Narendra Modi Declares War on The Delhi Sultanate


Among other things, the term “Delhi Sultanate” conjures up images of unbridled power, limitless wealth and influence that extends to the remotest corners of India. The other, related images happen to be that of unbridled cruelty and limitless loot. And so when Narendra Modi spoke on several occasions about the vile nature of the Delhi Sultanate, these images come to mind. Except that today’s Delhi Sultanate, the Sultanate of the Gandhi Dynasty, like the Delhi Sultanate of the yore has ruled India for the most part since 1947 ostensibly in the name of democracy. The rest—unbridled power, limitless loot, choking freedoms, and impoverishing citizens—remain the same.

And now Narendra Modi has declared war on this Sultanate.

No other leader in the history of independent India—however strongly he/she was opposed to the Gandhi dynasty—except Narendra Modi has dared to take on the seemingly all-powerful Dynasty with such aplomb. And no other leader quite managed to pull off what Modi did on 3 March 2012 right in the city of this Dynasty’s power. This is no exaggeration. Consider the Congress party’s reactions to Modi’s speech. The foul abuse by Mani Shankar Aiyar apart, the rest of the Congress luminaries were found fumbling for words.

The writing is clear: the Congress party is alarmed and it is showing. And worse, they seem to have simply no idea how to tackle—much less rein in—Narendra Modi.

It’s actually funny that Mani Shankar Aiyar took offence to Modi equating the Congress with termites. The Congress party’s legacy is indeed the legacy of what termites leave behind when they’re done. India’s GDP has tanked thanks precisely to termite-like schemes like NREGA, Food Security, and Right to Education have exploded in the face of the people they were meant to help. Business houses are leaving, investment has declined, employment figures have dipped, inflation has hit the sky, Government files have stopped moving, bureaucrats are scared to work lest they be implicated in a dynasty-level scam and scams are on the scale of a percentage of the GDP. Narendra Modi didn’t merely call this out but correctly traced its root to the nation-wreckers who adorn the Sonia-conceived extra-Constitutional NAC. He became the first ever mainstream politician to point the arrow precisely where most problems of this nation emanate from. Lesser leaders have made some noises at specific bills floated by the NAC but have largely let it remain unquestioned.

The most outstanding aspect of Modi’s speech was its singular, emphatic demonstration to the entire country that a new leader has arrived. And is here to stay. Equally, this was a resounding slap in the face of those agenda-driven Modi critics who harp that India is not Gujarat. In less than an hour, Modi displayed the kind of leadership that India hasn’t seen in a long time. Never apologetic, never sitting on the fence, straightforward and candid, his speech dripped with the confidence of a leader who not only has the vision but the intent and wherewithal to translate that into reality. He set the terms of the discourse, took all his BJP counterparts along—Manohar Parikkar, Raman Singh, Shivraj Chauhan, et al—and most of all, demonstrated the he alone has the capability to galvanize the party cadre nationwide. This too, is one of the reasons the Congress party, used to setting the terms of the discourse with solid support from a slavish media was found groping in the dark for even a modicum of coherent response. How do you criticize a leader who openly praises his counterpart Chief Ministers, other party leaders, and grassroot workers when the opposite side has been used to decades-long servitude at the feet of one Dynasty?

Herein lies the genius of Narendra Modi in turning what’s perceived as the opponent’s biggest strength into its Achilles heel. He simply tore into what is touted as the Congress party’s biggest strength: the Family as the only glue that binds an otherwise squabbling group of incompetent and venal opportunists who can’t win a single seat on their own. And suddenly what once seemed like the strength of invincibility was reduced to its greatest weakness. In other words, he ripped off the curtain that shielded a crucial fact: that India, since Independence has existed to serve the Family. And the fact that all of Congress party’s election time sloganeering meant just this: a perpetuation of single Family rule.

Modi’s attack on the Congress is also notable for its clinical precision—of presenting cold facts and tracing the money-trail back to the roots of the Congress party. Modi drew the nation’s attention to a well-known fact: the longevity of the Congress party’s rule and the disastrous consequences it has had, and continues to have on India. In the hands of a lesser leader, this speech would have quickly degenerated into a rhetoric based on the tried and failed tripe of secularism and appeasement and vote banks.

And neither was it merely an anti-Congress speech. Modi showed hope and a pragmatic, workable solution going forward. He spoke of participatory governance—that taking one step forward, thinking about Bharat as a whole can we unleash a tremendous amount of energy that in turn can be channelized towards progress and prosperity. The alternative to this has what has brought us to this sorry state of affairs.

Perhaps the most significant, and indeed the key message of Narendra Modi’s speech is his entirely accurate characterization of freeing India from the clutches of the Congress party as a second Freedom Struggle. As I’ve written on numerous occasions, the parallels to the Congress party’s misrule since Independence with that of the British colonial rule are striking. Both regard India as their personal fiefdom. Both labour under the mistaken notion that it is their divine right to rule India for eternity. Both care nothing about the Indian people who they have milked and left impoverished for personal power and aggrandizement. Both clampdown on fundamental freedoms: police brutality is unleashed, websites, blogs, and twitter handles are blocked, and phones are tapped. All, undeniable characteristics of a tyranny. And so Narendra Modi’s call to uproot this tyrannical Government is not merely justified but the vital need of the hour.

Contrast this with the pitiable Chintan Shivir the Congress party held at Jaipur recently. The key takeaways: Rahul Gandhi’s sleeping and waking up habits, phony tearjerker tales of his family’s “sacrifice” for the nation, allocating 100 Crore Rupees for its social media campaign, and indeed the real reason of the Shivir—his elevation to the post of the Congress party’s Vice President. Any announcements of plans, development initiatives, and policies to take the country forward? You must be joking.

