4Life Transfer Factor Glutamine Prime Reviews

The need to revitalize your body for maximum performance is paramount. This can, however, be achieved through therapeutic consumption of 4Life Glutamine. It’s because it has been fortified with essential ingredients that are capable of providing ample amounts of essential amino acids that have been proven effective as key building blocks of our body system.


What is 4Life Glutamine

Wouldn’t you like to get your hands on a naturally occurring substance that does not only act as a potent antioxidant or immune booster but also a detoxifier? Amazingly, a product has been formulated as well as designed to help repair the worn-out and damaged tissues and cells due to stress, pollution, poor diet, burns, drugs, radiation amongst others.

Being the most abundant amino acid, glutamine serves as the raw ingredient needed by your body system to produce its own glutathione supply, plays crucial roles in protein synthesis as well as an endless list of essential metabolic processes in your body. Furthermore, it plays important roles in removing excess ammonia from your body including the maintenance of muscle mass plus the regulation of acid-base balance. Owing to this immense wealth of health benefits associated with glutamine, nutritionists, as well as experts, pulled together both their human and material resources, which lead to the creation of this.

How does it work

Free radicals are unstable molecules. Usually, electrons exist in pairs, plus free radicals have missing electrons. This is how they cause damages. They, however, tend to react with virtually everything they come in contact, with the resultant effect of depriving cells, plus compounds of their electrons. With this, the affected cells and compounds are not able to function normally resulting in chains reaction in our body system, also even an increase in more amounts of free radicals.

Haven fortified with high potent anti-oxidant properties; it snuffs out cell damages that are caused by these free radicals and peroxides in our body. It, therefore, breaks down harmful substances and offers a better transmission of electrical messages that impact processes ranging from metabolism to cellular growth.

Main active ingredients

L-glutamine, L-arginine, N-acetyl, L-cysteine, alpha lipoic acid, L-alanyl,

Advantages and Benefits

This product plays a pivotal role as fuels for the lining cells from our intestine. Unlike its counterparts, it serves as the major parts from your body’s metabolic processes. Further, studies have proven it to play essential roles in boosting up our immune system, managing stress and keeping your body’s overall acid-base balance. In addition to these, it supports mental alertness, memory and mood improvement.

Why use 4Life Glutamine

It is a well fact that the human immune health is solely dependent on macrophages and lymphocytes (both of which are types of red blood cells). While macrophages stimulate proper immune response and exhibit arrays of antibacterial and anti-tumor activities by secreting compounds like hydrogen peroxide, superoxide, and lysozyme (an enzyme). Also lymphocytes, on the other hand, boosts up the status of our immune system, usually through B and T cells activation with the resultant effects of increasing our body’s rate of glutamine utilization. Because the levels of glutamine in the white blood cells are very high, they appear to offer essential defense functions and are very important for the synthesis of lymphocyte RNA and DNA.

The most recent studies by experts showed that a decrease in the concentration of glutamine tends to reduce the potency of our body’s immune defense system. It’s, therefore, paramount to have a regular supplementation of this for improved and better immune functions.

Who can take this

This product has been painstakingly formulated and designed to be taken by everybody, irrespective of age, sex and health status. More so, it is ideal for both pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

Are there Side Effects

It is all natural, safe and effective and does not counter-react with our body’s normal chemical and biological reaction. This is because it does not contain any form or element of a synthetic ingredient like preservatives, sweeteners, colors, and flavors amongst others. In line with these, it has no side effects.

Conclusion and Recommendation

4Life Glutamine has been proven effective by different clinical tests conducted by experts in the effective regulation of our body’s acid-base balance including the proper maintenance of muscle mass. This is the reason this is widely used by virtually everybody. It is, therefore, suggested for your regular supplementation.

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