3W Clinic SNAIL Foam Cleansing Anti Serum Reviews

With the evolution of the cosmetics industry, a wide array of products is available with all asserting to provide necessary function for healthier skin. From facial toners down to moisturizing creams and lotions, it may prove a difficult choice. One of the latest trends in skin care products is the use of snail slime. The 3W Clinic Snail Foam Cleansing uses this as one of its components.


What is 3W Clinic Snail Foam Cleansing

This belongs to the line of skin care products under the brand of 3W Clinic. It’s the official authorized product used by the contestants of the Miss Korea title. It’s manufactured in Korea. This product comes in a tube and comes out with a silky white color and a captivating soapy smell. This when applied, gently forms a good amount of lather when water is added to gently and thoroughly cleanse and moisturize our complexion removing dirt and grease-like particles that may block the pores, and It leaves our face feeling soft, plus moisturizing. This is perfect for a total make up removal. Some of its components are extracts from plants and animals that are known to be of advantage to our face.

How Does It Work

Circulation of blood to all the cells of our complexion is the very important process. A constant supply of water to our face boosts this process also keeps our complexion hydrated. This formula contains water. Our face is constantly exposed to dirt, plus germs in the environment. This contains Cocamidopropyl Betaine, a foaming agent and skin conditioner which assists in mixing water with dirt so that they can be rinsed away with ease. This is also rich with the myristic acid whose actions lubricate our complexion because it’s easily absorbed by our face. The component from which the product name id’s derived is snail secretion filtrate and is the main ingredient used in most Korean skin care products. It’s gotten from processed snail slime or snail mucus. Snail secretion filtrate contains many known beneficial natural acids such as hyaluronic acid, which has moisture-locking properties. It also contains copper peptides, a good amount of elastin, proteins as well as glycolic acid. The copper peptide is the good agent for decreasing, plus preventing inflammation. A rich supply of elastin is capable of returning our complexion to its elastic nature. The proteins act by decreasing visible signs of aging- defined lines and wrinkling while glycolic acid is good exfoliant ridding your face of dead cells.

Main Active Ingredients

Water, phenoxy ethanol, Glyceryl stearate, methyl paraben, perfume, Lauric Acid, Hamamelis Virginians, Lauramide DEA, disodium EDTA, snail secretion filtrate, Potassium Hydroxide, alluvium spacious, flower water, Myristic Acid, Glycerine, Stearic acid, propyl paraben, Cocamidopropyl Betaine,

Advantages and Benefits

It’s able to get rid of dirt as well as debris residing on your face without causing damage to our cells. It’s suitable for all skin types. It does not leave a drying effect on your face, but a complete moisturizer looks, plus feel. It also has a lot of other benefits, so a person gets more without spending a fortune.

Why Use 3W Clinic Snail Foam Cleansing

It is a powerfully mild foaming cleanser also it is good, plus viable for your complexion. This product completes the task of getting rid of dirt and debris, locking in moisture, conditioning your face, preventing swelling and removing signs of aging while adequately maintaining moisture and balanced. It’s meant for both genders as well as good for all skin types. It returns your face to its smooth, softer and younger texture and a cleaner appeal. Also capable of producing effects that last long term, treating skin problems, plus reducing any chance of reoccurrence at a later time.

Who Can Use This

Anybody of any skin type, from normal to oily skin can use this product. People who want a cleanser that also acts as a moisturizer, a skin lubricant, an anti- inflammatory product, all embedded in one, can use this.

Are There Any Side Effects

There have been no reports of side effects when using 3W Clinic Snail Foam Cleansing. It’s safe to use and is made with ingredients that are tested are proven to be greatly needed by your complexion. All it offers are positive results.

Conclusion and Recommendation

This product has been proven to give benefits that are why It’s used on contestants for the popular Miss Korea competition. Forming a good lather, it assists your complexion in its cleaning and exfoliating work by filtering dust, debris and other substances that stick to your complexion. It’s packed filled with constituents that work to achieve the main goal of a dirt and germ-free skin. It is a highly recommended product.

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