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Commentary on how Rahul Gandhi was caught in a catch-22 trap of his own making in light of the Supreme Court admonition against him. Read More

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Everybody Loves to be Chief Minister

Commentary on Rajdeep Sardesai's recent claim that he's ready to be Goa's CM. Read More
Narendra Modi
Annihilation, not decimation is the word you’re looking for. Forget the BJP tally. Forget expert election punditry. Forget everything else. Focus on what just one man has acutally accomplished. He accomplished what looked seemingly impossible even a week ago: the annihilation of a party, whose dissolution Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi recommended more than 60 years ago. For all his faults, Gandhi was gifted with a good sense of foresight. In today’s terms it means just this: he foresaw that the party, which was at the forefront of India’s freedom struggle couldRead More
Arvind Kejriwal

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The Ayatollah of Aanrchy

There’s a reason You consistently occupies the top slots in my annual list of loathsome people. Here are some reasons that I wrote in 2011: You are loathsome. You are lazy, unthinking, uncritical, and insensitive to the crap happening out there to your own country. Your idea of an intellectual conversation is talking about the sexy, super-powerful engine of Lexus or whatever other car and discussing the latest gizmo that further hastens the decline of your near-zero intellectual ability. Your idea of participating in the democratic process is supporting moronsRead More
As the year draws to a close, I’m back again with the annual ritual of this blog. 2013 has truly been a year of several revelations, each one tumbling rapdily after the other. Most of them have, needless to say, been nauseating. However, the biggest positive revelation has been the emergence of Narendra Modi as a pan Indian leader. But then given how the loathsome people have continued to remain in important positions, and continue to give a dogged fight against the positives, the list has to be made. AndRead More

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Note: This is my translation of Pratap Simha’s column published in Kannada Prabha on 28 September 2013. Jagadish Shettar. Sadananda Gowda. K.S. Eshwarappa. R. Ashoka. Prahlad Joshi. Ananth Kumar. One incumbent Chief Minister. Another one, a former Chief Minister. Two Chief Ministers. Two Deputy Chief Ministers. This apart, one party president appointed solely to prevent the voters of North Karnataka from moving away from the party. One “national face” of the party (a general secretary no less)! The man who built the party from the scratch–L.K. Advani and Sushma Swaraj,Read More
NOTE: This is my translation of Pratap Simha’s column in Kannada Prabha published on 21 Sep 2013. In Goa on 9 June 2013, Narendra Modi was appointed as the head of the BJP’s campaign committee. In the wake of this important development, Ross Colvin and Sruthi Gottipati from Reuters conducted an interview with him. Here’s one of the questions from that interview followed by Modi’s response to it: Reuters: Do you regret what happened? Modi: I’ll tell you. India’s Supreme Court is considered a good court today in the world.Read More

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The Modi Juggernaut

Irony and decency die a million deaths each time Rahul Gandhi opens his mouth. Rahul indeed is the most powerful man in India today; consider this—ever since he took over as the Congress party’s Vice President, a single statement, any statement he makes has the power to crush the economy. India is a beehive. India is energy. India is a bouquet. Poverty is a state of mind. India doesn’t need infrastructure. An endless stream of demented thoughts when he doesn’t even have a ministry. Just imagine what’d occur if heRead More
This is my translation of Pratap Simha’s article published in Kannada Prabha on 7 September 2013. Comments and criticism welcome as always. “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within,” said Cicero back in the time BC. If we replace the word “nation” in his quote with “party,” it will be a perfect mirror to the developments currently occurring in a national party called the Bharatiya Janata Party. There’s a reason we need to say this: Lal Krishna Advani Sushma SwarajRead More
A Wastepaper Basket and the Traitors Within There’s a history of Muslim appeasement till 2004 and there’s the history of Muslim appeasement between 2004 and the present. The latter period has sown all the seeds of an impending implosion—if not civil war—of India if things continue to remain as they are currently. Pakistan’s singleminded pursuit of Zia ul Haq’s strategy has indeed yielded a rich harvest. Of course, this is not to mention the Indian state’s steady, all-round weakening—the NDA’s rule was a minor exception—which has only eased Pakistan’s ventures. OneRead More
The first wave of Jihad against India occurred just a few years after Muhammad’s (PBUH, for safety’s sake) death in 632 CE and it continues to this day. Let’s not forget that it took nearly five hundred years for the invading Turkish and Arab armies to establish an empire in Delhi, and another two hundred before the Mughal Empire took firm roots under Akbar. This holds an extremely significant lesson about the nature of Jihad: it is relentless and it goes on undaunted using any and all means available atRead More
Sagarika Ghose proves yet again that she’s a Category-5 Moron (thanks, Mediacrooks) in the very opening sentence of her ill-informed but intellectual-sounding titled piece, In search of the modern Hindu. Its time to liberate Hinduism from politics From there, she jumps straight into launching a veiled abuse against Narendra Modi and what she calls are his "social media armies." But the Category-5 moron-ness comes out in full play in this sentence where she refers to herself thusly:  Your humble columnist has the dubious honour of coining the phrase "Internet Hindus".Read More