10 Years of Phenomenal Growth & 10 Years of Scavenging

Are death anniversaries celebrated? “Celebrated” is an unfortunate choice of word to use in the same breath as “death.” And no, that word choice is not mine. It is the media’s. Somebody’s death anniversary is not celebrated unless that person is someone like Stalin. Speaking of which, Jawaharlal Nehru was the only head of a democratic state in the world who mourned the death of “Marshall” Stalin. Death anniversaries of the truly great and noble people rightfully deserve the label Memorial Day. Does anybody “celebrate” Jallianwallah Bagh? If the answer is yes, then he/she is celebrating General Dyer’s unmitigated cruelty. 

Yet, for that filthy conglomerate of human scavengers who make up the Gujarat Riots Cottage Industry, the 700-odd dead Muslims presented them a lifetime opportunity to feed off their deaths. What else explains such shameless, and almost sadistically gloating headlines as this sample Google search shows?

Let’s call it by its name: not one black heart in that sullied secular-liberal galaxy genuinely bleeds for those who were murdered: in Sabarmati Express or in the riots that followed as a consequence. They simply want to continue their cushy lives  built over the foundation of these dead bodies by keeping the issue alive and by relentlessly attacking Narendra Modi. Actually, if there’s anybody who really cares about getting justice to the victims, it is the man who is unfairly accused of unleashing the riots: Narendra Modi. You call that a stretch? Answer these questions honestly:

  • Which political party was in power for the longest time (both in state and centre) in the long history of communal riots in India?
  • Under which political party’s rule has the maximum number of riots occurred across various Indian states?
  • What was the average response time in each case to quell the riots?
  • How many of these riot-tainted politicians have even faced an inquiry of the kind Narendra Modi has been facing for the last 10 years? Jagadish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar don’t really count. Hell, the whole “getting justice for 1984 riots victims” is yet another cruel joke played by the Congress party. 

There’s not a single instance in these 10 years where Modi has refused to comply with the law or tried to influence or scuttle inquiry proceedings in any manner. And inquiry after inquiry has yielded the exact opposite result of what these Riot Scavengers continue to allege.

Even a very cursory look at Modi’s timeline from 2002 to the present explains it all:


In other words, the discourse around Narendra Modi has done an almost 360-degree turn within a decade. Today the same people in the selfsame media that had casually painted him in the ugliest of hues is finding it increasingly difficult to use words like mass-murderer, fascist, and the rest. In the past, a media hitjob on Modi was as easy as breathing for these Scavengers of Human Misery. But now, a hitjob—like the one the motivated moron at Caravan did recently—has to be carefully couched by taking recourse to secondary sources, and hearsay, and quoting allegations against Modi by X person who heard a similar allegation by Y person who thought Modi was a bad man. Despite this, there’s not one solid, provable fact that Modi was behind the post-Godhra riots.

If the court judgments exonerating him is one strong reason for this drastic shift in affairs, there are also other important reasons. Several influential business houses, retired bureaucrats and other people with social standing and influence have shown a favourable tilt towards Narendra Modi in light of new facts emerging over the years about the post-Godhra riots. It was a little late in the coming but it has occurred. Another prominent reason is Narendra Modi’s tremendous success in making Gujarat an economic superpower state in India. A state that was first torn by the Bhuj earthquake in 2001 almost immediately followed by large-scale violence had to recuperate its finances quickly. That under Modi’s Chief Ministership, it not only recuperated but made astonishing gains in a short span speaks volumes about his leadership. Modi’s economic success is not on paper: it has been demonstrated, and demonstrated repeatedly. Apparently, Congress-ruled states run their economies on the strength of secularism on paper and in speeches and hoardings. It is a truism that an accomplished politician is one who improves (and increases) the wealth of his subjects by wise and farsighted policies. It’s not surprising that Kautilya said that wealth was the root of dharma (Dharmasya moolam arthah). The Congress party’s numerous “poverty-alleviation” schemes are simply evil designs to create more and more vote banks not to mention that they’re primarily blueprints for large scale corruption. In contrast, Modi created his “vote bank” by fattening the wallets of Gujaratis more and more through well-thought policies. As an exercise, compare the issues and promises on which UP elections and Gujarat elections are fought. You don’t need an advertisement or scholarly paper to show that creating the Golden Quadrilateral boosted the economy in myriad ways.