As every battle-hardened warrior knows, it pays to wait before launching an offensive. And the person who launches the offensive will most likely win both the battle and the war. That the Congress party is in tatters is further evidenced by two recent events: the first, Narendra Modi’s hugely successful talk at SRCC and now this even more successful BJP National Council speech. Both in Delhi. And on both occasions, the Congress couldn’t quite make out what they were dealing with. The reason: Narendra Modi is no longer the Chief Minister of Gujarat. He has become a National Phenomenon, an idea whose time has come.

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  1. nash
    June 9, 2013 at 9:21 AM

    Buddhism had a life of few hundred years.In the sense being active in common mans life and also politically.There is a widespread belief that hinduism is the cause for its receding and loosing its prominence.why did it loose its importance with respect to hinduism?One reason assigned is due to hinduism’s ritualistic practice.The ritualism of hinduism is aligned with natures pointers.what does that mean,this natures pointers?You might have noticed how food habits change when the seasons change.(Of course now you get most of the edibles all through out.)This change is recognized and is welcome in the form of celebration and sending a message to all the general population to take the necessary course correction.The ayurvedic pundits would be more knowledgeable on this issue to elaborate.This welcome of the season change is associated with a deity and other adaptations depending on the local regions.The basics is, the change in nature is adapted and made ritualistic in myriad forms.
    Buddhism tried to culturally appropriate but without success.The reason it was not successful because hinduism had tightly meshed every aspect of living with a theme(Ritual),Name any activity we can undertake,it was associated with some deity.Say building a house,a jyothishi is consulted and built according to vastu.Some old literature give you a far more detailed description,what minute things they thought about.There you will also get a picture of the generation we are talking about.
    Buddhism might have simplified the rules of living but it failed to translate into everyday living.Even the greetings amongst people when they met was Hare Rama or Shri Hari or Govinda, other religions followed the same practice. How a person was judged of his actions and talks are again from the templates of Ramayana and Mahabharata.These motifs were commonly used all across the population.An action or speech of a person was compared with an incident of the Epics to show about its wrongness or rightness.Did Buddhism have such examples for people to follow and quote according to circumstances?No it did not.They also had to fall back on the Great Epics to drive their point.So they did not have any differentiation to prove their point.

    His holiness shri chandrashekarendra mahaswamigalu of kanchi kamakoti refers to this ritualism which differentiated hinduism from others in the book “vedas” .This had a salutary effect on the general population.

    what i gather is if the religion does not align with nature and adapt it will fade away over a period of time.One thing is for sure the religion we practice should give peace of mind and joy of living,if it fails in that ,it is on its way out.Some might point out various religions that are existing today boasting of few hundred years,that time scale is very less to come to the conclusion.

    So no king or brahmins were involved to recede the effect of buddhism ,the common folk were unable to connect with it and the practice diminished.

    The reference is “practices of Hindus ,Buddhists and jinas”,author forgotten.

    So if readers could access these type of titles,you get an idea how it was during those times.

  2. karan
    June 7, 2013 at 10:55 PM

    I am not blaming Christianity (whatever it means). I am blaming those Christian communist i.e. Liberation theologist a deadly cocktail of communism and communalism.
    There is a thing exists as a Christian communism. Its a term coined by successive neo imperialist of western countries because of globule recession . It is a comprehension plan, totally understandable, a new version of crusade powered by Bush doctrine (just war theory )in the name of freedom of religion using as a tool to subjugate land, property and culture.
    They are insulting Communism manifesto as well as great shame for Christianity .
    Christian communism is a much abused term, abused by Christians communist and foes alike.

  3. John
    June 5, 2013 at 9:11 PM

    “Hindu North Indians” who are similar to Whites(Aryans) and look similar to them (white/pale skin and European features) and their is a subjugated and inferior race of “south Indians” who look like Blacks in America i.e dark skinned and more native features. And that North Indian Aryans keep feeling superior and are racist towards South Indian Dravidians, and that everybody in India, especially the dark-skinned inferior south indians want to look white and attain white features. They keep playing this BS in Indian media and though the darker featured Indians might be buying the idea of looking paler because of the media hype and just because it is a little “exotic to them”,”the try to look white” is pure BS. I don’t know why Indian media and industry keeps allowing this shit to flout across the country. Its up to the good sense of the Indian to consciously avoid such divisive stuff. Basically what white academicians and professors are trying to say is that “you have your own racists in India like we do. They are called Hindu North Indians and they look like us North American Whites (or European Whites)”. They would try to sell this idea as much as possible in the name of “academic debate and intellectual freedom” or whatever buzzwords they can come up with to spread lies in the name of truth, research and debate. Now it is up-to to Indian government and sensible Indians to keep this propaganda in its place or face the consequences of allowing seeds of hatred and prejudice to be sown in the country.
    What would follow is the claim that disgruntled suppressed “black South Indian dravidians” must embrace Christianity and rebel against the racist North Indian Hindus in order to gain respect and acceptance in society, which would directly contribute to the cause of evangelization of India; Racial stereotyping is more or less a british phenomenon and originated to protect their elite, see this excerpt from wikipedia,

