The Renewed Tide of Jihad against India – Part 2

The first wave of Jihad against India occurred just a few years after Muhammad’s (PBUH, for safety’s sake) death in 632 CE and it continues to this day. Let’s not forget that it took nearly five hundred years for the invading Turkish and Arab armies to establish an empire in Delhi, and another two hundred before the Mughal Empire took firm roots under Akbar. This holds an extremely significant lesson about the nature of Jihad: it is relentless and it goes on undaunted using any and all means available at the time, and it simply won’t stop until its goal of total Islamization has been achieved.

Cut to the 20th Century. Pakistan launched three wars against us between 1947 and 1971, and all of them without any provocation from our side. Which normal nation does something like this? And let’s also not forget the fact that Pakistan is a pretty tiny state compared to us, and it scores horribly on pretty much every index of human development that exists. So why does this do something apparently so stupid? The answer becomes clear when we look at the motivation behind such wanton and repeated aggressions. The motivation is Jihad against India at all costs.

And as to the question of why it has launched no full-scale war after 1971–I do not regard Kargil as a full-scale war–the answer is simple: change of strategy. It lies in the genius of Zia ul Haq, who realized that Pakistan could never win a war with India in a direct confrontation. And so the choice was clear: operate in stealth mode. The phrase "bleeding by a thousand cuts" became popular and was a result of his policy. Indeed Zia’s policy was extremely farsighted and as we see now, became successful beyond his wildest dreams.

No columnist or newspaper worth his salt will tell you this: Pakistan views India as a Hindu nation; more correctly, a kaffir nation that needs to be blessed with the light of Islam through perfidy or violence or both. Equally, what no newspaper or analyst will tell you is also this: the leaders of Pakistan have always held us in utter contempt. They see themselves as the proud and rightful inheritors of the Mughal Empire, which had the whole of Hindustan under its foot, and where the Kaffir Hindus were their slaves. It’s reflected in almost anything that has a Pakistani tinge–their missiles are named after Ghazni, Ghori, Tipu and other fanatical Islamic mass murderers, and their history textbooks preach hatred against Hindus. Actually there’s some justification for their contempt apart from the Islam-fuelled one. It began with–who else?–that original nutjob Nehru who proudly declared that India was not a Hindu nation but failed to explain what exactly India was. That was the precedent set. And with his vile dynasty controlling this nation for over 50 years, are you still surprised how traitors like Fai’s guests emerge?

But no, our analysts and policy superstars and nouveau think tanks talk about everything but the real basis of Indo-Pak hostility. It is in fact incorrect to even frame this as Indo-Pak hostility–it is a wanton, declared and demonstrated intent of aggression against India–demonstrated in both word and deed. The real basis like I said, is Jihad with the ultimate goal of Islamizing all of India. And a think tank eminence talks about something called the Pakistan’s "military-Jihadi complex." But he doesn’t explain what it really is. He only talks about how it works. You cannot have a Jihadi complex without having Jihad as your goal. And if you have Jihad as your goal, it logically means you need to look at the Koran and the Hadis. And that’s the point at which the think tank’s pants start to get wet. But it’s only an illustration of how effective the taboo of critiquing Islam is: in this case, it prevents you from even criticizing the basis of an enemy nation’s wanton and repeated assaults. And these analyst-policy-think tank complex wants to somehow transform India into a strong nation and formulate an effective Pakistan policy?

Pakistan in other words, has always been clear about its goal: Jihad against India. It’s only India which continues to fool itself that Pakistan is a peace loving country but for "some rogue elements" and assorted crap. Even more shamefully, India recognized the Rogue of rogues, Musharraf as the President of Pakistan. And you still wonder why Pakistan treats us with contempt?

And were we clear about our goal for the same period? Oh yes we were. Utterly, completely, absolutely clear: first it was keeping Madam happy and then her son, and now her daughter-in-law and that dolt of a grandson. And keeping Madam happy meant several things, a significant one of which was keeping the minorities extremely happy. They throw a tantrum? Give them chocolate. They create a ruckus? Give them dole. They take out violent protests? Just give them that damn thing, whatever it is. Here’s a question: had the Golden Temple been a Mosque, would Indira Gandhi have ordered military action? And by extension, the same question applies to the subsequent terrorism that erupted–had it been a demand for a separate Muslim state, where would place your bets vis a vis the Congress regime?

Meanwhile, something else was also occurring. Pakistan was growing from strength to strength. It began to vigorously implement Zia’s policy of waging stealth Jihad. Back home, successive Dynastic rulers in India kept doing what they know best: one, they fragmented India mostly on communal lines, and two, they wreaked havoc on our institutions. As a result, the greatest victory that Pakistan continues to enjoy over India is the manner in which they’re playing Kashmir like a harp. Indeed, the mass murders and exodus of Pandits from Kashmir were achieved in a relatively short period.

