In Search of an Honest Journalist

Sagarika Ghose proves yet again that she’s a Category-5 Moron (thanks, Mediacrooks) in the very opening sentence of her ill-informed but intellectual-sounding titled piece, In search of the modern Hindu.

Its time to liberate Hinduism from politics

From there, she jumps straight into launching a veiled abuse against Narendra Modi and what she calls are his "social media armies." But the Category-5 moron-ness comes out in full play in this sentence where she refers to herself thusly: 

Your humble columnist has the dubious honour of coining the phrase "Internet Hindus".

Such humble patting on her own back without realizing that she’s actually celebrating her own stupidity. Category-5 like I said. Everybody on Twitter are aware what exactly transpired after she coined that: when people stood up to her name-calling, she had to finally resort to what people of her ilk in the media are good at–trying to silence her critics with the threat of legal notice. Funny she doesn’t mention that.

But according to Sagarika, these aren’t the only reasons why politics must be liberated from Hinduism. Here are others:

There is large scale Hindu-isation of popular culture, as seen in the best selling novels by Amish on the life of Shiva, the hit TV serial Mahadev, the thronging temples, the high decibel festivals, export quality Hinduism in the form of yoga gurus and wellness spas….The assertion of majoritarian Hindu identity dominates the political space. In the cultural space celebration of festivals have become a tad too consumerist….Books, articles, paintings, interviews on Hindu themes are inevitably met by vociferous attacks from the Hindu Right seeking to "protect" Hinduism. But is this continual protest, actually preventing Hinduism from being popularised, from being thrown open to newer younger audiences? The repeated attacks and persecution of writer and scholar Wendy Doniger is a case in point. Historian Ramachandra Guha who recently wrote on the need to revive the reformist spirit of Hinduism was similarly denounced on the net as the "anti Hindu" ravings of the Macaulayputras.

And she goes on and on in this vein listing out such "crimes" of the dreaded Hindu Right. It is plain and simple abuse and one needn’t bother even refuting it. In numerous tweets directed against those who labels as "Internet Hindus," and other people espousing Hindu causes, Sagarika has thundered saying stuff like "I will not have my spiritual and tolerant and accommodative Hinduism hijacked by these people" and such other nonsense. Which means she admits she’s also a Hindu and isn’t ashamed of it. But what is her Hinduism? Let’s look for the answer in what she herself says in this piece:

 In the cultural space celebration of festivals have become a tad too consumerist

What exactly is the lifestyle Sagarika leads? On the occasion of Holi, her husband requests the nation not to waste water. In parallel, she tweets about how she enjoyed her swim in some upscale health club/pool. And this is not including the other creature comforts she must be used to. Consumerist you said? Tum karo toh chamatkar aur hum kare toh balaatkaar?

One of the most distinguishing features of people like Sagarika Ghose is their sheer presumptuousness. Like they’re the Holy See or something. Sample this:

 surely there is a need to evolve a charter of the modern Hindu, for whom pride in his faith and traditions can co-exist with the needs of a modern multi-faith democratic society.

Evolve a charter of the modern Hindu? What does this even mean? People like Sagarika Ghose give free speech a bad name. Evolve a charter of the modern Hindu? How would it sound if I said that there’s a need to evolve a charter for a non-moron Sagarika Ghose? Oh, and there is a real need to do that. Even accepting this, how does Sagarika arrogate to herself this right? Hindu history has had an entire galaxy of reformers and saints who never spoke in these terms. Their lives embodied the reforms they had in mind, and because an ounce of action is worth a billion sermons, their reforms succeeded. This kind of "evolving charters" talk is the product of a Prophetic, and therefore, a diseased mind.

