Was he Merely a Great Maratha or the Hero of Hindu Hearts?

Note: This is a translation of Pratap Simha’s piece that appeared in Kannada Prabha on November 19, 2012.

Balasaheb Thackeray at Master Dinanath Mangeshkar Awards 2012

But who was he really? Do we go by the opinions of analysts who put him on par with political cartoonists like R.K. Laxman? Or, barring Times Now, do we go by the opinion of the rest of the English news channels who unanimously declare him to be a socially divisive force? Or in light of the several unnecessary statements he made about Belgaum, do we regard him—like many pro-Kannada voices say—as anti-Kannada? Or is he someone who filled the hearts of Maharashtrians with linguistic fanaticism?


Is he the Hindu Hriday Samrat—the Emperor who rules the hearts of Hindus? What does the fact that no leader in the last four decades attracted such a massive sea of people who attended his funeral—after Gandhi, Nehru, and Ambedkar—indicate? What did he truly symbolize? Before we attempt to understand this, let’s recall an article written by Francois Gautier 12 years ago titled Are Hindus Cowards? Gautier holds a mirror to the cowardice and stupidity of Hindus in the piece and holds only one person in very high esteem. Who do you think that person is?

What happens when there is ONE man in India — whatever his faults, quirks, or excesses — who dares to call a spade a spade, is not afraid of words and is ready to stand-up for his opinions? Not only, of course, is he attacked by Christians and Muslims, but he is also hounded by his own brothers and sisters, the "secular" Hindus, the human rights activists, the journalists, the police, the (Congress) politicians! Are Hindus so intent to show the world that not only are they cowards but also idiots? This man, of course, is Bal Thackeray.

When Bal Thackeray said many years ago that there was no point in playing cricket against Pakistan as long as Islamabad was sending militants to kill and maim into Indian territory, he was ridiculed by the secular press as fanatic and un-sportive (and cricket is certainly not a gentleman’s game, as the recent scandal has shown). But he was proved right, when during Kargil, India refused — for once — to play cricket with Pakistan.


When he says too, that since 14 centuries, Muslims always strike first against Hindus, he has another good point, for those who live in Indian cities which have important Muslim minorities will tell you that every time there are Hindu-Muslim riots, it is the Muslims who start them, either by attacking the police, or by provoking the Hindus.

And as Francois Gautier says, the man who fearlessly called a spade a spade is none other than Bala Keshav Thackeray.

The fact that he used to admire the German dictator, Adolf Hitler was a topic that was endlessly discussed and criticized even on the occasion of Bal Thackeray’s Last Journey. However, when we trace Bal Thackeray’s career, the reason for his Hitler-admiration becomes clear. After it was humiliatingly defeated in the First World War in 1919, the America-Britain combine foisted the Treaty of Versailles, thereby adding salt upon an already wounded Germany. Hitler simply roused the pride of Germans against this injustice. Additionally, he was one of the most forceful orators in history.

In 1960, the state of Maharashtra came into existence thanks to the linguistic reorganization scheme. Efforts were on to slice Bombay off from Maharashtra. It was then that Bal Thackeray rose up and thundered that Bombay would burn if any attempt was made to cut it off from Maharashtra. He was, like Hitler, a fierce orator. Back then, Bombay was filled with Gujaratis, Parsis, and South Indians, not too different from today. The perception of Maharashtrians was that they were a lazy lot. It was Bal Thackeray who instilled self-respect and pride in middle-class Maharashtrians, a no mean task. Let’s also recall that in that period, the entire state was divided along caste lines. It was a period when the names of stalwarts like Jyotiba Pule, Sahu Maharaj and Ambedkar dominated the social and political firmament. The fact that Bal Thackeray gave this an entirely new dimension by uniting all Maharashtrians under the banner of Shivaji should count as an exemplary accomplishment.

This period also saw the birth and flowering of militant trade unionism of the Left variety. Bombay was then home to the maximum number of textile mills in the country. The plight of hundreds of thousands of workers was truly pitiable. And therefore, in such an atmosphere, anybody who spoke on behalf of these mill workers became a hero. Workers’ Unions were formed and they were mostly controlled by Leftists. However, even in such circumstances, it was only Bal Thackeray who ensured that Bombay didn’t fall into the violent clutches of these Leftist Trade Unions. It was Bal Thackeray who ensured that the Left parties didn’t win a single election.

