that this was comparable to Jallianwallah Bagh was completely ignored by them.””

    Imagine the reaction if a mullah and 50000 of his supporters had been lathi charged and tear gassed in the middle of the night. This has been said often enough.

    Now imagine the queen attending a Momin celebration at the same place a few months later. Would she? What would happen if she did?

  21. Jooske
    October 9, 2011 at 11:40 AM

    Someone does not like the “Hindu Jinnah”

    This seems to be the season for celebrities to shower advice on the Gujurat Congress party

    It is written by Social Scientologist Dipankar Gupta. Alright, let me explain. This Gupta, a former professor with JNU, the coffee shop of communists, is supposedly a social scientist. My understanding was that social scientists do a lot of work on the ground with people on various issues to arrive at conclusions. But Social Scientologists in India are now a cult group that simply work on a pre-set body of beliefs and rituals created by fiction and fantasy.


  22. Anand
    October 9, 2011 at 10:50 AM

    Comrade L-Ranger,

    I’m puzzled. What human rights violation are you talking about? Did police whack Srivatsava on the butt with a lathi? That’s sad. But it is only as strong a “human” rights violation as a caning a rowdy kid at school, though the rowdy kid stands a better chance of growing up to be a decent human being.

    Someone claimed that the police “even” searched her drawers. Even! That’s the word they used: even! So one can only imagine what kind of “drawers” they were. It is definitely a human rights violation if the cops who conducted the drawers search were not of female gender. But it is still nothing compared to the exploitation and rape of children that the Maoists do, which you endorse because of your blinding fanaticism and lack of understanding of basic morality. Anyways, are there at least 10 independent, third-party corroborations of the alleged violation of the shrill Maoist shill’s drawers? Produce links pronto.

    In the mean time, to educate yourself on what a true human rights violation is, read Rajiv Srinivasan, your bete noire who seems to get your goat so bad you vent bile against him even in sleep:

    “Rajbala was a 51-year old Gurgaon housewife beaten to death in a brutal crackdown and baton-charge by police on a non-violent, in fact sleeping, group of yoga followers of Swami Ramdev on the night of 4 June. She suffered severe spinal injuries and was paralysed; after 114 agonising days, she died on 9 September.

    The media was notably unsympathetic to Rajbala; the fact that this was comparable to Jallianwallah Bagh was completely ignored by them. In that iconic 1919 incident, a fascist imperialist state waged war on peaceful protesters in a walled garden in the Punjab: 1,650 bullets, 1,579 casualties. This was the signal event that convinced Indians that the British state was purely evil; from that point onwards there was no stopping the Independence movement.

    Similarly, Rajbala, an unarmed, non-violent woman was brutalised by a fascist state; what was her crime? Nothing more than that she went to a yoga camp. Why isn’t the state being pilloried about this? Why aren’t heads rolling, including those of the Delhi police, the Chief Minister, and the Central home minister? Or is it that Rajbala, as a woman, had no human rights?”

  23. Loneranger
    October 9, 2011 at 10:19 AM

    Amit – It is very clear that whatever valid logical points one may have about Modi, you are not ready to even consider them. Your thesis on him says he didnt engineer the pogram of 2002 , you say he didnt murder his own man haren pandya, you say he has done exemplary work on development in the state, you say he doesnt give land to industralists at throw away prices, you say he has given power and water to every nook and corner of the state, you say he gives as good as he gets to the terrorists, you say he is PM material because of his vision.

    Let us accept all the above for a moment. Now, will you be kind enough to reply to my basic questions which are as follows :-

    1. What measures are you going to take so that RSS accepts him ?

    2. Why will sushma leave her right to the throne?

    3. What about sanjay joshi, the man who is in charge of UP now? Will Modi accept him or send him to wilderness like before by bringing out fake CD’s?

    4. Why has gadkari appointed joshi which has made modi so unhappy that he has not spoken to gadkari even once after his operation?

    5. If modi is acceptable to every party man as you say, then gadkari would not have appointed joshi who is the bete-noire of modi ? Now, dont bring in non issues and say it is democracy. If it was democracy, then modi would have wished joshi well by forgiving and forgetting the past.

    6. Sanjiv bhatt, the whistle blower has been arrested for saying the truth albeit after few years but he did say the truth. Anyway, even if we say he is a fraud, why are his family members harassed ? Do you feel that is collateral damage ?

    The above are direct questions so hope you will not dodge and give some irrelevant replies.

