The Cabal Within the Party to Stop Narendra Modi

This is my translation of Pratap Simha’s article published in Kannada Prabha on 7 September 2013. Comments and criticism welcome as always.

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within,” said Cicero back in the time BC. If we replace the word “nation” in his quote with “party,” it will be a perfect mirror to the developments currently occurring in a national party called the Bharatiya Janata Party. There’s a reason we need to say this:

Lal Krishna Advani

Sushma Swaraj

Ananth Kumar

Arun Jaitley

This foursome is more popularly known in the Twitter universe as Dilli-4 or D4. When Arun Shourie in his interview with Devil’s Advocate last week mentioned about some stateless leaders in the BJP, he was referring to none but this foursome. A gentleman named Vinod Sharma (@vinod_sharma) on Twitter continually criticizes this foursome. Perhaps no other person on Twitter has condemned this group so harshly and so relentlessly over the last two years. Even as this piece was being written, here’s what Vinod Sharma tweeted: If D4 actually succeeds in sabotaging Modi, then there will be nothing to choose between Cong & BJP, and no need to vote. Or tweet. Even the most committed BJP supporters on Twitter didn’t take Vinod Sharma seriously for a long time. They had assumed that he was biased against the Gods named Advani, Sushma, Ananth and Arun.


When we watch the developments, when we see the kind of statements that are being issued, and when we observe the skulduggery going on in the BJP today, it does seem that Vinod Sharma is speaking the truth.

So what exactly is happening in the BJP?

The announcement of Narendra Modi as the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate was supposed to happen on 15 August. That didn’t happen. A high level meeting of the BJP-RSS top brass is scheduled on 8 and 9 September (Ed: the meeting has since happened. No word on his PM candidature yet has come out.). A similar meeting had taken place on 10 August as well. Nothing came out of that either.

So who exactly is blocking Narendra Modi and why?

On 3 September, Bhaiyyaji Joshi–the second most powerful leader in the RSS–who had a meeting with Advani and Sushma Swaraj said, “It looks impossible to delay announcing Modi as the PM candidate any further.” On 31 August, Arun Jaitley expressed his indirect support to Modi when he declared that “there should be no controversy over the issue of the party’s prime ministerial candidate as that would be akin to committing a hit-wicket.” On 17 August, Suresh Soni who is akin to a link between the BJP and the RSS declared that “criticism of Modi will not be tolerated and that strict action must be taken against those who criticise him.” Thus, although there’s consensus within both the Sangh Parivar and the BJP over the choice of Narendra Modi as the PM candidature, the official announcement is yet to ensue. Do you know the reason?


The members are none other than the Advani-Ananth Kumar-Sushma Swaraj trio! Things have come to such a pass that there’s no option but to say this. Cut back to July when the BJP National Executive met at Goa. There it was pretty much clear that Narendra Modi would be declared the party’s Campaign Committe head. When this news reached Advani, he stayed back in Delhi citing the excuse of illness. However, as soon as the news of Modi-as-Campaign Committe-head was confirmed, the selfsame Advani immediately stood up and wrote his resignation letter, which was then splashed all over the media. This singular act was the loudest advertisement of the fact that he placed his self interest above the nation and the party’s interest. Subsequently, there was a dim ray of hope when he retracted his resignation after honouring Sarasanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat’s words. But that was proven wrong again on 15 August. What was Advani’s behaviour that day? It is the people who are the final judges of the propriety or otherwise of Narendra Modi’s Independence Day speech, coming as it did in direct competition with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s speech. Apart from the people, if anybody had to criticize Modi’s speech, it was Modi’s political opponents. What exactly was the reason for Advani to don the role reserved for Modi/BJP’s political opponents? Why did he criticize Modi? Over the past 65 years, several Prime Ministers have delivered Independence Day speeches as a tradition. And the Opposition and the people of India have tolerated these speeches. But let’s be honest: has any good come out of these speeches, of this tradition? Or has the country suffered any loss because Modi delivered a speech on August 15? The world’s powerful democracy, America has a tradition where the Opposition critiques the President’s Independence Day on the same day. If this is the reality, why did Advani need to behave as if Modi committed a massive blunder? And by doing this, what message did he hope to send both to the party and others?

What does all this show except revealing Advani’s pettiness?

Right in the wake of this episode, Narendra Modi’s bitter detractor, Rajdeep Sardesai wrote the following: “My 18-year-old son is a first-time voter. I asked him what he thought of Modi’s Independence Day speech and whether it was inappropriately timed. “I don’t know about the timing, but at least he spoke!” And therein hangs a tale.”” Doesn’t the BJP’s crowning leader understand the simple truth so obvious in these lines?

What’s infinitely tragic is the fact that it appears as if Advani and Sushma themselves don’t want the BJP to win 200-plus seats in the 2014 polls! The intent behind their behaviour seems to be this. This is because if the BJP gets 160-170 seats, the calculation is that Advani will stand a chance to become Prime Minister. And if Modi is stopped in his tracks, Sushma Swaraj reckons that she’d succeed Advani after his term as PM. As for Ananth Kumar, he’s fully aware that he’d stand to profit immensely if Advani becomes the PM. This then is the simple reason why they’ve ganged up against Modi.

