Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Honet Drops Body Cream Reviews

After a long day at work, most of us just want to get home, take a shower, crawl in bed and get some well-deserved rest. However, most of the women are normally too tired and end up committing a common beauty sin, sleeping with makeup. Others do not complete the cleanse, rinse and moisturize routine since they have probably tried many different moisturizer products that never work and still leave them feeling dry as well as scaly. The Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Body Cream is a lovely moisturizing body cream that works also leaves your skin feeling soft, plus supple.


What is The Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Body Cream

This is a moisturizing skincare product that can be used all over the body after a warm shower. Moisturizing our complexion is an important routine that helps improve our skin’s appearance and texture, as well as help, soothe cracked or itchy skin. This is specially made for people with dry skin to help improve their skin’s appearance and, if used consistently, to eventually create a more even tone.

This contains real honey, which is known to have numerous benefits to our complexion such as creating a healthy smooth glow on the body, slowing down aging also soothing our complexion. It also contains green extracts which help create a lovely fragrance, plus protect our cells as well as reduce the appearance of wrinkles, plus hence make a person appear a lot younger than they actually are, a feature most women desire.

How does it work

Take a shower with warm water and not hot, since hot water can lead to itchy skin or will make your complexion dry since hot water strips our skin off of its essential oils. Warm water, on the other hand, keeps our complexion moisturized. After the warm shower or bath, pat your complexion dry. Pat your skin so that it still contains a bit of moisture before you use this cream. Using this when your complexion is completely dry will not produce the best results. Apply it in all areas desired.

Main ingredients

This product contains Ambrette Seed, Meyer Lemon, Oolong Tea, Soft Skin Musks, Wild Chamomile, Green Tea, Organic Lavender Bulgarian Orpur, Spearmint, French Lavender Absolute Orpur, Chinese MagnoliaBirchwood, Sicilian Mandarin.

Advantages and benefits

It has a vast number of benefits. It’s a great moisturizer specially designed for dry complexion, but it could be use on all types. It helps to soothe the itchy, scaly, cracked skin leaving our complexion beautiful and soft. It helps to make our skin lighter, plus even due to the presence of honey which makes our skin a tad shinier and helps it glow. Using this will help prevent and treat acne, for example, back acne, plus it will also slow down the aging process. The cream can be use in all parts of our body and therefore the entire complexion and, for example in women, the sensitive areas such as arms, plus thighs will have a glowing, shinier, compact, healthy look.

The cream contains tea extracts, which fight against inflammation in your skin. This consequently leads to a soothing relief on your complexion, especially for people with dry skin. The extracts are loaded with antioxidants, which protect your cells. This will ultimately help people look younger.

Why use The Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Body Cream

This is specially designed by experts in order to create a product that moisturizes your skin and helps create a smooth, calm feel. It’s a great moisturizer recommended for all complexion types and has great benefit to dry types which suffer more from lack of moisture. It’s a healthy safe product which has an extra kick due to its great fragrance and therefore ultimately, your complexion will not only look beautiful but will also smell delightful due to this product’s great scent.

Who can use this

This can be used by both men and women. It can also be used by people of all types, also will be of great benefit to the dry types who are most affected by lack of good moisturizers. It can also be used all over our body.

Are there side effects

This cream has zero side effects. This is all natural, safe and will definitely produce amazing results and will leave your skin feeling moisturized, smooth, soft and refreshed. It also contains real natural products such as honey and green extracts, which have great skin benefits.

Conclusion and recommendation

The Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Body Cream is highly recommended, since it is all natural and will be safe to use on all types. It is affordable and comes in suitable quantities which are cost-effective since one tub could be used by a woman, plus maybe her girlfriends or sisters. It has a combination of great ingredients, which produce the expected results after only a short period.

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