And how does she set about evolving this charter? By asking a series of motivated questions that do more to reveal than hide her contempt for Hinduism. Indeed, her entire outpouring of gibberish is just that–a series of questions. Here are some brief samples:

Today, Hindus may carry out pujas and pilgrimages with a vengeance, but how many of us actually examine what our religious beliefs actually are? Do festivals centred exclusively around male relatives need to be questioned? Do hymns like the Purusa-sukta embody social hierarchy?…Should Sabarimala allow women? Do the teachings of Hinduism carry within them an imperative to interrogate caste? Does the dialogue of Gargi and Yajnavalkya show how we must question pre-conceived notions? How do we interpret the killing of Meghnad in the Ramayana from the viewpoint of morality? How can the relationship of Ram and Sita be interpreted in a modern context? ….how can Ram and Ravana talk to a modern citizen? What does Hinduism say about love, ambition, family?….Will the Hindu Right ever permit a Ramayana equivalent of Jesus Christ Superstar?

If Sagarika had bothered to step out of the confines of her ignorance of which she’s so proud and done some real reading, such dumb questions wouldn’t even have occurred to her. And we needn’t answer them for her for another important reason–other than her Category-5 moron-ness. She has absolutely no credentials to write anything about Hinduism. But then since when has ignorance been an obstacle that has prevented our secular and media dumbos to hold forth what they think is an opinion and informed analysis? A common, everyday menace faced by almost every apartment-dweller in the US is the deluge of junk mail he/she gets. And it’s anybody’s guess how they deal with that problem–feed all that junk to the shredder. You can’t stop them from assaulting your mailbox but you can shred them. I highly recommend this approach to deal with Sagarikaesque nonsense.

I suppose Sagarika has learnt the art of keeping her worst for the last:

To give Hinduism new life, the modern Hindu should resist simply remaining a political Hindu.

My head just exploded. What does "giving Hinduism a new life" even mean? Does Hinduism have an "old life?" And likewise, what does a "political Hindu" even mean? And what or who is a "modern" Hindu? Is there an "ancient" Hindu? And how exactly does Sagarika come up with such rubbish? Sagarika might be a moron but she’s an insidious moron. The list of her ill-informed questions is aimed at reducing Hinduism to just another variant of the (predominantly) Leftist discourse about lunatic ideas like multi-culturalism, terror-feminism, identity, environmentalism, and other assorted filth.

Another noxious element that flows as a vile subtext throughout her piece is the fact that she only cites instances of bad behaviour on the part of some Hindus as proof that Hinduism today is in the hands of only such people, and that it has degenerated. Needless, she picks out these instances deliberately, and such picking out is selective. No telling the other side of the story. And she obviously also doesn’t mention the fact that media houses like her own have contributed immensely in demonizing even genuine Hindu voices. Back in the secularist heydays a person like Arun Shourie was called the vilest abuses but her own channel now gives him Prime Time slots because of the TRP it’ll bring. How and why did he suddenly become oh-so-decent? Did he convert into Secularism? No. This then is the character of the people who wax eloquent on Hinduism.

One would think Sagarika is really concerned about Hinduism. She isn’t. This piece itself is proof of that. It is yet her latest attempt to demonize and discredit Hindus so that nobody takes them seriously. For all her claims here about reinterpreting and questioning and interrogating, why does Sagarika simply resort to labelling and name-calling anybody who questions her claims on Twitter? From where does this intolerance stem? And she gives a puke-worthy sermon about Hinduism? Bloody Mary!


Never mind. She’s beyond it.

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17 comments for “In Search of an Honest Journalist

  1. RC Sharma
    December 6, 2013 at 11:28 AM

    I think she is not even a Hindu and yet talks of reforming Hinduism!!

  2. August 20, 2013 at 7:40 PM

    Can her holiness Sagarika pray explain since when did she start writing interpretations of Purusha Sukta !! Oh for her Purusha means man, and then the commie definition of brAhmaNosya mukhamasId ….., when will these fools ever grow up.

    This is like a 4th grader who has just learnt to count a few numbers, commenting on groups and fields or on Bessel function !

    And when did she open an NHRC inquiry into Meghnad’s death ? Can there be a limit to this moron-ry ?

  3. August 20, 2013 at 7:36 PM

    She must have just finished up reading the crap written by Meera Nanda !!

