Epoch Glacial Marine Mud Reviews

Mud mask is known for its unique features. Most of facial and body mud masks are made from sea salt which has more nutrients and benefits on our face. Epoch Glacial Marine Mud is one of those products that have embraced the healthy skin benefits of sea slit by incorporating it as one of its main ingredients.


What Is Epoch Glacial Marine Mud

This is a facial mask made from the nutrient enriched sea mud and other natural extracts. It’s a topical product that has proven to give positive results after using it. It has more than 20 beneficial nutrients. It’s packed in the tube like container with a net weight of 200g. The content inside is deep gray in color also can spread easily.

This can help to treat treat acne which is caused by accumulations of sebum, makeup as well as dirt. It moisturizes your skin while stimulating hydration. It’s an anti-microbial plus anti-bacterial; the compound present in this sea mud heals psoriasis and acne.

This has been manufactured for those people who experience skin problems also have not yet found a solution to them. It really works like a charm; you get a beautiful looking skin without blemishes in a few days. This was made with everyone in mind, including men. Do you know it can clear any form of rash even the ones that appear after shaving? Now you know.

It’s a tingly sensation after application, but that does not mean It’s bad, this feeling is because this is drawing out the impurities to the surface. It will then be easier for the impurities to be washed off.

How does it work

This can help to stimulate the production of sebum by eliminating dirt; makeup and sebum build up under our complexion. It’s anti-aging properties also eliminates fine line, wrinkles, plus restores skin elasticity by stimulating collagen production naturally by our face.

This contains anti-inflammatory property that heals our face from the free environmental radicals plus adverse effects of UV radiations on your skin. It provides moisture absorption by eliminating excess sebum and dirt build up on our face. Our skin becomes hydrated because of the moisture absorption, and as a result, it will become soft as well as smooth. This can clear those ugly bumps on our face leaving it with a smooth and soft touch.

Spread the mud on your face and wait for about 15 minutes for it to work on your face. You might feel a slight tingly sensation but not to worry because this is acting on your skin by melting the accumulated dirt also make up build up. It then brings dirt on our skin surface making it easy to clean it off with this mud. After those minutes are over was off this mud clean, plus see the difference.

Main Active Ingredients

Water, Benzoic Acid, Citric Acid, Dehydroacetic Acid, Sea Silt, Potassium Sorbate, Phenoxyethanol, Chondrus Crispus.

Advantages and benefits

  • Improves blood circulation under your complexion.
  • Cleans dirt, sebum and makeup accumulation inside and outside of your complexion which results in comedones formation.
  • Hydrates our complexion and makes it to feel plus look younger.
  • Aids in the repair of collagen tissue which is responsible for skin elasticity.

Why use Epoch Glacial Marine Mud

This mud mask is one the essentials you need just because this can hydrate your complexion and leaves it with a supple and beautiful look. It will eliminate dirt, sebum, plus makeup build-up which causes the formation of comedones. This cosmetic product is purely natural since it’s taken from the sea.

It has been tested and approved by relevant bodies. It’s safe for your face. It will prevent accumulation of dirt also impurities on our complexion surface, plus under our complexion. It will nourish your complexion with essential vitamins, and minerals derived the sea.

Who Can use this

This is suitable especially for those who experience dry or have dry skin. It unblocks the pores and at the same time stimulates sebum production. It’s not gendered biased, and for this reason, both men, as well as women, can use it.

Are There Side Effects

This has passed through dermatological tests and also approved by relevant authorities. It has no side effects since it’s made from the organic sea mud that has no harsh chemicals that trigger allergies. Also safe to use topically.

Conclusion And Recommendation

Epoch Glacial Marine Mud is dermatologically tested also many people have used it, plus experienced the great effect that comes with it. It’s able to nourish your complexion with beneficial vitamins and nutrients and makes our complexion to be soft and smooth. This mask is applied twice or thrice in a week since it’s strong, plus its effects last for a long time.

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