Farsali Rose Gold Elixir 24k Gold Infused Beauty Reviews

If you want to be amazed at what only one beauty product can do for your skin than this is it. The FARSALI ROSE GOLD ELIXIR is the kind of product that every skin type craves for. This is literary the gold for our complexion. This ingenious elixir is a must try.



This is a product that has blown the social media of beauty gurus and beauty specialists because of its precious composition and its significant skin properties. It’s oil that features an ingredient formula of 24k gold flakes as well as various types of oils that are taken from cold pressing of the seeds (mainly rosehip seed oil). It earns its title because of its valuable ingredients, and it’s a product that instantly gives our radiance, making it look healthy, hydrated as well as glowy. This elixir also has anti-aging and skin enhancing properties and will make our skin look visibly younger. This formula is rich in vitamins and antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Its ingredient formula works amazing for providing ultimate results when it comes to any skin care needs. The oils in this will penetrate quickly into our complexion; also will improve its texture. The elixir is free of any parabens, sulfates, and phthalates and also noncomedogenic, free of synthetic fragrances. It’s absolutely 100 percent cruelty-free, and it’s vegan-friendly. Its smell is quite delicious and citrusy. However, that is not all because this miraculous elixir can also revive dried cream products, plus consequently, provide a new lease of other makeup products.

How does it work

This can function both like oil and a moisturizer. Either way, it will make your skin unbelievably soft and supple. Apply it after cleansing and toning your face and use just two to three drops of it. You will immediately notice that it blends and absorbs very fast. On days when you don`t want to wear any makeup, you can use this as a moisturizer. The 24k gold that is incorporated in this elixir will make your complexion looking flawless, and this will naturally highlight what needs to be highlighted. Also, you can use it along with your make up. Also, it can easily become your favorite product when blending your foundation. You can blend it together with the foundation you use or as a primer before you put on makeup. Your complexion will look dewy and glowy in just a few minutes. After it sits on our complexion, it will not feel greasy or oily on our complexion surface because as said, it sinks very fast. Since it’s not just oil, plus can function as a moisturizer as well, this helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines as well as hyper pigmentation. It’s kind to all complexions types and is ideal for moisturizing the lips before applying any lipstick.

Main ingredients

This product is made of the following formula: Tocopheryl Acetate, Cucurbita Pero seed oil, Rubiginosa seed oil, Cymbopogon Flexuous Oil, Carthamus Tinctorius seed oil, Gold, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis peel oil.


Advantages and Benefits

There are many advantages and benefits to this particular oil. Mainly, it hydrates, nourishes and plumps your complexion. One of its major benefits and advantages is that it easily absorbs onto your complexion also helps in the reduction of fine lines, plus hyper pigmentation.


You should use this formula because of its beautiful composition of infused ingredients. It will make your skin seem healthier and glowing like never before. Also, it’s unlike other oils, which leave a greasy residue on your complexion surface after it’s applied. With this elixir, it takes only a minute so that it sinks deeply into your skin without leaving it oily but just a texture of a silky skin. Likewise, it will naturally highlight your skin, and you would feel like there is no need of applying any other product. Overall it’s a product worth trying.

Who can use this

It is preferable for everyone. Most importantly, this is recommended for all skin types because of its all natural ingredients. It will suit every skin regardless of the beauty routine.

Are there Side effects

There are no side effects to this product. It’s completely safe, also recommended for everyday use. Also, it has blown the beauty community, plus the industry and has just proved its precious skin properties that suit all skin types.

Conclusion and recommendation

This product is indeed a warm recommendation not just from the beauty gurus but also has been a recommendation from many skin experts and dermatologists. Farsali Rose Gold Elixir is an elixir that will give you an instant outcome by reviving our skin, making it appear younger, healthier, uplifted as well as radiant.

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