Modi the Great!

ModitheGreatThis is a translation of my own piece published in the Sunday Special Supplement of Kannada Prabha on December 16, 2012. I thought this piece would be a fitting tribute to Modi’s stupendous and third consecutive electoral success in the Gujarat 2012 assembly polls.

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Modi the Great!

You can’t copy him, you won’t get a Xerox of him!

Tell me the truth. How many times have you seen the election manifesto of any political party in your life? Whatever be the party of your choice, how many of you, even out of curiosity, have actually seen the manifesto of the political party of your choice? Even if you have seen it, how seriously have you taken it?

Forget this. Jog your memory a bit. When was the last time any media carried a special show discussing the manifestoes of political parties? At most, the media carries senseless shows listing the pre-poll promises of political parties.

Thus I was aghast when I watched a few English news channels beaming elaborate talk shows and discussions concerning the BJP’s electoral manifesto for the Gujarat 2012 polls. It was a first of sorts. Ironically, these selfsame news channels never did something of the sort when the selfsame party released its manifesto on the eve of several national elections in the past. So what was so special this time?

The answer is simple: the crux doesn’t lie in the manifesto at all. Neither does it lie in the party. The crux lies exactly in one person.

Name: Narendra Damodardas Modi. The three-time Chief Minister of Gujarat who delivered spectacular governance to the state and showed the entire nation how development and prosperity could be achieved and who currently faces yet another election.

Of all political leaders in India, it’s not an exaggeration to say that Modi alone has the maximum number of opponents. The entire secular galaxy that includes the Congress and other parties, our self-proclaimed intellectuals, poets, litterateurs, writers…everybody seems to have an incurable allergy towards Modi. It appears as if they were born to spite Modi.

Check it out: none of these worthies mentioned something like a BJP election manifesto on the eve of both the 2002 and the 2007 polls. This time around, they’re strutting around like it’s a really big deal. What this means is simple: the combined arsenal of these eminences is empty. Hence the attack on that manifesto.

Ever since campaigning began for the Gujarat polls, all efforts of the Congress party have resembled an aimless arrow shot from Delhi. When heavyweights like Ambika Soni, Chidambaram, and Salman Khurshid arrived in Gujarat in June this year, they scooted back to Delhi in a hurry after being thoroughly humiliated. Despite that, even after that, they had six long months to think and strategize. But what emerged out of that six-month-long “strategizing?” Throughout the campaign trail, it was apparent to everybody that they were completely clueless as to how to mount a half-decent counterattack. What does this show? Indeed, the fact that the Congress in Gujarat is really in the pits is clear when it chose to field Shweta Bhatt—the wife of a corrupt and disgraced police officer named Sanjiv Bhatt—against Narendra Modi in Maninagar. This only means that the mighty Congress party is bereft of leaders who can dare to take Modi head-on.

Yet another important aspect concerns the role of Sonia and her son, the Prime Minister-in-waiting, Rahul Gandhi. Poor Rahul. It appears as if anything he touches turns to ashes. When he campaigned in Bihar in 2010, the Congress ended up with exactly three seats. In the 2012 Uttar Pradesh elections, his party, which unleashed one of the most mammoth poll campaigns ended up with a tally that didn’t even touch 30 seats. And this sorry result despite a 24/7 publicity frenzy by the English media which acted like the Congress party’s PR team. Sonia Gandhi’s Gujarat campaign began quite late in the day, a significant indicator in itself. The tone and tenor of her entire campaign was a sorry mixture of dullness and anxiety. There’s reason for this. In her 2007 Gujarat campaign, she made the Himalayan Blunder of calling Modi a merchant of death (Maut ka Saudagar). In Modi’s hands, this became a game changer, the trump card she literally handed him on a platter. The story of how he used it to completely alter the direction of the poll is now history. This apart, we saw how over the last 3-4 weeks, prominent members of the Gujarat Congress deserted ship and joined the BJP. In this pathetic state of affairs, it’s but evident that forget trying to rein in Modi, Sonia was unable to make even a half-hearted attempt at criticizing him.

