Most Loathsome People of India: 2011

UPDATE:  In hindsight, I felt I was a tad harsh on B Raman. He has been replaced with a new and much more deserving candidate for said loathsomeness.

Sigh. It’s that time of the year—the only time of every year where I make a list. A list of the who’s who that have contributed most to pushing this country a few more miles down on the road to hell. As with the previous years, some names remain unchanged and some are new entrants, the only qualification being their loathsomeness quotient.

Also, same rules as before: if you find any additional candidates that you feel should be in this list, give their names and the reason why you think they should be in this list. If I’m convinced, I’ll acknowledge your contribution and add them to the list.

And so I present the Most Loathsome People of India for 2011 C.E.

15. The Academic Freaks at Delhi University

Charges: The Humanities departments in almost every university is populated by petty freaks whose only job when they are not injecting poison into their students’ minds in classrooms is to perpetually PMS. When they get tired of that, they’re constantly on the lookout for manufacturing precisely such issues as that Ramanjuan-essay controversy. Completely lacking in any sort of scholarship or even commonsense, they indoctrinate softcore Marxism as “literature,” “anthropology,” “sociology,” and “history” and recommend X-rated essays such as 300 Ramayanas as course material. And in the same foul breath, they whine about the pathetic state of higher education in Indian universities.

Exhibit A: “Whether you like it or not, whether it makes you uncomfortable or not, you cannot change the fact that there are different versions of the Ramayana. This essay by Ramanujan is an exceptional piece of reasoning, but our mathematical professor, the V-C decided to scrap this text. This decision is anti-academic, anti-intellectual and anti-democratic,” said Prof. Mukul Mangalik, history professor at Ramjas College.

Sentence: Made to recite the multiplication table for 19 and flogged 50 lashes for each wrong answer.

14. Team Anna (a flavour of the Urban Indian Middle Class)

Charges: For being proven guilty on the count of what I had spoken about repeatedly about the dumbed-down Indian Middle Class. That the middle class’ idea of: (a) clean governance = kissing candles (b) foreign relations = kissing candles at the Wagah border and/or if they can’t take time off from work, applauding the Professional Candle-Kissers (c) debate = agreeing with everything that demented news anchors spout on prime time (d) social change = donating to some shady NGO that invests money in printing classy brochures (e) democracy = abstaining from voting. Team Anna (sic) chiefly comprises folks who exhibit one or more or all of these characteristics. As we’ve seen, I’ve been vindicated many many months ago. The top guns in Team Anna have faithfully if not unwittingly followed Congress-party style inner-party democracy—aka internal bickering. Anna doesn’t like Agnivesh. Kejriwal doesn’t like Kiran Bedi. Somebody else in Kerala resigned. And so on. And these are the guys the middle class followed blindly, cocksure in their faith that “Team” Anna had all the answers to eradicate corruption. Tch Tch Tch.

Exhibit A:  From a commenter: “Sandeep, i have been a regular reader and admirer of your posts.But this one is kind of a shock to me. If all this was such conspiracy, why would people like Santosh Hegde support it?”

Sentence: Treated to some Anna Hazare-style of “eradicating” alcoholism. Also known as “Tied to a Tree and Flogged.”

13. The Indian English Media

Charges: Where does one begin to list charges against a huge mass of interconnected IPO-funded corporate whores?  Adjectives are best to describe this breed of invertebrates: Vacuous. Ignorant. Lazy. Uninformed. Corrupt. Decrepit. Slimy. Arrogant. Bossy. Wheeling-Dealing. Stooges. Not content with trying to cover their filthy backsides for more than week in the wake of the Nira Radia episode, they actually went ahead, true to their corrupt reputation, and hollered against Justice Katju when he not-enough-strongly condemned their news-thuggery. They’re the Congress party equivalent in the realm of news: accountable to none, closed to scrutiny but reserving the exclusive right to criticize and throw crap at everybody at will.