Today, it’s unfair to judge Bal Thackeray merely on the basis of some politically-expedient statements he issued with regard to Belgaum. If anything, his worldview transcended the narrow confines of caste, region, and language. The example of Sanjay Nirupam, a Bihari, comes to mind. He was first elected as an MP on a Shiv Sena ticket. If Bal Thackeray was indeed the fanatical linguistic leader he’s portrayed to be, would he step in and rescue Sikhs in 1984? In the wake of Indira Gandhi’s assassination, Sikhs were attacked in almost all parts of India. Delhi alone witnessed the genocide of more than 3000 Sikhs. However, in Bombay not one Sikh was harmed thanks to Bal Thackeray who issued a stern warning against any such attempt, yet another demonstration of the extent of his power.

The Mandal conflagration that erupted between 1989-91 saw a lone dissenter in the form of Bal Thackeray who opposed the vile, caste-based reservations aimed at perpetuating V.P. Singh’s power. This dissent despite the fact that backward castes make up about 70% of the Shiv Sena cadre. Not just this. The fact that he managed to triumph in the 1995 assembly polls shows that he was able to digest this dissension.

In 2007, Arnab Goswami in an interview asked Bal Thackeray, “Because some Muslims are involved in terrorism, how fair is it to tarnish the entire community?” To which, Thackeray’s gutsy reply was: “Why don’t you question those who in 1948, set fire to the houses of Brahmins because Nathuram Godse was a Brahmin?” And, “If all of us accept that we are the citizens of one nation, where does the question of minorities come from?” Only Bal Thackeray possessed this kind of defiant courage.

Whatever pseudo secularists may harp about Shiv Sena, it is a fact that this organization is responsible for reducing and containing the perverse phenomenon of vulgar eve-teasing in Bombay. Even as we speak, Shiv Sena continues to assist poor people by providing them with free ambulance services and blood donations. Additionally, Bal Thackeray to a great extent acted as a bulwark to check the excesses of underworld gangsters like Dawood Ibrahim, Chota Shakeel and Chota Rajan.

The fact that the people of Bombay have repeatedly elected the Shiv Sena (and later the Shiv Sena-BJP combine) in the Municipal Elections since 1985 is a testimony to the faith they continue to repose in them. The Washington Post in one of its pieces wrote that Bal Thackeray was the man “who rules Bombay the way Al Capone ruled Chicago—through fear and intimidation.” If that were indeed true, why would 20 lakh people—almost 1/5th the population of Bombay—attend his funeral? The last time India witnessed this kind of crowd was when the likes of Gandhi, Nehru and Ambedkar passed away.

As Gautier says, Bal Thackeray was the only man who called a spade a spade and had the pluck to stand by his statements. In 1992 when the Babri Masjid was destroyed in Ayodhya, Atal Bihari Vajpayee acted as if the sky had fallen down upon him. And later, L.K. Advani cravenly wailed before the Liberhan Commission that “December 6 was the saddest day of my life.” However, it was only Bal Thackeray who said that “if the Babri Masjid was broken down by Shiv Sainiks, I would have been proud of them!” It was only Bal Thackeray who had the gumption to declare that “the only way to defeat the rising threat of Islamic terrorism is to counter it with Hindu terrorism.” If these things don’t make him the Hindu Hriday Samrat, nothing else does.

To quote Gautier again, “’Arise O Hindus, stop being cowards, remember that a nation requires Kshatriyas, warriors, to defend knowledge, to protect one’s women and children, to guard one’s borders from the enemy….And do Indians need a Bal Thackeray to remind them of that simple truth?”

Yes, Indians definitely do need him. But sadly, he is no more!

