Sorry Can’t Make a Dead Man Alive

A timeless line from Dr. S.L Bhyrappa’s multi-layered and philosophical novel Saakshi (Witness) reads as follows:

There is no greater arrogance than the arrogance wrought by a sense of self-righteousness.

This quote accurately describes Yoginder Sikand’s textual barrage flowing over a course of 4373 words. So do we really need to care or pay any attention to his—with due respect—outpouring? No and yes. No because he’s not relevant anymore in the same sense as Ram Puniyani or Genocide Suzie aren’t relevant anymore, and paying him attention gives him undeserved and unnecessary prominence. Yes because his outpouring has brought him exactly that undeserved prominence, and more importantly, has exposed his opponents to be the uncritical and heedless idiots that they are—yet again.

Yoginder Sikand is one of the worthies who entered the Pseudosecularism Hall of Shame of this blog three years ago. Back then, I had recommended that he should be rescued from himself by

admitting him into an insane asylum.

In hindsight, I realize I was perhaps harsh. Actually no. And I’ve thought about it ever since his “confession” was published. And so, I can reasonably accurately conclude that this feeling that I was “harsh” developed within me after I read the said confession. Human psychology works like that. Had he written something like this or this or this, I’d have repeated my 2008 call to send him to that insane asylum. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Sikand’s confession borders on the unbelievable but because we don’t have evidence to the contrary, let’s assume it’s honest. Despite that, it helps to keep our antennae up because his confession appeared in Countercurrents, an outfit that is by, for, and of rabid Communists of all hues of red. However, the biggest surprise is not that it appeared there but the fact that the Red Editors out there allowed it in the first place. Pick any piece at random on Countercurrents. It reeks of ActivistSpeak, a language which Sikand—by his own admission—spoke flawlessly for more than two decades. And now, when he’s 45, he turns turtle and says activism and social reform and revolution are delusions from which no real or lasting change can ensue. And yet, Countercurrents publishes this piece. But more importantly, anybody who has followed the Red Rackhams however briefly will know that once you decide to say goodbye permanently, you are out. The door closes shut behind the deserter. Forever. And so, although there’s no reason to doubt the intent or integrity of his confession, it still pays to be skeptical. That perhaps is the cheapest price Sikand needs to pay for two decades of disservice to the land whose traditions he abused and whose enemies he befriended. Eternal suspicion over a reformed Communist is also the price of liberty.

Yoginder Sikand’s emotional outpouring is extraordinary at several levels. It is an open admission of lying, committing fraud, indulging in hate speech, accepting money for indulging in spurious activities, and feeding off the misery of the oppressed sections of the society in the guise of helping them. In fact, Sikand explains in detail—the roots, the motivations, the mechanics, and the techniques that this gigantic deception involved. Here are some of the most representative exhibits:

…my contribution as a ‘social activist’ and in the cause of the ‘Revolution’ paid me well in material terms…I was assigned projects by several NGOs to study the ‘oppressed’, for which I was well rewarded financially.

…writing and conferencing about the ‘oppressed’ soon turned into a lucrative source of livelihood for me. I was actually, and quite literally, living off the misery of the ‘oppressed’, although I did not fully realise it then.

If you had to be counted as a ‘social activist’, you simply couldn’t see or find anything worthy at all in ‘upper’ caste Hindus or in Americans, and, if you did, your sincerity and commitment were gravely suspect. So deep-rooted was this negative mentality among ‘social activists’ supposedly committed to the ‘oppressed’ that for a ‘progressive’ to discern anything positive about ‘the present system’ or Indic spirituality, for instance, was about the most serious anathema conceivable.

The hatred that often passed for ‘progressivism’ in ‘activist’ circles was truly astounding, and I fell lock-stock-and-barrel for it. One was trained only to look for the negative in every nook and corner, and, if it didn’t exist where one looked, to imagine and fervently believe that it did.

A great many folk from these very same ‘oppressed’ communities– Muslims, Dalits and such others–were also heavily into the business of ‘social activism’, supposedly on behalf of their own people. They, too, set up their NGOs, often with hefty financial aid from generous foreign patrons. They, too, enjoyed their all-paid-for trips and conferencing stints abroad, and many of them made sure that their own children had built comfortable nests for themselves in Europe or West Asia or even in America, which, like us, they never ceased to revile as the fundamental cause of global oppression.

It is passages like these that convinced me that Sikand’s admission is perhaps rooted in honesty (but I still retain my skepticism for reasons explained later). It’s said that your enemy knows you better than you know yourself. However, here’s an insider spilling all the filthy inside secrets, lending more weight to what was already known anyway—the illicit nexus of the activist-media-NGO-Church mafia: the same things about grants, foreign trips, etc. Yoginder Sikand just fills us in on the details.