Let’s set aside the past contributions of these worthies to the BJP and talk about their current merits and qualifications.

In 2009, inflation was hovering around 20%. People were getting fed up with the Congress. A sizeable section felt that it was a mistake to vote out Vajpayee. There was also widespread anger against black money. However, did Lal Krishna Advani convert this anger against Congress into votes for the BJP? Forget that. The BJP’s existing tally of 136 dropped drastically down to 116! Besides, his stint as Home and Deputy Prime Minister wasn’t marked by any major accomplishment. On the contrary, the Akshardham attack, the Parliament attack, the 16 soldiers killed by Bangladesh, the release of Peter Bleach, the Kandahar episode…all of these happened under Advani’s watch. He never distinguished himself as an able administrator during the six long years he ruled. And what does he have to show for the nine years that he’s been the Leader of Opposition? Let’s take the Monsoon Session of the Parliament: he derailed the proceedings till the end of the month by holding the Parliament hostage and when only a week remained for the session to end, the selfsame Advani along with Sushma, Ananth and Arun helped the Congress pass all the bills. The question naturally arises: under whose direction is he acting? Thanks to such behaviour, the BJP is now stuck with the label of being an obstructionist party while the nation-wrecking Congress party, which is determined to annihiliate India’s economy by passing the Food Security Bill is praised as the messiah of the poor! Between the two of them, the Congress and the BJP have entered into a cozy arrangement of behaviour in Parliament whereby one pretends to slap the other and the other pretends to weep. In the same Devil’s Advocate program, Arun Shourie also remarked to Karan Thapar that “We should recognise that what happens in Parliament is most often a drama. It is a well rehearsed, staged planned drama. You will shout, I will shout, the Speaker in 5 minutes will say ok adjourned till 12:30.” This is the real reason people have completely lost trust in the central leadership of the BJP and want Narendra Modi’s decisive leadership at the Centre. It is why they want him as the Prime Minister.

Even if we forget all this, a crucial question still remains: when Robert Vadra massive fraud came to light, this Delhi-4 didn’t show the slightest spine to condemn him; so how do we trust them to lead the nation with courage and integrity? Can they issue a strong statement against the Congress? They can’t because they know that the very moment they do that, Sonia Gandhi will open their can of dirty secrets. She’ll spill out the complete details of who took how much sleaze money in the Reddy brothers case and the IPL fiasco. When KJP’s Dhananjaya Kumar openly alleged that Advani’s son used to visit Karnataka with the sole purpose of taking money, the state BJP leaders hollered from the rooftops but not one of them refuted the allegation. If such leaders really have guts, let’s see whether they can vociferously condemn Sonia Gandhi the way they do Narendra Modi.

In the run up to the 2010 Bihar polls, when the media asked why Modi isn’t campaigning in Bihar, pat came the reply from Sushma: “Modi is not the only leader,” thereby demonstrating her small-mindedness quite early in the game. And we don’t need to separately chastise Ananth Kumar who destroyed the BJP in Karnataka by repeatedly whispering into Advani’s ears. The story of how Ananth Kumar helped the Congress return to power in Karnataka by forcing Yeddyurappa out of the party was narrated in Parliament by Finance Minister, P.Chidambaram. Here’s what he said: “we are happy that Ananth Kumar played a role in the victory of Congress in Karnataka.”

And then we have Arun Jaitley, also part of Delhi-4. He might harbour Prime Ministerial ambitions but he’s basically a business-like leader and a realist. He has accurately understood the pulse of both the party workers and the people and keeping in mind the party’s future, has lent his support to Modi.

That leaves us with the three. In what direction do these three want to take nation? What’s the kind of excuses they’re spouting?

“No no! Let’s not declare Modi as the PM candidate right now! We’ll take a decision after the four states go to polls in November-December. If we declare his candidature now, the Muslims will be polarised against us. If that happens, it might adversely impact the party.” Speak the truth: since Independence, has there been any election where Muslims have not been polarised? has there been any poll where Muslims haven’t voted en masse for a particular party? If this is the historical reality, is there even any sense in claiming that Muslims would be polarised if Modi is declared the PM candidate? On the contrary, if Modi is indeed declared the PM candidate, there is every chance that for the first time since Independence, the Hindus would vote as a block. Every survey shows that Modi’s solid record of development has touched the heart of every youth across the nation, which in turn has veered their votes in his favour.

In the past, issues like terrorism, separatism, and anti-nationalist activities were restricted to border areas like Jammu & Kashmir, Assam, Nagaland, and so on. Today, as we can see, this danger is openly visible in every corner of India. We don’t even need to read them in newspapers to learn about them. They’re visible, right before our eyes. In Modi, people see a strong leader who’s capable of wiping out this danger, and under whose leadership they feel secure. In fact, this can provide the BJP with another kind of polarisation. Can the minority polarisation stand a chance before this kind of polarisation? Today, if the nationwide tidal wave of anger against the Congress is swerving towards the BJP, the reason is the people’s faith and hope in its (yet undeclared) Prime Ministerial candidate named Narendra Damodardas Modi. Today, apart from Modi, do you see any other politician who speaks a language comprising such things as defence budget, defence production, manufacturing…and the staggering number of jobs it’ll create? Have you even by mistake heard Advani, Sushma and Ananth speak this language? This is the reason Arun Shourie says that under Modi’s leadership, it won’t be a surprise if the BJP manages to win even 230 seats.