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  1. Bhagyashree
    December 13, 2012 at 3:52 AM

    Heartly salute for the great hero of 21st century

  2. Nikhil
    November 28, 2012 at 4:31 PM

    The events of KP exodus and genocide are known to all and Jagmohan has documented them very well in his book ‘ My Frozen Turbulence in Kashmir’….While Jagmohan was a godsent saviour for Pandits…Balasaheb was no less than an angel who at every step assisted them when the ruling Congress govt. would not even allow a peaceful protest anywhere by KP’s in Delhi…No player aligned with the Congress would even acknowledge that the exodus of KP’s happened!!..extending help was out of the question!!..The KP representatives met Balasaheb and apprised him of the situation and the turmoil the community was facing….people were disoriented, beaten down and emotionally tormented….KP kids were being taught in temples and makeshift tents…those who lived in the comfort of their houses in Kashmir were now living in camps…drinking filthy water and living on leftovers…for an in-depth analysis of life during that period, I suggest people read Siddhartha Gigoo’s novel ‘The Garden of Solitude’ and Rahul Pandita’s (the OPEN magazine editor) soon to be released ‘Our moon has blood clots’…Ok..so now Balasaheb, when he came to know of the situation realised that the only way to assist Pandits in their goal is to provide education…No sooner than that were the doors of all educational institutions opened to Kashmiri Pandits on a special basis…Engineering to Pharmacy..everything….Balasaheb didn’t wait for approvals or allow the red tape to hinder this highly emotional decision…KP’s studied, got good jobs and the community got up back on its feet…..This act of generosity was what made balasaheb a saviour for KP’s…If today KP’s are alive it’s because of Jagmohan….If they are surving and living respectfully,it’s because of Balasaheb……
    *Three quick off the cuff points*
    1. When the Amarnath Yatra fiasco happened in Jammu and elsewhere…It was Balasaheb who sent Shiv Sainiks to avert any damage that the libtards and Azaadi lovers might do to anyone….Balasaheb was an important warrior in those two months of conflict.
    2. A few years back…Farooq Abdullah in a rally in some area of Kashmir insulted Hindus (Rajputs specifically) in petty remarks….A young Rajput boy got up and managed to assault Abdullah…later when Balasaheb got the news, he invited the boy to Matoshree, applauded him and inducted him into the Sena.
    3. I have KP friends who in their personal capacity used to meet Balasaheb back when they were granted admissions in Maharashtra…..This continued most of the time on a weekly basis almost every Sunday…soometimes they even played cricket with the guards at Matoshree!!…Balasaheb would enquire about the welfare of the community and would tell them if they and the KP community needed more help and assistance, he was always there…..and he did assist in more ways than one.
    I hope that clears the perception of Balasaheb from the kashmiri lens…:)….My views on Balasaheb are here..https://www.facebook.com/notes/nikhil-koul/ek-tha-thackerayfarewell-balasaheb/395454687197655….:)

  3. rahul
    November 27, 2012 at 10:50 PM

    Bhavanapurna Shradhanjali to Bala saheb Thackrey.. He was a great man. I dont think fighting for Hindutva is wrong . Even all the king. Guru Govind singh, Rana pratap, Pritvi raj chauhan, Shivaji Maharaj. they also Fought for Swaraj Do we call them wrong?

  4. November 27, 2012 at 3:34 PM

    Yes, he was truly Hindu Hridaysamrat and Hindus respect him for being him…

    He did many things like protecting and settling Kashmiri Pandits, saving Hindus during all riots, opposing migration of Bangladeshi Muslms, standing up for Hindu rights all along, which make us respect him…

  5. November 27, 2012 at 8:43 AM


    The girls were arrested by the Shiv Sena government and not the Congress government? Where did you read this news? Clearly you have been brainwashed and are a sycophant of Sonia Nehru. We all know why you worship Sonia.

  6. ItAcHI
    November 26, 2012 at 10:24 PM

    Why would I say that buddy?
    >can anyone elucidate his role in protecting kashmiri pandits please?

  7. Vineet
    November 25, 2012 at 12:41 PM


    Very strange – you didnt ask this question to the Government in power of why they were colluding with “apostles of Religion of Peace” at the Azaad Maidan. Amar Jawan Jyoti replica was discredited and still police kept silent and that bloody commissioner was praised.

    I am no advocate for Shiv Sainiks and honestly believe that they should have given the Raza Academy goons back in same currency but then likes of you would have said that Shiv Sainiks had no regard for Law & Order.

  8. ItAcHi
    November 24, 2012 at 7:39 PM

    Forget 26/11. Where was Shiv sena when goons were on the rampage in azad maidan? When national heritage monuments were desacrated,and MARATHI police abused and molested, the Shiv sena “condemned” the issue. and when two college girls posted a totally unoffensive comment on FB, suddenly the valour of the marathas is displayed by getting the girls arrested and vandalising here uncle’s shop.