    “Historically in Great Britain and Ireland whiteness may have been associated with social status. Aristocrats may have had less exposure to the sun, and therefore a pale complexion may have been associated with status and wealth. This may be the origin of “blue blood” as a description of royalty, the skin being so lightly pigmented that the blueness of the veins could be clearly seen.[57] The change in the meaning of white that occurred in the colonies (see above) to distinguish Europeans from non-Europeans did not apply to ‘home’ countries. Whiteness therefore retained a meaning associated with social status. During the nineteenth century, when the British Empire was at its peak, many of the bourgeoisie and aristocracy developed extremely chauvinistic attitudes to those of lower social rank. Edward Lhuyd discovered that Welsh, Gaelic, Cornish and Breton are all part of the same language family, which he called “Celtic,” and were distinct from the Germanic English; this can be seen in context with nineteenth century romantic nationalism. On the other hand the discovery of Anglo-Saxon remains also lead to a belief that the English were descended from a distinct Germanic lineage that was fundamentally (and racially) different to that of the Celts. Early British anthropologists such as John Beddoe and Robert Knox emphasised this distinction, and it was common to find texts that claimed that Welsh and Irish people are the descendants of the indigenous more “primitive” inhabitants of the islands, while the English, are the descendants of a more advanced and recent “Germanic” migration. Beddoe especially referred to Welsh and Irish people as Africanoid, and it was common to find references to the swarthyness of the skin of peoples for the west of the islands, by comparison to the more pale skinned and blond English. For example Thomas Huxley’s “On the Geographical Distribution of the Chief Modifications of Mankind” (1870) described Irish, Scots and Welsh peoples as a mixture of “melanochroi” (melano – dark coloured), and “xanthochroi”, while the the English were “xanthochroi” (xanthro – yellow). Just as race reified whiteness in the colonies, so capitalism without social welfare reified whiteness with regards to social class in nineteenth century Britain and Ireland; this social distinction of whiteness became, over time, associated with racial difference. For example George Sims in How the poor live (1883) wrote of “…a dark continent that is within easy reach of the General Post Office… the wild races who inhabit it will, I trust, gain public sympathy as easily as [other] savage tribes”[58] and Count Gobineau in The Inequality of Human Races wrote the following:

    Every social order is founded upon three social classes, each of which represents a racial variety: the nobility, a more or less accurate reflection of the conquering race; the bourgeoisie composed of mixed stock coming close to the chief race; and the common people who live in servitude or at least in a very depressed position

  4. John
    June 4, 2013 at 1:27 PM

    I am not blaming Hinduism (whatever it means). I am blaming those Hindus who are nothing but flag bearers of so called Hinduism.
    There is no such thing as Hinduism. Its a term coined by successive foreign invaders or visitors because of their lack of comprehension, understandably so, of anciet scriptures of the land. And illiterate Hindus
    lapped it up without even realising that they are trading a vast body of philosphical discourse in exchange of a work-shop manual.
    Hinduism is a much abused term, abused by its friends and foes alike.

  5. som
    June 4, 2013 at 12:56 PM
  6. Hindu_Woman
    April 29, 2013 at 3:29 PM

    Noor, let us for the sake of argument accept that Hinduism was a very intolerant cult thousand of years ago (though there is ample of evidence to the contrary). But then we are not living thousand of years ago. Whatever Hindus thought of Buddhism thousand of years ago, today Hindus think of Buddha as a great soul, and Buddhism as an offshoot of Hinduism. Even if Hinduism was intolerant thousand of years ago, it has come to be inclusive and tolerant. Some minor abrasions like Khaps notwithstanding, modern Hinduism has whole-heartedly embraced values of enlightenment. Can you say the same about Islam? Whatever drum Islamic apologists beat, a dispassionate study of its scriptures, its history, and the way Islamic societies function in the modern world paint a grim picture of Islam. Any honest and open-minded person can only come to conclusion that Islam is fundamentally evil at the worst, or full of stupidity at its best. In modern context it has nothing to offer, but it has become a threat to the very civilizational values of freedom and equality.

  7. som
    April 26, 2013 at 10:50 AM

    The Native peoples of North America wrongly behaved violently towards the European colonists (English, French & Spanish). They had no right to do so, if we follow the line of thinking of Observer (and many more)on this blog. Europeans were the ‘good guys’, bringing the Holy Bible to these ‘heathens’ while simultaneously exterminating them.
    Clearly the Europeans were a superior race to the Natives, because they had two things that those heathens lacked: Christianity and Guns.
    Those damned Natives….they deserved what they got, right?
    Same with the Brahmins and Hindus of India, right?
    But,your logic (or facts produced by you) is against these Hindu-haters.

  8. Y
    April 26, 2013 at 10:22 AM

    What is amazing about Hinduism is that it has survived wave after wave of repressive invasions. Hinduism still comes out strong. More than 20 million North Americans are now practising Yoga on a regular basis. Of course, this does not mean that they have become Hindus, but it does mean that many minds in the West are opening to the extraordinary spiritual and philosophical wealth still held by modern Hindus, even in the face of an ongoing conspiracy to replace Hinduism with… you name it….Communism, Maoism,abrahamisms Atheism, Materialism, Technocracy, and the usual old, insipid, corrupt, Nehruism .

  9. Y
    April 26, 2013 at 10:09 AM

    From noor’s comments it should be clear he is an internet troll.

  10. Y
    April 25, 2013 at 8:51 PM

    The Mauryas and the Guptas helped build and refurbish the temple at Bodh Gaya. The Guptas, while sponsors of the Hindu high tradition, protected Buddhism in the spirit of Hindu tolerance. The Delhi Sultanate sacked Bodh Gaya in the 13th century which was then abandoned and neglected for three hundred years until Ghamandi Giri, a Saivite Hindu Mahant moved into the premises in 1590 thereby preserving the structure. Had he not moved in, the temple would have collapsed due to neglect.