And now, cut to the present. Communal fragmentation was the most essential device for the Congress to stay in power. Nothing is more valuable than the Muslim vote. Not even the nation. And so, what at one time used to be mere appeasement of Muslims has now metamorphosed into open submission. On the eve of Independence, India’s sworn enemy was Pakistan, and Pakistan’s was India. After successive Congress regimes, it’s clear that we lack spine with respect to Pakistan but Pakistan is sure where it stands–five dead Indian soldiers on August 6. The Congress has met the most outrageous demands and indulged the worst excesses by Muslims for over five decades. Indeed, the Creative Directors in the Congress party have in some cases, anticipated newer and newer forms of appeasement and have squandered enormous taxpayer money on such doles. Even if we dismiss this as vote bank gimmicks, what explains the fact that our defence minister defended Pakistan when its army men mowed down five of our soldiers in a flagrant violation of the LOC? Whose side is AK Antony exactly on?

As a result, the inevitable consequences have inevitably occurred: India is now slowly passing into a dangerous grip of a Jihad, the signs of which have become starkly visible especially over the last two years.

Continued in Part 3

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7 comments for “The Renewed Tide of Jihad against India – Part 2

  1. Jooske
    August 20, 2013 at 8:23 AM


    Why worry about US

    There are 3 things that people overseas scratch their heads about India.

    Why is their no common civil code in India.

    Why do you have Article 370 in India.

    Why do the Muslims not return the 3 ancient Hindu Temples in India to the Hindus?

  2. YD
    August 19, 2013 at 7:46 AM

    A decade or so ago two student groups at a very prestigious US Univ decided to celebrate together Independence day of their respective country. The two student associations were Indian Student Association and Pakistani Student Association. It was right after 9/11 & joint program was considered as a good sign. The Univ gave permission and encouraged a joint program. A program for Aug 14th late night was planned.  The program included a cultural presentation by Pakistani students followed by Indian cultural program. About a day prior to the program both associations exchanged details of the cultural program. Within half hour the Pakistani Student Association sent an email threatening to pull out of the program if changes were not made to the Indian cultural presentations. The Pakistani Student Association did not want any rendering of Vande Mataram during the cultural presentations. Much discussions happened but the Pakistanis did not let go and the Indian Association was forced to give in and cancel the rendering of complete song ‘ Vande Mataram’. This incident is an eye opener on attitudes, tolerance & pride. It happened on foreign soil for both countries. It was supposed to firm the ties of friendship.A white flag of friendship and tolerance can be waved only if both parties are willing to take equal steps otherwise there is no need to do so. Aman ki Asha is a farce. Many Indians believe that only Pakistani Army is the villain while all its citizens are citadel of tolerance. They need to rethink.

  3. Sootr
    August 18, 2013 at 10:59 PM

    Sandeep Bandhu! The problem is simply this that post-independence has failed to respect itself – courtesy that nincompoop Chacha ji and subsequently his descendants – and if you don’t respect yourself, nobody’s gonna respect you either!

  4. Paroma Das
    August 18, 2013 at 10:06 PM

    Thanks a lot for illuminating my mind, Sir.

  5. ItAcHi
    August 18, 2013 at 8:40 PM

    Sandeep ji,

    yes, jihad is waged against India by Pakistan. But then, it is waged against all non-muslim nations too, covertly or overtly.
    What specifically with India?
    this hadith.

    This is what is driving the more rabid kind across the border.

    Also note that this is propogated in channels like peace tv by israr ahmed.

    Btw, as you may in all probability know, Z.Naik runs peace tv.

    you may also know that this channel was banned by none other than our IB chief.

    What you may not know is that this channel runs openly everywhere in the country. PBUH.

  6. diwakardevatha
    August 18, 2013 at 8:09 PM

    Please u feedblitz so that ur writings can directly reach the subscribers mail box.

  7. chakry
    August 17, 2013 at 9:22 AM

    Hi Sandeep sir,

    Im following your articles from many years. For last 3/4 months i didnt see much in your site. I think that was due to loss of BJP in karnataka elections or might be im wrong.

    Im really happy to see you writing again.

    The only question is how far can your writings reach?
    Only to a handful of internet people. Hope some one takes them to common people by publishing them or some other means. ( I could have done that, im not financially strong enough )

    And lastly, Its sad to say that elections in India are not fought on principles or policies. I have witnessed this in local election in my village last month ( AP ). Can you imagine votes were bought for 20k each. That was really terrifying.

    Just felt to write this message.


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