And so the only option remaining for the Congress was to clutch at whatever weak straw it could find. The BJP’s poll manifesto was one such straw. Needless, the friendly English media acted on cue and played out the manifesto farce on live TV. Consider this: in a country as large as India, what does the fact that the entire English media embarked on a nonsensical dissection of one Chief Minister’s election manifesto tell you? Name exactly one state and one Chief Minister which has attracted debate, discussion, and criticism on this scale in the election season.

The fact is that after Modi established himself in Gujarat, the Congress was decimated years ago. And it is aware of this fact. But this fact isn’t what really scares the Congress. What really scares the Congress is a resounding victory yet again for Modi. This will mean that pretty much nothing can stop his triumphant march to Delhi [Ed: At the time of writing the original Kannada piece, election results were not yet announced]. Indeed, Narendra Modi is the worst and only nightmare for the Congress today.

There’s a definite and perceptive Modi wave across the country over the last 3 years now. The kind of development that Gujarat has achieved under Modi’s leadership is now the stuff of legends. The same people who once chastised Modi as anti-Muslim and mass-murderer are now singing his praises. And when the Supreme Court-appointed SIT exonerated Modi in the riots cases, the secular English media had to lock up their collective mouths. Simultaneously, countries like China, Japan and England are making a beeline to do business with Gujarat. Further, an India under the scam-a-day Congress dispensation has the sole exception in Gujarat where Modi has checked corruption to a very great extent. Indeed, several in the Gujarat bureaucracy are upset with Modi: "he doesn’t eat, he doesn’t let us eat.” (na khaata hai, na khaane deta hai). Any business house wishing to set up shop in Gujarat is given single window clearance.

In May 2011, the Vairagad Gram Panchayat in Maharashtra unanimously passed a resolution proposing that Narendra Modi adopt their village. Modi’s visit to Rajasthan in May 2012 generated a phenomenal response from among the people there. The fact that Modi has a huge fan following in a city like Chennai itself is a pointer to the shape of things to come. Punjab and Haryana too are no exceptions to this as we saw earlier this year. But this in itself isn’t everything. The other side is more significant. It concerns the sheer goodwill that Modi has earned. The kind of goodwill that has seen legions of his supporters who rise up to defend Modi against even the smallest criticism. Rahul Gandhi’s disastrous rally at Darbhanga during the 2010 Bihar election campaign is a good illustration. When Rahul launched a verbal attack against Modi in Darbhanga, a group of angry youth went as far as trying to throw chairs at the poor prince.

If the 2012 Gujarat elections has drawn both national and international attention, an attention that’s on par with that of the Lok Sabha, it is because of exactly one person: Narendra Modi.

The fact that a mere Chief Minister has managed to capture the imagination and adulation of the entire nation is not a small matter. It is because in an era of Lilliputs, Modi has emerged as the tallest leader that India has seen after a long time. He shows decisiveness where others show prevarication. Other state Chief Ministers display weakness and indecisiveness before implementing a law or a development projects for fear that it might hurt the hundreds of vote banks they’ve so cynically cultivated. But Modi has effortlessly implemented hundreds of such projects. Where other Chief Ministers pass the blame to the bureaucracy and to our outmoded laws, Modi has used the same bureaucracy and the same outmoded laws to achieve what he has achieved.

Narendra Modi also happens to be the finest orator of our time. His oratory can reasonably be compared to that of Vajpayee. Like Vajpayee, Modi is a phenomenal crowd puller. His speeches in themselves are the finest illustrations of his sense of humour, grasp over facts, presence of mind, and most importantly, his amazing ability to hold the audience for any length of time by the sheer force of his sheer oratory.

Even if we set aside all these, Modi has distinguished himself by converting adversity into opportunity at every step. The best example of this is how he managed to conclusively shut the shops of the vile array of secularists who abused him endlessly, mercilessly. Today, the egg is on their faces and it presents an ugly sight. The same secularists who raised alarms that Gujarat will witness communal riots under Modi are now licking their wounds given how there hasn’t been a single communal riot in a decade. And this in a state which has a sordid history of communal riots. The other example of course, is the well-known Maut ka Saudagar missile, which Modi ensured, boomeranged on Sonia Gandhi.