In my beef-festival piece, I had mentioned that the Communists always pick on the weakest sections of the society and pit them against the rest. Apart from their grotesque ideology, this also stems from an important factor—Communists—and in general, the do-gooders, the bleeding hearts, the society-changers—have an incredible sense of self-righteousness, a fact that Sikand himself attests from his own experiences. They can simply admit to no wrong and anybody who argues with them is in need of help or must be put down. This sense of self-righteousness was present in Mohandas Gandhi—by no means a Communist—to an extreme degree. The worse his every strategy flopped against the British, the more obstinate he became, and the deafer he became to sage counsel. However, misguided he was, he did it with genuine and patriotic feeling unlike the Sikands of the world who did it too, with equally genuine feeling—only it was guided by a murderous ideology. The other distinguishing mark of extremely self-righteous people is the fact that most of them have no sense of humour. In Sikand’s words, this translates to:

It was as if there was nothing at all good in the world to celebrate, and even as if celebration and joy were themselves an ‘unnecessary diversion’ or a ‘unaffordable luxury’ that truly committed ‘activists’ had to carefully shun..

Yoginder Sikand mentions troubled childhood and an assorted litany of psychological problems that led him to become an activist and a rebel serving a destructive cause. Without belittling his personal problems, this refrain, I’m afraid, is all too familiar in the times we live in. It is called Playing the Victim, something that seems to have become the modern day equivalent of Alladin’s magic lamp. You rub that and all doors open: there’s always something, somebody, some other reason why your problems happened—if it’s not your parents, it’s the bully in the school or the cop who spanked you in public leading to lifelong mental trauma or your school teacher or your employer or your skin colour or your caste…every reason other than the simple fact that you need to take responsibility for your own problems. Whatever Sikand’s childhood troubles, they were his own and he needed to deal with them. Projecting them to the society results precisely in the kind of disaster that his confession makes so eloquently clear. His inability to deal with his personal problems and tragedies resulted in him inflicting blows on the country and its society. For a detailed explanation on how this works, read this. His mountainous fulminations against the “dreaded Hindutva,” his positions on Kashmir, his goading of the Dalits and the rest have resulted in immeasurable damage.

Activism as understood and practiced by Sikand his ilk follows precisely this formula: your life’s problems are because of somebody else and you’re a victim and therefore, that entitles you to all the goodies in life, free of cost throughout your life. Thus minorities and adivasis and dalits and every other similar group in Sikand & Co’s eyes deserve entitlement, not upliftment. Activists like Yoginder Sikand do not preach the value of cultivating one’s character, developing a work ethic and the rest but egg them on in the direction of entitlement.

And despite this confession, there’s still an element that makes you doubt him. Exhibit 47:

The very same folks who egged you on to write about their problems and to take the Hindutva beast by its horns (for they were either too scared to do it themselves or didn’t have the same writing skills or the same access to the English media)

The words in brackets are a big lie and Sikand cannot be excused of being naïve or ignorant because he knows the kind of clout his (former?) activist gang wields over the media. The Harsh Manders, the Teestas, and the Genocide Suzies of the world have on-demand access to media. These “very same folks” are his friends/fellow-travellers and knowing how incestuous their world is, a friendly word to Sikand is all it takes to get them access to any media anywhere in India. Why, Sikand could himself ghost write for them—remember “Walk the Queen Talk with Sonia” that Shekhar Gupta did where practically every question and answer was scripted? But habits die hard and besides, Sikand comes up with a redemptory line of sorts:

I had to admit that ‘minorities’ were often as guilty of it, in their own ways (such as victimising women and other minorities within their own communities) as were ‘majorities’, and that no community had a monopoly over virtue or vice.

And it took 27 years for Sikand to reach this commonsense conclusion (he became a revolutionary at 18 and he’s 45 now). Self-righteousness does that to you. However, better late than never. And so, Yoginder Sikand’s preferred approach to fully cure himself of this delusion is as comical as it is farcical.

I decided that there was nothing more that I wanted or needed now than to lead the rest of my life watching the clouds gently pass by and smiling at the birds chirping high up in the trees. That was how my ‘inner’ revolution was going to happen…

You’d almost think he’s the Communists’ answer to Angulimala. It’s like he’s chalked out a poetic plan to redeem himself. Be one with nature. Discover your inner self. Help ever, hurt never….All this after doing what? After decades of relentlessly inflicting major damage on the cherished heritage & traditions held by other people, after pitting the society against itself, after “speaking up” for the “rights” of Kashmiri separatists. What kind of penance is this, even?