    The Hindu Mahants had maintained the temple for 300 years. Hinduism, after all, embraces all humanity and promotes religious pluralism.
    All Buddhist temples in North India had been destroyed by the Delhi Sultanate and Moghul rulers with the exception of Bodh Gaya. The reason for the latter was the Shaivite Hindu Mahant who used his resources as a rich land owners to bribe Muslim generals in order to protect the temple. If not for Hindu intervention, Bodh Gaya too would have been destroyed, much as the famed Bamiyan statues had been destroyed by the Taliban in recent years.
    The Buddhists in Sri Lanka are very hardline. Latest reports suggest that they do not want a Rajagopuram built for the ancient Siva Temple in Munneswaram north of Colombo and want a Ganesha side shrine removed in order to build a Buddhist vihara in the very precincts of the Hindu temple!
    India should not allow such radicals to have sway in Bodh Gaya.

  11. NOOR
    April 25, 2013 at 8:43 PM

    …….still to further my point,recent study of the Bengal Puranas proved that the Buddhists were mocked and projected as mischievous and malicious in Brahminical narratives as well as subjected to immense rhetorical violence. This rhetorical violence should be interpreted as both physical and mental violence perpetrated upon the Buddhists. The extermination of Buddhism in India was hastened by the large-scale destruction of Buddhist shrines by the Brahmins. The Maha Bodhi Vihara at Bodh Gaya was forcibly converted into a Shaivite temple.
    Like they say what goes around comes around!

  12. Y
    April 25, 2013 at 8:35 PM

    Those who subscribe to the ideology of “Dar-ul-Harb” and “Dar-ul-Islam” shedding crocodile tears for the Buddhists, Jains, Dalits, etc is laughable.

    What is the condition of a few thousand Coptic Christians still left in your Islamic Utopias like Egypt, Syria, Iraq, etc?

    What happened to the native Heathens/Pagans/Kafirs of the Arabian peninsula? Did they all vanish into thin air?

  13. Y
    April 25, 2013 at 8:19 PM

    Taxila was taken from the Parthians by the Kushans under Kujula Kadphises. The great Kushan ruler Kanishka founded Sirsukh, the third city on the site. (The second, Sirkap, dates from the Indo-Greek period.) In the 4th century ce the Sasanian king Shapur II (309–379) seems to have conquered Taxila, as evidenced by the numerous Sasanian copper coins found there. There is little information about the Sasanian occupation, but, when Faxian visited the city at about the beginning of the 5th century ce, he found it a flourishing centre of Buddhist sanctuaries and monasteries. Shortly thereafter it was sacked by the Huns; Taxila never recovered from this calamity. Xuanzang, visiting the site in the 7th century ce, found the city ruined and desolate, and subsequent records do not mention it. Excavations begun by Sir Alexander Cunningham, the father of Indian archaeology, in 1863–64 and 1872–73 identified the local site known as Saraikhala with ancient Taxila. This work was continued by Sir John Hubert Marshall, who over a 20-year period completely exposed the ancient site and its monuments.
    The Huns were a group of nomadic people who first appeared in Europe from east of the Volga River, region of the earlier Scythians, with a migration intertwined with the Alans. They were first mentioned as Hunnoi by Tacitus. Initially being near the Caspian Sea in 91 AD, the Huns migrated to the southeastern area of the Caucasus by about 150 ADand into Europe by 370 AD, where they established a vast Hunnic Empire. Since de Guignes linked them with the Xiongnu, who had been northern neighbours of China 300 years prior to the emergence of the Huns, considerable scholarly effort has been devoted to investigating such a connection. However, there is no scholarly consensus on a direct connection between the dominant element of the Xiongnu and that of the Huns. Priscus mentions that the Huns had a language of their own; little of it has survived and its relationships have been the subject of debate for centuries. Numerous other languages were spoken within the Hun pax including Gothic (East Germanic), which was widely used as a lingua franca in the Hunnic territories. Their main military technique was mounted archery.

    The Huns may have stimulated the Great Migration, a contributing factor in the collapse of the western Roman Empire. They formed a unified empire under Attila the Hun, who died in 453; their empire broke up the next year. Their descendants, or successors with similar names, are recorded by neighbouring populations to the south, east, and west as having occupied parts of Eastern Europe and Central Asia approximately from the 4th century to the 6th century. Variants of the Hun name are recorded in the Caucasus until the early 8th century.
    There was a famous centre of education at Nalanda where Huen Shang the Chinese pilgrim who had come to India in 627 A.D. and stayed for two years for intensive studies of the Buddhist philosophy was destroyed by the Muslim invaders during Khilji’s attack in the 12th century.

    The Taxila University was the oldest institute of its kind where scholars from Greece, Egypt, Anatolia, Persia, Turkey used to come from 4th century B.C. till 6th centuryA.D., but it was first destroyed by the Huns who had invaded India from North of present Russia in the 3rd Century A.D. But later what was left and grew during the intermitant period, the Muslim invaders destroyed in the !2th century A.D.

