Akuna Alveo Reviews

Is your immune system really low? Are you deficient in some minerals and vitamins? Would you like to age slower? The older we grow, the more nutrients we need. Even though most vitamins and nutrients are available in fruits and vegetables, why not access them in a concentrated form through Akuna Alveo?



Modern medicine has been in practice for decades now, with innovations being made daily – in discoveries and also in the technology used to cure people. It has been, for the most part, extremely successful and has helped millions of people be cured of their illnesses. However, every so often, modern doctors stumble in the face of a new medical hurdle, and that’s usually when traditional supplement steps in as a crutch. Akuna Alveo, a botany supplement is the very embodiment of nature meeting medicine and giving results. The supplement comes in a blue bottle, also is a herbal tonic. This is relatively new in the market yet has been met with incredible public approval.

A blend of 24 natural ingredients, all of which contribute their special nutrients to create this powerful grape or mint-flavored drink. It’s classified under Herbal and Natural Products and is manufactured by the Filipino company Akuna Philippines Inc.


It is responsible is strengthening of the immune system. It can do this through: lavender juice, nutmeg extract, green tea, aloe vera leaf juice, grape juice and cayenne extract the herbs boost the immune system through their stimulation of the production of white blood cells. It also lessens fatigue and increases energy levels. It does this through alfalfa, malt extract, plus grape juice. Malt is commonly used to make energy drinks that have no alcohol. This beverage aid digestion and strengthens our digestive system. This is done through the help of marshmallow, bitter orange peel, rosehips, lavender oil, and cardamom. Another function of this beverage is to strengthen our heart and circulatory system. The circulatory system is improved by aloe vera juice and cayenne extract while the bitter orange peel, alfalfa, ginger, yerba mate extract, broccoli, malt, green tea as well as grape juice strengthen our heart. This also wards off illnesses, slows down our aging process, also treats nutrient deficiencies.


The main ingredients are: Grape juice, alfalfa, black chokeberry, maple syrup, nutmeg extract, apple juice, flower extract, cinnamon bark extract, gum benzoin, broccoli extract, yerba mate extract, bitter orange peel, malt extract, chicory extract, oleoresin fennel, oleoresin capsicum, oleoresin cardamom, ginger ,lavender oil, citric acid, oleoresin ginger, elderberry, chromium chloride 10mcg, aloe vera leaf juice, green tea and cayenne extract.


This is responsible for dealing with premature aging. It has alfalfa, cayenne extract, plus grape juice; all of which slow down aging. It makes people livelonger while looking younger.

It also has properties that combat cancer. Through elderberry, cayenne extract,alfalfa, aloe vera juice, broccoli extract, and grape juice, this can stop cancerous cells from spreading.

WHY USE Akuna Alveo

This is highly recommended as it has a proven track record. Thousands upon thousands of testimonials are online, detailing the impact that this product has had on their lives. The feedback is just overwhelming, with no talk of side effects.

It should be purchased as it contains all natural ingredients which work together to provide massive health benefits. There is not even one artificial ingredient, not one preservative that used in this.

This should be taken as it’s extremely available. It’s sold in stores across the globe; the Philippines, U.K., England, Scotland, ASIA, United States, Wales and online.


It’s recommended for virtually anyone who wants to be healthy, has a nutrient deficiency or wants to fight an existing illness. Pregnant and lactating mothers, children, also even ailing people can use this to stay healthy.


As there is not even one artificial ingredient that has been used in the making of this, there is no side effect resulting from usage of this. It is one of the most recognized and respected products in botanical medicine – applauded and praised by doctors and traditional herbalists alike.


It is a very good self-care product that anyone can purchase to use at home. Akuna Alveo effectiveness has been backed extensive scientific studies and is thus safe to use by everybody.

It is strongly advised that the user drinks this beverage as per the recommended dosage for optimal results.

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