The Sangh which has understood this needs to declare Modi as the PM candidate as soon as possible. Else, both the party and the nation will pay dearly owing to the Advani-Ananth-Sushma cabal. As Cicero says, it is the internal enemies who are more dangerous than the external ones.”


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51 comments for “The Cabal Within the Party to Stop Narendra Modi

    • mashu
      November 9, 2013 at 11:21 AM

      you are fool pratap…
      in the wake of promoting Modi, you have insulted a stalwart like Advani, who has given his all for the party…
      Shame on all you lunatically obsessed modi lovers…

      • November 23, 2013 at 8:55 AM

        No body denies the great services of Adwaniji! It seems he has lived his utility which was confirmed in last lok sabha polls.Modi has got the dynamism & he wants to do some thing for the nation.We should welcome new leaders with vision. It is clear from the present state of country, demand selfless leader to lead 1.23 billions. Modi is the answer ! Rahul to be leader of opposition in the parliament.Do you agree Your Excellency…?

      • TKS
        February 2, 2014 at 9:04 PM

        Those who believe in Modi’s credentials and admire him do so purely on the merits of a person who is self-made, rising up from nothing. He is a man of unquestionable integrity and decisiveness. He is a charismatic and inspiring speaker. He has demonstrated relentless vision/focus on socio-economic development without prejudice towards anyone, and in the face of relentless attacks by a cabal of media buffoons (potted plants), dynastic sycophants (looters), leftist loonies, and of course Islamist Jihadis. No one in political history has withstood such demonizing and yet won over hearts and minds with amazing grace and dignity.

        It is not about Modi versus Advani or anyone else.

        Has Advani got spine to hand-cuff and jail Sonia parivar and recover untold loot? Has Advani got any track record of looking Pakistan and China in the eye and not flinch? What did he accomplish in domestic or foreign policy of note when he had opportunities galore as Vajpayee’s deputy? Did he solve all sundry border disputes from position of strength? What did he do about taking on Jihadi and Naxalite insurgencies, or social reforms and raging corruption?

        Look, Advani may be clean and a capable administrator, and has every right to claim PM job. But a charismatic inspiring leader and nation builder he is not – at least not in the league of a Modi. Open your myopic eyes and dig out how Advani operates within Delhi’s political class – a despicable bunch of self-serving dacoits who loot by truck load and rub each other’s back. My friend, Advani dances a Tango with the crooks.

        • February 3, 2014 at 6:45 PM

          I respect Shri Adwaniji & greatly admire his contribution to nation & BJP. Was not he given a chance in last LS poll to prove himself ?He could not come to the expectations of nation. Well, Now if we give a chance to Modi, the people will like it ! BJP may come to power under dynamic leader !No of scams india had, one feel ashamed of polity!I personally see a spark in Modi, Hope he gets a chance if top bosses of BJP agrees! I doubt their integrity!AAp is new in politics, lacks experience, ethics& culture!Let the voters decide the fate of India.Jai Hind !

  1. Ravi
    October 11, 2013 at 3:32 PM

    I think this article is spot on. You should also read a recent article in IE by Tavleen Sngh – 21st AUg – “An outsider in a private club”, which confirms that these fellows are very uncomfortable with Modi as they feel he’ll upset their applecart.

  2. nash
    September 13, 2013 at 7:35 PM

    Congress were throwing boulders and it was made into jelly.Of course they look stones from very far.
    Relative you know.
    At eighty six if everything fine and able to recollect this comment,and would like to interact and ask you,what do you think now?(At my 86 just to be clear)

    • September 16, 2013 at 1:34 PM

      Modi , The Tiger of India!

      Hon’ Narender Modi, born on 17 Sep 50, OBC, once a tea vendor,devoted RSS worker , rose with vision, hard work & merit to become CM of Gujrat , elected 3 rd time CM , making Gujrat role model in development, a vibrant state of India !
      Narender Modi is blamed for riots in 2002 by Congress party known for many scams, hierarchy, corruption, poor economy & poor leadership with the help of media & most tainted politicians. In fact he is the only hope for all religions & minorities for the strong India!
      Modi has been approved by BJP as PM candidate. In first rally at Rewadi in Haryana he was greeted by 5 lakhs x’ men. Modi assured the country,A strong government for the welfare of people.
      Modi’s Manifesto -Suggestions!
      Strong foreign policy, Green revolution, Export more gold & silver ornaments & jewels, Increase crude oil & coal production, Search for oil, Review automobile production policy, Encourage public transport, Industries given more incentives & infra structure & encourage export of weapons, air crafts, tanks, machines & tools. More electricity & Irrigation.
      0 import of defence equipments like weapons, air crafts , guns, sub marines, air craft carriers etc. Hygiene & sanitation, Road communication, Development of Nuclear capability,
      Education of world standard , Research & development, Keep environment healthy, Control of population, All court cases finalized in 5 years, Justice will never be delayed! Lokpal bill, Right to vote & reject, one rank -one pension for defence will be placed in lok sabha, All scams will be investigated by CBI & guilty will be punished by Law.
      Crimes against Women, senior citizen, & children will be given most severe punishments by fast track courts. Mercy petitions to President in rape cases will be stopped. Death punishment will be carried out in 30 days. Develop work potential of youth & national spirit. Create more employment for youth, Encourage youth to join armed forces.
      Code of conduct for MPs & MLAs, Ban VIPs security& red light culture. Law & order in 600 districts under 3 SPs, Rural, Urban & SP (prevention of crimes) No accidents, Dowry deaths, acid attacks, ragging, drowning, kidnapping . Flesh trade, communal riots & rapes! Small states for better administration & development.
      End Maoist movement & Development of North East states, Nagaland,Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Tripura & Manipur ! Stop refugee influx from Bangla desh.

