Calcium Carbonate Calci Aid Supplement Reviews

In the field of wellness and nutrition, supplements are considered to be the best thing since sliced bread and with good reason. They are relatively cheap, easy to find and very convenient. The newest dietary supplement to join the list is Calcium Carbonate Calci Aid. What distinguishes it from other similar supplements is its effectiveness.


What is Calcium Carbonate Calci Aid

This is used in preventing or treating calcium deficiency in our body. It is also used in a treatment of the symptoms associated with having too much acid in our stomach. Such symptoms include: stomach upset, heartburn and indigestion.

A dietary supplement, which as its name suggests contains a concentrated form of this. It’s manufactured by Catalent Australia Pty Ltd which is an Australian- based company for which is imported by Bayer Philippines, Inc. It comes in a form of 50 capsules, which are packed in plastic bottles, which are covered in plastic shrink-wrap. This supplement is available in stores and sold online as well. One can access it with or without a prescription. It has garnered widespread praise across the globe and has outsold similar supplements.


It contains calcium, which is a mineral that is extremely essential in the human body. Calcium is essential for healthy teeth, muscles, heart, and bones. Inadequate calcium intake may lead to a condition called osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is the most occurring bone disease in the United States and is especially tragic for elderly patients. Women are more prone from getting osteoporosis because of anatomical differences. To deal with osteoporosis, the daily calcium intake should be around 1,000-1,200 mg. Calcium contained in the capsules is more than enough to cover this recommended intake. In addition to treating osteoporosis, this product can be used to treat heartburn, stomach upset and indigestion. That pain in your belly can be excruciating, and this product quickly alleviates that pain. This product works by lowering the amount of acid in the stomach. The capsules should be taken with water three times a day.


The product’s main ingredient is calcium carbonate.


It has helped many people especially the elderly go back to their normal lives.

The next benefit is helping people dealing with stomach acid. Those stomach problems are not just painful but a nuisance. These capsules can help you deal with that once and for all.

WHY USE Calcium Carbonate Calci Aid

This is recommended as it has proven results. Thousands of people particularly the elderly have attested to the effectiveness of this supplement.

This is a far better alternative than bone surgery, which will only drain one’s wallet. At 8 pesos, one would be crazy to pass this bargain up.

It is a concentrated form of it, which ensures that you can get what you are looking for without needing to ingest other foods. For example, ingestion of foods like spinach and liver may be nutritious, but they impair the absorption of calcium. It’s, therefore, best to ingest calcium capsules to get adequate calcium.


It should be used by people who have been diagnosed to suffer from calcium deficiency. It should not be used by children. Caution should be exercised when pregnant women are involved. Be sure to consult your doctor if pregnant. Those with allergies and those taking medicine should also check with their doctor as it sometimes reacts with the medicine.


As this product’s main and only ingredient is calcium, there are currently no known side effects. The only danger associated with this supplement is the effects of an overdose, which can only be the user’s fault. Besides that, it’s safe, all natural and highly recommended for use.


Calcium Carbonate Calci Aid is extremely beneficial and has touched so many lives – especially the elderly’s and has restored the strength of their bones. Thousands of people can now perform daily tasks that had previously been impossible.

It is strongly recommended that people who have missed one dose continue with the supplement and not take two pills just to compensate.

It’s also recommended that one take these capsules regularly. As in everything else, consistency is key.

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