Sunday Reading: He Still Stands the Tallest


Note: This is a translation of journalist Pratap Simha’s original essay titled Matte Eddiruva Hale Vivadada Nepadallaadaru Avarannu Nenapisikollabekenisitu Ashte (Literal: Felt like remembering him again in the wake of the controversy that has erupted again) in Kannada in May 2009, published in Vijaya Karnataka. Translated with permission from the author. Dates and events appearing in this piece relate to the 2009 Lok Sabha polls.

The whispers had begun to do rounds before last January (Ed: January of 2008): Kalyan Singh is all set to quit the BJP. He is upset with the attitude of various leaders in the party. Despite being a party vice president at the national level, he feels sidelined. Which is why he’s begun to look for alternate avenues. He has already started discussions with Mulayam Singh and very soon, is all set to join Samajwadi Party.

You couldn’t dismiss any of these rumours.

Kalyan Singh had quit the BJP once in 1999, formed his own Rashtriya Kranti Party and contested elections, had re-joined the party, and now wanted to quit the BJP again. With such a record, it was entirely believable that he would quit. The time finally arrived when you could believe these whispers. Kalyan Singh was the Lok Sabha member from Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr. However, during the delimitation exercise, Bulandshahr was declared a reserved constituency. In 2004, Khurja, which was a reserved constituency was represented by BJP’s Ashok Pradhan. Post-delimitation, Ashok Pradhan was given the ticket for the newly-minted reserved constituency of Bulandshahr during the 2009 Lok Sabha polls. This decision naturally invoked Kalyan Singh’s ire because among other things, Pradhan was his arch rival. There was yet another reason:  in the 2007 Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, Kalyan Singh suspected that Ashok Pradhan was behind the defeat of Singh’s son, Rajveer Singh. Even worse, in the 2009 Lok Sabha polls, the party gave the ticket to Ashok Pradhan without bothering to even seek Kalyan Singh’s approval. The very next day, Kalyan Singh had a private meeting with the Samajwadi chief, Mulayam Singh Yadav. Thus began the whispers.

However, Mulayam Singh denied that these whispers had any truth to them. Equally, he announced that he would consider giving a SP ticket to Rajveer Singh if the latter explicitly requested as such. The stage was set: on the one side, Kalyan Singh resigned from the BJP while on the other, Rajveer Singh formally joined SP. The moment that happened, rumbles of disquiet began within SP. Samajwadi partymen were scared: SP was associating itself with the man responsible for the demolition of Babri masjid, an association, which had full potential to arouse the anger of the large Muslim votebank of the party. And so, Mulayam made a statement on these lines: “We have not made any electoral alliance with Kalyan Singh. It’s just friendship on a personal level. However, Kalyan Singh needs to give an unconditional apology for his role in the Babri masjid demolition.”

Kalyan Singh was truly cornered. However, because the question involved his son’s political future, he was forced to make certain statements. On February 4, 2009, he issued a written statement that read thus: I own moral responsibility for the demolition of Babri masjid on December 6, 1992…I had resigned from my then post of Chief Minister owing to this moral responsibility…everyone has a right to feel proud about the religion they follow. Just like how Muslims have a right to be proud of Islam, Hindus too have the same right.

Note that he owned up to moral responsibility, he didn’t apologize.

However, this statement largely went unnoticed by the dirt-seeking media because polls weren’t announced yet. However, we’re now in the grip of election fever. As is wont, the Babri issue keeps cropping up frequently. Kalyan Singh, contesting as an Independent from Itah has the backing of SP. Therefore, he once again faces the prospect of apologizing for the Babri masjid demolition. On April 17, 2009, speaking from Aligarh, Kalyan Singh had this to say, as reported by Hindustan Times: Over 16 years after Babri Masjid was demolished, former Uttar Pradesh chief minister Kalyan Singh today said he very much wanted to prevent the razing of the 16th century mosque, but stopped short of apologising for failing to do so. Note that he still didn’t apologize.

This is the reason we need to feel proud about Kalyan Singh. Today the BJP might not have any use for him. Today, he might be excess baggage for the BJP, which perhaps wants him to leave the party. However, as a true devotee of Lord Rama, he stands the tallest.

Remember, he was the only person who relinquished his Chief Ministership for Rama.