  24. NASH
    October 9, 2011 at 9:20 AM

    to Amit

    look at this from the data provided,you call this idiocy…

    total villages = 18,028
    villages electrified = 17,940 (period 1991 to 2001)
    villages not electrified = 00,000(period 1947 to 1991)

    now if i give some data from renowned professor’s book, you pick holes in that too.

  25. Amit
    October 9, 2011 at 12:41 AM

    In the comments of dear idiot, points are indistinguishable from propaganda and lies. The blame lies with the idiot.

  26. Loneranger
    October 8, 2011 at 11:25 PM

    Amit – My dear boy, the point was he has not done anything so major with regard to development is what we can deduce based on proof. If you go to my comments, I had clearly said he has done as much as any other CM in the country. Nothing more, nothing less.

  27. Amit
    October 8, 2011 at 7:46 PM

    bbc wrote:
    “Apparently 1.21 billion is not enough! Population control is against ‘certain’ religions it seems:


    bbc, what are you, a fascist? Don’t you know the Liberal & Secular Commandment that Thou Shalt Never Criticize The Minority? Here, let me explain – being a minority gives one full immunity – one can have special laws for the minority (e.g. no alimony after divorce), one belonging to minority can chop off hands of others for “blasphemy” with zero outcry from human rights entrepreneurs (btw, these entrepreneurs are quick to send their chaddis for a relatively minor issue, but hand chopping is just another boring day), one can denigrate majority religious icons with impunity etc. etc. After all, the Unquestioned Leader of the Master Dynasty needs to protect her own (Christians) and nurture the minority vote-banks, even if it means circumventing the Supreme Court (e.g. Shah Bano case), so that the venal Party can continue looting the public coffers and sharing it with its willing slaves, who point fingers at others and cry “fascism” for a chavvani – when it’s their Party that’s fascist.

  28. Amit
    October 8, 2011 at 7:33 PM

    “Most of you were asking me what was the state of Gujarat before modi came in? You people suggested that the state was in dire straits and modi took lot of initiatives for it to reach this stage. One of my professor Mr. Gupta has written in detail about how the state was earlier. I am giving below a few excerpts for your benefit .
    In a nutshell, gujarat was never a poor state.”

    Mr. Gupta? Another propagandist from JNU? Or is he from LSE?

    And here’s yet another army of straw-men.

    If Gujarat was never a poor state, why did the propagandist cry about not having paved roads, electricity and water? Looks like the village idiot can’t even make up his mind whether Gujarat is/was developed or not, and the argument keeps shifting with the wind, with the only goal to show Modi in a bad light, irrespective of facts – with deep jealousy and hatred the only motivating factors.

    One moment, it’s not developed (no paved roads, no water), and the next moment, it’s developed. And what was asked was the statistics showing the kilometers of paved roads, number of villages with electricity and water etc. before Modi and after Modi, and whether that number increased or remained the same. What was asked was to show the rate of development before Modi and after Modi. No one suggested that Gujarat was in dire straits before Modi – that’s what’s known as a straw-man argument, but logic is beyond the reach of propagandists.

  29. Amit
    October 8, 2011 at 7:23 PM

    “A person is deemed to be a criminal if her/his guilt is proven in the court. Who are you accuse any body without an iota of proof ? You have no right to pass judgment on her without knowing the facts. “

    Except if it is Modi. Then he is guilty until proven innocent in court. Actually, he’s guilty no matter what – even if the court dismisses the case against him, that doesn’t make him innocent. And facts like “activists” brazenly lying about ripped fetuses, carving symbols and concocting false affidavits are irrelevant.

    More LoonyTunes and propaganda from the jholawala village idiot.

  30. G
    October 8, 2011 at 8:57 AM

    “Because, if there is no food let them(people) eat the tablet.”

    That was hilarious. Are you sure this is not a tablet that can be swallowed down with some water? Perhaps something that has all the daily vitamins as well as any other nutrition required by your average brown slave?

  31. Malavika
    October 8, 2011 at 8:06 AM

    @ Ava,
    “What is the big deal about some idiotic tablet that the government has recently produced? Why is the government involved in such things? ”

    Because, if there is no food let them(people) eat the tablet.

    I am sure the tablets HW is not made in India, any idea where it is made?

  32. bbc
    October 8, 2011 at 3:27 AM

    According to this article, in 10 years, Guj govt has produced more controversies than development:


    Yeah, right!!

  33. bbc
    October 8, 2011 at 1:58 AM

    Apparently 1.21 billion is not enough! Population control is against ‘certain’ religions it seems:


  34. ava
    October 7, 2011 at 6:40 PM

    potential PM (above typo)…Is it not sad the kind of govelling that grown, senior politicians do in the case of Pranab? Where has the self- respect of such people gone?

