Atomy Lotion Reviews

Is your skin so oily and prone to blackheads? Do you know that our skin becomes oily because it is dry? A simple explanation, when your body thinks our body is dry, it will try to increase oil production to compensate for the dryness. The increased oil leads to blackheads. If your answer to the above questions is yes, Atomy Skin Care Lotion is the product for you!


What is Atomy Skin Care Lotion

This is Korean make, a product of the Atomy cosmetics as well as a part of the Atomy SkinCare 6 System which contains 6 products namely: toner, eye cream, essence, lotion, cream as well as BB cream. It’s developed by Korean medicine fermentation biotechnology as well as multiple Nano capsule technology, named as the world best technology, and won an award in the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Science Affair, also one of the highest award given, the Jang-Young-Sil Award. The fermentation science and attracts moisture in the atmosphere into our complexion

This is composed of natural organic herbs, essential oil, plus natural aroma that will help in moisturizing and brighten up our skin. This moisturizing care lotion is white with a thick cream non-sticky consistency, which goes onto our body smoothly. It’s light and refreshing with a soft, also natural aroma. This formula is all natural plus no harsh chemicals, which make perfect for all types.

How does it work

It is made with all natural ingredients extracted from fresh organic herbs in their natural state. They use Kolmar BNH(STB)’s cutting-edge technology in order to extract the active ingredients from the herbs immediately after harvesting. In addition to that, the ingredients are refined and purified by using high purification technology (patented) to take color, odor, toxin and impurity out, which enables Atomy to put in 500 times more beneficial ingredients. This makes this product very effective and highly beneficial to our body.

The Fermentation Biotechnology used in making this lotion uses microbial enzymes to break down elements of active ingredients into Nano-sized particles which are easily absorbed into our complexion. These Enzymes also degrade dead cells and black head, plus diminishes softly and effectively. With elements of biotechnology that are extracted by a fermentation process, this lotion helps to continuously moisturize our complexion by attracting moisture in the air and to preserve the moisture for our complexion in a long-lasting way. In addition to the moisturizing care functions, also provides nourishment to our complexion from nearly 20 types of herbal materials as well as grains.

Main Active ingredients

Aloe vera gel, beta glucan, hyaluronic sodium acid, bio saccharides, ginseng extract, persimmon leaf extract, vitamin E-acetate, Phellinus linteus rice water, fresh organic herb tea, Phellinus linteus extract, citrus grandis peel extract, ceramide, Portulaca oleracea L. extract.

Advantages and benefits

This special formula has a natural moisturizing factor achieved by fermenting natural organic herbs developed using 3 major advanced technologies which aid in maintaining a healthy bright complexion through skin moisturizing reinforcement. In addition to attracting moisture in the air to your complexion, it supplies nutrition from the organic natural ingredients.

Why use Atomy Skin Care Lotion

  1. Made from all natural ingredients extracted from plants and does not contain chemical irritants.
  2. Utilizes 3 key advanced technologies to make it absorb so well into your skin making it more beneficial.
  3. Attracts water in the air and continuously moisturizes your complexion
  4. Nourishes your complexion adding vitality and health to your body.
  5. acts as a protectant against moisture evaporation from your complexion.
  6. Medicine fermentation biotechnology and multiple nano capsule technology used to make this skincare product was praised as the world best technology and won an award in the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Science Affair in Italy and the Jang-Young-Sil Award one of the highest award given in Korea for innovation.

This is suitable for all complexion types as a regular moisturizer to keep your complexion super moisturized and nourished to maintain a healthy complexion.

Side Effects

This is made from all natural organic herbs extracts also has no side effects. It does not contain any impurities or chemical irritants, and it is, therefore, suitable for all types including hypersensitive skin.

Conclusion and recommendation

The benefits of this lotion are numerous from supplying nutrition and moisture to covering our body for protection against moisture evaporation. The use of natural ingredients is another plus as it makes it safe for use. As moisturizers go, Atomy Skin Care Lotion is one is very beneficial and effective, and it is a must try for anyone who desires a healthy nourished skin.

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