      Modi will not prove a liability but an asset to BJP. He will revive the economy & galvanize power generation & agricultural growth.
      People expect him to rise above party politics & serve the nation and preserve the national integrity. According to Chinese zodiac, Modi is Tiger-Metal + , like Hon’ Laxmi Mittal ,should tackle the Chinese dragon & neighbors diplomatically, end terrorism in the world & contribute as a strong leader to make India a happy family with prosperity & fraternity.
      I wish him a success in his mission 272+ & establishment of unity & Integrity in India.

      • Vijayalakshmi
        October 16, 2013 at 11:26 PM

        Sri Narendra Modi is the only hope for India. All Indians must repose full faith in him. I am sure he will rise above petty politics and ensure justice for all in this country. Whoever opposed Modi in the beginning have fallen in line and are supporting him, which is certainly in the interest of the BJP. Let us drop that matter now. Contrary to what the vile Congress is saying, Modi will unify India and pay attention to development. The corrupt and anti-national Congress must be made answerable to the nation for its innumerable omissions and commissions. Indians must realize that it is in our interest that we must all vote for Sri Narendra Modi and the BJP. Yes, I do believe that a Congress-free India is what we really need.

  3. nash
    September 13, 2013 at 5:42 PM

    Too many harsh words here on shri advani

    It looks imagination is running its course here.It is a very constricted environment,this political landscape.
    When the comment LOST IT was written,there was a hand of the providence too which played a part in
    shri advani’s career.No that was not explicit in that comment,but should be considered anyway.Of course we overlook and give idealized projections of our thoughts.That proverb in the vernacular is so true which says “when a person is down every person takes a stone to cast”.
    The perils of leading will be known when that responsibility is taken.

    • S
      September 13, 2013 at 6:42 PM

      Well Advani was up and up and nobody except the Congis cast a stone, until he managed to drop a rock on himself.

      What do you think you’ll be doing at 86 ?

  4. Vivek
    September 13, 2013 at 9:41 AM

    …Advani’s son used to visit Karnataka with the sole purpose of taking money…
    Must be true! Advani’s behaviour in parliament and his anti-modi stance in stark contrast to popular sentiment show him as a scamgress mole. A mole who is held in control by the waitress on the basis of incriminating secrets that she possesses about him.

  5. Suresh Rao
    September 12, 2013 at 5:51 PM

    After destroying the BJP in Karnataka, the crooked, side-kick of Advani(Jinnah) is now shamelessly trying to play spoil sport in Delhi, little realizing that his recent actions, has ensured that he does not have the support of even 10% of voters in Blr or Karnataka.

    It is high time Modi took over the leadership & cleaned the part of back-stabbing liabilities like Anant.

  6. nash
    September 11, 2013 at 5:29 PM


    If it comes to shri advani it looks there is no middle ground,either
    you support him or dislike him.
    How do you gauge a persons contribution and present relevance.

    Here for just a pictorial comparison,request readers to see the movie “the grapes of wrath” by the author john steinbeck.The scene referred is the
    protogonist meets a preacher who has given up his calling.
    The preacher says he was once a priest and had to give up.To
    answer the why of it is, the preacher says he just LOST IT.

    That is how shri advani can be viewed.He has LOST IT.
    There were many ocassions where he could have reinvented and alas he could
    not.He misread many instances when opportunities presented.

    Many would like to see young leadership taking over,that is why
    for a party like BJP, it needs a political management entity
    which just gauges the leaders without bias and assigns work

  7. Vineet
    September 11, 2013 at 2:07 PM

    Jaitley had realized some time back the pulse of people and gradually gravitated towards Modi. RSS too has understood the flow and have rightly so aligned.

    More than the D4 it is the D3 which is causing problems. Ananth Kumar is rubbish, why is he there at that level is beyond everyone. Sushma should have been told by Rajnath Singh, who till now is playing his cards correct, to focus on winning Delhi Assembly elections and had publicly announced the same. If she had won, she would have been only CM of Delhi and not much clout with 7 seats, if lost then all power & clout gone.

    This would have ensured that LKA was cut to size. UPA had surprised itself by winning 2009 and LKA had some role to play. We friends often discussed that some guys in BJP loved Congress more. It is only now from recent past that BJP is hitting UPA hard every time and always.