If Sikand truly feels remorseful about his self-admitted hate-motivated activism, he needs to return the money he had taken to further this activism. All of it. Giving up a bad habit means ridding everything associated with it no matter the cost, no matter the consequences. That’s what Angulimala did. And died a saint. Will Sikand’s late realization undo the damage his writings and activism, over 20 years, did? Will he go back and apologize to every group or person that was hurt as a result of his hate-filled activism? What about those who were permanently displaced because Sikand justified an evil act by clothing it in the Tuxedo of Victimhood? Will he relinquish his Muslim identity and return to the Hindu fold as an “upper caste (sic)” Hindu? (As he himself says, he won’t because he considers himself a skeptic. Pretty convenient.) Will he now condemn the ideology that so blinded and deluded him? Will he offer an unconditional apology to all those oppressed groups he misled? Apparently, the clouds gently passing by and the birds chirping high up in the trees is a more agreeable alternative.

Postscript: Ever since this piece was published, his opponents went soft in the heart. These are the usual suspects—the hordes of well-meaning but naïve, heedless and idiotic Hindus who he has so monumentally hurt—had tears in their eyes. I scoured at least 12 different forums and innumerable blogs and articles. The responses ranged from unconditional and instant forgiveness to “ah! good, he realized finally!” Nobody ever thought why Countercurrents allowed to run his piece in the first place. Not just this. He followed it up with another piece where he describes his dabbling in various religions, a la Augustine who fought with the temptations of the accursed flesh. Accuse me of being a conspiracy theorist but better a conspiracy theorist of my sort than getting my butt bitten when Sikand’s delusion strikes him again.

42 comments for “Sorry Can’t Make a Dead Man Alive

  1. Rekha Rao
    July 20, 2013 at 1:45 AM

    thank you for many wonderful articles . came upon them because of YS whom I am slightly acquainted with …never thought he was up to such larks.though . however a wonderful read …ammunition against the left liberal community Bangalore is teeming with …would be very grateful could please notify me posts …

  2. radhakrishna
    June 14, 2012 at 3:05 PM


    your have posted christian tenets and chritian beliefs,

    the scritpures of sanatan dharma even gives the theory of creation..

    we have 84 lakh yonis and jivas or individuals traverses through these..then they get manushya yoni..

    TULSIDAS ji had said that it is only for the lucky souls to attain manushya yoni and manas yoni..

    so human birth is a gift from the divine..even the birth of animals is a gift from divind..this is the message of sanatana dharma, the true spiritual teaching which it has

    but unfortunately, imperialists cannot uderstand this, as they have all the MOHAS gripping over them

    the worst part is this that now even the SANATANI are behaving like those MLECHHAS only..allowing our senses to control us

    we were teaching everyone CULTURE, now we ourselves have become cultureless people

  3. Indian
    May 31, 2012 at 3:04 PM

    I suppose Humans are not the only animal who kills another… It’s a matter of Survival.. Survival to the Fittest.. If an animal or a Plant can’t get adapted to the changing environment it may not Survive… Millions of Species became extinct even before the origin of Human Species…
    It is estimated that 99.9% of all species of Plants and Animals lived are now Extinct…
    The Arabian imperialism, Islamic world order( caliphate), ,Sharia ,their concept of God.their books one hand and Bush Doctrine Evangelicalism ,Christianity,Liberation theology ,Inculturation strategy, concept of God.their books etc.on other are just tools of geopolitics.

    To Survive ,we have to adapt this concept in this changing environment with some aggressiveness .

  4. nitha
    May 31, 2012 at 11:19 AM

    Now Congress develops nexus of Christian Missionaries and Maoists to destabilize BJP-BJD led Govt(for getting power in Odissa took help of armed naxalites) .

    To remain in power in the North East provinces Congress shook hand ULFA to come back power

    In Assam. Congress and Communists are encouraging Bangladeshi infiltrators because they are their solid votes.

    Congress declared Nagaland a Christian province because there was Christians in the majority and they are growing continuously by conversion.(In Nagaland hindus are not allowed to puchase a land) .

    This is the reason on the instruction of Sonia Gandhi there is a minority minister Antuley in the cabinet of Manmohan. She is inventing the ways for making Hindus in the minority.

    They are marking the districts villages where Muslims and Christians are in majority.

    Slowly and slowing they want to make situation in whole India as Nagaland.

  5. karan
    May 30, 2012 at 10:32 PM

    The Congress government in AP is pursuing their Anti Hindu agenda and Temple destructive policies – The justification for all these Policies are vested around SECULARISM!

    In a highly objectionable move AP Endowment Ministry is going ahead with the appointment of Non Hindus in AP temple as staff.Recently Christians were employed at famous Annavaram Temple.

    While responding to press , Minister for Endowments, Stamps and Registration Gade Venkata Reddy said there should be no objection to employment of non-Hindus in Hindu temples as India is a secular State.

