Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Reviews

Do you wish that your makeup last longer? Would you like to have a lifesaver that lets your makeup stay put together nicely after being exposed to the extreme weather? Start using Ellana Mineral Cosmetics for you to witness what wonderful wonders can the blur makeup primer will do to your face.


What is Ellana Mineral Cosmetics

Are you not using makeup primer? Then you are definitely missing out from having the opportunity to have a makeup lifesaver. You can use it while wearing a full- face makeup or you can have that fresh, natural look without makeup but still look gorgeous.

This contains dimethicone crosspolymer, which acts as an anti foaming agent, that protects your skin. It prevents water loss by forming a hydrating barrier to your complexion, and this is what will keep your complexion moisturized, with this ingredient the primer spread easily to your skin. It contains cyclopentasiloxane that acts as a solvent and emollient to your complexion, this will dissolve ingredients and allow the other ingredients to be mixed so that it will be more effective, while it’s also an emollient it will keep your complexion softer and reduce evaporation. Mica can be found in this that is the key ingredient in mineral makeup, this will give you the natural, glowing look and it will give you pure pigment color. It contains tocopherol acetate that acts as a natural skin- conditioning agent and antioxidant, anti – aging, moisturizing, anti – inflammatory and enhanced SPF properties.

This formula will instantly diminish those fine lines, wrinkles and large pores that have formed in your skin from the stressful effects that your face has experienced.

How does it work

When we apply this, we will immediately feel your facial complexion become more smoother and quite softer too, and it does not have a strong scent which can irritate our nose. This will hydrate your face, and at the same time, this will control the excess oiliness that your face produces. Blend a bit of it all over our face, massage it thoroughly so that your skin will absorb the primer, and then let it sit in your face before we apply our makeup. Focus applying primer in our T – zone.

The T – zone is the part of our face, which includes our forehead, nose, chin and the area circling our mouth. This area is usually the area, which produces more oil, which causes our complexion to form lines, wrinkles and where the aging starts to take place. When there is an excess of oil in our skin, there is the tendency of breakouts; we have clogged pores, it usually looks shiny in an unattractive way. This will not make our complexion look greasy, which will give our complexion a healthier appearance and natural glow.

It’s very light, and we will not feel like our face is heavy like, unlike other products that make our skin heavy and sticky.

 Main Ingredients

Cyclopentasiloxane, Tocopherol Acetate, Hydrogenated polyisobutene, Phenoxyethanol, Dimone Crosspolymer, Mica, Dimethicone.

Advantage and benefits

We might be a little skeptical of using a makeup primer, but the good thing about it’s that it will seal our pores making them less visible; it does not matter if we have small or large pores. Usually, they are still visible, a primer will serve as a blanket to our pores and will hide them.

Why use Ellana Mineral Cosmetics

Why should we use this? What does it have that we will not even consider looking for other makeup primers? Well, it has natural ingredients, and it will definitely not let us down. Do not choose this primer, make it our only option. If we are not interested in applying makeup after applying the primer, it’s still okay, because we can still apply the primer, for us to have a natural, radiant look which will make our skin fresher, and replenished. We might think that the product is being sugared – coated to lure us in for us to purchase it, but these statements are facts, that the primer can do to our skin.

Who can use this

This can be used by young adults that are just starting out wearing makeup and are experimenting with different skin care products. For an adult who want their makeup to last all day.

Are there side effects

This primer was designed to beautify our complexion; it has been tested by professionals and does not have any side effects, which will harm our skin. Ellana is made of mineral ingredients that can be found in our environment for our complexion.

Conclusion and Recommendation

So, Ellana Mineral Cosmetics has a lot of benefits that we now know about. For year’s makeup artists, celebrities and people who apply this primer are gashing about it. It has even been called a heaven- sent skin care product. Anybody who has tried this primer will assure us that it’s highly recommended.

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