    Given a choice between RSS and D3, anyone in BJP be it Chauhan, Vasundhara etc etc will chose RSS backed Modi.

    Guess Rajnath has been brought for this job by RSS. He came in post Modi win of Dec 2012.

  8. nitha
    September 11, 2013 at 1:53 PM

    UP Muslim women send Rakhi to Modi, want him to lead the nation

    • Vijayalakshmi
      September 12, 2013 at 12:44 AM

      India will be safe only under Narendra Modi. All sections of the people can depend on him.

  9. ravi
    September 11, 2013 at 1:46 PM

    The then Chief Minister Karunanidhi’s scandalous act of releasing nine jihadis from prison on the birth anniversary of Annadurai and commuting their specified sentences has to be viewed in the backdrop of the fact that 12 most wanted terrorists are prowling free in Tamil Nadu. They include Abu baker Siddique alias Kakka (7 cases), Ayub alias Ashraf Ali (9 cases), Mohammed Ali alias Yunus alias Mansoor (3 cases), Mujib-ur Rahman alias Muji (5 cases), Rasool Mydeen (2 cases), Jaguar Sadiq alias Tailor Raja alias Valarntha Raja (5 cases), Toufeeque (2 cases), Mushtaq Ahmed (Chennai RSS headquarters blast case), and Ibrahim, Ashraf Ali, Noohi NP alias Mankave Rasheed and Kunju Mohammed alias Gani (all Coimbatore blast case).

    Jihadi attacks resulting in death of Hindu leaders:

    · July 4, 2012 – Jihadis murder BJP functionary Pugazhendi in Nagapattinam

    · October 23, 2012 – Jihadis kill Dr. Aravind Reddy, Secretary BJP Medical Wing, Vellore

    · March 19, 2013 – Jihadis murder BJP functionary Murugan in Paramakudi, hometown of BJP senior leader H Raja who was attacked in October 2012

    · July 1, 2013 – In Vellore, Jihadis hack to death Vellaiappan, State General-Secretary, Hindu Munnani

    · July 19, 2013 – Jihadis kill BJP State General-Secretary Auditor Ramesh in Salem

    BUT there is also an interesting thing about elections in UP. Whichever constituencies have under 15% Muslim population, in general BJP does not perform good in these. Whichever ones have 15% – 25%, BJP performs better. But wherever Muslims are between 25% – 40%, BJP performs excellent. Watch the last disastrous Vidhan Sabha elections, BJP won in Firozabad, in Meerut, in Agra, etc, all heavily dominated by Muslims. Last Lok Sabha they also won in Azamgarh, the home of so many terrorists.
    AND ALSO Gujarat chief minister NarendraModi will soon get a Rakhi sent by Muslim sisters from Varanasi. They themselves prepared the big-sized Rakhi for their Gujarati brother wishing him to lead the nation.

    Marking the holy month of Ramzan, a group of local Muslim women prayed for the well-being of Modi at a brief programme held in Lallapura locality on Sunday afternoon. The burqa-clad women associated with Muslim Mahila Foundation (MMF) hailed Modi, describing him as a charismatic leader.
    AND ALSO the point is that whenever BJP speaks about Hindus, Hindus and Hindus, they get good outcome. Whenever they speak of Thakur, Brahmin, Lodh, etc.. they get ‘egg in the face’ because if you have to be casteist, why not vote for Congress, SP or BSP whose staple diet consists of casteism?


  10. Sindhu Nayak
    September 11, 2013 at 12:46 PM

    Incredible article. The Holy Trinity – like the villains projected in “K” serials, where people within the family play games. Advani should realise he is a bloody old fool and has no capability to polarize the nation in a manner Modi has. He will never win!

  11. Anuk
    September 11, 2013 at 9:34 AM

    Very timely & interesting article. However, I disagree with some of the jaundiced points in the article.
    (1) L K Advani
    a] LKA’s corruption was mentioned by a rival KJP’s member just to get electoral gains & has no basis. LKA has always maintained his integrity irrespective of the situation.
    b] It is not right to blame LKA alone for Kandahar episode and Vajpayee should also be blamed for his refusal to take help from Israel.
    c] RSS had back-stabbed BJP in 2009 and the organizational failure of LKA & his team was added further to the woes.
    d] After the 2009 debacle, he started befriending Delhi-Cocktail-Party for achieving acceptability by all sections. THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF LKA’s FALL…
    e] LKA’ blind adulation to Sushma despite her shriller shouting coupled with intellectual shallowness – people started believing that BJP is B-team of Congress
    f] LKA’s reprogrammed DNA (“Acceptance by All”) has started playing politics against his own party members…
    g] LKA’s another biggest blunder is to distancing the voices of intellectuals like Arun Shourie, MM Joshi, Jag Mohan et al.

    (2) Sushma Swaraj
    a] Good at Shriller shouting coupled with intellectual shallowness…
    b] Acts as a personal assistant of Sonia Gandhi
    c] Her relation with LKA: “You scratch my back & I scratch yours”

    (3) Ananth Kumar
    a] Most undeserving candidate to be BJP’s Parliamentary Committee board member
    b] Stooge of LKA, who helped to destroy BJP in Karnataka
    c] Least said about this guy, the better…

    To save the country from current situation, the only option left in front of BJP is to project NaMo.