  9. Sandeep
    November 24, 2012 at 11:55 AM

    Hi Sandeep,
    In the wake of Balasaheb’s demise, a large number of hoardings,condoling his demise, have come up across cities in Maharashtra (I have seen Mumbai,Pune & Kolhapur).

    Some are from Shivsena and affiliates, and the symbols and imagery of Shivsena are there on these. However, asignificant number have only names of local leaders/people in mourning etc. I randomly checked some of the names,and they turned out to be Congress/NCP cadres. He is mentioned prominently as “Hinduhridaysamrat”. However,party signs and symbols are missing in these hoardings.

    Just goes to prove that Balasaheb’s influence went across party lines and affected all of Maharashtra.

  10. Vineet
    November 23, 2012 at 10:38 PM

    @ Andy

    How about checking about what was your “Yuvraj” – the hope of congress and his family were doing at the time of 26/11. Your great logic of Shiv Sena workers to have gone and fought with them is something which only a true blooded Congressi sychophant or a Red Devil Communist can come up with.

    Just do some search and you will find that your “Great Hope” was partying shortly after the Mumbai Tragedy.

    As regards to Thackeray’s opposition to others, I may not agree with approach but then there is something like domicile.

  11. Krishnan
    November 23, 2012 at 4:00 AM

    A big deal is made out of his opposition to Pakistan, cricket diplomacy, patriotism etc. He was an opportunistic politician who made precisely calculated moves to be in news and keep his power in tact. He used language to launch his political career by giving hard times to non-marathi people, then cashed-in on Hindutva in 90s when it mattered. Bal Thackeray only remained uncompromising when it came to protecting the interest of Marathis and Maharashtra.

  12. November 22, 2012 at 7:35 AM

    @Andy, perfect jump thru the hoop. rofl. adios.

  13. Nikhil
    November 22, 2012 at 1:38 AM

    @Andy: Re: [ I really doubt if he ever had the cojones to pull it off. He was nothing more than CHICKEN-HAWK who roared at Mumbai from the safety confines of “Matoshree.” He was a coward, a bully, and despite what people claimed, he was an oppressor of HINDU Kannadigas, Tamilians, Gujratis, Biharis, and UPites. ]….BTW he and Jagmohan are solely responsible for saving 5 lakh kashmiri pandits and rehabilitating them….and Matoshree wasn’t always the fortress….Thackeray was arrested for slapping communists and trade-union leaders in Mumbai….I have talked about it in my separate piece above…don’t be a douche and a coward…and if u admit u r a coward..just don’t criticise balasaheb coz sure u don’t deserve to…)

  14. Andy
    November 21, 2012 at 11:34 PM

    @cricfan://predictable, but highly limited thought process behind the “why did BT the boaster not show up in battle fatigues on 26/11?”. its worth responding to this so readers get a glimpse of the depraved & indifferent mindset behind such taunts..//

    Oh Waaah! Like your thought-process is so immaculate. Play me the saddest song on the smallest violin, will you?

    // India has its own army under gov control to deal with foreign invasions & BT let them do their job.//

    But of course, BT “let them do their job” because if he didn’t, they couldn’t. Forget 26/11, how did the Dawood Ibrahim-funded blasts happen on his watch in 1993 when purportedly, he “acted as a bulwark to check the excesses of underworld gangsters like Dawood Ibrahim..”? Draw me that picture, please.

    //That’s a fundamental diff compared to mass-murderers like Maoists/LeT/Hamas cheer-led by retarded secularists & leftists, who are so used to subverting parliament & accepting & using terrorism to achieve their aims, invariably fail to grasp//

    Right, because BT has no compunctions about subverting democracy at all? Well, actually he did voice his disdain for democracy and how India would do better under a dictatorship (Enjoy!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fOonkQBz3s), but I really doubt if he ever had the cojones to pull it off. He was nothing more than CHICKEN-HAWK who roared at Mumbai from the safety confines of “Matoshree.” He was a coward, a bully, and despite what people claimed, he was an oppressor of HINDU Kannadigas, Tamilians, Gujratis, Biharis, and UPites.

    I hope he made a nice charred corpse.

