eRAse Pimple Solution with Rose Extracts Reviews

The condition of your skin can have a lot to do with how you look and feel. Pimples, acne, dark and aging spots do not do much to boost one’s confidence especially if they are in their teens. Some beauty and skin care products that claim to remedy these problems have been presented to the mass market. Some are a total rip off while some are genuinely good. One such effective product is eRAse pimple solution with rose extract.



This is a beauty and skin care product; a leading manufacturer and provider of quality, affordable skin care products and services such as soaps, toners cleansers lotions as well as solutions. Think of this as your highly affordable secret weapon to a spotty and scar riddled skin. It is an anti bacterial and anti acne solution that provides deep cleansing benefits for our complexion as well as pore moisturizing benefits leaving you with healthier complexion, also a glowing complexion; a must have for that much-needed confidence boost to get through the toughest of days. Due to the rose hip extracts in the solution, this has a delightful and calming scent. It comes in a one hundred-milliliter bottle and can be purchased at your local drug store.


This combines two powerful ingredients to achieve the intended effect. This rose hip extract has quite some benefits to our skin. It’s an antioxidant that helps reduce damage to our skin by the sun. The anti oxidant properties achieve this by working against free radicals released due to prolonged exposure to the sun that damage the collagen in our skin. It is also packed with vitamin C which is also helpful in combating against sun damage and healing sun burns. Vitamin A, also essential fatty acids in the extract help to improve our tone and texture while promoting the regeneration of our skin and keeping those unwanted acne or scars at arm’s length. The other active ingredient is salicylic acid that works to unclog the pores of our complexion thus releasing the dirt bacteria, plus sebum builds up responsible for the inflammations, create and maintain pore diameter, also encourage the easy shedding of our epidermal cells to create room for new cells. The overall effect is a clearer face with a better complexion.


The key ingredients to this solution are rose hip extracts and salicylic acid.

Advantage and Benefits

The benefits of this solution go beyond the surface. With a brighter complexion and healthy looking complexion, you are free to go about your day without having to worry about what your complexion will look like. Also after a few contact hours with the sun’s rays or whether people will be listening to what you say as opposed to staring at our scars and marks left by acne, black, plus white heads that are always reoccurring. It is also a pocket-friendly solution, and you get results as early as two days of application.


The desire to be confident and comfortable in your own complexion is not at all superficial. It can be extremely difficult to achieve your intended goals for the day when you are constantly worrying about how your looks like. With this solution, you are guaranteed lasting results in a short time.


This pimple removal solution is versatile in term of the intended client base. People with oily, dry, normal, acne prone or sensitive complexion are all catered for in the mild and careful formulation of this.


This has no side effects what so ever. It is formulated with purely natural ingredients thus avoiding drying and irritation effects that are often related to some of the harsh chemicals found in some cosmetic products.


eRAse pimple solution with rose extract is, all in all, a very good and effective product to use regardless of your skin type or the sensitivity of your complexion. It is recommended that you use it twice a day; after taking a shower and before you go to bed.

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