Exhibit A: “the criticism being made by Justice Katju is as demeaning and denigrating as it is a manifestation of his ignorance of media working. Any criticism made in a holier-than-thou fervor defeats the very purpose it is sought to be made for…the sane and balanced coverage of two recent incidents— Ayodhya judgment and Gopalpur riots— belies the assertion of [Justice Katju]…”

Sentence: Injected with HIV.

12. Manu Joseph

Charges: The Radia Tapes expose seems to have given Manu Joseph a sort of license to hand out liberal doses of pretentious and unsolicited sanctimoniousness. A sort of permanent fixture on Open is that Leftist lunatic, Meera Nanda whose chief business seems to be to churn out hate-filled rants against Hinduism. Kind of speaks for the “credibility” of Open. Joseph expressed his gratitude to the the bosses at the anti-India New York Times—for oh-so-kindly allowing him to write there—with a hitjob on Sri Sri Ravishankar and used Ravishankar as an example to tarnish the well-deserved image of India as the home of spirituality.

Exhibit A: “Still, the branding of Indian spirituality is so powerful that the young and the old from the West continue to come here in search of the “truth.”

Sentence: Made to kneel before Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr. and recite Mary had a little lamb 100 times daily.

11. Angana Chaterji

Charges: Oh well! Why waste time by repeating my twopart chronicle of her misdeeds? This inciter of hatred, this heart-bleeder for murderers and terrorists has been kicked out of the same institution that paid her a salary and tenured her from where she churned out dangerous propaganda against those sworn to destroy America and India. I guess she just needs to bide her time before she faces the real charges—the sort that governments bring against people who they know are a threat to national security. The US unlike India takes threats to national security really seriously.

Exhibt A: Ghulam Nabi Fai. Major General Bajwa. ISI. Pakistan. Maoist terror.

Sentence: Lecture series to preach the virtues of feminism to Mullahs in Saudi Arabia.

10. Ramachandra Guha

Charges: Alleged historian and suspect-intellectual, his increasing outbursts in defence of the “true” ideals/message/whatchamacallit of Mahatma Gandhi leads one to suspect that he’s addled with one of these two things—Special Powers to have knowledge about the workings of the Dead or a brain in terminal delusion. Going by Guha’s record, it’s a safe bet to conclude that he’s afflicted with the latter. This most recent claimant of the “true” Gandhi got all excitable a few months ago and went berserk emitting textual puke all over the pages of the Telegraph against Narendra Modi. Hardly befitting one who’s written extensively over the Apostle of non-violence. Currently serves as the court historian of the Only Democratic Dynasty in the world. Moonlights as an emissary of justice for the adivasis by seeking audience with the Indian Home Minister.

Exhibit A: Too numerous to list.

Sentence: Stripped of his designer clothes and made to wear Mahatma-style loin cloth. Forced to spin the charaka in case his loin cloth wears out and/or is torn. Deprived of his fancy whiskies and made to drink goat milk. Deprived of access to cars and forced to walk.

9. Sanjiv Bhatt

Charges: If you want to implicate a chief minister, you need to be smart about it. Learn from Santosh Hegde. Especially when your own record is so terrible that people need a hand sanitizer to even touch your file. Planting narcotics to implicate innocent people. Gobbling up money to recruit cops. Repeatedly showing the middle finger to your seniors in the police chain of command. Repeatedly bunking work. If you’re a corrupt senior IPS officer, at least be classy in your corruption. Asking for a Blackberry phone from a Congress MLA is like asking for masala paan to let off a traffic offender who jumped a red light. Which is entirely consistent with Bhatt, who resembles a cheap whore who let himself be willingly used by the Congress party.

Exhibit A: Phony affidavits galore. Everybody who doesn’t believe him is a criminal.

Sentence: Married to Teesta Setalvad.