Modi perhaps is the first Chief Minister to discard the sick concept of vote bank politics and still win elections and usher in development. He is also a staunch nationalist in the true sense of the word. When the unfortunate eruption occurred at Manesar earlier this year, he had this to say: “Gujarat doesn’t want to take Maruti away from Manesar. In my view, Manesar belongs to India. I want all of India to be industrially developed.” Remember that the Congress rules Haryana.

What all this means is just this: there’s no doubt that Narendra Modi is a pan-Indian leader. A strong leader is someone who the entire nation claims as its own. Forget fancy analyses and elaborate opeds. There is such a thing as the genuine love and adoration of the people. Narendra Damodardas Modi has earned that. Is it still surprising that Modi has emerged as the tallest leader in India today?

And today, just as the rest of India looks at Gujarat as a model state of political stability and economic prosperity, tomorrow the rest of the world will regard an India under Narendra Modi’s Prime Ministership in the same manner.

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  1. Raj Singh
    July 6, 2013 at 11:12 PM

    Great Article, New Sena of NAMO of web wing.. great goahead

  2. som
    February 14, 2013 at 1:25 PM
  3. January 1, 2013 at 2:44 PM

    Yes, you so rightly point out that Gujarat BJP’s menifesto was widely discussed. Thanks to Mr. Modi’s leadership.

    By using Sanjiv Bhatt’s wife, Cong party exposed itself and Modi’s credibility increased.

    For RG, I worry when will he marry – given the dismal prospect of his party in next elections…

    It is true that Modi ji is amongst very few politician who do not play vote bank politics and yet win elections.

    For progress and development, all states of India deserve a CM like Mr. Modi. Which is possible only if he becomes our PM!

  4. DrSher
    December 30, 2012 at 12:13 PM


    My deepest regrets for the tragic incident that just happened. I think much of it must be based on what an Indian over here called the “slutification” of Bollywood the last years. Now, watching a Bollywood movie has just as much sex, seduction, violence and idiotic content as most Hollywood movies. THIS does more to disrespect women than anything. And of course, the liberals and leftists don’t care because popular culture makes people so dumb that they cannot think about anything, but how much weight Ashwariya Ray gained/lost after she had a baby. I say: IDIOTS!!

    Finally, concealed weapons is not very common in India, is it? Saves single, lone women from rape, assault and robbery every night in the USA. Is that something people talk about?

  5. DrSher
    December 30, 2012 at 12:07 PM

    Great writing Sandeep. I have been watching development of Indian politics for a little while now and is learning. To me, I sit with the impression that the congress party is in bed with the international bankers and globalists, while BJP is fighting that. Is it so? IS actually BJP THAT different>?

    I live in USA and the Republican and Democrat party are two of the same, but still there is no alternative. Both the parties are owned and bought by globalists, corporations and bankers. The only one that are fighting the internationalization and tyranny is people outside of these two parties and we are getting stronger every day.

    It is very exciting what is going on in India now. Hopefully India will remain a country that is more proud of it’s own heritage than just selling it off to the first corporates that turn up. I think the globalization is the most dangerous thing that exists. Nothing is worse, not terrorism, not disease, Swine flu or financial ruin. The globalization will lead to a homogenous mass that is dispossessed (hyper-inflation will destroy middle class), disenfranchised (no need/use in voting for two of the same) and not the least DISARMED. The UN is even working on a “gun ban”.

    We got more than 150 million armed people in the US. I only 1% of those are crazy SOB’s that would rather die than be disarmed, you can just imagine. No way the US military will shoot it’s own, but all the federal agents will surely try killing as many “crazy gun people” as possible.

    Times ahead are very challenging indeed.