Cut to 1992. Even prior, remember Rajiv Gandhi’s gift. In 1985, the Supreme Court, which ruled on the Shah Bano case, directed her husband—who had divorced her—to pay her maintenance. However, Muslim fundamentalists created a huge ruckus claiming that a divorced Muslim woman has no right to maintenance as per the Shariah. Duly scared, Rajiv Gandhi’s Muslim-appeasing government amended the Constitution so that it was in line with this injunction of Shariah. Hindus were outraged and began nationwide protests demanding the government to open the lock on the Ram temple so Hindus could worship there. Rajiv Gandhi who had mollified Muslims by bending the Constitution, now had to mollify Hindus. Additionally, he realized that Hindus had a valid point. Babri masjid wasn’t a scared place for Muslims on the lines of Mecca, Medina, Al Aksa, and Hazratbal. More importantly, both Islam and Christianity were religions alien to India. Muslim emperors of various dynasties who ruled India for nearly a thousand years destroyed thousands of temples.

The Rama temple at Ayodhya was one such temple.

When Babar’s general, Mir Baqi (or Banki) arrived at Ayodhya in 1528(1527) after defeating several Hindu kings, he had the mosque forcibly constructed on the edifice of the Rama temple, which was already destroyed. In our own time, the Babri masjid had no religious significance except for the fact that it was constructed four centuries ago. A few years ago, about 200 temples were pulled down in Gujarat for road-widening purposes and no Hindus made a big fuss. It’s incomprehensible to find anything of significance in a structure constructed by the military general of an alien invader: more so when no namaaz was being performed in that structure for centuries, and no Muslim ever went there on a pilgrimage a la Haj.

On the other hand, Hindus had been continuously fighting to reclaim the structure because of the deep religious and emotional significance it held for them. In 1949, the government agreed to allow Hindus to worship there only once every year. The Shah Bano episode provided Hindus with an opportunity to press the government to allow them to worship at the structure everyday instead of once a year. In 1986, Rajiv Gandhi took the courageous step of conceding this demand. Rumbles began to stir in several quarters. Within days, cries went up denouncing him as a Hindu-sympathizer. On the other side, Hindus, especially the BJP, made this a political movement and demanded that a grand Rama temple be erected there instead of just letting them worship there everyday.

The conflict suddenly took a major turn.

It mobilized votes in favour of the BJP with such astonishing pace that the party, which had just 2 Lok Sabha seats in 1984 had garnered a massive 86 seats in 1989. The assembly elections held in 1991 saw the BJP capture power in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Himachal Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh saw Kalyan Singh ascend to the Chief Minister’s chair on June 24 1991. However, after occupying the high chair, Kalyan Singh didn’t forget his goal. When the VHP, RSS, Bajrang Dal and other nationalist organizations announced that they planned to carry out Kar Seva at Ayodhya on December 6 1992, anxiety prevailed over the survival of the Babri masjid. There was every possibility of the central government dismissing the Uttar Pradesh government. However, Kalyan Singh calmed these fears by giving a written assurance to the Supreme Court that he would save the masjid at any cost. This did two things at the same time: it saved his government from being dismissed and smoothened the way for Kar Seva. The happenings on December 6 1992 don’t need repetition. Once the Babri masjid was demolished, and a makeshift Ram temple was erected on the spot, Kalyan Singh bemoaned that he was helpless in preventing the demolition and resigned claiming moral responsibility.

This is the story in brief, of how Kalyan Singh gave up high office for the sake of a cause. Where is this man and where is someone like Yeddyurappa who was ready to split the party and cross over to JDS? It is well-known how Yeddyurappa knocked on Kumaraswamy’s doors asking for a minister’s berth in return for splitting the BJP in Karnataka. Even Vajpayee and Lal Krishna Advani stand diminished in stature compared to Kalyan Singh. Although it’s true that L K Advani galvanized the Ram temple issue into a national movement, although it’s true that the real beneficiary of this movement is Vajpayee, it is only Kalyan Singh who stands tallest. It is doubtful whether Vajpayee would become Prime Minister but for the Ayodhya movement despite the fact that he never wholeheartedly participated in the movement. He calmly enjoyed the fruits of a fierce struggle in which hundreds of thousands had literally shed their blood. He never endorsed the demolition. On his part, Advani stated before the Liberhan Commission that the demolition was the “saddest day of my life.” Further, his visit to Pakistan saw him hail Jinnah as a secularist, which was a great testimony to Advani’s opportunism.