    *** If D3 is not satisfied with the elevation of NaMo; RSS/BJP should dismiss them from the party like they did to Sri Balraj Madhok in the past.


  12. Laxman
    September 10, 2013 at 7:39 PM

    Excellent article. Advani is a lost cause. He lost 2009 election. Advani family is involved in corruption and if Modi become PM he is not going to spare him together with congress and BPJ leaders. He is non corrupt and nationalist. I think Advani is working with congress to stop Modi. BJP should keep eye on Advani, Shusma .and Ananthkumar. They can sabotage Modi. As for Muslims they have voted more in numbers than even Vajpai and Advani.

  13. thisisrubbish
    September 10, 2013 at 7:23 PM

    I dont think this is true at all. Sri Advaniji has been one of the tallest leaders of the BJP and Sushmaji has also led the party ably and represented well as leader of oppoition in Lok Sabha. Agree that BJP’s best chances are with NaMo as PM candidate, and that Advaniji should not have done resignation drama, but some of the responsibility of this state of affairs is also to NaMo’s account. He is (correctly) seeking to take over the party leadership, but should remember that this is not military coup, all within party have to be taken along in friendly manner; Advaniji may be old, but the nation has not forgotten his great work in Ram Janmabhoomi matter.

  14. September 10, 2013 at 7:20 PM

    BJP crowning has been coming for long time.D4 has known it for long.After Goa meet,writing was on the wall,but,ostrich like approach,especially by LKA has been quite stupid.
    I wonder,how could LKA not understand the msg from RSS.
    For BJP and India,both,it is important that SS,LKA,AK retire gracefully

  15. September 10, 2013 at 5:47 PM

    India is looking forward to strong leadership like Vallabbhai Patel. Our economy is poor !We have to export & earn more dollars. Let Industry & Agro flourish & corrupt nailed, even hanged. Let every one realise that we are Indian first! All minorities will support Narender Modi to save their future.D 4 has got nuisance value,They have lived their utility ! We hope Modi fulfills the hopes of millions. Go ahead Modi . God bless u….

  16. Gopal Prithviraj
    September 10, 2013 at 5:33 PM

    Mr. Sandeep, I think it is just not the petty mindedness of Advani but something more sinister! Some of us have been saying for quite sometime that Advani is a trojan horse destroying BJP from within – not very recent but for the past 4 years or so. And why would he do that? So that he could get one more pot shot at the PM’s chair? No! He has never said anything against Sonia for quite sometime but openly apologised to her after calling her corrupt. What has he got to fear of Sonia? May be sensitive dossiers and skeletons from the past in the hands of Sonia. We have a lot to doubt that Advani is behaving very much like a person in Congress camp! It is high time BJP gets rid of Advani before he can cause any further damage to BJP as a party. With him goes all his cronies including Sushma Swaraj kind of people with no people base. Congress and all the regional parties called Advani the worst hard-liner & communal not so long ago. Now all including Nitish are describing him differently. There are many who truly believe that there is a deep conspiracy to weaken and dismember India. If you see through this corruption mess, one can discern the different pieces of India-weakening puzzle falling into place – weaken defence services (which is what Antony is doing very efficiently), create paid news (very well done by all the media), destroy judiciary and legal arm (more than 70% of the judges are corrupt and legal system does not deliver justice at all – 2G, CWG, Coal scam and any scam), subjugate the bureaucracy totally and light the fire of separatism (Telengana, Gorkhaland and many more). Above all weaken India economically by copying the failed policies of the western model of economics! Very soon India will be a basket case with a begging bowl going around IMF, World Bank and the like. So Advani is part of this bigger menace for India by siding Congress and Sonia! Agreed that all political parties are together in corrupt ways of governing – look at how they colluded to challenge the Supreme Court for disallowing charge sheeted and convicted MPs and MLAs or the amendment to RTI act to preserve the dirty ways of the political parties or the total resistance to bring in effective LOKPAL bill to curb corruption etc.

  17. Hari
    September 10, 2013 at 4:57 PM

    There is a NaMo wave, not a BJP wave. BJP without NaMo will be 50 seats. BJP with NaMo will be 300 seats.
    Advani, Shushma, Anant etc are past tense.

  18. meera saxena
    September 10, 2013 at 4:32 PM

    An eye opener article for me I was listening to all the news readers saying fight within but this article explained everything like a crystal. Advani looked like a very dumb headed to me : but I could never understand the truth about his looks: I have a reason now even sushma @jaitley looked very dubious to me.
    Their comments @behaviour as if was nothing in the eyes of CONgis. This article explains it all. Thanks for the article now I only hope & pray that modi wins & clears this mess GOD BLESS INDIA. &Modi.