8. Burqa Dutt

Charges: The Reigning Queen of everything that’s wrong with the Indian media. Exhibits a high degree of intolerance towards criticism directed at her. Her idea of a reasoned argument is one where people agree with her. When scrutinized, she lapses into condescension, patronizing, rage, and when all of these fail, asks the scrutinizer to go see a shrink. Ask me. I was at the receiving end.

Exhibit A: “Oh God. So now what? What should I tell them? Tell me what should I tell them?”

Sentence: Gagging.

7. The Nation-Wreckers at NAC

Charges: The fact that nobody knows what really this group of the Queen’s evil pet poodles is up to should be worrisome enough. Yet, the fact that nobody really cares is doubly, dangerously worrisome. This has all the classic characteristics of a super-government. Hell, it is a super-government. The NAC is an unconstitutional body that’s accountable to not even the Prime Minister but only to the Super Prime Minister. The composition of NAC is a deadly mix of traitors, subversionists, self-styled activists, and indirect supporters of the ongoing Maoist war against the Indian state. The sole purpose of the NAC seems to be to loot India for everything it’s worth by creating an entitlement economy, and wedge irreparable social divide by such poisonous Bills as the Communal Violence Bill. These are just the edges of their gigantic evil iceberg and they’re doing it with open impunity.

Exhibit A: Right to Food Bill. Right to Education Bill. Communal Violence Bill.

Sentence: Saudi Arabia-style adultery death sentences.

6. Digvijaya Singh

Charges: This man, who once helped the Union Carbide mass-murderer Anderson escape, has given those selfsame tendencies free rein over the last year with his bumbling incoherence about RSS/Saffron Terror and similar bile. The additional “A” that he added to his name is a pretty good fit considering that it is also the starting letter for a word that means the rear orifice.

Exhibit A: “It does not matter whether Anderson left Bhopal in a plane or train or walked to New Delhi.”

Sentence: Bound and gagged and dropped off across the Pakistan border.

5. Tarun Tejpal

Charges: Tarun Tejpal’s Tehelka is THE black hole of journalism from which only muck emerges, packaged as investigative journalism. It hires journalists who attend “seminars” sponsored by the ISI agent, Ghulam Nabi Fai while another journalist conjures up—via remote control—vile schemes like asking women to send their panties to Sri Rama Sene. There’ more. In a “Cleaner’s Special” edition, this vile paper carried barely-concealed pro-SIMI propaganda authored by the Chief Cleaner himself. Wait, there’s still more. Not content with planting phony sting ops, burying investigative reports, and defending terror outfits, Tehelka recently turned to the more lucrative business of extortion. One can imagine the frightening levels of power this man wields when his sister demanded hafta from a sitting Congress Chief Minister of Goa.

Exhibit A: “If Tarun was here, he would have asked for Rs 1.5 crore. How much are you willing to give?” [Neena Tejpal] asked Kamat quite bluntly.

Sentence: Repeatedly dunked in the crystal clear sea at the “dying village” of Moira (Goa), lashed publicly, and dunked again. Rinse. Repeat.

4. Manmohan Singh

Charges: For being unable to provide one shred of evidence that he’s a “man of great personal integrity and decency.” Most of all for being the Spineless Wonder who is presiding over India’s impending social and economic implosion.

Exhibit A: “Muslims have the first right to India’s resources.” Enough said.

Sentence: Isn’t being the Queen’s handpicked Puppet enough sentence already?

3. Rahul Gandhi

Charges: See Exhibit A below.

Exhibit A: “Naqvi claimed that it is increasingly common knowledge that Rahul suffers from “personality problems” of an emotional or psychological nature that are severe enough to prevent him from functioning as PM.”

Sentence: Please read Article 102(1) in The Constitution Of India 1949. The sentence will be clear as the sky on a pleasant day.

2. Sonia Gandhi

Charges: None. She’s not loathsome. For explanation, see #1 below.