Yet Kalyan Singh never wavered, was never in two minds about his commitment to the cause.

He could have adopted delaying tactics as soon as he was firmly seated as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, something that would’ve enabled him to enjoy the privileges attendant on a Chief Minister for a longer duration. However, within a year and a half, he made himself ready to sacrifice his chair. After he reassured the Supreme Court that he’d save the Babri masjid at any cost, he ordered the police force not to open fire on Kar Sevaks no matter how grave the provocation. It is for this reason that the Supreme Court in its enquiry named Kalyan Singh as a co-conspirator. Further, in 1997 when Singh was again the Chief Minister, Kalraj Mishra and Lalji Tandon at the behest of Vajpayee, raised the banner of revolt within the party. Eventually Kalyan Singh resigned on November 12, 1999 and formed his own party. However, the ghost of Babri continued to haunt him. The Supreme Court sentenced him to a day in prison in addition to imposing a fine of Rs.1000. It’s nothing short of a cruel irony: the Ayodhya movement put Vajpayee in the Prime Minister’s seat, Advani in the Deputy Prime Minister’s seat, and put Kalyan Singh in jail.

Despite all this, Kalyan Singh was no longer wanted by the party.

Any political party that needs to live, grow, and thrive needs leaders of all sorts. We can divide these leaders into three categories:

  1. Those who are well-versed in the art and craft of winning elections, the strategists.
  2. Those who are well-versed in teaching administrative nuances to a newly-elected government. These are the policymakers and the “implementers.”
  3. The third is the class to people who represent the public face of the party, which has captured power. These people disseminate, defend, and justify the party’s ideology, programmes, and policies in the media, and act as the bridge between the government and the people. Equally, they send feedback to the government as to people’s perceptions about the government. Their job also involves addressing the concerns of party workers and devising strategies to keep them loyal and motivated.

However, the BJP, which came to power in 1998 didn’t merely forget all these three categories of people. In the heady feeling that power brings, it disregarded them all. Drunk with power, it didn’t heed the feedback of party workers. Leaders like Pramod Mahajan and Venkaiah Naidu ran amok and eventually, the BJP paid the ultimate price: a shameful loss in the 2004 elections. Ever since, it has never shown even a hint of stability. The list of backward caste leaders who were used and thrown by the party includes such people as Kalyan Singh, Uma Bharti, Sadhvi Rithambara, and Vinay Katiyar.  

Even despite this, Uma Bharti and Kalyan Singh never forgot their commitment to Ayodhya.

Kalyan Singh’s 27-page affidavit submitted to the Liberhan Commission on December 2 2004, holds a mirror to his character. In the affidavit, he claimed that the demolition of the mosque was “was an act of God…whatever happened on that day, the deponent has no regret, no repentance, no sorrow, and no grief for that…(future) historians will record that Rama’s devotees and patriots demolished that structure, which symbolized slavery and stain. The disputed structure was a Ram temple and will always remain so.”

The BJP has since abandoned Rama. However, although he has distanced himself from the BJP, Kalyan Singh has remained a steadfast devotee of Rama. He could have shed crocodile tears like Advani and extracted his share of political mileage. He could have apologized. If he so desired, he could’ve exposed the hidden forces that worked behind the scenes to carry out the demolition. He could’ve begun an intra-party slugfest in public. However, he never let his personal grievances and frustrations interfere with his devotion to Rama. Such selfless, cause-dedicated people exist in droves in Karnataka’s BJP as well. However, when ultra-corrupt people and casteist worms are inducted wholesale in the name of Operation Lotus, such selfless people—people who actually toiled for and built the party, are quickly forgotten.

Kalyan Singh who has associated himself with the Samajwadi Party is now 77. In the course of his campaigning as an Independent from Itah, he fell down and broke his leg and is now in hospital. His political life is pretty much over. In the wake of the Babri masjid issue that has been rekindled thanks to the polls, this was an opportunity to recollect this backward-caste Hindu leader’s selfless commitment to the Ayodhya cause.

That’s it.

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  1. A. P. Singh
    June 20, 2014 at 5:10 AM

    This page is based on emotions, without verifying the facts.