    September 10, 2013 at 12:58 PM


  20. September 10, 2013 at 12:33 PM

    good & timely article. This “lets respect ALL our leaders” narrative coming from some quarters of BJP serves no purpose. No organization or party can grow if it doesn’t periodically sideline the non-performers (even stars of the past cannot rest on their laurels for ever!). Constructive Criticism is crucial for the party. Some fringe elements do go over the top in criticizing Delhi leadership, but lets not read too much into that….the concern shared by many sober & rational supporters of BJP about the harmful role being played by Advani-Sushma-Ananth trio is real & cannot be wished away by the BJP & Sangh parivar. We cannot rest easy even after Modi is announced as the PM candidate….efforts must be made to ensure Advaniji & Sushma give up all their misgivings and whole-heartedly support Modi, or they must gracefully step aside. Both of them have a role to play in the 2014 election & Sushma can also play a role in a future BJP govt, but they must realize their roles will be in line with their capability. Any sort of internal sabotage must not be tolerated by Modi, Rajnath & RSS. Ananth Kumar should be removed from all posts & if needed, expelled from the party

  21. Jooske
    September 10, 2013 at 11:39 AM

    “The Sangh which has understood this needs to declare Modi as the PM candidate as soon as possible. Else, both the party and the nation will pay dearly owing to the Advani-Ananth-Sushma cabal. As Cicero says, it is the internal enemies who are more dangerous than the external ones.”

    This happened in Australia recently where the party in Government was voted out because of internal divisions.They also had a change of PM while in power!

    Disunity is death was the reason the party gave for losing power.

    It is the party that elects the leaders,why can’t the members do something about it.

    BJP must appeal to all not just to Muslims and that should be Modi’s aim.

    The 4 mentioned above must work as a team. Modi cannot do everything himself.

  22. September 10, 2013 at 11:38 AM

    In this you forget to mention Pratibja Advani. Yes, she is not in BJP as yet, but is no less in influencing LKA. It was SHE and Deepak Chopra (LKA’s man Friday) who prompted LKA to resign.

    She. Pratibha Advani is very close to DIVA. Rest your readers can connect the dots.



  23. vp
    September 10, 2013 at 11:38 AM

    I sincerely pray to Lord Ganesha to take the Life of Mr. Advani whom I respected so much earlier. He has lived his full life, and world should move on. We are helpless today because Mr. Advani not letting new blood. So we shall all pray to God to take this person to heavens.
    May Mr. Advani rest in peace.

  24. Gaurav H
    September 10, 2013 at 11:04 AM

    Insightful in-depth analysis. Yes, your point about 2009 rings a very loud bell, I mean what was Advani and BJP doing in 2009 general election campaign?? We need the D3 out and minimize the damage already done by them. They have already cost BJP two vital states assemblies – Karnataka and UP.

  25. dinesh soni
    September 10, 2013 at 10:59 AM

    as far i understand advani insisting that modi candidature should be held untill assemblly election,he wnats to take advantage of bjp win in madhya pardesh.then he will pitch shivraj against modi and say that he is also 3rd time will accept this and he will pitch for him self as consensus candidate.old fellow is playing spoiler for bjp in this golden moment of throwing congress out of power.

  26. September 10, 2013 at 10:58 AM

    On Twitter I wrote to Sushma Swaraj that if Modi comes to Center Congress will decimate and if he doesn’t come then BJP will decimate. She blocked!

  27. IW
    September 10, 2013 at 10:28 AM

    The reason given for Sushma Swaraj is wrong about why she is opposing Modi. She is currently Leader of opposition in Lok Sabha. This position provides her equivalent of a Cabinet rank and privileges next to PM. Whenever any foreign delegation arrives in Delhi she is supposed to meet him/her immediately after PM. She also enjoys best possible position in house only after PM. And this status comes after doing “nothing”. If BJP wins what she will get is some ministerial berth and when she is proven non performer in any of her role i.e. as CM of Delhi, Health minister and even as MP in her constituency she will not be able to grow and gain professionally. So it is evident she is more interested in keeping the status quo (i.e. Leader of Oppostion) and not intersted in BJP winning at all.

  28. Kalpana Agarwal
    September 10, 2013 at 10:17 AM

    Excellent !!!! Leaving no-entities Sushma and Ananth Kumar aside, its disheartenig to see Advaniji resorting to such anti-national antics. I used to idealise him a lot from RAM Jhanmabhoomi days but its a bitter disillusion to see his fall during his antima days. If he is a true hindu, he will take the name of ram and spend his life in peace seeking spiritual pursuits and leave politics to his more than able shishya NAMO.

  29. Dr Rajeev Vatsyayan
    September 10, 2013 at 10:04 AM

    As per my understanding of voter if Namo is declared PM candidate early Bjp may repeate 1977

  30. September 10, 2013 at 9:52 AM

    Dear Sandeep, Please continue translating all articles by Pratap Simha. Pratap’s writings are the leading political comments It is very important for India

  31. September 10, 2013 at 9:14 AM

    whatever be the politics I still believe Modi should be named PM candidate just before the announcement of State Elections at MP, Rajhasthan, Chattisgardh, delhi Elections. This will help BJP in consolidating as well as projecting themselves better.