  35. Ranger
    October 7, 2011 at 6:29 PM

    Isn’t Kavita Srivastava the foul mouthed woman ( who seems to have the belief that one can win an argument by shouting over your opponents) who defended the Naxals and Maoismon Arnab Goswami’s show after the Dantewada massacre of 76 CRPF personnel ? In any other country she would have been in prison long time ago. But in ours, she is free to vent her displeasure over the police action conducted against her, for her obvious anti-national activities and try to appear as a martyr. Wonderful.

    No wonder our Loneranger likes her so much. He should marry her.

  36. ava
    October 7, 2011 at 6:25 PM

    What is the big deal about some idiotic tablet that the government has recently produced? Why is the government involved in such things? That annoying Sibal grinning as if they had accomplished something…Instead of lifting people so they can afford i-pads, they aim for a dumb tablet. This has been going on since independence, all these dumb schemes to which there seems no end–who is gonna buy this tablet? People with enough money will just opt for an old desktop if they can afford it and if they have electricity, which they need anyway for the dumb tablet. With Gandhi family running massive poverty schemes or scams, more affirmative action which has destroyed education and leads to even more affirmative action, this is getting to be a viscious cycle. Our standards are set so low (I mean would we be ruled by such people who would not be there were it not for affirmative action in terms of qualifications, we have become affirmative action nation with no standards for everything) I wonder if India is not a gone case. Pranab recently said Rahul Gandhi is the potential be PM. I suppose such slaves deserve such masters.

  37. CC
    October 7, 2011 at 4:41 PM

    >> I am employing your cheap tactic of retaliating

    Yes Mian, that’s the only one thing you’re good at. Keep it up. I feel really sorry for all the time you waste here on the net instead of helping people in the real world by having a real job.

  38. Loneranger
    October 7, 2011 at 4:24 PM

    Anand – A person is deemed to be a criminal if her/his guilt is proven in the court. Who are you accuse any body without an iota of proof ? You have no right to pass judgment on her without knowing the facts. Dont try to divert the issue out here. It is of human rights violation. The police accused her of sheltering some naxal and harassed her. If she is guilty of sheltering some naxal then where was he/she hiding that police were not able to catch?

    I am employing your cheap tactic of retaliating because that is how you respond to my comments. I tried in vain for a long time to not fall prey to such tactics but you are made of sterner stuff and will only understand if someone employs the same tactic. I posted links quoting the home minister of chattisgarh who back tracked on his comment about the innocent meena khalko who was raped by policemen. You didnt respond. I posted a link on the villagers tale of hearing shots at 3.30 am. You didnt respond. I posted numerous links on atrocities committed by government on tribals but you chose not to respond and you came up with your propaganda material in response. I decided to talk to you in the same language that time.

  39. Anand
    October 7, 2011 at 4:07 PM

    Hello Comrade,

    Curiously, every time I post news of your pals murdering innocent people, you feel compelled to respond with material that is circulating on your leftnut mailing list. What gives? I understand your work requires the absence of human feeling and the lack of shame, but I don’t understand how “retaliating” with propaganda helps legitimize the justify-murder campaign you’re on. I post news of your friends recruiting 6-year-old revolutionaries, and you come back smack with … with …

    Ok, whatever that dump is, I took a loot at it, and here are my impressions: Kavita Srivastava is a courageous person! Countless crooks around the world, when confronted by police, immediately confess to their crimes and release open letters addressed to the public on the following lines:

    “Dear people, police raided my house yesterday. I have been a criminal sleazebag all my life. Such a sleazebag, I get my NGO pals to post all over the internet what an unfortunate victim of oppression Arundhati Roy is and what a bunch of terrorists those who killed themselves in the Godhra train accident were. But the police raid opened my eyes. I realized that supporting the murder of innocent people is the sleazebaggiest thing a human being could do. My dad is such a piece of turd he never taught me humanity. But now I know. I hereby repent. Forgive me!”, etc, etc.

    That’s the global norm. Anywhere in the world, when police raid the homes of suspected criminals or their shelterers, the targets sing like canaries. But your pal Kavita? She bucked the trend! Bravo! She published a letter *denying* any culpability! Kudos man. Please continue to stun us with the daring exploits of your friends.