    Kalyan Singh was an arrogant escapist.
    Although this is evident on face of certain records that he had clear understanding with the then P.M. – PV Narsimha Rao, firstly he let the contempt of court take place; then escaped without getting temporary structure consisting 4 walls and a tin shade.
    Ram Lala is still suffering under poly sheets.
    Courtesy : Kalyan Singh.

    I plead unconditional apologies in advance Mr. Sandeep, but this article appears to be a cooked up story, on briefing given by none else than Kalyan Singh himself.
    (*Paid, is too harsh a word)

    Yes, he was sidelined. But on account of his vices.
    His special kind of relationship with women, specially with one Kusum Rai is well known to every Tom, Dick and Harry of Lucknow.

    Kalyan Singh left party because his very close to heart Kusum Rai was not given ticket by the party.
    And whom he joined?
    Ahha, it was hard-core muslim supporter – Mulayam Singh Yadav, who was stained with bloods of Karsevaks – massacred at Saryu Bridge.
    This mass massacre had taken place, on the call of leaders (including your alleged stalwart Mr. Kalyan Singh, who vanished (or fled whatever) from the spot on the fateful day.

    Mulayam Singh Yadav also carry the glory of Khatima mass massacre against the supporters of Uttarakhand.

    Who joined Mulayam Singh’s mulla-vadi Samajwadi Party, besides Kalyan Singh?

    His very special – Kusum Rai.
    His son – Rajvir Singh.
    His very close (casteist) ally – Saaxi Sachchidanand Maharaj.

    Atal Bihari Vajpeyi bring Kalyan Singh back, on a laddu in 2004.
    Result: BJP out of power with 5 seats in hand, although Kalyan Singh projected 50 (+- 5).

    Present status –
    – Kusum Rai (is or was I don’t know) SP’s MP till 16th Maý 2014.
    His son Rajvir Singh and his friend Saaxi Maharaj (having rape & murder charges) got ticket and are now MPs in the Modi Wave.

    The gist is – Kalyan Singh maare gaye, apni laundiyabaaji ke kaaran.
    Aur koi teer nahi maara us ne Ram Mandir episode me.

  2. July 7, 2012 at 11:38 PM

    Hajpeyi was ever busy in his “Rajdharma”, while the “Loh Purush” was busy praising Jinnah!

    The article forgot to mention that Kalyan Singh was also twice used as a sacrificial lamb to sustain the sisterhood-to-Hajpeyi of Mayawati.

  3. CC
    July 6, 2012 at 9:03 AM

    Oh no, the Indian Mujahideen was banned in the UK today. Minorities and the religion of peace have been targeted yet again. Will these peace loving innocent people never get justice?

  4. Renuka
    July 5, 2012 at 4:21 PM

    Sandeep, can you please erase my comment made from my Face book log in? Jiust privacy issues please…

  5. Renuka
    July 5, 2012 at 4:18 PM

    One more loathsome guy on board, Charlie! Bhaat shall bhee dhoo? Too much wait on the plane! Shall we throw some weight out of the plane?
    “Many Congress leaders from the Centre and the states met her individually to appeal to her to lead the party. To them, she seemed the only person who represented the consensus in the party.” Looks like who ever went to her were castrated during the emergency!
    “I spoke to her, she came across as a committed secularist, who firmly believed that pluralism was the bedrock of Indian society”. I am sure he is was drunk or being paid by the ISI!
    Check out the link…

  6. July 5, 2012 at 4:10 PM

    One more loathsome guy on board, Charlie! Bhaat shall bhee dhoo? Too much wait on the plane! Shall we throw some weight out of the plane?
    “Many Congress leaders from the Centre and the states met her individually to appeal to her to lead the party. To them, she seemed the only person who represented the consensus in the party.” Looks like who ever went to her were castrated during the emergency!

    “I spoke to her, she came across as a committed secularist, who firmly believed that pluralism was the bedrock of Indian society”. I am sure he is was drunk or being paid by the ISI!
    Check out the link…

  7. Sunita Bhati
    June 27, 2012 at 4:20 PM

    Sandeep this post really gave a new insight to Kalyan Singh role in BM saga and never knew this side of his personality.An excellent post.