  4. August 18, 2013 at 4:14 PM

    In first para she quoted Salam Rashadi without any links to originals.

  5. AK
    August 17, 2013 at 7:16 PM

    There is only one method to stop these Hindu-hating libtards like Ghose from spewing venom against Hindus…Violence..Just like how Muslims do…Every time a journo comes up with a piece like this , ransack their office or give a tight slap…
    But Hindus are not Muslims, tahts the sad part….

  6. August 17, 2013 at 5:04 PM

    Sagarika Ghose and her fellow “sickularists” poke fun at the Internet Hindu precisely because they cannot control him or her.

    The Indian English media used to be completely dominated by Hindu-hating, left-wing, pseudo-intellectual “sickularists” who never let any alternative opinion or its proponent survive. This stranglehold was also evident in educational institutions and policy-making bodies. Even today, the tilt toward the left is evident in the media and these bodies, despite the presence of a few individuals such as Arun Shourie and Swapan Dasgupta.

    The Internet changed all that. Now, it is possible for anybody to publish his or her opinions on the Web, and Web sites such as The Rediscovery of India are free from suppression by the left. Censored opinions and harsh truths (such as those raised by the late Varsha Bhosale) are rearing their ugly heads everywhere, marring this facade of communal amity, exposing historical untruths, and nailing the lie of minority victimization.

    It is this lack of editorial control that has Sagarika Ghose and her ilk all hot and bothered. Paradoxically, by wanting so much to control the thoughts and opinions of others, these “sickularists” are not very different from the picture of the intolerant, right-wing Hindu that they have tried so hard to fabricate.

  7. August 17, 2013 at 5:02 PM

    An apt title for her blog would be “Blood Moron”, not “Bloody Mary”

  8. Badari Narayanan
    August 17, 2013 at 12:38 PM

    “Today, Hindus may carry out pujas and pilgrimages with a vengeance” – reminds me of another religion where Friday prayers provokes them into vandalism / murder mood

  9. August 17, 2013 at 12:41 AM

    Stumbled upon CNN IBN Dy Editor’s article ” In Search of the Modern Hindu”. Poorly articulated, low substance piece with a chock-full of questions. As always trying to belittle Hinduism in the name of being a ‘modern’ Hindu.

    1) Author says ” How enriched our popular culture would be if Bollywood was free to mine the stories of Bhim or Sita for a modern young audience. Will the Hindu Right ever permit a Ramayana equivalent of Jesus Christ Superstar?”

    Bollywood and culture enrichment? Do they move in tandem? The author must be kidding. I am reminded of a Malayalam proverb ” Kurangante kayyil poomala” ( Garland in monkey’s hand )

    2) ” Individual spiritual leaders may provide welfare, solace as well as knowledge of yoga. But on an intellectual level, on caste, meaning of rituals, what gods exemplify, what temples stand for, what mantras mean, there is so little intelligent examination, exploration or even curiosity”

    How does the author know there is so little intelligent examination and exploration? The argument sounds too hollow. Has she traveled length and breadth of BhArat to understand the nuances?

    3) What does Hinduism say about love, ambition, family?

    Hinduism is not confined to one or two books and one cannot define Hindism based on one scripture. Vedic religion is a vast ocean. Two epics, 18 PurAnas, More than a dozen of upa-purAnas, four Vedas, hundreds of Upanishads, two dozens of Suktas, DharmashAstras. The number of verses in the puranas are in thousands. Skanda purana, the largest one with 81000 verses. Above all, we have “Bhagwat Gita”. Needless to mentions hundreds of works by Adi Shankara and other saints.

    4) ” Should a pilgrimage become raucous mass tourism? ”

    No. It shouldn’t. Ultimately the news channels are reaping the benefits of such mass tourism. Aren’t they? Else why would they send their reporters for a 24/7 coverage. The author herself was in the limelight during the occasions like Mahakumbh.

    5) ” Should a pilgrimage become raucous mass tourism? Or is pilgrimage about hardship, solitude and a retreat from the world?”