  14. NOOR
    April 24, 2013 at 10:12 PM

    For the information of “Y” and many more here that Buddhism was already under attack by the Brahmins before the arrival of Muslims,if you read the “real” history and not the (hi)STORY that is being shoved down the throats of Indians in the schools that Taxila (Buddhist sanctuary) was destroyed before the Islamic arrival in the South Asia,it was a center of Buddhist learning–NOT Hindu.
    The fact of the matter is that Brahmins are very good at spreading lies like they currently do against Christians and Muslims about the conversions. Anything or anybody who question their authority or priestly livelihood is maligned, demonized and destroyed. This is what happened to Buddhism. Violence has always been very integral to Brahminism which is basically a pagan racist ideology of hate, oppression and slavery. They still believe that Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism are part of Brahminism when the fact is all three are antithetical to oppressive, anti-democratic Brahminism. Likewise they believe Dalits and Tribals are Hindus too even though they had their own religions and were/are never admitted into Brahminical temples. Brahminists resort to lies, false propaganda and violence when faced with facts. The dogma of karma has never allowed them to have a sense of shame and guilt – the oppressed must suffer because its their karma!

  15. NOOR
    April 24, 2013 at 9:58 PM

    Y(and few more here) are scared stupid by the “Abrahamics” ,he has totally forgotten (selective amnesia i guess) about the historical fact what Brahmanism did to Buddhist and Jainism in India.One should ask this question to them,”Why did Buddhism disappear from South Asia?”
    Many wonder why Buddhism disappeared from the Subcontinent but thrives in China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and in Sri Lanka. Many Hindus claim that Buddha was a Hindu God. Of course Buddhists in China, Thailand and other countries and in India do not accept that doctrine. In fact Buddhism was hounded out of its birthplace.In places such as Bengal and Sind, which were ruled by Brahminical dynasties but had Buddhist majorities, Buddhists are said to have welcomed the Muslims as saviours who had freed them from the tyranny of ‘upper’ caste rule. This explains why most of the ‘lower-caste’ people in Eastern Bengal and Sind embraced Islam. Few, if any, among the ‘upper’ castes of these regions did the same.

  16. Y
    April 24, 2013 at 9:49 PM

    Whatever the merits of Narendra Modi’s development model, one thing is clear and that is that Gujarat Muslims are responding to Modi because he is giving them what they are entitled to by law. That’s all very well, but will this work with, say, Hyderabadi / Kashmiri / Uttar Pradesh Muslims? The law gives Muslims (and Christians) much more than it gives to Hindus (Art 30 is just one example). And then, are Muslims prepared to give what the law expects from them as citizens (Art 44, as one example).
    The Koranic injunctions against kaffirs are an undeniable fact of Koranic Islam – It is all very well for Hindus to have a duty to protect Muslims in Hindustan – but what corresponding duty do Muslims have towards Hindus in Hindustan?

    Who can deny the darul harb > darul Islam obligation of every momin?
    Nowhere, but nowhere, in the world where the abrahamisms have conquered have they allowed significant pagan populations to survive. Nowhere in the territories of these monotheisms is there a meaningful survival of any pre-monotheism, any paganism. There is not one significant exception to this worldwide historical fact.

  17. Y
    April 24, 2013 at 9:41 PM

    Gandhi was a Jain by birth and upbringing, not a Hindu.

  18. som
    April 24, 2013 at 1:07 AM

    Mahapapi(great sinner) not Mahatma(great soul) Gandhi, said “India is a nation of Beni Israelis, Parsis, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Muslims and Hindus”! Notice that the Mahapapi placed Hindus last, almost as an afterthought. To this originial sinner, Hindus simply don’t count at all in their one and only homeland. And yet naive Hindus revere this great sinner as ‘father of the nation’! The revival of the Hindu civilization will begin only after Hindus hurl this Mahapapi into the stinking sewer of history where he rightly belongs.

  19. shiv
    April 24, 2013 at 1:05 AM

    When I saw the movie ‘Gandhi’ some years ago, like so many other ‘innocents’ I thought that Nehru was some kind of ‘hero’ for India. My vision on this has flipped 180 degrees since then. This man was a philanderer, a materialist and a would-be ‘englishman’ with a dark tan. He was bad news for India. Unfortunately, he lives on through his descendants and his thoroughly corrupt and morally bankrupt Congress Party.

  20. raj
    April 24, 2013 at 1:03 AM

    “This evolving paradigm – that Muslims do not need the eclipse of the nation’s civilisational ethos to feel secure – has come as a rude shock to the Congress and the Left parties which zealously upheld the Nehruvian falsehood of “majority communalism” in the aftermath of Partition. Modern Indian secularism is anti-Hindu precisely because it is the flip side of the two-nation theory which led to partition. It perpetuates the communal divide by upholding Muslim identity as legitimate and demonizing Hindu identity as illegitimate; hence the absurdity of constitutionally enshrining minority rights against an undefined, unnamed, majority community.”

    This explains as to why even after the partition of India that the Muslim communal ism has not died its natural death.On the other hand the partition of India into theocratic and so called secular India emboldened the Muslim communalists that further partitions can be engineered by being within the secular India.

    The best example is the kashmiri Muslim separatism which has been guided by the firm belief that Jammu and Kashmir can be a Muslim republic within India and its theocratic and fascist Muslim character can be best maintained with the Article 370 and gradually it will provide space for the separation of the state from India with the due passage of time as the article will help to broaden the separatist constituency under the garb of the constitutional rights .In a way acting as a tool to wreck the sovereignty of India from within by using the same sovereignty.

    This example of subversion by terming the Muslim communal ism as secularism is the bane of Nehruvian politics meant to alter the civilisational continuity of the Indian nation.It is in fact the recipe for the second partition of the Indian nation.

