Estee Lauder Micro Essence Skin Activation Treatment Lotion Reviews

The search for a perfect beauty regimen is a never-ending journey for most of us. Some products work, some do not, while others have a desired effects for a time after which a relapse occurs. Estee Lauder Micro Essence seems to be a perfect solution for early signs of aging, without the worry of any breakouts.


What is Estee Lauder Micro Essence Lotion

This formula is formulated to rejuvenate our complexion’s essence through fighting the early signals of aging, reversing the process, hydrating our face, and keeping our face looking youthful for longer. It’s a safe product to use since it has been tested dermatologically and ophthalmologically to reveal that it delivers the desired results without endangering our complexion. Most people will love this formula because it does not have any irritating fragrance that may be undesirable among those allergic to strong fragrance. Moreover, it has been tested and proven to be non-acnegenic, which further enhances confidence of users in choosing this beauty product. Also light on our face, being proven non-comedogenic. This implies that its user will not have to worry about this formula clogging pores, a situation that may lead to skin breakouts. According to research, it can deliver results within the first two weeks of consistent use. At this time, our complexion will appear more supple and smoother due to its hydrating effects of this formula. Consistent use for 4 weeks, on the other hand, yields enhanced beauty by improving the health of our face. It’s packaged in simple white bottles with a golden bottle top. The average quantity of its content is 2.5 OZ.

How does it work

This Essence is considered as a groundbreaking beauty lotion whose main intent is to strengthen and activate our complexion’s foundation. It aims at working against the early signs of aging to offer its user a younger looking skin with a natural and angelic glow. This brand is believed to work on our complexion’s foundation where it re-energizes your complexion and renews its vitality. It launches a war on the visible signs of aging. Moreover, this brand has moisturizing abilities whereby it hydrates your complexion and keeps our moisture locked in, which in turn ensures your face is supple looking all day. Moreover, this Essence penetrates into your complexion deeply and rapidly with the essence of renewing and rebalancing your face through its micro targeting abilities. It’s micro nourishing power is responsible for the delivery of an exact concentration of specific micronutrient bio-ferment whose aim is to energize and nourish your complexion. Moreover, this Essence has micro active abilities that make it possible to replenish your face by activating several pro-youth activities naturally. The result is a smooth and youthful-looking skin devoid of the signs of aging. This lotion can be applied topically using our hands or a cotton pad. It’s user should rub this lotion into our complexion using the center out motion until it’s well absorbed.

Main Ingredients

Water, Sodium Hyaluronate, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Sorbate, Caprylyl Glycol, Trehalose, Pentylene Glycol, PEG-75, Disodium EDTA, PPG-5-Ceteth-20, Butylene Glycol, Tromethamine, Anthemis Nobilis, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Bifida Ferment Lysate, Sodium Citrate, Caffeine, Betaine, Citric Acid, Acetyl Glucosamine, Propanediol, Carbomer, Lactobacillus Ferment.

Advantage and Benefits

It’s a perfect solution for attaining age resistance abilities. It ensures the user has smooth and supple skin due to its hydrating abilities. Moreover, the moisturizer helps prevent skin dehydration as well as the effects of dryness. Furthermore, this lotion restores the energy and vitality of your face.

Why use Estee Lauder Micro Essence Lotion

This product offers several benefits and advantages as discussed above. The anti-aging cream is formulated with utmost care, ensuring that thorough research has been conducted before it gets into our market. As such, it has been tested and proven effective through dermatologist and ophthalmologist test, making it more trustworthy. Moreover, research indicates that the effects of this Essence are visible as from the first two weeks of consistent use. Moreover, this lotion does not have any fragrance and makes it desirable to use by more people. Additionally, it is light on our face, ensuring that it does not clog our pores or cause any further damage to your complexion.

Who can use this

This product can be used by Asian skin since its formulation is specific to this region. This includes all skin types, be it male or female, for as long as it is Asian.

Are there Side effects

The active ingredients in this product are natural. This implies that they do not have any ill side effects to its user. Thus, it’s considered safe to use for all skin types within the Asian community.

Conclusion and Recommendation

This product offers an effective solution to the need to retain our youthful skin. Estee Lauder Micro Essence Lotion combines nature and technology to offer a unique formulation that delivers the promised results within two weeks of use. Moreover, it presents no side effects, making it suitable and safe to use for all skin types.

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