  40. Loneranger
    October 7, 2011 at 1:15 PM

    Amit/CC /Others – Most of you were asking me what was the state of Gujarat before modi came in? You people suggested that the state was in dire straits and modi took lot of initiatives for it to reach this stage. One of my professor Mr. Gupta has written in detail about how the state was earlier. I am giving below a few excerpts for your benefit .

    n 1991, a full 10 years before Modi arrived, as many as 17,940 out of 18,028 villages were already electrified. The Ukai plant, which uses washed coal to generate power, was also pre-Modi as was the asphalting of 87.5% of Gujarat roads. In 1980-81, Gujarat’s share in manufacturing at the national level was only 16.29%, but by 2000-01 it rose to an impressive 28.71%. Not surprising then that between 1994-2001, well before Modi, Gujarat’s state domestic product grew at 10%-13%, way higher than the all-India average.

    Since 1980, Gujarat has been India’s poster state. Modi had nothing to do with the world’s largest ship-breaking yard coming up in Bhavnagar, nor with the setting up of the Ambani refinery in Jamnagar. Well before Modi, Gujarat accounted for 45% of India’s petroleum products, roughly 18% of the country’s cargo handling, 23% of our total requirement for crude oil and 30% of our natural gas needs from offshore basins.

    In addition, Gujarat, since the 1990s, produces as much as 78% of the country’s salt, 98% of soda ash and 26% of India’s pharmaceutical products. Because of chief minister Chimanbhai Patel’s intervention in 1993, port traffic in this state jumped from a mere 3.18 million tonnes in 1981 to 86.17 million tonnes in 2001. In the same period, Gujarat’s share of national port traffic increased from 45.36% to above 76% and has stayed there ever since. Modi’s decade has not made that percentage grow.

    During the eventful 1990s, Gujarat successfully augmented 35% of its power generation capacity. It also closed down five major loss-making public sector units, initiating instead a variety of public-private partnerships. In fact, an early short-lived BJP government under Keshubhai Patel in 1995-96 did some good work too. In particular, he was instrumental in setting up Gujarat’s Industrial Development Board, but Modi has blanked him out from public memory as well.

    In a nutshell, gujarat was never a poor state.

  41. neelkanth
    October 7, 2011 at 12:40 PM

    “”What do have to say about the harassment of kavita srivastava ? “”

    No worries. She will be on the planning commission soon as long as she doesn’t bark too loudly against her masters.

  42. Loneranger
    October 7, 2011 at 12:00 PM

    Anand – What do have to say about the harassment of kavita srivastava ? she has written a note on it to the media at large and I am posting it for your reference. Do you feel she needs to be harassed like this ?

    Dear friends,

    The police today raided my house between 6.30 and 7 am. I was out of the house when they did it. One of those days when I was not at home. They came with a search warrant and said that a khatarnak Naxalite was being shielded in my house.

    My family was unable to gather the name, but they had come looking for a woman they said some Sunit / Sumit Sodi. The Bajaj Nagar police station of Jaipur, which very well knows my house, brought them. It was led by the DY SP of our area Rajendra Singh Shekhwat and they also sent police outside the People’s Union for Civil Liberties office. The Chhattisgarh raid was led by one Mr. Memon who was in plain clothes. His rank we do not know. He got papers from a court that my house has to be searched.

    They came with a truck load of Special Task Force police, which we see in riots, and kept saying that we have central intelligence inputs that she is here. When my sister asked as to why so much police had come they said “Naxal ka Mamla hai”. That person maybe armed. It is so disgusting even as I write this.

    My family fully cooperated, till they tried to shove my 82 year old father who is on a pace maker. My sister and a European friend of hers had left home after 6.30 am, they were stopped for one hour close to the house.

    Of course they found nothing. They harassed our two domestic workers. They are from Cooch Behar, Bengalis and they were really harassed.

    I have been targeted because they know that I have supported the struggle for restoration of human rights violation in Chhattisgarh and the rest of India. I have through the PUCL and other organisations worked against the arbitrary detentions in the state in the name of Maoism. Actually this act was to threaten to me.

    This is shocking that they have dared to do this. It is clear that even the Jaipur Police is involved as almost each and every man of my local police station knows where I live. How could about a hundred policemen have come to my house early morning?

    Kavita Srivastava.

  43. Anand
    October 7, 2011 at 11:27 AM


    Your “innocent boys” have successfully renderered a few more families destitute:


    Whose filthy propaganda do you want to push next?

    Another question for you Comrade: is there a dividing line between exploiting children for political goals and exploiting them for sexual gratification?

  44. Loneranger
    October 7, 2011 at 10:10 AM

    bbc – It doesnt bother me one bit because I dont want a fascist to rule the country. I put out that link to show people here that swapan is saying what I have been saying here for a long time. I wanted to find out if the parent body is itself against Modi, then on what basis are these net cats supporting him as if it is a mere formality that he will be PM?