That 2002-2012 is truly Gujarat’s Decade of Peace and Prosperity is hardly an exaggeration. For a state that is supposed to be a Fascist Hindutva Laboratory intent on exterminating Muslims, there hasn’t been a single communal riot or organized violence since the post-Godhra riots. That Modi has managed to accomplish all this in the face of extreme, and relentless hostility is truly a marvel. In the excellent Atanu Dey’s words,

Modi is [a] study of how to meet adversity and overcome them with grace, intelligence and single-minded dedication to the goal of advancing the national interest. He epitomizes the strength that a warrior gains from the attacks by his opponents. The greater his achievements, the larger the threat he poses for those who want India and Indians to be backward and poor, and the more intense their vicious attacks on him.

If you look at the vast world of Modi-bashers, you’ll find that all roads finally lead to 10 Janpath. It is not so much Modi-hate as much as it is Modi-fear among his political and other opponents. The Congress party’s Dynastic leadership thrives because—as I explained in my political ecosystem piece—it wants slavish people under it both within the party and even among its political opponents. The BJP is no exception to this. It willingly plays the game by the rules set by the Congress party and routinely falls into traps set for it by the Congress party. Narendra Modi is perhaps the lone exception to this. He takes the Congress party’s threats headon but refuses to bite their bait. He doesn’t talk to the media in English, a fact that only annoys them all the more. He refuses to give them interviews not because he wants only good things to be written about him but because he knows the exact nature of the English media.

The most important reason why he has earned a groundswell of support from tens of thousands of people who want to see him as India’s next Prime Minister is because you cannot say “corruption” and “Narendra Modi” in the same breath. He has demonstrated that it’s possible to achieve prosperity without corruption and by using the same administrative machinery the rest of the country uses. Small wonder that tons of ordinary Indians have created fan pages and similar initiatives on various social media networks devoted to Narendra Modi. Small wonder that he attracts huge crowds wherever he goes. These aren’t people who come to attend because they’re promised biryani meals + 500 rupees. The underlying sentiment behind all this can be described in exactly one word: hope. If you want to call it blind belief in and hero-worship of the man, so be it because the alternative—UPA 3.0—is truly frightening.

This blind belief applies in equal measure to the legions of Modi-haters who seem to be glued to a fraudulent stuck record. No matter what proof, no matter what amount of proof, the Devotees of Secular Fundamentalism and Scavengers of Human Misery prefer to side by the likes of the Banerjee Report prepared at the behest of a known thug and conman like Lalu Prasad Yadav. It doesn’t matter to them if you point out the fact that the 2002 riot cases are the only ones where speedy and fair trials have been conducted and convictions have taken place. These blind Secular Fundamentalists number few and their noise-making quotient has reduced over the decade but they still remain in circulation. And will continue to remain until a final judgment is pronounced by the court on the riots. Which is exactly what they don’t want. The day the Gujarat riots case sees a closure is the day a permanent source of dead meat for these Human Misery-Scavengers will dry up. It is the day Communalism Combat, Tehelka and similar outfits of gutter journalism will scamper for newer miseries to exploit—and wind up in the process. Hell, you know Modi is doing something right when Genocide Suzie has stopped talking about him.

And there lies a lesson, and a truth reinforced: never trust the Indian English media. Because if you do, all you would still see is 10 years of relentless Human Misery Scavenging with a grudging and obfuscated mention of Narendra Modi’s achievements.

Postscript: The Gujarat Riots of 2002 marked a definitive turning point for this blog.  It was truly the episode that made me realize a simple truth: that a coin has two sides. It made me look at this other side and examine every word that the English media used—words whose meanings were twisted beyond shape and their usage was taken for granted as the Truth. It was a really remarkable and shattering discovery, one that continues. The next few posts will be dedicated to the memory of the unfortunate people who died in the riots. And most of all to do shraaddha to the souls of all those unfortunate kar sevaks whose only fault was to believe in Lord Rama. And about whose justice nobody ever talks.

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  1. Shree Kar
    April 3, 2012 at 5:15 PM


    There is an e-mail in circulation giving details about a news item in Dainika Hosadiganta, a Kannada newspaper dt. 30-3-2012.

    It is about a text book prescribed by the notorious Bangalore University for BA / BHM degree classes.