  15. November 21, 2012 at 11:01 PM

    @Andy said “@cricfan: Errr…no, pendejo! Neither SRT nor SRK nor Lata Mangeshkar made any claims …. unavailable to defend the city when a few dudes with automatic weapons landed in Mumbai and killed their beloved Marathi Manoos.”

    predictable, but highly limited thought process behind the “why did BT the boaster not show up in battle fatigues on 26/11?”. its worth responding to this so readers get a glimpse of the depraved & indifferent mindset behind such taunts. India has its own army under gov control to deal with foreign invasions & BT let them do their job. That’s a fundamental diff compared to mass-murderers like Maoists/LeT/Hamas cheer-led by retarded secularists & leftists, who are so used to subverting parliament & accepting & using terrorism to achieve their aims, invariably fail to grasp.

  16. Nikhil
    November 21, 2012 at 4:57 PM

    Sandeep…my feelings and sentiments are the same….speaking from my POV…..I had this to say and I consider u and the late Varsha Bhosle influential on this piece….more power to yours and Pratap’s pen…..https://www.facebook.com/notes/nikhil-koul/ek-tha-thackerayfarewell-balasaheb/395454687197655.

  17. November 21, 2012 at 11:18 AM

    The linguistic identity raised here is a very important point. Ideally, every person should be happy within his/her own home, and let others be happy in theirs. When mass migration happens — either too many Andhra people in Telangana or too many Gujaratis/Biharis in Maharashtra, it invariably gives rise to tensions between locals and outsiders.

    No point in pointing fingers and assigning blame here. All are bharatiyas here, but rest assured, this issue are only going to flare up, and politicians will only be too happy in fanning these to create more vote banks.

    What needs to be given thought to, is to think at this problem not at regional level, but at national level. We need to think why someone is forced to leave his/her native place and go to an unknown place for work.

    I think its a deliberate Abrahamistic practice to hoard all resources at one place and make them unavailable for the general population. And this paucity of resources makes people gravitate to places where these resources are and makes them fight with each other on all sorts of divides– caste, religion, region, gender, age, etc etc. Hence even after more than 60 yrs of independence, we have only a few developed cities in the country where people flock to, for employment while other smaller cities which have a huge potential are largely kept out of the development loop. Hyderabad is the only big city in AP whereas all others lag behind even though the state is being ruled by politicians who are not native of Telangana. Similarly, Mumbai is the only major city in Maharashtra, with Pune catching up only recently. I am sure people can give other examples.

    On the other hand, Hindu culture is all about decentralisation of power. Like Gujarat, we would have a large number of developed cities that are close to one-another where we dont need a mass exodus of people gravitating towards only a few power centres.

  18. November 21, 2012 at 8:41 AM

    And now i feel doubly happy to have mentioned the incredible Sri Tukaram Omble.

  19. Andy
    November 21, 2012 at 12:55 AM

    @cricfan: Errr…no, pendejo! Neither SRT nor SRK nor Lata Mangeshkar made any claims about being the champion-defenders of Marathi Manoos or Hinduism or Hindus (which is a crock of shit, btw, since SS’s stance against South Indians and North Indians- regardless of their religion- has been quite virulent). For a bunch of goons who can trace a FB post of a 21 year old to her uncle (who had nothing to do with the post), descend on his medical practice with precision, and vandalize it (yeah, like that’s SOOO productive for the city of Mumbai, the state of MH, and the Marathi Manoos, right?), they were pretty fucking unavailable to defend the city when a few dudes with automatic weapons landed in Mumbai and killed their beloved Marathi Manoos. Where were these goondas then? Phatke haath mein aa gayi, ke?

  20. November 21, 2012 at 12:10 AM

    @Reluctantly Indian said: “And, when Kasab and company were slaughtering innocents in Bombay, Thackeray, his son, and his nephew were nowhere to be seen. If I remember, it was a Malayalee and a Bihari who were among the NSG commandos who died!”

    1. to be fair, i doubt if BalT was fit enuf to be a commando in 2008. besides what were b’wood heros doing. what was ambani doing. what was sachin doing… see how easy it is to ask :)
    2. Asst.SI Tukaram Omble who cornered Kasab with just a lathi was INDIAN, likely marathi speaking, and the incredible guts he showed doing that was Shivaji-esque.

  21. Reluctantly Indian
    November 20, 2012 at 9:01 PM

    Though I usually admire Pratap Simha’s articles, I must disagree with this one. Bal Thackeray was no Hindu Hriday Samrat, as his sycophants were wont to call him. If so, were those Gujaratis, Tamils, and Biharis that he terrorized at various points in time not Hindus?