    LiveFree Or Die

  6. som
    December 26, 2012 at 10:26 AM

    This is the first time in history ,the people of oppressed nations like India will decide her own future and the priority of western organisations should be tackling and limiting the oppression of their own governments rather than getting carried away with colonial notions of a global struggle for human rights.
    The people of the oppressed nations deserve nothing less than the conditions for self determination, free from foreign interference, and participation in equal term with so called dominating nation.

  7. AJAY
    December 25, 2012 at 8:54 PM

    thank you mr sandeep your article made me to work properly for couple of hours on that day . life style and impressive character of modi made me enlightened and motivated to do our job properly and passionately. thank u so much sir .

  8. ItAcHi
    December 25, 2012 at 2:23 PM

    This is the 1st scene of a series The Newsroom, in which the present day live time media with its TRPs is criticised, and paves way for true journalistic standards.Thought it would be pretty apt on our indian media too.

  9. som
    December 25, 2012 at 12:22 PM

    Hindutva (not Hinduism) Concept in the 1960s
    It was first presented by Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya in the form of four lectures delivered in Bombay on April 22-25, 1965. It distinguishes Indian systems from other prevalent systems like communism and capitalism.

  10. December 25, 2012 at 12:16 PM

    Late Shri Dindayal Upadhyaya has argued that Western political philosophies are not acceptable as a blueprint for society because of their “preoccupation” with materialism, and their overlooking of the social well being of the individual. He saw both capitalism and socialism as essentially flawed – stimulating as they do greed, class antagonisms, exploitation and social anarchy.

    His proposal was an “integral” approach that attempts to create a harmonious society. This could be done, he argued, by satisfying the needs of the body (hunger, shelter), the mind (traditions), intelligence (reforms), and the soul (common aspirations of a people that shape their unique culture).

    Upadhyaya said that each nation creates institutions to satisfy needs, and these must be reshaped so that group solidarity can be sustained and maintained under changing circumstances. He argues that Indian tradition builds on the social nature of people and obliges them to create institutions meant to enhance social solidarity.

    Advaita vedanta, or the principle of recognising ourselves in all life, is seen as the philosophic underpinning of this view.

  11. som
    December 25, 2012 at 11:57 AM

    Indeed it is the victory of Intergral Humanism ( introduced by Late Shri Dindayal Upadhyay) or Hindutva over Congress/Communism/anti-nationalism.

  12. nash
    December 24, 2012 at 8:08 PM

    This article has appeared in haindavakeralam,com

  13. Anonymous
    December 24, 2012 at 4:40 PM

    Modi and Akbar.

    Sandeep since you have written Modi the Great, this article very well written comes for your scrutiny.

  14. Shree
    December 24, 2012 at 10:25 AM

    There is a plethora of Journos who have ‘Modi Fobia’. In an interview to Karan Thapar Modiji had replied to question related to post godhra violence that —
    “Modi bashing has become ‘ a cottage industry’ for many NGOs and So called Secular Journos. Many have written books, series of so called investigating articles, sitting in their sponsored AC rooms. Many have been awarded with Padmasri, Padmabhushan and Rajya sabha seats even ! … ”

    Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha dutt have been awarded with Padmasri ….Teesta Setalvaad has also been honoured with some international awards. SIT has thoroughly exposed her vilicious campaign

  15. Jooske
    December 24, 2012 at 9:33 AM

    “Certainly the media paid for and bought by the Antonia Maino Congress still have to go through the motions and talk down Modi’s stock to earn their living. Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Vir Sanhvi, Sagarika Ghose and the rest of the loathsome bunch have to do what they have to do to earn their keep which amounts to dumping on Modi. But that too is part of the information set and there are no surprises. Had they done anything else it would have been as surprising as a retard suddenly overthrowing some generally accepted basic result of physics.”

  16. Amit
    December 24, 2012 at 12:13 AM

    “The same secularists who raised alarms that Gujarat will witness communal riots under Modi are now licking their wounds given how there hasn’t been a single communal riot in a decade. And this in a state which has a sordid history of communal riots.”

    What you didn’t mention is that the cause of this sordid history of communal riots has been the secular, liberal dynasty grand old party of India.

  17. December 23, 2012 at 8:36 AM

    I agree to every sentence in this write-up Sandeep. I have two questions, however.

