Reviews John Masters Organics Cedarwood Cleansing

Here is John masters organics, a birch and cedarwood cleansing and shaving bar perfect for you. A multipurpose soap that could be used on both the body, face, also for shaving facial and body hair; with its birch, cedarwood, and rich glycerine content, it gives a cleansed smooth skin, plus prevents after-shave discomforts.



This birch and cedarwood cleansing, plus shaving bar is a multi purpose natural antiseptic soap. It is a multi purpose in the sense that, it used for a fantastic shower, leaving your face and body cleansed and smooth. Also, it could also be used for shaving both facial and body hair while preventing irritations caused by shaving.

It is a soap made up of organic contents, and it’s rich in glycerine. Hence, you are assured of a soft, smooth, plus cleaned every shower. With its organic content, it gently kills bacteria on our complexion that avoids infections; it also detoxifies as well as tonnes our complexion, and has anti-wrinkle properties that prevent aging generated by several factors such as pregnancy, harsh climate conditions, etc.

With this product, you need not worry about after shaving irritations; you are guaranteed a perfect and excellent shave as its birch and cedarwood oil content help in avoiding irritations from shaving. It is safe for shaving both facial and bodily hair.


The question now is how this soap does all these i.e. give soft, smooth, plus cleaned with every shower, kill bacteria that prevent infections, detoxify, plus tone our complexion.

Firstly, its cedar wood content makes the soap antiseptic; killing bacteria, plus avoid infections. The soap also employs its high cedarwood content to tone oily complexion.

Secondly, for a cleansed skin the soap employs its rich birch oil content that helps to thoroughly purify it, leaving it truly cleansed. Its birch oil content is also instrumental in detoxifying your complexion.

Thirdly, the bar soap contains olive oil. Olive oil is an antioxidant that hydrates us, thus, helps to stop aging.

Fourthly, it contains vegetable glycerine for moisturizing your complexion, making it soft and smooth with every shower. This rich glycerine content is also instrumental in preventing irritations from shaving.

Ultimately, the bottom-line is that this soap contains certified organic ingredients that give soft, smooth and cleansed skin with every shower, kill bacteria on our complexion preventing infections, detoxify, plus tone your complexion, also give anti-aging benefit.


Sodium palmate, aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf extract, Cedrus atlantica (cedarwood) bark oil, sodium cocoate, Olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, aqua (water), glycerin, sodium citrate, methyl salicylate (birch oil).


  • thoroughly purify your complexion leaving it truly cleansed.
  • Prevents irritations caused by shaving.
  • Moisturizes your skin making it soft, plus smooth.
  • Kills skin bacteria preventing infections.
  • Detoxifies and tones skin.
  • Has anti-aging properties.
  • Gives your complexion the hydration it requires.


There are a whole lot of reasons to use this, plus you would be stating them clearly so, you could be sure it is the product for you. The reasons include:

  • It is a Multipurpose Soap

This simply implies that it performs more than one function. This soap could be used for a great shower, safe for both body, face and could also be used for shaving facial, plus bodily hair.

  • It Prevents After-shave discomforts

With this soap, you need not worry about irritations caused by shaving. It’s rich glycerine content helps in preventing after-shave irritations.

  • Its Ingredients are Certified Organic

Its contents are all natural and contain no artificial chemicals.


This contains natural ingredients with no artificial chemicals, hence, could be used by everyone who desires a smooth, soft, hydrated as well as healthy skin.


There are no side effects; all ingredients are natural, plus proven safe for use. Its ingredients were carefully selected and are scientifically proven safe with no contraindications.


John Masters Organics is definitely a must try. Every single user of the product recommends it for its natural effectiveness and safety to give a soft, smooth, plus cleansed skin, kill bacteria on the skin that prevents infections, detoxify, tone the skin, also give anti-aging benefit, while preventing after-shave irritations.

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