  8. Anuk
    June 24, 2012 at 11:11 AM

    The state of BJP today is in a very bad shape because it has lost all the dedicated leaders from grassroots to national level. Adding to its woes, the drainage of its intellectual leaders making them hard to defend or attack any criticism from opposition. RSS too on the other hand, lost its spirit and enthusiasm to achieve their goal of Nationalism. Instead, they too are enjoying the benefits of luxury life eg. running Sakhas occassionally, conducting meetings in 5-Star hotels (instead of going to Swayamsevak’s house). They are using their intellect and power to dictate BJP, keep Eunuch president Gadkari (who lacks any charisma & good for nothing leader) and keep Advani ji (without whom BJP would have been another local party) away from any interference. Soon the party was in Power (remember it was a coalition), they have been on BJP to implement their agenda. Their previous Sar Sanghachalak Sudarsan (probably only controversial leader of Sangh) had even termed NDA government worse than Indira Gandhi’s govt. The same stupid guy wanted to install Kanchi mutt’s pontiff when Sri Jayendra Saraswathi was jailed, without even regarding the hundreds of years of mutt’s traditions in selecting the successor.

    I remember very well that RSS & VHP leaders in Gujarat were against Modi ji and contested elections as independents defeat BJP. After Modi became strong and charismatic leader, now they are licking his feet.

    RSS had been a backbone of BJP in the pursuit of its political ambitions, but now it has become a bottleneck. Now BJP is left with a useless leader and his celebrity cronies, who have been successful in keeping dedicated leaders from all levels away from the party (which means winning elections).

    Now country is in so bad shape, all BJP needs is good support from all quarters. Not senseless critcism.

  9. JayKumar
    June 21, 2012 at 1:05 PM

    If not wrong message has been conveyed to Modi indirectly by translating a very good article…What happened to Kalyan same way Modi too will be treated by his rivals and door will be shown to him very soon…Already we are seeing silence among central BJP leaders and not ready to take on uncrowned king of Bihar, this should come as a wake up call for Modi….

    If I am not wrong Nitish is a MLC and not MLA as he was reluctant to contest State Assembly, I tried to search on google but couldn’t get mush resource. On Wiki found that he has lost election especially his home turf on 2 occasions, this itself shows he is not popular among his own fellows.

    Behaving like a Self styled king not being a peoples leader, such leader must be reminded of his performance point by point by comparing with Modi’s performance in all of his 3 elections.

    This must be brought to media notice that such uncrowned king is not a deserved candidate and cant lead a country.

  10. Arvind
    June 21, 2012 at 2:43 AM


    Still peddling the propaganda of the White bishops and Amnesty International that the events in Gujarat did not result in the death of a single Hindu but in the deaths of 3000 Muslims making it a genocide?

    Genocide is what your Congress party did to the passengers in the train and to Sikhs in 1984. What Modi did was to prevent a genocide by calling in the army in a timely manner.

    Keep dreaming that you can carry water for your White masters so that they will once again rule India some day and pat you on your nose in appreciation when you lick their shoes clean.

  11. Rocky
    June 20, 2012 at 9:29 PM

    Irrespective of whatever is said about the ‘greatness’ of Modi, the fact remains that what happened under Modi in 2002 was sheer genocide.The fact that he has not been convicted by courts need not be some excuse. In India the biggest crooks who are powerful politicians are yet to be convicted. I think these ‘pseudo-Hindus’ who keep imagining the threat to Hinduism and keep spoiling more and more Hindu youth by injecting the poison of dividing Indians against Indians, need to open their minds. Today worldwide there are more number of Hindu temples than the number of number of temples in the world in 1900 or 1950. Today the world has more number of Hindus than what it had in 1900 or 1950. Today Yoga, Hare Krishna movement, meditation and other concepts which have come out from the East are known in more places around the world. There are millions of people of all religions who follow Gurus like Sri Sri.

  12. Renuka
    June 20, 2012 at 4:07 PM

    Nice one…Good to know the another side of the story! Atleast Kalyan Singh had or has a back bone.There’s a typo in”…Additionally, he realized that Hindus had a valid point. Babri masjid wasn’t a scared place for Muslims on the lines of Mecca, Medina…” scared to sacred…Thanks!