  6. ravi
    May 30, 2012 at 10:22 PM

    In Patanjali Yoga -sutra ,God is talked about just to help you to surrender.
    There is no God.
    Patanjali says,”There is no God.”
    “To help surrender God is talked about .”
    If there is someone and you surrender then it is slavery.
    There is no God,as a person,God is just method,a technique,very scientific.
    A freedom is not a freedom of ego,A freedom is a freedom from the ego.
    Why surrender ?
    To achive freedom from the ego.
    To achive freedom from the ego is real achivment,real freedom.
    Everyone deserve this freedom ,the real joy.
    Knowing the self , the pure one is just LOVE.
    To whom? No one.
    It is just being in LOVE.

  7. som
    May 30, 2012 at 10:19 PM

    If God can exist without being created, why can’t this life itself exist without being created? If you accept that something is possible without being created, then what is the trouble? Then why think about a God who created the world? The East says God is not the creator, God is the creation. Nobody has created it, it is there. It has been so always, it will be so always – sometimes manifest, sometimes unmanifest; sometimes visible, sometimes invisible. It goes on moving in a periodical rhythm, in a circle. But existence itself is uncreated and it has no goal.

    Then think about it in other ways also. Firstly, if there is a goal why hasn’t it been achieved yet? The existence has been existing timelessly, millions and millions of light-years it has existed, and the goal has not been reached yet. When will it be reached? If so many millions and millions of light-years have passed and the goal is nowhere to be seen, when will it be reached? Secondly, if some day the goal is reached, what will happen to existence? Will it disappear? When the purpose is fulfilled, then what? Conceive of a moment somewhere in the future when the purpose is fulfilled: for what will existence exist then? Then it will be purposeless for it to exist.

    The reality is this: that it is already always purposeless. There is no goal towards which the existence is moving. It is moving, but not towards any goal. It has a value, but the value is not in the end, the value is intrinsic. You love someone. Have you asked the question, ”For what purpose does love exist?” The mind, a calculating mind, is bound to ask, ”Why love? What is the purpose?” If you can answer then one thing is certain – that you are not in love. If you can show the purpose then love is not there, it is a business, it is a bargain. But lovers will always say there is no purpose to it.

    To be in love is the goal. The goal is not somewhere else; it is intrinsic, it is in the very phenomenon of love. The goal is already achieved. When you are happy have you asked, ”What is the purpose of being happy?” Can there be any purpose to being happy? When you are happy you never ask because the question is absurd. Happiness is itself the goal, there is no purpose to it. Life is like love, life is like happiness. Life is existence – no goal. And once you can understand this your ways of living will change totally, because if there is no purpose in life itself there is no need to create a purpose for your individual life also – no need. Because of individual purposes you become tense, something has to be achieved.

    Then an achieving mind is created which is always trying to achieve something or other. And whenever something is achieved again the mind asks, ”Now what? What is to be achieved now?” It cannot remain with itself, it has to go on achieving. This achieving mind will never be blissful, it will always be tense. And whenever something is achieved the achieving mind will feel frustrated, because now new goals have to be invented. This is happening in America. Many of the goals of the past century have been achieved, so America is in a deep frustration.

    All the goals of the founding fathers who created America and the American constitution are almost achieved. In America the society has become affluent for the first time in the whole history of mankind. Almost everybody is rich. The poor man in America is a rich man here in India. The goals have almost been achieved – now what to do? Society has become affluent: food is there, shelter is there, everybody has got a car, radio, refrigerator, tv – now what to do? A deep frustration is felt, some other goals are needed. And there seem to be no goals.

    Instead of one car you can have two cars – a two-car garage has become the goal – or you can have two houses, but that will be achieved within ten years. Whatsoever the goal it can be achieved. Then the achieving mind feels frustrated. What to do now? It again needs a goal, and you have to invent a goal. So the whole of American business now depends on inventing goals. Give people goals – that’s what advertisements and the whole business of advertising is doing.

    Create goals, seduce people: ”Now this is the goal! You must have this, otherwise life is purposeless!” They start running, because they have an achieving mind. But where does it lead? It leads into more and more neurosis. Only a nonachieving mind can be at peace. But a nonachieving mind is possible only with the background of a cosmic purposelessness. If the whole existence is purposeless then there is no need for you to be purposeful. Then you can play, you can sing and dance, you can enjoy, you can love and live, and there is no need to create any goal. Here and now, this very moment, the ultimate is present.

    If you are available the ultimate can enter you. But you are not available here; your mind is somewhere in the future, in some goal. Life has got no purpose and this is the beauty of it. If there was some purpose life would have been mean – just futile. It is not a business, it is a play. In India we have been calling it leela. Leela means a cosmic play… as if God is playing. Energy overflowing, not for some purpose, just enjoying itself; just a small child playing – for what purpose? Running after butterflies, collecting colored stones on the beach, dancing under the sun, running under the trees, collecting flowers – for what purpose?