    The first lesson in the book is by Dr. Sabiha Bhoomi Gowda and is about the alleged atrocities on women during the Godhra riots. There are other lessons also.

    I can send the mail with the attached news clip, if an e-mail id is given.

  2. Jooske
    March 5, 2012 at 4:22 PM

    Part 2

    Incredible ignorance

    A response to Salil Tripathi – II

    Facts are sacred; comment is free.


    Shows how the English Language Media distorts facts ,misrepresents others ,misses out important bits,presents facts as the truth when it is not.

  3. M S Chandramouli
    March 3, 2012 at 7:43 PM

    I read the Caravan article before I read Sandeep’s blog. I am in my late 60s but I recall when I was in my late 20s ( or was it 30s ?) Caravan used to be a magazine (only hard versions those days) with close resemblance to an object that the cat might have brought in. It was probably for this reason that the magazine was discontinued 1988. Some months ago I was pleasantly surprised to find online a resurrected Caravan, well-attired and raring to tell its narratives with greater style than it managed in the past. Until I came across the Modi narrative by Vinod Kizhakkeparambil Joseph aka Vinod K. Jose. I am not sure if he dropped “ph” at the end of his name on considerations based on numerology or on insights rooted in the journalistic science of scatology. Whatever the reason we can but wish him luck as he scratches the backside itch of his mentors in the country where he acquired his hack-laden spurs – the US of A, to wit.

  4. ND Patel
    March 2, 2012 at 11:13 PM

    Dear Sandeep,

    Good analysis.

    2014 will be the year to rectify the mistake which our country did 60 years before by electing Nehru as PM instead of Sardar Patel.

    Nehru clans are still looting the country. English media has no time to report coverage of UN Certificate in public governance (2nd no. across globe) awarded to Gujarat State last year. If this certificate would have been awarded to Dehli, or other congress state, media would have hammered till one year. Not only this, they would have shown the kurta, paint, suit, bla, bla which Rahul would have worned while receiving the certificate.

    Unfortunately, this certificate is lying the CM office at Gandhinagar.

    Long live all those jealous of MODI.

    Nilesh Patel

  5. Ranger
    March 2, 2012 at 8:45 PM

    I am hugely disappointed with Karnataka BJP. Selfishness and greed of the politicians is hurting us – ordinary BJP supporters. I write so much about Modi, chief minister of a state I have not even visited. But I couldn’t care less about Modi’s fellow partymen in my own state. I have nothing but contempt for them. They dont realize how much they are hurting the hindu and the Indian cause with their petty greed, selfishness and foolishness.

  6. chakri
    March 2, 2012 at 7:38 PM

    One article about mrucchakatika is enough to englighten people, who are being fed lies and non sense by girsh karnard kind of liberals/seculars etc etc.

    I really enjoyed reading that article.


    But comman man who dont know english. Know about this.

    Find a way guys.

    Sandeep is really “The Rediscovery of India”.


  7. chakri
    March 2, 2012 at 7:31 PM

    S S ..

    continuing from your message, think the translation is done. How do make them reach the common man of india?

    Print and electronic media will not support. Blogs and websites are very limited in their reach.

    We have to find a way to make these master pieces of sandeep widely reached throughout the country.

    I dont know what sandeep thinks about this translations and stuff. But nation is definetly in need of this pure gyan by sandeep.

    Lets find a way to take it to the masses!


  8. Sandeep
    March 2, 2012 at 7:12 PM

    Shree Kar,

    Thanks for your interest. However, please do NOT translate it into Kannada as I’m planning to do it myself. Once that’s done, you can republish it in that community blog.

  9. Vijaya Dar
    March 2, 2012 at 6:00 PM

    A very fair analysis. It is true that the “scavenging” English language press needs to keep Modi in the headlines for its own survival and for the goodies that 10 Janpath regularly keeps doling out to it. But it is time the people say “enough” and bring the curtain down on this one more episode in the long genocidal history of India. I am reminded of Goethe who wrote:

    Should this torture then torment us
    Since it brings us greater pleasure?
    Were not through the rule of Timur
    Souls devoured without measure?

    It is this jihad that the “scavenger” press has unleashed against the only chief minister who is completely wedded to progress. So long as we keep paying obeisance at the altar of the Italian Deity, we will keep on tormenting ourselves as masochistically as Goethe suggests.

