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Mackenzie Painting Watercolour
Concluding part of the series on Mackenzie Manuscripts that examines the actual value of these manuscripts to a comprehensive history of South India.Read More
A longform essay on the life and times of Colonel Colin Mackenzie the British collector of South Indian manuscripts now known as the Mackenzie Manuscripts.Read More
Recounting some experiences at the recently held National Writers Meet and why it is an urgent need for the Indian Right to build a compelling Grand Indian Narrative.Read More
Narendra Modi Capitol Hill
An essay on Narendra Modi's recently concluded five-nation tour, what it means for India and how India's media and intelligentsia reacted to it. Read More
An examination of Sadanand Dhume's inveterate rants against Subramanian Swamy and Dhume's untenable defence of Raghuram Rajan.Read More

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Sangam Puranas: The Luxury of Imagination

Dr. BGL Swamy questions the very existence of the three Sangam Ages in this translated series titled "Among the Dravidianists." Read More
The next part in the series titled "Among the Dravdianists." This explores the Dravidian view and beliefs of Tamil literary history. Read More

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The Cradle of Dravidianist Tamil

The second part of the series titled "Among the Dravidianists" tracing the origins, growth and consequences of the Dravidian ideology. Read More

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Among the Dravidianists

Introduction The Tamil country stands tallest among all Indian regions that swallowed the missionary and colonial propaganda of the Aryan Invasion Theory very early in the day. More specifically, sections of the Tamil country uncritically swallowed the “Dravidian” propaganda, internalized it, gave it an ideological shape premised basically on the linguistic separateness of Tamil. Among the other negative consequences, this propaganda over the years has resulted in a sordid, mass de-Hinduization of today’s Tamil Nadu and continues to push the missionary agenda–both overt and covert–of Christianizing Tamil Nadu with greaterRead More

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Ego and Death: The Story of a Scientist

The following should count as one of the most revealing answers appearing in Mahabharata’s Yaksha Prashna episode that occurs between Yudhishtira and Yaksha (a celestial being): Yaksha: What is the most surprising thing in this world? Yudhishtira: The most surprising thing in this world is that although a person sees animals and other people dying everyday, he thinks that he alone is immortal. This should count as one of the profoundest lessons in Human ego, a feature unique perhaps among all of creation. There is no greater feeling or expressionRead More

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Bangalore Nagarathnamma : A Profile

Note: This is my abridged translation of the original Kannada authored by D.V. Gundappa (popularly known as DVG), part of the 1987 centenary edition of his Jnapaka Chitrashale. Copyright for the original rests with GIPA. When DVG wrote this profile, Bangalore Nagarathnamma  was still alive. Bangalore Nagarathnamma  hailed from Mysore. She is different from Kolar Nagarathnamma .  Kolar Nagarathnamma ‘s mother was Nanjundasani, a renowned scholar and artist both in classical music and Bharatanatyam. She had won numerous accolades among both the laymen and pundits alike. She was more famous asRead More
William Dalrymple

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To the White Mughal and his Lies

Dear Willie, Forgive me for using that endearment, which I came to understand recently is reserved for those close to you. I had initially started out my salutation as “Dear Mr. William Dalrymple, Sir” given that you are the inheritor of the Great British Raj—indeed, your illustrious bloodline had a judge, a no mean position to decorate during those imperial days. But then you claim in your numerous books and essays that you have immense love for this land, its people, customs, diversity, and the rest of the good stuffRead More