    Ask a child. He will look at you as if you are a fool. There is no need for purpose. Your mind has been corrupted. Universities, colleges, education, society, have corrupted you. They have made it a conditioning deep down within you that unless something has a purpose it is useless – so everything must have a purpose. A child playing has no purpose. At the most, if the child could explain he would say, ”Because I feel good. Running, I feel more alive. Collecting flowers, I enjoy, it is ecstatic.” But there is no purpose. The very act in itself is beautiful, ecstatic. To be alive is enough, there is no need for any purpose.

    Why ask for anything else? Can’t you be satisfied just by being alive? It is such a phenomenon. Just think of yourself being a stone. You could have been, because many are still stones. You must have been somewhere in the past, sometime, a stone. Think of yourself being a tree. You must have been somewhere a tree, a bird, an animal, an insect. And then think of yourself being a man – conscious, alert, the peak, the climax of all possibilities. And you are not content with it. You need a purpose, otherwise life is useless.

  8. nitha
    May 30, 2012 at 10:16 PM

    There is a problem with Christians, Mohammedans, Jews, who think of God as a person — there is a problem.
    They think God is the one who created the world.
    In the East we have a deeper understanding of God than that.
    Creation is not something separate from God: it is His play; it is He Himself hiding in many forms. Here He has become a rock, there He has become a flower. Here He is a sinner and there He is a saint. The whole play is His.
    And He is the only actor and He goes on dividing His roles.
    He is in Jesus and He is in Judas.
    In the East, God is not a person — God is the very stuff the universe is made of.
    God is not a creator — God is creativity.
    And the creator and the creation are just two aspects of the same creative energy.
    – Osho

  9. mohan
    May 30, 2012 at 10:10 PM

    Evangelicalism -While this word’s main usage is religious, the term is also used to characterize a movement that uses active missionary work to convert others to its political position. It is not just crusade but crusade culture ,convert others by any means,
    Simply it is not religious ,not just socio-political movement, it is militant
    MAOIST REBELLION,WORLD VISION,CAMPUS CRUSADE, YOUTH WITH A MISSION, AND SAMARITAN’S PURSE WITH THIS TYPE 70+ ORGANISATIONS are just Evangelicalist movement, they are just socio-political players and go every part of the world and spoil the thing there, make more dissidents, destroy local culture, create more social problems, destabilize the political structure, induce people to do war with their own people, put poison on weaker people’s mind, play with money, pulling people by hook & crook method, perform cheating healing performances in public, and then all kind of venomous ideas to think of destory other religions.
    We have a good name for them , ‘asura’.

  10. nitha
    May 30, 2012 at 10:07 PM

    Christian inculturation strategy (a plan of action designed to achieve a vision by adopting the behavior patterns of the surrounding culture ):
    Christian missionaries have adopted Hindu ways of life, Hindu religious symbols, architecture, worship forms, and even declare themselves as swamis. A Catholic priest who calls himself “swami” instantly attains the status and authority of a holy man in Hindu society, which he can use to convert individuals.

    By using Sanskrit terminology in his sermons, he implies a close relationship of Hindu theology to Catholic theology, a relationship which does not really exist. Such missionaries speak authoritatively on Hindu scriptures and argue that their [Christian] teachings are consonant with everything Hindu, but add a finishing touch, a “fullness” to the traditional faith.”

    Father Parekatil’s tactic of adopting Hindu symbols to further his missionary goals is known as “inculturation” or “indigenization.” Swami Jayendra, Sankaracharya of Kanchi Matham, made a valid point at the “Interfaith Dialogue” with Cardinal Jean-Louis Pierre Tauran, president of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Inter-religiousDialogue, and others, in Mumbai on 12 July 2009.

    In a statement released to the media, he said: “The Church in India must stop forthwith the use of Hindu religious words, phrases and symbols like Veda, Agama, Rishi, Ashram, Om and other such in what is referred to as ‘inculturation’ tactics, but which are only intended to deceive the vulnerable sections of our people who are the intended targets for religious conversion.”

    “Christianity has always followed a policy of ‘inculturation.’ It adopted Pagan elements in christianized form to pave the way for transition from Paganism to Christianity in Europe. Pagan gods became Christian saints and Pagan festivals became Christian festivals. In this process of inculturation, the Christian Church suborned old forms to its new message, making sure that the [Greek and Roman] Pagan foundation was submerged under Christian doctrine.”
    Inculturation: Fooling the Hindu masses – Nithin Sridhar

  11. p6
    May 30, 2012 at 1:44 AM
  12. ava
    May 29, 2012 at 12:33 AM

    @ali baba
    The Hindu is owned by a family of Commies, what can you expect of the paper?