  21. som
    April 23, 2013 at 11:07 AM

    Maulana Ghulam Ahmed Vastanvi was the first to break ranks with the rigid stereotyping of non-Congress political leaders in independent India. After a surprising election as Vice Chancellor of the Deoband Darul Uloom in 2011, the first-ever for someone outside Uttar Pradesh, he mildly appreciated Gujarat’s progress under Narendra Modi and its positive impact on Muslims. This offended those still wrapped in the secular straitjacket, and Vastanvi soon stepped down.

    He resurfaced in March 2013, stating that Muslims have no reason to object to the nation electing Modi as Prime Minister. Choosing his words carefully, he said Gujarat has had a BJP government for the past 10 years; if it worked for Muslims they would support it and if it did not they would move away.

    The phenomenon of Vastanvi and Muslims who vote for the BJP in increasing numbers in Gujarat hints at a tentative quest among the community to come to terms with the Hindu identity of the majority community, which is what joining the national mainstream truly means. Muslims can transcend their self-imposed ghettos only when they find the self-confidence to maintain their religio-cultural identity among observant Hindus, and shun the Nehruvian canard that only the banishment of the nation’s foundational ethos from the public arena can safeguard their identity. This has passed for secularism in independent India to the chagrin of Hindus; Muslims have a special responsibility to demolish walls that perpetuate fear and prejudice.

    Maulana Mahmood Madni, general secretary of the Jamiat Ulema-Hind, who played a leading role in ousting Maulana Vastanvi from the Deoband seminary for praising Modi, was the next to break ranks with secular orthodoxy. In an interview to a private television channel in February, he said, “There is a change in the Muslim psyche towards Modi, and a section of Muslims voted for him in the recent assembly elections”. Claiming that circumstances have changed, he said, “Muslims in Gujarat are economically better off than in other states which have so-called secular governments”.

  22. Peacelover
    April 23, 2013 at 10:57 AM

    All 27 BJP Muslim candidates elected to the Salaya corporation (Jamnagar) in February 2013. Salaya has a 90 per cent Muslim majority, and this is the first time that BJP has won the corporation there. The results are thus unambiguous – Muslims do not fear the bogey of the Hindu wolf; hence the tremors across the secular spectrum.

  23. shankar
    April 22, 2013 at 6:45 PM

    So, our(Indians) liberty has been hijacked by American pirates.

  24. karan
    April 22, 2013 at 6:27 PM

    All Over America Evangelical Christians Are Being Labeled As “Extremists” And “Hate Groups”

  25. nitha
    April 22, 2013 at 5:39 PM

    Hindu means Thief ! said Karunanidhi

  26. ravi
    April 22, 2013 at 5:13 PM

    Its confessed by christian evangelical magzines like “CHARISMA” etc that most of indian media is bought by evangelical christian organiziations.

  27. niraj
    April 22, 2013 at 5:12 PM

    @nitha & ravi
    Mainstream media remained silent on this issue.Why???

  28. nitha
    April 22, 2013 at 4:51 PM

    Shocking Stories from Assam – Gun Point Conversions by Christian Terrorists by Manmasi National Christian Army
    This group of miscreants, dressed in black with a red cross on their back, along with arms, enter from Tipaimukh through Barak river by boat and mount Bhuvan Pahar. They threatened and asked the Hindu people of Tezpur village, including the priest of this famous Hindu temple, to convert into Christianity.

  29. ravi
    April 22, 2013 at 4:46 PM

    Atrocities On Hindus of Meghalaya(North-East India)
    More than 25 thousand Hindu(belonging to Rabha tribe) has been forced to leave their villages and took shelter in Assam

  30. nitha
    April 21, 2013 at 1:03 PM

    After being denied permission by the West Bengal government to hold rallies to mark the commencement of ‘Ganga Samagra Yatra’ at Gangasagar area in the South 24 Parganas district, senior BJP leader Uma Bharati on Wednesday challenged the state government to stop her from holding a rally.
    Bharati stated that the ‘Ganga Samagra Yatra’ is an awareness campaign – which will start from Gangasagar and will end at Gangotri – to keep the river Ganga clean and pollution free.

    “If the government wants to put me in jail, then they can do it. Nobody can stop me from holding the ‘Ganga Samagra Yatra’ on Friday,” Bharati told reporters here.

  31. ravi
    April 21, 2013 at 11:27 AM

    Hindu Rally in front of White House. Barack Obama asked to protect Hindus in Bangladesh.

  32. raj
    April 21, 2013 at 11:23 AM


  33. raj
    April 21, 2013 at 11:05 AM


    Re: assasination threats to Modi. Are Hindus blind or simply idiots?

    I think the problem started with the hijacking of the freedom struggle by the anti Hindu elements, notably Nehru et al. Then, there was also the siren call of Communism.

    For example in Kerala the Hindu vote is fractured between those who vote for Congress and those who vote for the Communists !
    Whereas, the Christians vote only for Congress and the Muslims vote only for the Muslim League.

    Once the nehruvian/ sentimental stranglehold and the Communist stranglehold are broken the Hindus will awaken . Alas, that may still take some time, although I am encouraged by the sterling work being done by the Sangh organisations to bring the converts to Christianity back to the fold.

    Everyday one reads of such events. Very inspiring to know that our Vedic ancestors’ vision of the cosmos still draws people to its fold, despite the barbarian invasions and the long night of the two Occupations (Islamic and Colonial).

    Today the news is about the complete bandh (peaceful) organised by Hindu Munnani in TN in Coimbatore, Nilgiris and one other place against the Muslim violence and encroachments there.