    Does the writer know the ” Vrata” observed by devotees before proceeding for Sabarimala? 40 days of vrata, no bed, observing fast, waking up before sunrise followed by temple visits, Sharanam ViLi. Yes, these are observed without any interruption.

    The writer criticizes the high decibels in the name of festivals on one side and wants Bollywood to mine stories of Bhim and Sita on the other. What a hypocrisy!

  10. August 16, 2013 at 11:53 PM

    Hey You left one more

    ” How enriched our popular culture would be if Bollywood was free to mine the stories of Bhim or Sita for a modern young audience. Will the Hindu Right ever permit a Ramayana equivalent of Jesus Christ Superstar?” Bollywood and Culture? She must be kidding..

    On one side, she is talking about commercialization of pilgrimage etc.. and on the other side she wants the Hindu right wingers to let Bollyowood to mine stories from Hinduism. What a hypocrisy!

  11. K.P.
    August 16, 2013 at 11:37 PM

    Ragu Kattinakere seems to be one of those many people who are *still* naively labouring under the delusion that the likes of Ghose and her fellow agenda-driven anti-Hindus can be debated with, and that it’s just a matter of calmly disagreeing and putting forward a different viewpoint. When will they get it into their heads that such miscreants are not interested in debate, or truth, or the pursuit of honest enlightenment? They have an agenda, one diametrically opposed to those of us who hold Indian history, culture and spirituality most dear, and they will stoop at nothing to defame, misrepresent, slander, insult and betray what we most cherish, all cynically under the false label of “intellectual discourse”. Honest debate can only take place between honest parties. Here, as distasteful as it may be to those with moral fortitude, there are only two choices: (1) lay down and wait “calmly” for extinction; or (2) fight back with unrelenting ferocity. For those of us who are not advanced yogis with absolute control of our faculties, anger is simply a symptom of having chosen option (2). I feel it’s the only option appropriate given the forces arrayed against us.

    • SP
      October 7, 2013 at 5:42 PM

      Good one, KP. Fully agree with you. Give these rodents little space and they will hit you like a bomb. In my words she is another K$$$$$$$i. Sold for money, and her agenda is to make more money. Anti-National elements and ME money flows to their banks like water.

  12. ????
    August 16, 2013 at 10:39 PM

    ????? ?????????? ?????. ?????????? ?????????????? ????????? ??? ????? ??????. ??????? ??? ???????? ???????? ?????? ????. ???? Cool down ????. Bloody fool.

  13. VirtualPresence
    August 16, 2013 at 10:23 PM

    “Today, Hindus may carry out pujas and pilgrimages with a vengeance” – what kind of twisted mind does it take to come up with a sentence like this? equating the pleasure of darshana to a base emotion like vengence, Speaks volumes about the “charter” she envisions. There is a “real need today” to evolve a technology which can tag any of her opinions/images/words with a #Gosh!Bimbo alert. Bloody Ghose Mary indeed.

  14. August 16, 2013 at 10:15 PM

    This reads more like an angry rant and less like a disagreement. Cool down.

  15. g
    August 16, 2013 at 9:03 PM

    Sagarika, like any brainwashed self-hating HIndu Leftist, just OOZES prejudice. For e.g. note her use of the phrase “export quality Hinduism in the form of yoga gurus and wellness spas”. In one fell swoop she denigrates not just the “export quality” but also the “non-export quality” Hinduism. She means to imply on one hand that the yoga gurus and wellness spas are primarily, in not exclusively, commercial gimmicks, and on the other, that the other variety of Hinduism practiced by locals or natives is somehow of inferior quality. Can’t get much worse than this kind of opinionated bile-showering.

  16. K.P.
    August 16, 2013 at 8:40 PM

    Cockroaches like this insidious bitch and her equally insect-like husband are the enemies on the inside. Those that have the gall to openly pretend to be Hindus while equally openly trying to destroy it from “within” should be at the very top of the list of those that need to be removed from public view with the utmost contempt and prejudice. The word “scum” is a gross understatement for these rodents.

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