  13. S S
    May 28, 2012 at 10:58 PM

    Now you may understand the HINDU SENSE OF HESTORY. That is: no memorial of mortals, howsoever great; no record keeping of kings’, great authors’, artists’ doings, pictures, idols, etc. All this mortal-worship started in India only after Mughals, pictures of kings etc. Then British started naming places, streets, etc. after mortals like George and Victoria etc.
    Pl see, such never were Indian-Hindu tradition. People just never gave any importance to the PHYSICAL aspect of a seer, monarch, even incarnations of God. Only the teachings, the IMMORTAL aspect of them all were valuable to Hindus. How tall and what complexion a Tulsidas or Kabir or great Samudragupta were, where they born or died, etc. remained immaterial; what they said and did WAS important. That Hindus gave all importance, not the physical existance of even a Ram or Krishna.
    This, the Hindu sense of history, is the valuable lesson to recall. What we see happening with Swami Dayanand, Swami Vivekanand, SriAurobindo, is precisely the Western sense of history – worship his photo and figure; never mind forgetting what they stood for.

  14. Avinash
    May 28, 2012 at 5:05 PM

    @ Ali Baba, Burqua is a poor imitation of the Arabs and is a result of ‘Gulfisation’. This is what happens in the countries where the females of our specie cover from head to toe in a black veil:

    Harassment across Arab world drives women inside

    And this also:

  15. Avinash
    May 28, 2012 at 4:51 PM

    @ Renuka, the peddlers of faith, irrespective of Religion, are number one frauds. They make a living by exploiting the gullible masses. They are living life king-size, without doing any productive work worth even one dollar. The best thing to do is to avoid going to any place of worship and and avoid the so-called “gurus” like plague!

  16. Avinash
    May 28, 2012 at 4:51 PM

    @ Renuka, the peddlers of faith, irrespective of Religion, are number one frauds. They make a living by exploiting the gullible masses. They are living life king-size, without doing any productive work worth even one dollar. The best thing to do is to avoid going to any place or worship and and avoid the so-called “gurus” like plague!

  17. Renuka
    May 28, 2012 at 3:57 PM

    Hi Sandeep!
    I was in Aurovill( Pondi) for couple of days and stayed at Ashram. I read about cultural digestion of the Aurobindos ideas and the Peter heeh’s etc etc…I tried to be open minded at all times while I was there. I was shocked to see the lifesize pictures of ‘the mother’ close to Aurobindo and smiled and remembered the hindi saying “Guru ban gaya gud and chela ban gaya shakkar”. I visited Savithri Bhavan and other places and purposely asked if the Mother was married to Aurobindo to that people were sh at first and replied that she was a disciple. Anyways, every where I could see the importance of ‘the Mother’ overshadowing thew ideas of Aurobindo and it lookes as if if you talk and think anytinhg about Hinduism people were uncomfortable. We also got a chance to visit matrimandir. First we were made to watch a Video (forming picture or visualize or what to expect), later we were given some tokens, then being picked up by a aurovill vehical then meeting a volunteer who made us deposit our cell then made us wait after that we walked behind the volunteer who gave a very stupid speech saying that the place is not religious and we also are not supposed to display any objects that show our religion etc etc then he said about 4 door to the dome representing wisdom , knowledge, power, etc etc and He said there is one batch already inside the dome so we had plenty of time to ask any questions…I asked a question purposely that I heard that these 4 dwars represent Kali, Lakshmi,Saraswathi and if I am not wrong last one is Parvathi. And to which he became defensive and said but ” PLEASE DO NOT CONNECT IT TO HINDUISM” Secularism again He was very quick and immediately led to the chamber( my daughter thought it looked like a big Ferro Rocher Chocolait) …People were advised to fold pants so finer dust doesn’t go in side then we were supposed to walk in a Queue and were supposed to leave chappals so that even our chappals were in a queue…Any ways we were given socks! God how dust conscious they are! Anyways we kep climbing the stps and it looked like all of us were sinners or Zombies and we were gona get executed! Anways it aso reminded me of a child hood circus visit where in a huge dome kind of structure Motor cyclists would show their acrobats (You will understand only if you have seen it) Anyways we were panting when we reached up and the place looked like a marbel Colosseum where keeping it dust free was more important than meditation! Anyways I felt very very uneasy and last place to meditate! My whole experience was almost like a British India or a Nazzi Germany where we were taken for execution! The whole thing was a spectacular failure! Coming back to the point…I could see what Rajiv malhotra wanted to say and how the Peter Heehs becomes a Hero, Shri Aurobindo becomes a back bencher and how ‘the Mother’ was all white and nice! Instantly I remembered Soniya Gandhi! And our Fascination do be under the rule of WHITES and how easily we put a dog chain around our neck and give the leash to our white masters! To hell with Ramachandra Guhas and and all those secular Eunuchs! B the way I have lot more regard for Chakkas as they are bold enough to live and face there life with confidence! An artcal from you might make many of us come out of this confusion of what is what?