  32. September 10, 2013 at 8:51 AM

    Why quoe Cicero, Dr Keshav Baliram Hedgewar the founder of RSS also said the same thing. Nobody can ever destroy the Organisation but those within can!! He was a statesman and many things that he uttered are true today. Very sad that those who grew in Sangh except Sushma are now destroying this strong foundation. Ananthkumar is a petty cunning politician with always crooked thoughts. Strangely he won because of the support of RSS Cadres though his margin started dwindling. This time around he is bound to loose, which is certain. Then he will be thrown into the dustbin of History. As a fulltimer in BJP he had no place to stay and the accommodation was provided by the Deputy Speaker Sri S Mallikarjunaiah permitting him to use his official quarters.In return he didn’t even get the ticket to contest from BJP rather it was given to a Congress defector at BSY’s insistence. So these are people without principles or moral values. It is curse that Karnataka BJP has to endure such dirty shenanigans.

  33. vivek sawaoop
    September 10, 2013 at 8:49 AM

    interesting article, exposed every thing , if we conclude in short – 1) LKA , who was responsible lost in 2004 & 2009, people have no faith in him, LKA was not able to exploit cong. bed governess and corruption. 2) For 2014 , LKA and Sushma want BJP should restrict below 200 , so that both get chance, that why they are damaging BJP prospect under NaMo. 3) claim of shivraj sing that Musilim can effect 30 seats, making fool to public just to stop NaMo,even in both previous election,Musilim doesn’t not voted for BJP, still BJP got majority. MUSILIM VOTER NEVER BE TREASURE OF BJP 4) Even in GUJ. last election LKA+Sushma+RSS+Bajrangdal+Kasubahi+Congress against NaMo. , Still can’t stop NaMo, RSS is quick Learner and knew must swim with the flow. 5) All media channels news paper blog and article this way and that criticized NaMo, and making fool to themselves, they ignoring the pulse of public. 6) we have six month to go in election, BJP must understand four State election will be last Nail in coffin of congress, victory of four state for BJP will accelerate popularity, these are not just state election, it will be MOOD of public and show direction 2014.

  34. September 10, 2013 at 8:39 AM

    An excellent translation! Pratap Simha writes well and he has clearly outlined what the D4 are up to–that is destroy BJP!

  35. September 10, 2013 at 8:01 AM

    I agree on making NaMo as PM to address the present issues, but disagree on your conspiracy theory of treating Advani as traitor of BJP. As party tagline says nation comes above the party. May be he want to avoid making of another Indira. Even I(cant even dream of being a competitor for NaMo for PM job 😉 ), have fears & doubts on the cult created by NaMo followers. I feel, Advani providing an opportunity to Modi to test his skills to build consensus to solve this issue. Do you feel, he can solve the problems that the nation is facing if he cant solve the issues within the party. Can he develop consensus among coalition partners to solve critical issues. He is a good administration and he needs to be a good statesman and this is his opportunity. I feel, NaMo is an optimist who sees opportunity in every difficulty and he should try to build consensus within the party.
    Till then, Please stop calling every obstacle as a traitor and pray to Lord Ganesha to remove all obstacles.

    • Anuk
      September 11, 2013 at 9:57 AM

      LOL…. Who lost more number of coalitions in the NDA’s journey? It is L K Advani. Today many allies are ready to join BJP if they announce NaMo as their PM candidate and that will happen once the elections are getting closer as they are afraid of misuse of CBI against them.
      What issues NaMo failed to resolve? Infact, he energized every member of the party from Gulli to Delhi…The enthusiasm with in the party is extremely high (even compared to 1998). 99.99% of the party is in agreement with NaMo with exception to D3 & their single digit supporters.
      The D3 issue the article mentioning is more to do with the selfish ego of D3 and wants to claim larger share of the pie.

  36. jk
    September 10, 2013 at 7:58 AM

    Very good article by Sandeep..
    But still I am very much confused RSS which supported Congress in Karnataka, how all of sudden they made up there mind for support Modi as PM Candidate from BJP.?
    I wont buy this theory that RSS is supporting Modi….Yes BJP foot soldier are with BJP and they are eagerly waiting for final decision on PM Candidate.

    • Vijayalakshmi
      September 10, 2013 at 11:25 AM

      jk, it is ridiculous to say that RSS supported Congress in Karnataka. On what basis are you saying this?
      Congrats to Sandeep for the excellent analysis. It is the ‘treacherous trio’ who have to be de-fanged with promises of governorship when BJP comes to power under Modi. Otherwise Advani cannot be trusted. He is too self-centered to think of the national interest. He and Sushma seem to have a secret understanding with the firangi of the Con party.

  37. raj
    September 10, 2013 at 7:51 AM

    Who the fuck is ananth kumar???!

  38. September 10, 2013 at 7:38 AM

    the facts are very well documented. The D4 or now D3 should be shown the place where they belong. One in old age home and the other 2 to fit for nothing asylum

  39. sanjay
    September 10, 2013 at 7:33 AM

    india ke dil ki baat

  40. Anoop
    September 10, 2013 at 5:36 AM

    Agree with Pratap Simhma as translated by you. I can just say it is my country’s bad luck. If we did not have these Ghar ke bhedi then India could have been different since the beginning. Lets hope that fate takes a favorable turn and there is good nation left for our future generations.

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