    He was no Hindu leader. He was a politician who played his cards as the times dictated. When it suited him, he was a linguistic fanatic; when the wind blew the other way, he became a Hindutvadi. And, when Kasab and company were slaughtering innocents in Bombay, Thackeray, his son, and his nephew were nowhere to be seen. If I remember, it was a Malayalee and a Bihari who were among the NSG commandos who died!

    There is only one thing that he did right in my opinion, and that was to call for an end to playing cricket with Pakistan.

  22. SCC
    November 20, 2012 at 8:59 PM

    He was great wit with a very sharp mind. He was a gifted orator. Anyone who has lived his life in Mumbai in the 80’s know in his heart that Balasaheb was 10 times more secular than the most liberal Muslim leader anywhere in the world.

  23. Krishnaprasad K
    November 20, 2012 at 6:53 PM

    Indeed a good article by Pratap Simha ?& sandeep….
    Bal Kesav Thackeray a true nationalist & Patriot. The one who never had to hire crowds, he may be highly controversial but widely celebrated. I admire him a lot. I have never shed tears for any politician who died. But when i was watching his funeral attended by more than 20 lakhs i could not control my tears its out of admiration, love & respect for you Balasahab.
    The next generation should know there was a Man Bal Thackeray who stood firmly on his opinion against the pseudo secular, terrorist & other anti national.

  24. Sunil
    November 20, 2012 at 4:33 PM

    Raj Thackeray is charismatic and has got the qualities of Balasaheb. Uddhav is not a good orator., but a good administrator ( according to sources). Raj should take the take the mantle of Balasaheb ( BT never held position of power) and allow Uddhav and others to take the power mantle. Then surely they will win seats. If they go separate as it is now, then the split will help the Congress. One feels that Raj and Uddhav should unite now. Hope wisdom will prevail.

  25. Naveen
    November 20, 2012 at 11:16 AM

    He is the Second “VEER DAMODAR SAVARKAR”

  26. Sri Aiyer Raju Sreenivasan
    November 20, 2012 at 9:24 AM

    Balasaheb Thackeray has orphaned us the Hindus who are at the receiving end of pseudo-secularists comprised of those bearing Hindu names and non-Hindus. I wonder how long it would take for another leader of his stature to arrive on the Hindu horizon. The entire audio-visual media (barring a few) comprised of Pakistani and Chinese patriots is ranged against us. One word of Balasaheb in his Saamna was enough to put the fear of the Almighty in the hearts of all these anti-Hindu terrorists. Alas, he is no more. He stomped the ground on which he walked as its Emperor and died as one, receiving State Honors. Oh Balasaheb I have never shed tears for any politician who died, but I have been shedding copious tears for you. Definitely it is out of respect and love for you and also out of the self-pity as to what would happen us Hindus orphaned by you! May the Almighty Bless you with the Highest World of Satyaloka, and may you continue to watch over us.

  27. SK
    November 20, 2012 at 8:14 AM

    This article says why he was loved by Marathi Manoos and Mumbaikars across caste

  28. November 20, 2012 at 7:33 AM

    I would like to point out that the men I have known to enjoy such a huge following and whose funeral was so widely attended were – MGR and Annadurai.
    MGR’s popularity was his ability to cut across caste and community lines to establish himself as a man of the people. He was loved, though he had nothing much to offer beyond dreams.

    Annadurai’s legacy was different. In 1969, when he died, the DMK had been in power only for 2 years and had been existence for 20 years. What brought him that popularity was a combination of factors – the ability to unite people on a common platform, oratory and most of all, his ability to identify the ‘other’ as the root cause of all the troubles that his people were facing.
    That the DMK movement was atheist while the Shiv Sena wasn’t is merely a minor difference, in the scheme of things.

  29. November 20, 2012 at 2:56 AM

    Endless thanks for such beautifully worded tribute to Late Balasaheb Thackeray. He is posibly the only leader who spoke his heart out irrespective of repercussions. The so-called clever-by-half English media notwithstanding…people of Maharashtra shall never forget him for all that he did to raise their Self esteem and to give a higher decible to their voice. Thanks again and yet again…With warm regards – K R Vaishampayan [alias – KRV]

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