April Skin Magic Stone Reviews

No one likes their skins being spotted whether the sports are dark sports or even red humps unless and otherwise, you have personally painted yourself to attend a football match at old Trafford or the world cup in Russia. To avoid this happening to your complexion, you need to take care of your face, and the perfect way to do so is by getting yourself April Skin Magic Stone.


What is April Skin Magic Stone

But what is this? I know the name states ‘magic, ’ and you think it is some little stone an old magician in some Nigerian forest will give you and your problems supposedly go away you are wrong about that but yea it does do some magical work to your face. It’s a cleansing soap made out of natural organic products that are manufactured by April Skin Company Limited that is based in Korea. It is available mainly in two colors that are black, gray. Also, you can, therefore, choose depending on color preference. It’s usually double packaged so as to ensure that external environmental pollutants do not impurify the soap hence ensuring that consumers cleanse their complexion with a high-quality product.

How does it work

Imagine that we carry a white piece of cloth, plus walk with it on our hand on a dusty week in town, then at the end of the day, we do not wash it with a good detergent and then repeat the process over and over again. Do we know what will happen to our piece of cloth? It will stain, and this is exactly what happens to our complexion. If dust, excess oils, impurities as well as dead cells are not washed out well from the surface and pores, then our complexion is in danger of having black spots and red bumps all over, and this is where this plays a major role in saving our complexion. Using it’s actually really easy first we create a reasonable amount of from the soap, and then we rub it gently into our skin after which we leave it up for about 30 seconds. Then wash it off with warm water, and it’s advisable not to wipe off the moisture with a towel but instead, massage it into our complexion with our hands. The soap removes makeup, impurities, plus dirt from our skin hence leaving our skin soft.

Main ingredients

It’s majorly made up of natural organic products. The ingredients include;

  • Shea butter
  • French green clay
  • Lemon essential oil
  • Pearl powder
  • Coconut oil
  • Palm olein oil
  • Castor oil
  • Charcoal powder
  • Tourmaline powder
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Lye water

Advantages and benefits

This helps to remove makeup, dirt and impurities from your skin hence leave you feeling as fresh as ever.it also moisturizes your skin. As a result, your complexion becomes soft. It is also important to note that it does not cause irritation on your complexion and is therefore good for those with sensitive skin too.

Why use April Skin Magic Stone

Nobody loves being in the middle of people’s gossips about how bad they always look or how their look has changed for the worst, also, therefore, to avoid such it’s important to ensure that we take care of our face. This is known as an excellent solution to your face as it moisturizes your complexion which makes it soft hence making you look younger. Who loves an itchy feel and irritation on their complexion? No one of course and that is why this product is useful since it does not cause irritation. Also, if you know you have a sensitive body, you should not worry because it causes no harm to you.

Who can use this

Can anyone use this? Of course, anyone can use this, and by anyone, I mean all skin types from those with a dry to those with an oily.

Side effects

If there is one thing I know for sure is that we consumers do not like a product that we are going to use and have their side effects outweigh their uses. But the good news is that this does not have any side effects however you should not apply on areas with scars and also avoid contact with your eyes and if you do rinse it out with a lot of water.

Conclusion and recommendation

It is not easy to get a good cleanser that is all natural with no side effects. Coz trust me I have personally tried a couple of them before, but I personally think that of all of them, April Skin Magic Stone is like the best so far and if you have not got yourself one you should definitely put it on top of your shopping list the next time you go shopping.

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