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Mackenzie Painting Watercolour
Concluding part of the series on Mackenzie Manuscripts that examines the actual value of these manuscripts to a comprehensive history of South India.Read More
A longform essay on the life and times of Colonel Colin Mackenzie the British collector of South Indian manuscripts now known as the Mackenzie Manuscripts.Read More
Recounting some experiences at the recently held National Writers Meet and why it is an urgent need for the Indian Right to build a compelling Grand Indian Narrative.Read More
Commentary on how Rahul Gandhi was caught in a catch-22 trap of his own making in light of the Supreme Court admonition against him. Read More
An examination of Mother Teresa's claim to sainthood and her past record of converting Hindus in India.Read More

Posted On June 25, 2016By SandeepIn History

The Battle of Talikota: Reminisincing a Tragedy

An essay recounting the fall of the Vijayanagara Empire in the fateful battle of Talikota held at Rakkasa-Tangadi. Read More
Narendra Modi Capitol Hill
An essay on Narendra Modi's recently concluded five-nation tour, what it means for India and how India's media and intelligentsia reacted to it. Read More
An examination of Sadanand Dhume's inveterate rants against Subramanian Swamy and Dhume's untenable defence of Raghuram Rajan.Read More

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Teaching American Politics to Tunku

Where Arvind Kumar provides a scathing rebuttal to Tunku Varadarajan on his defence of Tanmay Bhat. Read More

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Sangam Puranas: The Luxury of Imagination

Dr. BGL Swamy questions the very existence of the three Sangam Ages in this translated series titled "Among the Dravidianists." Read More
The next part in the series titled "Among the Dravdianists." This explores the Dravidian view and beliefs of Tamil literary history. Read More

Posted On May 26, 2016By SandeepIn Commentary

The Cradle of Dravidianist Tamil

The second part of the series titled "Among the Dravidianists" tracing the origins, growth and consequences of the Dravidian ideology. Read More