  34. som
    April 20, 2013 at 7:26 PM

    Since 1989 a Christian Terrorist Group (National Liberation Front of Tripura) has been operating in the state, with an express aim of creating an independent Christian state. The NLFT’s objectives are set-out in their manifesto: ‘To expand The Kingdom of God & Christ in Tripura’ – using force.
    NLFT have undertaken bombings, shootings, kidnappings & rapes to bring about their goal for a separate Christian state. NLFT (and their sister terror group ‘Christian All Tripura Tiger Force’) regularly employ a policy of ‘convert or die’ in their attempts to subjugate the local population.

  35. Hariharan
    April 20, 2013 at 7:11 PM

    Hindu Genocide in Tripura
    Thirteen Years of Killings in Tripura by the NLFT

    (The National Liberation Front of Tripura)
    By S. Aravindan Neelakandan

  36. Hariharan
    April 20, 2013 at 6:46 PM

    The Nagaland Rebels is a coalition of rebel groups operating in
    Nagaland, northeastern India. The largest of these is the National
    Socialist Council of Nagaland-Isak-Muivah (NSCN-IM), which is fighting
    for the establishment of a “Nagaland for Christ”. The NSCN-IM
    have carried out numerous acts of terrorism against the Indian Army,
    other ethnic groups, and opponents within their own ethnic group.
    The insurgency has been waged since the 1947 Indian declaration of
    independence, and has resulted in tens of thousands of deaths.

    Baruah writes that “Christianity is an essential part of Naga
    identity”; the NSCN-IM estimate that 95% of Nagas are Christian.

  37. Hariharan
    April 20, 2013 at 6:26 PM

    India is losing Manipur due to Christian terrorism
    A couple of years ago, media was shouting about ‘Hindu Terror’. Somehow, they do not speak about ‘Christian terror’ which has been present in India’s North-eastern states for a long period. Tribals who converted to Christianity are equipped with weapons and made to fight a ‘war of independence’ against India. Manipur is a unique state where about 60% of the people (mostly in Inner Manipur district – around Imphal) are ethnic Manipuris who are Meitei Vaishnavas. The Nagas (who form the rest of the population) live in Outer Manipur district and they have been converted to Christianity en-masse. Meitei Vaishnavas are proving to be a tough nut to crack for the Christian missionaries and have been targeted by Christian terrorists through the decades.

  38. raj
    April 20, 2013 at 4:31 PM

    Ugly truth behind Nitish Kumar’s posturing against Narendra Modi

  39. nikhil
    April 20, 2013 at 3:26 PM

    By defining his idea of secularism simply as ‘India First’
    Assault on Indian democracy and the unity of India:
    In Odisha:
    In February 2012, the Maoist leader Sabyasachi Panda confessed that it was the Maoists(Evngelaicalist Christians )who indeed killed Odisha MLA Jagbandhu Majhi in September 2011 and Swami Laxmananda Saraswati in 2007. The killing of the latter was motivated by the religious discourse in Maoist terror that has pervaded Kandhamal district.
    As per a member of parliament of the Congress party from Odisha,India about 70 MLAs and 10 MPs are under constant Maoist threats. This constitutes half the elected members from the state, the total number of MPs being 21 and MLAs 149.
    In Chhattisgarh:
    Maoist rebels extort up to Rs 300 crore every year in Chhattisgarh from traders of forest products, transporters and iron ore mining firms, Maoists extort at least Rs.250-300 crore annually and their extortion business runs from the state’s southern tip of Bastar to the northern Surguja district.They mainly extort money from traders of ‘tendu’ leaves, iron ore mining firms, small and big contractors and transporters,
    Tendu leaves, which are used to make bidis (leaf-rolled cigarettes), are one of the most important forest products of the Bastar region that has been considered the centre of Maoist terrorism in India since the late 1980s.
    The restive region spread across 40,000 sq km has deposits of about 20 percent of the country’s total iron ore stocks and owners of the mines regularly face extortion demands from Maoists. The traders, businessmen, contractors and others who pay extortion money hardly have the courage to report it to the police because of the fear of Maoists and their own business interests in the region..
    Of the 1,500 casualties in Maoist violence since the state came into existence in November 2000 after splitting from Madhya Pradesh, 90 percent have been from Bastar.
    In Tripura:
    For decades Tripuras indigenous tribal population has been dragged out of their homes and forced to convert to Christianity under threat of violence. Whenever any of the tribals organize Hindu festivals or rituals, the terrorist groups attack to desecrate and kill the participants. There have been incidents of issuing a ban on the Hindu festivals of Durga Pooja and Saraswati Pooja. The NLFT manifesto says that they want to expand what they describe as the kingdom of God and Christ in Tripura. The hill tribe Jamatiya worship in the month of March their traditional god Gadiya, who is supposed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva. The terrorists have issued an order that the Gadiya be prayed on the Christmas day instead.
    Another church official, Jatna Koloi, who was also arrested, admitted that he received training in guerrilla warfare at an NLFT base . It is now apparent that the pattern of forced conversions at gunpoint are irrefutably linked to the Baptist Church in Tripura. The NLFT is accused of forcing Tripura?s indigenous tribes to become Christians and give up Hindu forms of worship in areas under their control.
    In Tripura, there were no Christians at independence; there are 120.000 today, a 90% increase since 1991.
    In Arunachal Pradesh:
    The figures are even more striking in Arunachal Pradesh, where there were only 1710 Christians in 1961, but 1,2 million today, as well as 780 churches!
    In Nagaland:
    Christian Naga terrorists have been killing non-Christians for decades on end, and this has never been an issue with the world media,
    In Andhra Pradesh :
    In Andhra Pradesh, churches are coming-up every day in far flung villages and there was even an attempt to set-up one near Tirupati.
    In Maharashtra:
    Many Christian action group cadres have also been inducted into prominent naxalite groups under the garb of liberation theology activists. For instance Vernon Gonsalves @ Vikram, a state committee member of Maharashtra unit of CPI (Maoist) who was arrested by the ATS, Maharashtra, in August,2007 and another top Maoist leader Arun Ferreira, r/o Bandra, who was arrested by Nagpur police have both confessed to the police that they are activists of liberation theology movement. A number of human rights activists including Dr.Binayak Sen,Vice President of PUCL, have also been arrested in the recent past for their close links with the Maoist movement in the country confirming the close links between the Maoist movement and NGO and human rights net-work. Since the Christian action groups in the country are all controlled by various church agencies, many church leaders in India are also now directly linked with the naxalite movement.