  10. S S
    March 2, 2012 at 5:00 PM

    @ Shree Kar

    Please try to arrange all the important write-ups be translated and made available to Kannada reading public. In fact, Hindi, Bangla and Tamil translations, at least, are also required. Paid and good translators would be needed to do such a regular serious work. It is not money which is the problem here, but the lack of understanding that such an undertaking is needed.

    Alas! The natural patriots (that is what Sita Ram Goel called Indian language speaking people, in general, of course) get no opportunity to read such articles as written by a Sandeep. And those, in considerable number at least, who can read it care little about what he says. After all, why Sandeep says do not trust English media?

    We have other current example also: Arun Shourie. He wrote extensively on many cardinal issues with full research and unassailable arguments in good English. But who cares in elite circles of academia and media what he proposed. Ergo, Sita Ram Goel had a point.

  11. menka
    March 2, 2012 at 4:41 PM

    Though the media is obsessed with Narendra Modi (both for riots and development), it is doubtful whether he would make a big impact at the national stage. Yes, part of the middle class would be swayed by him but whether he would deliver results in terms of Lok Sabha seats is doubtful. Take for eg. Gujarat. In 2007 he returned with a thumping victory mainly on the issue of development, where as in 2009 parliamentary polls, he could ensure only 15 out of 26 seats for BJP from Gujarat. In 2004, he managed only 14 seats for BJP. In fact, earlier CM, Keshubhai Patel had a much better strike rate than Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha polls.

    Others CMs like Yeddyurappa, Shivraj Chouhan, Raman Singh, Nitish Kumar have given a much higher return in terms of Lok Sabha seats from their respective states to BJP/NDA.

    If Narendra Modi is brought to national stage, allies like Mamata, Nitish, Naveen Pattnaik, Chandrababu Naidu would be out of bounds. Only Shiv Sena, JMM and Akalis would remain. AIADMK also may join NDA.

    BJP (with Shiv Sena / Akali / AIADMK / JMM) can do well only in few states viz HP, Uttarakhand, Delhi, Rajasthan, MP, Chattisgarh, Karnataka, Punjab, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Tamil Nadu. Cumulative no. of seats in these states is only 250. In HP, MP, TN, Karnataka & Chattisgarh anti incumbency would come into play by 2013 and hence NDA may not perform well in these states. Assuming NDA sweeps other states mentioned, it can at max expect 140-145 seats with these allies in 2013, out of which, BJP can win only 100 odd. Fighting alone in the rest of the country would yield additional 30-35 seats to BJP (mainly from UP / Bihar / Assam / Haryana / Goa). This means with Narendra Modi at helm, BJP would end up winning only 130-135 and NDA with 180-185 seats.

    In 1996, though BJP had won 161 seats with a few allies viz Shiv Sena, AGP (Assam) and Akalis, bulk of it came from UP (52 seats). Replicating a similar feat in UP during 2014 parliamentary elections is next to impossible. It will be better for BJP to promote either Sushma or Nitish if they want to come to power.

  12. Shree Kar
    March 2, 2012 at 4:01 PM

    Probably sampada.net

    Mr. S.N. Simha of
    has said he would try to do the translation.

  13. Vish
    March 2, 2012 at 2:24 PM

    1. Thanks for putting things in the right perspective. Many people, even supporting BJP & RSS ideology (such as myself and Hiren), were swayed by Goebbels Propaganda by English Print & Electronic Media in 2002-2003. Thanks to people like you to unravel the truth. Let the Truth Prevail. Let me quote from our great language Sanskrit:
    ????????? ??????? ?????????????? ????
    ??????? ???? ????????? ?????????? ?????????.
    which means that The face of truth is covered by a golden mask, O Sun, please uncover it to enlighten the dharma of truth.
    2. Looking to competition from within NDA, isn’t it time for transition from NDA to NDM (Narendra Damodardas Modi)? Of course, NDM needs BJP as much as he needs BJP. But BJP leadership needs to realize that they seriously lack a strategy as well as a strategist to sustain and thrive the party politically and whole-hearted acceptance, endorsement and support to Narendrabhai is the need of the hour.
    3. India has produced two “Narendra” to transform India and world: First Swami Vivekanand and Second Narendrabhai Modi. Jay Ho!!

    Thanks again. Keep up the good work and the service to the nation

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