Edmark Splina Liquid Chlorophyll Drink Reviews

Chlorophyll supplements are used for a variety of nutritional requirements.  Splina Chlorophyll drink by Edmark is a liquid version. The health benefits of dietary chlorophyll include lowering of blood pressure, eliminating bad breath, relief of certain pancreatic problems, and detoxification. Many users also express a feeling of increased well-being after taking the supplement over time.


What is Edmark Splina Chlorophyll drink

The product is a liquid formulation of a chlorophyll-enriched supplement. The most commonly known fact about chlorophyll is that it is the compound used by plants in the process of photosynthesis. This process converts water and sunlight to glucose and Oxygen. Chlorophyll has been seen to be beneficial in many areas of nutrition that can aid or increase certain functions, particularly around odor elimination. It is, for example, used in many brands of toothpaste. Many healthcare providers use it to mitigate the odor of colostomy surgery. Colostomy surgery is the procedure of cutting a small hole in the bowel to enable the feces to be passed into bags. The product has been seen to be effective in detoxification regimes and to reduce the feeling of “bloating” after meals. There is also strong evidence to support the fact that it acts like an old fashioned “tonic” that just makes the user feel better. That could be due to the fact that the user has suffered, for example bloating, but has not been able to express that.

How does it work

There appears to be very little evidence to point to exactly how chlorophyll works. In plants, it acts as an enabling compound that does not in itself change and therefore adds nothing to the reaction. The fact that large amounts of chlorophyll are found in the urine and feces of chlorophyll users tends to support this. There are many such compounds at work in biochemistry, and the fact that the effect cannot be traced does not mean that it does not happen. Such products are known as catalysts. The role of chlorophyll in the production of sugars and Oxygen is the most common.

Chlorophyll is known to reduce the acidity of the body. Once again this is by catalysis rather than direct action, and it has been seen to alleviate liver problems by the same method. The fact that the compound does not change during the reactions eliminates the possibility of producing harmful products while it is doing the job.

Main ingredients

The active ingredient in Edmark Chlorophyll Drink is Mulberry leaf extract. This is high in chlorophyll and more concentrated than using alfalfa, which is also high in chlorophyll.

Advantages and benefits

The advantage of this product is that it is made by a reputable manufacturer of such products. Edmark have a long history in the manufacture of supplements. The product has been seen to be very effective in the suppression of odor in medical procedures and to alleviate excessive sweating. It also has been seen to improve the capability of blood cells to regenerate. Because the compound is a catalyst, it produces no harmful by-products.

Why use Edmark Splina Chlorophyll drink

This product has been seen to be effective in many areas where nutrition can make a difference. A person would have to eat many baskets of vegetables in order to replicate the effects of a daily dose of concentrate. The use of this product can be beneficial in many varied areas. Some of these, although aesthetic, are very important for self-esteem. That is particularly true in the case of odor elimination.

Who can take this product

The product can be taken by both men, women, and children assuming there is no known allergy to chlorophyll. It is completely natural and only Reverse Osmosis water is used in its production. As with all supplements, a doctor’s advice should be sought before it is used during pregnancy. Anybody who has problems with any abnormal odors would be encouraged to take this product.

Possible Side Effects

This is a completely natural product. The main ingredient is in evidence all around us all the time. There have been no reported harmful side effects of the product as one would expect when the main active ingredient is a normally ingested catalyst.

Conclusion and recommendations

In conclusion, this product has many uses that provide a multitude of benefits to its users. Because of the nature of its action, i.e., as a catalyst, it is safe for general use. The product is recommended for people suffering from odor problems, particularly related to colostomy surgery and bad breath(halitosis).

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