EONgold Goji Berry Reviews

Looking to add more nutrition to your diet, then Eongold goji berry (Lyceum barbarism) is fruit to go for. It is also known as “The ultimate Super food” due to its dense nutritional value and a great source of vitamins and minerals, which you will never get from any other brand packaged as one.



This is a shrub that takes its name from the red berries it produces. It’s a plant that has ancient roots in the mountainous region of Tibet and large areas of modern day China; here there are ancient factual theories of this plant being used as a culinary ingredient and in the medical field from treating varieties of ailments like eye, liver and kidney ailments. The berries are red in color with sweet slightly sour taste and mostly used in dried form. They are a member of nightshade family which includes many other common tomatoes and peppers. This is unique; it contains essential amino acids and high concentration of protein far much from any fruit around. They are also known to have more carotenoids, vitamin C, twenty-one trace minerals and high in fiber. This little super food also has natural anti-inflammatory, antifungal and anti bacteria compounds adding on top their powerful polysaccharides and antioxidant properties there is no doubt that the humble Goji berry is a nutritional powerhouse.

How does it work

This fruit can be taken raw, made into tea or added as an ingredient in the soup from making a maximum uptake of minerals into the body also they can be eaten in dried for. The anti-inflammatory agent beta-sitosterol lowers cholesterol levels in our body while fatty acids like omega 6 linoleic regulate hormones and help the body to lose extra fats. Researchers have proven that intake of this helps in maintaining a good healthy vision and increases men’s testosterone levels.

In the study, scientist found that people who used this had better sperm quality, recovery of testosterone levels and improved sexual ability. According to the recent studies published in Life science, Goji berries were found containing potential anti-cancer benefits. Researchers tested this fruit extracts to cancer cells and discovered that, they stopped is from spreading further. Further studies have concluded a that continues using this fruit help greatly in managing of diabetes due to its abilities from controlling blood sugar levels safely.

Main ingredients

The main nutritional ingredient includes;

  • Vitamin C,
  • Vitamin A,
  • Iron,
  • Zinc,
  • Antioxidants.

Advantages and benefits

There are wide variety advantages of using this including,

  • Optimal Weight management due to a high amount of fiber.
  • Healthy vision due to zeaxanthin compound.
  • Increased testosterone levels are better than known pharmaceutical solutions.
  • Diabetes management due to hypoglycemic properties.
  • Cancer prevention by having anticancer benefits.

Why use the Eongold goji berry

In today’s World, it is widely recommended for people to use naturally available products to like this one to obtain minerals supplements and nutrients needed on day to day basis. The good thing about this it collates well with people who are under medication, it interacts well with diabetes and blood pressure drugs to name others. This is safe and is highly recommended even frompeople with underlying conditions or allergies. The fruit has got a sweet taste too; it’s suitable to add to beverages in form of juice or tea too. For savory recipes, they can be added to other foods that need some sweetness.

Who can take this

This is safe to use to all (Children and adults) people with compromised immune system have the great chances of getting more benefits of using this.

Are there side effect

This is very safe and has no scientifically proven side effects because it comes straight from shrubs and unprocessed with no added ingredients. It is advised to be used in the right proportions so that you get the maximum nutrients and minerals that our body needs on day to day basis.

Conclusion and Recommendation

It is very rare to find a natural plant producing a tiny berry that has a high magnitude of benefits to our bodies than Eongold goji berry; it’s such a product that everyone should have in his/her house and use it on a daily basis because of the benefits that come in hand.

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