    Today, with the full support and all possible assistance from the networking NGOs and also with the systematic induction of a large number of NGO activists into major naxalite groups, the naxal movement in the country has now become very powerful and it continues to make inroads into more and more new areas, especially in the remote and tribal regions.

    About 170 districts in 15 states in the country are now reportedly considered as naxal-infested. This unprecedented growth of naxalite movement in the country can be attributed to the support and encouragement it receives from the action group movement of networking NGOs which has got a strong and wide network all over the country.

    The irony of the situation is that the naxalite movement which proclaims to be the greatest crusader against the imperialist lobby is presently controlled by the action group movement which in turn is promoted, financed and controlled by the same imperialist lobby.
    NATO,CIA and Evngelaicalist Christians (Maoist) are same.
    They are doing everythings against democracy and human liberty.
    To control over the resources by destabilize the region is their geopolitical goal.
    For them Jesus is nothing but an ‘artifice of aggression’.
    Villages are being terrorised to ‘donate’ at least one child from each family to the cause of Maoist terror.
    One of the Italians, Paolo Bosusco, had visited the area several times before and enjoyed the hospitality of the Maoists. His being taken hostage was a staged drama to humble the Indian state. Paolo is a member of an Italy based Ultra-Leftist organisation, Party of Committees to Support Resistance for Communism (CARC). In December 2011, the Maoist Communist Party of Manipur in a press release had acknowledged its association and support of some foreign based ultra-leftist outfits. They are: Communist Party of Philippines, Association for Proletarian Solidarity, Italy (ASP), Maoist Communist Party of France, Revolutionary Communist Party Canada (PCR – RCP), and Party of the Committees to Support Resistance for Communism (CARC), Italy. Some of the western countries had played a very dubious role in fanning Left Wing Extremism (LWE) in Nepal to facilitate religious conversion. Kandhamal district of Odisha suffers from the same paradigm. Nepal’s example should not be lost out on India.
    As far as military prowess of the Maoists goes, there is evidence of AK-47s being supplied by the United Wa Army in Myanmar. The AK-47 manufacturing facility has been provided by China to the said insurgent outfit. The Maoist-ISI-LeT-militant groups nexus in Kashmir and the North-East is fairly well established. The Chinese, according to a national television channel, have also begun to supply sophisticated signal equipment with encryption capabilities to the Maoists.
    The top two non-governmental donors to India were U.S.-based missionary organizations, World Vision International at ~$155 million and Gospel for Asia ~$99.5 million — together that’s $255 million into India in just one year. Overall, an astonishing 18,996 organizations in India, a disproportionate number linked to Christian missionaries, received donations totaling $2.4 billion in 2007 alone. And the inflow has been growing rapidly. 2007 showed contributions more than double of 2002. With these numbers, how can we say the concerns are unfounded?
    The war is on. In this war the adversary has a deadly cocktail of ideology, foreign support, religious agenda, armed cadres, criminal financing and terror. It would be anti-national to treat it as a law and order problem. The assault is now on Indian democracy and the unity of India. Let us unite and fight because now in question is the very air-of-freedom that we are breathing.

  40. nikhil
    April 20, 2013 at 3:20 PM

    @ravi,very well said,thanks.
    By defining his idea of secularism simply as ‘India First’, Narendra Modi has hit the leftist-liberal combine where it hurts most. True to style, he has just bypassed the ideological debate saturated with its loaded jargon and banal inanities. He has focused on the operative significance of secularism in practice and boldly contrasted it with National Interest. With a single stroke, Modi has brought out the anti-Indian, anti-national character of what passes for secularism in this country.
    This has naturally riled the high priests of the official religion of the Government of India.

  41. ravi
    April 20, 2013 at 3:10 PM

    Nitish Kumar forgot his secularism when the Godhra incident and subsequent riots took place. He did not even make a pretense of resigning. Now that he wants to impress Muslim voters in Bihar, he suddenly remembers the sordid episode. His stand that Narendra Modi is communal but BJP is okay so long as it does not make him its leader is laughable. The game is so transparent that everyone, Muslims first of all, can see through it.

  42. niraj
    April 20, 2013 at 2:16 PM

    @som, you have painted a correct picture wherein by merely priding oneself to be a Hindu one is branded a “rank communalist” by the “secularists.” This situation should change. In order that to happen, a broad awareness should be generated among the Hindu community by the emphasizing the glorious aspects of Sanatana Dharma. At every possible opportunity the lies and half-truths being spread by the “pseudo-secularists” should be nailed forcefully and effectively.

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