DXN Lingzhi Coffee with Ganoderma Extract Reviews

Lovers of coffee unite! The latest brand of our favorite black coffee is here. So take your coffee mugs out and smell it. Literally. DXN Lingzhi Coffee is now the world’s favorite way to wake up. With its unique flavor, aroma, and taste this coffee brew will blow you away.


What is DXN Lingzhi Coffee

Apart from its rich culture, wild jungles, bustling cities, and spectacular water life, Malaysia is now offering the world something different – its finest, richest coffee. Brewed from only the finest beans and packaged in a caramel pack and sachet, it stands out from all its peers. With its unique and unusual fusion of roasted Arabica and the nutritious but underrated Reishi Ganoderma mushroom, it promises to set your taste buds alive and set the tone for the rest of the day. It’s also loaded with nutritious substances (other than caffeine), which are an bonus. It has 20 sachets per pack. While it may be a steep price for Filipino residents, the brand is of the highest quality and is highly recommended meaning you get the most bang for your buck.


The beverage has also been proven to make one smarter. Coffee contains caffeine, which is a stimulant, which is absorbed into our bloodstream and goes to our brain. While in our brain, caffeine causes the increase of dopamine and norepinephrine. Caffeine has also been proven to improve reaction times, vigilance, general cognitive function, and memory. Latter is especially useful for students right before those dreary finals. It can also help one burn fat. Caffeine is known to boost our metabolic rate in overweight individuals by as much as 10% and 29% in lean people. DXN has extracts from the Ganoderma mushroom, which is known for its use in herbal remedies in China and Japan. The mushroom helps our immune system as it stimulates the production of certain kinds of white blood cells. Ganoderma also enhances our cardiovascular system and our prostate gland.

When taking it, simply pour one sachet in a cup of boiling water.


The main ingredients used are Arabica beans and Ganoderma extract.


The most obvious of benefits is the coffee’s effect on energy levels. Whether you have just woken up, or are feeling drowsy at work or are trying to recover from last night’s fun, your pick-me-up is but a steaming mug away.

It’s packed with nutrients that enrich our system. As mentioned earlier, it contains Ganoderma extract that has amazing health benefits.


WHY USE DXN Lingzhi Coffee

It’s a must-have in your kitchen cupboard as not only does it taste good but it wards off potential diseases. Scientists have devoted time to researching the benefits, and it turns out that that hot cup of black brew may be keeping you from getting certain illnesses. Type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease are some of the ailments that a mug of it can protect you from.

One should purchase DXN because of its superior quality. Many brands are using poor quality beans all to make a profit. This, however, uses the most superior coffee bean and ensures they are dark roasted to give that rich flavor.

It can fight depression. As stated before caffeine has been proven to stimulate the production of dopamine – a feel-good hormone. Most drinkers are known to be happier and more energetic.


This can be taken by most people, with the exemption of children. People who are suffering from certain illnesses like colds should avoid this beverage as it is slightly dehydrating. Pregnant mothers should not take this beverage as tests have proven that it increases the risk of miscarriage.


As it has no artificial ingredients, side effects are minimal. It is strongly recommended that you purchase this brand as other are loaded with artificial chemicals and preservatives, which in turn means many side effects. As far as coffee goes, this is the safest brand worldwide.


DXN Lingzhi Coffee is an unusual mix of ground and water-soluble coffee that lends it a unique texture that isn’t found in other brands. The mushroom extracts do more than just add nutrients; their alkaline nature balances out the acidity of Arabica coffee giving DXN a light and smooth taste.

It is highly advised that as one consumes this, one hydrates regularly to maintain water levels in our blood.

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