  13. asha
    June 18, 2012 at 10:40 PM

    Compare him with Sushma Swaraj, who said “Ram Janmabhoomi issue is a encashed check”

  14. Kes
    June 18, 2012 at 3:51 PM

    This made for sad reading.

    The person most responsible for sidelining Kalyan Singh and the decline of BJP in UP (and in rest of the country) is Vajpayee. Vajpayee did not keep a single promise that BJP had made to its voters, and ran a terrible government. He had a chance to do a stellar job and expand BJP’s influence (like Modi has done in Gujarat) but Vajpayee blew away the opportunity.

    Less said about “Loh Purush” the better. Everyone now knows that he has no “Loh” in him, and some of us suspect whether he is even a “Purush”.

  15. June 18, 2012 at 2:37 PM

    thank you very much. I got greatly inspired by this article.

  16. Jooske
    June 18, 2012 at 1:57 PM

    Out of a billion there should be more like him.
    Doing the right thing for everyone in the country.
    Not be pseudo secular
    Not be corrupt.
    Say something and take action to do it eg building the temple
    Have some morality.

  17. SanjayKumar
    June 18, 2012 at 9:02 AM

    Excellent article. As a Hindu, I feel more betrayed by BJP than Congress. At least with Congress, their official stance is well known ” will screw you Hindus..!”. whereas BJP appears to protect the interests of Hindus, but hurts them more!. If any sense is remaining in BJP “leaders”… listen to people and bring Naredra Modi at the forefront. we are waiting for that day!.

  18. Dippakay
    June 18, 2012 at 1:24 AM

    Thanks for providing insights into Sri Kalyan Singh’s life and what it takes to be a honest leader. I hope BJP and RSS learn from their mistakes and recognize their true leadership potential and take the nation forward.

  19. Abha
    June 18, 2012 at 12:58 AM

    Kalyan Singh cracked down on crime in UP, he would have been very good for UP but sadly politics of BJP sidelined him, they lost UP, and because the lost UP they lost the nation…..Moreover, it was a huge loss for UP because UP just got politicians like Mayawati after that, even Bihar is better than UP today……

  20. June 17, 2012 at 11:10 PM

    sad, but proud. A true role model. We need many more of such selfless sacrifices.

  21. June 17, 2012 at 10:51 PM

    Great and moving account, about sacrifices made by Kalyan Singh.

  22. chandra
    June 17, 2012 at 10:02 PM

    thank you for profiling this great individual. Never knew him that well before this.
    we need ram bhakths who would bring glory back to this country.

  23. June 17, 2012 at 9:27 PM

    KS has gone beyond his prime now as it were. His political hiatus, even though forced upon him or arrived upon out of constrain, has left him way out of contention of making any dent in Gujarat politics. And now his fall and fracture has further impeded his ambition of a revisit, be it with BJP, his own Party or with SP as such. All I can wish him is all the best for a past career that was at its zenith during the Ram Janmabhoomi days, but gone from the minds of the forgetting public ever since.

    An excellent perspective, Sandeep.

  24. Abha
    June 17, 2012 at 8:37 PM

    Today BJP has a scarcity of devoted leaders like Kalyan Singh, has anyone noticed that ever since Kalyan Singh was sidelined BJP was never able to make a comeback in UP? It seems BJP is what it is because the mediocrities have taken over, and the upright members have not much clout or are sidelined…..

  25. Abha
    June 17, 2012 at 8:22 PM

    BJP these days has very few devoted upright devoted people who can set examples, after what they did to Kalyan Singh due to infighting, that party has never recovered in UP….Only few in the BJP today can set examples, which is why thinking people like Arun Shourie do not want to associate with it anymore….nor do most thinking people…..

  26. sonu
    June 17, 2012 at 7:04 PM

    more than informative there is new perspective. your classification of the party members in three group was indeed appreciative. over-dependence of BJP on strategist and implementer has costed it a lot and will cause further. i feel envious of left. they rarely came close to power, but faith in their ideology never waivers. ordinary people (like me), with certain clarity, have little (or no) choice for ideology but that gives me greater freedom for choosing my leader. winning or loosing will make difference for leaders rarely for me. for me it is it fight for ideology. i never loose till i abounded it.

  27. Jay
    June 17, 2012 at 5:17 PM

    Sandeep bandhu…thanks for this blogpost! Provides a new perspective to Kalyan Singh’s role in BM saga!

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