  18. Ali Baba
    May 27, 2012 at 11:15 PM

    Sandeep, check out this piece of trash published in the Hindu recently:

    Just how far will appeasing Islam go!

  19. nash
    May 20, 2012 at 6:51 PM

    to jooske

    Sure we have to revisit our HISTORY and correct the impressions and blatant lies.

    Visiting a library or a well stocked bookstall would bring out few “hit the face” truths.If you look at the local language and English books in the history section,there is nothing much to offer.

    U know for a generally interested people to know there own history and culture,there is not much in terms of light reading to interest you initially and go to heady stuff later.

    It surprises me how come this market was overlooked by our enterprising authors.

  20. Jooske
    May 20, 2012 at 5:34 PM

    Forgot to add,shame in our own heritage.(irrespective of our religion)

  21. Jooske
    May 19, 2012 at 4:51 PM

    Why Marxism?

    Wilders believes that part of the public apathy regarding spread of Islam in the West stems from the fact that many citizens in Europe and America have forgotten the “nature of totalitarianism.” He argues that the West made a big mistake by failing to have a “Nuremburg trial” after the fall of communism to “expose the evil committed by the system.”

    Although defeated Nazi Germany was subject to de-Nazification, there was no de-Marxification after the fall of communism. Instead, many former communists simply renamed themselves “Social Democrats” and managed to retain or regain power. “And without the public accounting of a trial, people tend to forget how communism was.”

    Wilders asks: “How is all this relevant to Islam? Our failure to come clean with communism has prevented us from standing up to Islam, trapped as we are in the old communist habit of deceit and doublespeak that used to haunt Eastern Europe and that now haunts all of us.”


    The West, he says, should also “stop the political indoctrination of our children and begin proudly teaching them the real history of the West instead of multiculturalist lies designed to instill shame in our own heritage. We must also prepare the coming generation for the difficult times ahead.”

    reminds you of India?

    no de-Marxification?

    no come clean with communism?

  22. ItAcHi
    May 17, 2012 at 9:41 AM

    and CPM is sweating like anything after public outcry over its apostate killings, in Gods own country.

  23. Rajiv
    May 16, 2012 at 11:33 AM

    Thanks SS ..
    It would be great if nationalist/secular people start translate these articles and publish it in there own blogs in nattive langauge
    most of the blogs/Forums are dominated by Psedo intelectuals who make there living by paid Activism like Yoginder Sikand.
    Once again congrats sandeep ..

  24. S S
    May 16, 2012 at 7:14 AM

    @ Rajiv

    Please do read the articles at the Koenrad Elst blog. For exapmle a latest one:

  25. Rajiv
    May 15, 2012 at 1:56 PM

    Good observation sandeep.
    Can anyone give some of the forums/blogs where these kind of socio-political issues are discussed?

  26. Peter
    May 12, 2012 at 8:28 PM

    Why Marxism?

    This lecture attempts to explain 1) why so many “intellectuals” have been and continue to be attracted to Marxism despite its history of totalitarianism and genocide; and 2) why the moral ideal of Marxism necessarily leads to the genocide of communism in practice.

  27. Arvind
    May 12, 2012 at 5:01 AM

    @Vijay and menka,

    They’re using reverse psychology. The guy who got a foreign jaunt in exchange for a favorable report was Lalu Yadav’s judge. Don’t let them fool you.

  28. Vijay
    May 11, 2012 at 9:38 AM

    @ menka

    If payment is the key, then who paid and continue to pay the bills of Teesta, Arundhati Roy, Medha Patkar, Sanjeev Bhatt, Prafull Bidwai, Achin Vinayak, Kamal Mitra Chenoy, Admiral Ramdas et al… ? Surely they did not pay from their own pocket to go to various destinations in the world to defame India, Hindus, Hinduism, and also a Narendra Modi.

    Whether Raghavan was paid is a mere accusation, perhaps made by a Teesta and then reported by a Barkha or Rajddep, and thus proved! This communist trick is a hundred years old, and successfully employed too, by not only our leftist loonies but all kind of Hindu-haters. But make no mistake, ultimately Satyamev Jayate!

    And by the way, a lot of Hindus are not particularly devotees of Modi, but defend him on account of injustice, double-standards, and plain lies applied towards him by the left-secular propagandists. If you are not one of them, then please consider facts and don’t peddle theories.