    1. Are we 100% sure Modi will leave Gujarat and move to Delhi? We’re probably living to see that day in this era of negativity, but when he promised to build a spectacular building of Guajrat’s progress in these 5 years, now having filled-up the pits created by Congress misrule, what exactly did he mean?

    2. Congress is quite confident – in fact, they’re behaving in a way that Modi can be their only saviour as they’ll be able to rally Psecular (the silent P stands for pseudo) forces together post-elections and all Psecular and muslim votes in Hindi heartland before elections. Is that confident rooted in a gross misunderstanding of India? Can Congress ever misunderstand India?

  18. gajanan
    December 23, 2012 at 5:11 AM

    Second, cash transfers to tribals contributed handsomely to Modi’s victory. Modi has used the cash transfer scheme efficiently to his political advantage.

    Much before Finance Minister P Chidambaram boasted about it, the Modi government transferred more than Rs 900 crore (Rs 9 billion) to poor people all over Gujarat.

    Click next, next , next and see the write up and the extract quoted above.
    Why is Shitambaram boasting about magic. They are copying Modi

  19. December 22, 2012 at 8:09 PM

    Sandeep, I like your write up. It is a great piece of praise for a man NaMo who has risen up from the ashes of India’s corrupted and communal democratic system. However, what you wrote is not so novel. You have not written anything that is not known about this great emerging PM of India. Here is what I think is the most important aspect of the rise of this man at this moment. He is shaping up and directing a very potent and raw force of Hindutva from the previous angry/destructive manifestations (Ayodhya and Gujarat riot 2002) to a very healthy, aspiring and creative manifestation of Vikash. This is the key to NaMo’s achievement. Hindutva, unlike many of us believe, is actually an evolving political order that challenges the status quo in the South Asian political power dynamics most dominated by Islam and Western secularism (including communism). For centuries Hindutva was trying to evolve but considered to be retrograde/casteist and destructive like Islamism. NaMo is now taking the challenge to reshape Hindutva as a global political order based on Intergral Humanism as proposed by BJP. If he can achieve this, I tell you, the political/economical and security set up of entire South Asia and South East Asia will change. This is the broader aspect of the rise of NaMO. I am not sure if he is going to be successful, because, Islamists and secularists who dominates South Asia including India will try their best to isolate and even eliminate NaMo. And it is most unlikely that Indian, considering that they are still mostly living in their primitive mindset of caste/entitlement mindset will come into support NaMo. His only support base of power is RSS. If RSS continue to back NaMo, he might be able to get the task done. Otherwise, do not hope that Indian in general will come to help NaMO. Remember that Vajpayee was the tallest and the most honest leader in the 2004 election. He did a great job. Yet most Indian did not go to vote for him. Indian are just very primitive in their mindset when it comes to voting good leader. However, in the year 2014, things might change, if people like you come forward through social media mobilization to help mobilize to go and cast their vote in the 2014 general election. Also, let me assure you, I say 100% that RSS will put NaMO as the PM candidate. They supported Vajpayee, and they are bound to support NaMo, because, NaMo actually personify what RSS’s founder Dr. Hedgawar wanted to achieve. If you are more interested to chat, please join me in my facebook page. Thanks again for writing this article, and keep up with your spirit to support NaMo.

    so, here is how should be a headline news in India: The NaMo of Hindutva Vikash………………….NaMo want to achieve something that Vijaynagar wanted to achieve in 15th century. Shivaji and Lachit wanted to achieve in 17th century. Ranjit Singh wanted to achieve in 19th-20th century. Gandhi, and Patel wanted to achieve in 20th century. They all failed because of the great and potent challenge of Islam and West. It is most unlikely that NaMo will be successful now as the both antagonist forces Islam and West are way more powerful than Indian nationalism. It is most likely that India might actually give way to breaking up of Kashmir and Assam (now mostly a Muslim majority place) and North East. But NaMo wants to give a fight nonetheless. And this time he wants to do it through shaping up of Hindutva, a dormant political order of South Asia. Thus, NaMo and his action is more significant than what most Indian think: whether he would be a PM or not.

