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Posted On April 20, 2016By SandeepIn Commentary

Ego and Death: The Story of a Scientist

The following should count as one of the most revealing answers appearing in Mahabharata’s Yaksha Prashna episode that occurs between Yudhishtira and Yaksha (a celestial being): Yaksha: What is the most surprising thing in this world? Yudhishtira: The most surprising thing in this world is that although a person sees animals and other people dying everyday, he thinks that he alone is immortal. This should count as one of the profoundest lessons in Human ego, a feature unique perhaps among all of creation. There is no greater feeling or expressionRead More

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The Indian Conception of History

Do Indians have a sense of history? No is pretty much the received wisdom even today in major sections of the academia, media and the rest. If you as much as question the sources, the roots of this received wisdom, you are branded with the choicest of Leftist labels but that’s the least of our concerns. Before looking at a “sense of history” or “historical sense,” we need to look at how history is defined. Commonly accepted definitions include: A study of the human past. A field of research whichRead More

Posted On April 18, 2016By SandeepIn Tracking Leftism

JNU: A Toxic University

This is my translation of S.R. Ramaswamy’s original “Vishaakraanta Vidyalaya” published in Utthana. The events at Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University continue to attract the nation’s attention. It didn’t take too long for the true intent of the organizers of the “cultural evening” to be revealed. Although permission for the event was denied, on the evening of February 9th, a procession was taken out, accompanied by the slogans of “Bharat tere dus tukde honge Inshah Allah,” “Jung rahegi Kashmir ki azadi tak,” “Pakistan Zindabad,” “Bharat murdabad,” “Afzal tere armaanon ko manzilRead More
Demonstration in Europe

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Contours of a Demographic Siege

A defining characteristic of our Secular-Left-Liberal academics is their incredible felicity to theorise reality. This theory is then injected into public discourse by their handmaidens in the media. As a consequence, we now have an entire generation of academics who sit in the lawns and lounges of India International Centre and spout out the “real” reason for say, the Muzaffarnagar riots and reel off reams of “analyses.” Equally, we have an entire generation of journalists whose faculties rebel against even the notion of stepping out their TV studios. And inRead More
Bharat Mata
Sometime in March 2016, Ghulam Nabi Azad extracted a vile variant of the perversion that goes by the name of public discourse in India: secularism. Since his predecessors had already set the path, he merely took it to another extreme by equating the RSS with the ISIS. As has been the norm for about five decades, the RSS and other folks sympathetic to Hindu causes lashed out against his perfidy. Although things are changing for the better with powerful, alternative and new voices challenging and countering the Azads of theRead More
Sheldon Pollock Book
Introduction More than five years ago, Wendy Doniger bestowed a rather flippant interview in Outlook India on the eve of the release of her book, The Hindus: An Alternative History, the same book which Penguin (the publisher) later agreed to pulp when it was faced with legal action initiated by Dinanath Batra. The title sounds sufficiently pompous, entirely faithful to Wendy Doniger’s career as an Indologist. Aditi Banerjee responded with a comprehensive rejoinder that yet again reinforced Wendy’s suspect credentials as an honest scholar of Indology. Aditi’s almost line-by-line dissection of the interviewRead More
Vinay Lal

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What UCLA Teaches About India

Preface The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) has consistently earned high rankings in the world as “16th in the world for academics and 13th in the world for reputation” and boasts of being affiliated with several Nobel laureates. Its noble motto, “let there be light” has echoes from the Vedic Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya. A University that boasts of such credentials usually means that it adheres to the highest academic standards in both teaching, course material, textbook prescriptions, recommended and additional reading, faculty-selection… at the least, it implies that when youRead More

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Bangalore Nagarathnamma : A Profile

Note: This is my abridged translation of the original Kannada authored by D.V. Gundappa (popularly known as DVG), part of the 1987 centenary edition of his Jnapaka Chitrashale. Copyright for the original rests with GIPA. When DVG wrote this profile, Bangalore Nagarathnamma  was still alive. Bangalore Nagarathnamma  hailed from Mysore. She is different from Kolar Nagarathnamma .  Kolar Nagarathnamma ‘s mother was Nanjundasani, a renowned scholar and artist both in classical music and Bharatanatyam. She had won numerous accolades among both the laymen and pundits alike. She was more famous asRead More
William Dalrymple

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To the White Mughal and his Lies

Dear Willie, Forgive me for using that endearment, which I came to understand recently is reserved for those close to you. I had initially started out my salutation as “Dear Mr. William Dalrymple, Sir” given that you are the inheritor of the Great British Raj—indeed, your illustrious bloodline had a judge, a no mean position to decorate during those imperial days. But then you claim in your numerous books and essays that you have immense love for this land, its people, customs, diversity, and the rest of the good stuffRead More
Narendra Modi
Annihilation, not decimation is the word you’re looking for. Forget the BJP tally. Forget expert election punditry. Forget everything else. Focus on what just one man has acutally accomplished. He accomplished what looked seemingly impossible even a week ago: the annihilation of a party, whose dissolution Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi recommended more than 60 years ago. For all his faults, Gandhi was gifted with a good sense of foresight. In today’s terms it means just this: he foresaw that the party, which was at the forefront of India’s freedom struggle couldRead More
Aavarana Cover

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Aavarana–The Veil: A Personal Journey

Born in a tiny village that’s pretty nonexistent for the world even outside the Hassan district. Lost his mother and three siblings by the time he was 10 or so. A father who had abandoned any semblance of responsibility towards the family, and who on occasion stole his teenage son’s twenty two rupees, earned towards his school fees by selling odd wares in a village fair. A semi-orphan who stood outside cinema “tents” as a ticket-checker. A hardworking student who quit his high school and walked on the railway tracksRead More
Arvind Kejriwal

Posted On February 10, 2014By SandeepIn Indian Politics

The Ayatollah of Aanrchy

There’s a reason You consistently occupies the top slots in my annual list of loathsome people. Here are some reasons that I wrote in 2011: You are loathsome. You are lazy, unthinking, uncritical, and insensitive to the crap happening out there to your own country. Your idea of an intellectual conversation is talking about the sexy, super-powerful engine of Lexus or whatever other car and discussing the latest gizmo that further hastens the decline of your near-zero intellectual ability. Your idea of participating in the democratic process is supporting moronsRead More