  29. S S
    May 10, 2012 at 8:39 PM

    @ Sandeep

    Since I don’t have your e-mail so writing through this window.

    Please go through the Koenrad Elst blog. For some time he has been answering Meera Nanda’s criticism of Voice of India and Elst. The series is very educative and deserves more readership participation.

    As to Y. Sikand, may be one should observe him for sometime. If genuinely disillusioned he may not remain long just seeing clouds or birds. Many great intellectuals world over have been ex-communistsm from Bartram D. Wolfe to Milovan Djilas to our own Koenrad Elst. What Sikand becomes remains to be seen.

  30. Arvind
    May 10, 2012 at 7:55 PM

    Some possibilities for the article being published.

    (1) The ISI trail leads to him and he wants to dissociate himself from the mess.
    (2) The anti-Modi machine busted by SIT involves Sikand and he wants to move away from it before he is caught.
    (3) The countercurrents faction of did not get its promised share of money from whoever is paying them.
    (4) Sikand is now trying for a position or grant from some “think-tank” that needs him to not bash some group he has named.
    (5) He is trying for a Rajya Sabha seat on a BJP ticket (a strong possibility because BJP supports such charlatans and not honest people).

  31. Vijay
    May 10, 2012 at 1:32 PM

    Sandeep, pleae unblock me on twitter. I was not part of any troll group that tagged you in group replies. :). I very much would like to get updates from you. Handle is @vjshanks. Great piece on Yongendra Sikand. Always hated him for his bias. Now will hate him a little lesser.

  32. menka
    May 10, 2012 at 12:14 PM

    Finally, the cat is out of the bag. Modi government paid the travel bills of Raghvan and efforts to get the details through RTI are being stone walled. No wonder he gave a favourable report after enjoying the sights of London.

  33. Archpagan
    May 9, 2012 at 9:35 PM

    After losing power in both their bastions viz. W B and Kerala the left parties are severely marginalized in Indian politics. Perhaps, it has dawned on the Commie’s mind that with so many competing peddlers, both at retail and wholesale level, pseudo- secularism has little chance of yielding any more electoral dividend in Indian politics. So, they are now on a kite-flying mission to ingratiate themselves to Nationalist Hindus. Yoginder’s musings should be viewed in this light. In order to prove his bona fide, Yoginder must revert to the religion he was born into.

  34. AD
    May 9, 2012 at 9:21 AM

    An excellent and hard hitting post. Thanks a lot for bringing the clarity and cutting through the clutter and showing things for what they are without any unnecessary political correctness.

  35. J P Sharma
    May 8, 2012 at 8:12 PM

    Excellent analysis as always. I too had been wondering how did this piece happen to be carried by Counter Currents.
    It is always a pleasure to read your posts.Do keep up the good work.

  36. Jooske
    May 8, 2012 at 6:16 PM

    Can a leopard change its spots?

  37. raman
    May 8, 2012 at 2:12 PM

    sorry, trojan virus would have been a more apt description. Churchill, incidentally, compared Lennin and his commie gang as the “plague bacillus”

  38. raman
    May 8, 2012 at 2:10 PM

    who knows, some sort of a Trojan horse. Thanks Sandeep, for injecting this note of realism.

  39. Jooske
    May 8, 2012 at 1:00 PM

    “Why, Sikand could himself ghost write for them—remember “Walk the Queen Talk with Sonia” that Shekhar Gupta did where practically every question and answer was scripted? But habits die hard and besides, Sikand comes up with a redemptory line of sorts: ”

    The strikethroughs are coming back.The more the better Sandeep.

    Another great article.

  40. MeraGaonMeraDesh
    May 8, 2012 at 11:32 AM

    The only good communist is a dead communist, NOT an ex-communist.

  41. Jay
    May 8, 2012 at 9:22 AM

    “Eternal suspicion over a reformed Communist is also the price of liberty.”
    Epic observation Sandeep Bandhu and fantastic blogpost. Your way of putting your point across – both semantically & logically always blows my mind :-) and this post is no exception, consequently my respect for you grows leaps & bounds.
    “You’d almost think he’s the Communists’ answer to Angulimala.” ROFLMAO!
    WRT your suspicions about Sikand’s intentions, I completely agree – tis’ always better to be safe then sorry, and also Sikand should always keep this saying in mind when he wonders as to why people are sceptical of his ‘U-turn':
    “You judge yourself by what you feel capable of doing, while others judge you by what you’ve already done!”

  42. Arvind
    May 8, 2012 at 6:39 AM

    Great piece of writing!

    As for Sikand, maybe he thinks that BJP will give him a Rajya Sabha ticket? Those guys can be easily fooled and this the kind of guy who is awarded RS tickets.

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