1. You

Charges: You are loathsome. You are lazy, unthinking, uncritical, and insensitive to the crap happening out there to your own country. Your idea of an intellectual conversation is talking about the sexy, super-powerful engine of Lexus or whatever other car and discussing the latest gizmo that further hastens the decline of your near-zero intellectual ability. Your idea of participating in the democratic process is supporting morons like Arvind Kejriwal and watching staged TV debates. Your icon of free speech is the lady at #8. Your idea of reading a newspaper involves drooling over Page 3 soft porn. Your definition of achievement is winning 5 Crores in Kaun Banega Crorepati. Your idol of a clean politician is Manmohan Singh. You don’t know who A K Ramanujan was or whether he existed at all. You think price rise is because of the US economy. You actually believe that the Congress party that Sonia Gandhi heads gave us freedom from British rule. You support Rahul Gandhi because you find his dimples cute. You think secularism is what is still holding this country together. You think the Congress party is a liberal party. You don’t even know what “liberal” means. You think that only politicians are responsible for all this mess you find yourself in. You think freedom in a democracy means allowing people to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You don’t know you’re bending over but you still bend over. And the Queen fucks you over and over again. You deserve it. You are truly loathsome. You are India’s #1 Most Loathsome Person.

Exhibit A: Support for Pink Panties. Support for Anna Hazare. Rahul Gandhi fan.

Sentence: Onion priced at Rs. 2011 per kilogram.

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  2. Viswanathan
    February 20, 2012 at 9:26 PM

    Disappointing list bro. Particularly about the most loathsome Indian. While extolling what is not what we think it is, you clearly have failed to mention what is what actually. Take freedom for example. I seriously want you to come up with an essay of sorts about your lot’s conception of freedom and democracy? And while being categorically against corporates, why support Arun Shourie- a former World Bank economist and the much beloved sweetheart of the very corporates that fund the whores you mention? Double standards. Absolute double standards.

  3. Ranger
    January 30, 2012 at 2:45 PM

    Folks, India Today magazine has carried out its annual nationwide public opinion poll called “State of the Nation” poll. Results are very revealing.

    People of India’s most popular choice for the post of prime ministership is Narendra Modi, the chief minister of Gujarat. He gets 24% of the votes of all people polled. The nearest contender to Modi is Rahul Gandhi, who gets 17% of the votes.

    Modi has for years won the popular opinion poll in India Today for the title of most popular chief minister in India. And he wins that title this time as well. But this is the first time he has been voted as the person most people want to see as the PM of India.

    This is fantastic news because this shows how popular Narendrabhai is in India.

    Also, BJP/NDA has done much better than Congress in the opinion polls.

    This shows we dont give the people of India the credit they deserve. They are not as stupid as we thought they were. They have their own mind and will not be led blindly by the anti-Modi mainstream media, NGO classes and academia. Modi I repeat – is the most popular politician in India and the person most people want to see as India’s prime minister.

    Now, I am looking forward to the next election. Its gonna be fun.

  4. Saikat
    January 27, 2012 at 12:06 PM

    Dear Sandeep, Your witty writing on terminal signals of this country and its culture is a treat to read, but like most other pro-Indian writers you have a tendency to exaggerate things, paint everything in one color and completely overlook or defend problems on the other side of the fence. So focus is only JNU liberal fundamentalists or pink panty party hosts, but no word for the women thrashing party busters. 300 Ramayana become X-rated essay (really?seriously? or just for extra punch in phrases). So much concern (rightly) for receding freedom of expression, but no word for the way the aforementioned “X-rated” material was brought down with no respect for any freedom. What can I say, please don’t end up like Rajeev Malhotra.

  5. sahani
    January 26, 2012 at 9:02 PM

    Well done. I wish some one in media will develop a website where we can see what our leaders are doing for janata and them selves.
    When I see our high command only read her speeches.and When PM never talks eye to eye with public and rahul thinks he has right to be PM and When you see Congress barking dogs Like Diggy singh Tiwari and many other always ready to fight fo high command and rahul looks like they treating all public as their slave.