    I didnt vote for congress in 2004 and I had mentioned this before too in this thread in reply to Amit.

  45. Loneranger
    October 7, 2011 at 10:05 AM

    Amit – Healthy disagreements ? Oh. Do you feel then the note prepared by pranab against chidambaram is unhealthy ? You cant have different yardsticks for the same issue. On one hand, your supporters went to town shouting about fight between the ministers but when it comes to your house, it is called as healthy disagreements? nice logic.

    You have as usual missed the whole point here my friend. Let me explain in detail so you are able to comprehend. Any party will have claimants to the post of PM and there will be a tussle between them. For eg, Sushma , Gadkari , Jaitley are also claimants but here the parent body is itself against Modi. My question to everyone here was how are you going to convince RSS to support him?

    CC – He is not interested. Why do you keep on talking on the same issue when the said person is least interested? You should focus your energy on convincing RSS to drop gadkari as their chosen one first before supporting modi.

  46. S S
    October 7, 2011 at 9:03 AM

    Re. the term ‘Hindu Jinnah’, please note an interesting fact about the die hard anti-Hindi attitude among our Marxist-liberal intelligentsia.
    When denouncing a Hindu like NaMo they use the term (Hindu) ‘Jinnah’ as a derogatory one. But, note, when they discuss M A Jinnah himself there is no trace of derogation! Then the original Jinnah becomes liberal, secular, honest, representing his community. Almost naturally. Then the blame of partition and mass killings etc. are laid primarily at the door of Gandhi, Nehru, Congress and the British. Read any book of JNU history professor mentioning Jinnah and you will get the iamge of a natural, persistent leader. That is all. No hate towards Mr Jinnah.
    But when it comes to denounce a Hindutvavadi, real or percieved, the same Jinnah becomes a horrible term. See the semantic jugglery?

  47. bbc
    October 7, 2011 at 8:54 AM

    Dear LR

    I don’t care what lineage she belongs to. Information/knowledge is invited from anyone as long as it’s from credible sources. I don’t wish to have a personal conversation with anyone for the sake of a blog thread. If you can talk to her and just quote her here as to why she thinks the pendant in the thali means what you say it means then I’ll be able to make an informed conclusion.

    Since you brought up lineage – my close relatives actually serve as priests in Sri-Ranganathar temple in SriRangam. I’ll take the pains to ask them too if need be. But according to my parents (especially my mom), the pendant is just symbolic of Iyengar heritage/customs – and it has *three teeth* which leads me to doubt the ‘two teeth’ analogy of yours.

    Regarding Swapan da’s post : I’m surprised that Modi defying RSS (or the perception of it) is actually bothering you! Or do you want Modi-supporters to be bothered by it?(I’m not a Modi-supporter – I’ll wait until 2013 to decide my vote) Modi acting like ‘administrator-first-politician-next’ should have earned at least an iota of appreciation from you.

    BTW – if you think Vajpayee was the best PM so far then I’m confused as to why you voted Congress in 2003/2004. You can choose to not respond to that since it is a matter of principle for me to not question an individual’s voting preferences.

    And this would make some good reading for everyone:


  48. CC
    October 7, 2011 at 1:29 AM

    Mian if people on the net support Modi, it’s their choice. Stop telling people what to do. And stop mocking and insulting people’s choices. They can think for themselves.

    Not everyone can be a slave to the dynasty like you and think that a middle aged 42 year old unfinished product is a “youth icon”.

  49. Amit
    October 7, 2011 at 12:59 AM

    Yeah, BJP members should unquestioningly march lock-step with the leader and blindly follow orders, just like fascists do. They can take a leaf out of Congress and how no one dares to utter a little peep against their masters/dictators, just like nice, well-behaved slaves, who then get their 2 meals and a cut from the bribe/loot as their reward.

    It’s good to have healthy disagreements, and a little jostling for power doesn’t mean it’s a house divided.

  50. Loneranger
    October 6, 2011 at 11:57 PM

    CC – My point too that all the more reason that your man is pointing out RSS is against modi which was what I said. When I said some kids here made fun of it but now that has been proven right. btw, to enlighten you let me tell you that your swapan was in charge of the media management in 2004 elections which were lost. He was criticised soundly by everyone in the RSS that media perception was created wrongly.

    Any sane person will ask if the house of BJP is divided so badly that the parent body is itself against Modi, then on what basis are you people on the net vociferously supporting him. Instead of bullying people like me here for speaking against modi, I suppose if you guys have guts you should go to nagpur and catch the throat of Ram Madhav or raju bhaiya. But, you wont do it since all the bravado is restricted to the net.

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