  20. SP
    December 22, 2012 at 9:15 AM

    Wonderful write up Sandeep.

    No doubt NaMo is the only true leader in India. Let us see the destiny of this country. If it has to become a great nation, no doubt Modi has to become PM. Other wise after the present Poodle we will have poodles like Mulayam or Nitish, who thrive on casteist and vote bank politics, as PM if Amul baby does not make it. That will be nothing but disaster for the nation.

  21. Sri Aiyer Raju Sreenivasan
    December 22, 2012 at 8:00 AM

    The author Mr. Sandeep has left nothing for us to write about. He has covered everything positive about Sri NaMo. As Krish says it is our country which requires NaMo more than vice-versa. Our continued prayers to the Almighty to take our country to greatest heights under NaMo NaMo.

  22. December 22, 2012 at 1:27 AM

    Shri Modiji has accomplished more than any other politician in India today and is the only one who gives people hope for the future of India. Hence, he is accepted as a natural leader. People like performance. Shri Modiji has changed the dynamic from populism to performance. His achievements are many, but the vested interests are arrayed against him. Here are the electoral tactics of his opponents:

    1. Split the BJP vote by cultivating BJP turncoats like Keshubai Patel and BSY.
    2. Pursue their leaders through the courts, and since the courts lack evidence, they try trial by (paid) media
    3. Cultivation of vote-banks.
    4. Use the (paid) media to sow dissension in BJP ranks.
    5. For every accusation of corruption, the Congress will say the BJP is corrupt too.
    6. The BJP should be wary of the Arvind Kejriwal movement as it could hijack the anti-corruption movement and split votes, thereby promoting what Kejriwal wants to stop. Could he be made an internal anti-corruption watchdog within the BJP?

    If we look at the assets of oppoonents, they have money power, media power, and vote-bank power. All are based on the ill-gotten gains of corruption.

    The BJP, if it is to win in 2014, must:
    1. Neutralise defection by turncoats through respectful engagement with them and the promise of benefits linked to performance. How about pay-based performance and promotion? This cannot happen in a dynastic party but can happen in the BJP.

    2. Mount a strong anti-defamation campaign and counter-sue to raise the costs of silly allegations. Use outreach technologies (social media, TV, newspapers) that are favoured by the people. BJP must invest time and effort to ensure media sentiment is not negative. They should mount a campaign to expose media ownership by opposition parties. All candidates who deal with the press must be given excellent media training.

    3. Split opposition vote banks by directly reaching out to their potential turncoats.

    4. The BJP must have a better website, Twitter, Facebook, page for younger voters. It should have an IPTV channel, run articles in newspapers and linear / digital broadcast. Their voice must be consistently on-message and consistently heard.

    5. The BJP must punish corruption within it’s own ranks. It must be squeaky clean.

    6. The BJP must retain its existing allies (JD-U, SAD, AIADMK, Shiv Sena) and cultivate new ones (TMC? TDP? GPP?)

  23. Krish
    December 22, 2012 at 12:49 AM

    If India doesn’t vote for NaMO in 2014 NaMo won’t lose anything;India will lose everytjing.There’s only one who can lead India to its summit and its him

  24. R. D. Choudhary,
    December 22, 2012 at 12:16 AM

    Narendra Modis consciousness has been evolving for the better day by day and today he is perhaps the only politician who has a developed conscience of his own. He thinks, sleeps, eats and works always for the inclusive growth for all despite the road blocks put before him and a barrage of innuendos and insinuations thrown on him by the so called conformists and sycophants group. This means he has flowering consciousness needed to guide India in difficult times today.He is absolutely clean and under such leadership corruption is bound to decrease and efficiency is bound to increase multifold. In fact all world eyes are on this man but some in our country want status co and politics of vote Bank to perpetuate as their shops have been running successfully on this fuel for the past several decades. Hopefully pure conscience will win over the dirty mind set and India will taste the fruits of development,able administration, social justice and equality so far only debated and written in papers.

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