    Time when india a great nation should rise up. Shame on rich educated who have sold their soul for few monthly Rs. salaries.

    Shame on converts while no more arabs ruling ,they have chance to reconvert and no leaders coming to help them, Their slave mentality will cause death and destruction of nation again,
    Shame on media ,you get and tired with repeat of news days and nights, yrs old news repeated 1000 times today , witch carry no meaning .
    Looks like we are lacking intelligence their too.

  6. arish sahani
    January 26, 2012 at 9:00 PM

    Well done. I wish some one in media will develop a website where we can see what our leaders are doing for janata and them selves.
    When I see our high command only read her speeches.and When PM never talks eye to eye with public and rahul thinks he has right to be PM and When you see Congress barking dogs Like Diggy singh Tiwari and many other always ready to fight fo high command and rahul looks like they treating all public as their slave.

    Time when india a great nation should rise up. Shame on rich educated who have sold their soul for few monthly Rs. salaries.

    Shame on converts while no more arabs ruling ,they have chance to reconvert and no leaders coming to help them, Their slave mentality will cause death and destruction of nation again,
    Shame on media ,you get and tired with repeat of news days and nights, yrs old news repeated 1000 times today , witch carry no meaning .
    Looks like we are lacking intelligence their too.

  7. Jooske
    January 6, 2012 at 6:37 PM

    Her is some more information to get Kapil Sibal on the list.Websites need to get worried.

    “Kapil Sibal flew off the handle when he saw some unsavory content related to the Queen on the internet. Well, at least that’s what he claims, but within days, from being disturbed by morphed images of the royalty he went straight to being the valiant crusader who wants to preserve communal harmony by shielding innocent citizens from offensive religious content. To understand what this is all about, a little bit of context is necessary.”

  8. Jooske
    January 3, 2012 at 1:34 PM

    Very soon there will be no Rediscovery of India Website.

    A court in Delhi on Saturday ordered 22 Internet companies, including Google and Facebook, to remove certain “anti-religious” and “anti-social” content, the Press Trust of India news agency reported.

    The government’s critics however hold that it wants to censor online content critical of India’s politicians.

    Why is the Minister for Communications and IT, Kapil Sibal, not on your list, Sandeep?

  9. January 2, 2012 at 2:15 PM

    And here are the most amazing quotes from 2011. LOL

  10. December 31, 2011 at 1:39 PM

    Hi Sandeep, I am writing to you on behalf of The Viewspaper regarding a major event on Twitter. If interested, please contact us at


  11. cricfan
    December 31, 2011 at 6:56 AM

    @Ava: i have posted my comments on a Rajiv Malhotra thread. If u agree its a reasonable idea, discussions around the books/videos around West v Dharmic thought systems can be done there.

  12. ava
    December 31, 2011 at 3:18 AM

    My point of mentioning this talk was simply to show that as long as the likes of Goel and Swarup are studied by Westerners and we have not studied the nuances of Church history and argumentation, the debate is going to be one sided….this is what Hindus do not seem to understand…..Also, the focus seems to be just on crude evangelicals and Mullahs with limited education, there is a lot of sophisticated clergy that read Hindu and Buddhist texts as well, you might question their understanding but they DO read……One can only debate properly when one has thoroughly studied the other side, which I think is what Malhotra is getting at…..

  13. ava
    December 31, 2011 at 1:58 AM

    For some reason the Url’s do not post, but you can find it on google: Prof. Clooney on Being Different (part 2)
    Malhotra on his response to Clooney on Being Different (part 3) in which he distinguishes himself from other Indians writing on this topic….

  14. ava
    December 31, 2011 at 1:55 AM

    Response to Being Different by Prof Clooney of Harvard University

    Malhotra’s response to Prof. Clooney on his comments on Being Different

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