First Vita Plus Natural Health Gold Dalandan Drink Mix Power Herbs Reviews

There is a common need in modern society to stay healthy while looking and feeling that way. Many food and health supplements offer this. First Vita Plus Gold Natural Health Drink Gold is amongst the most effective of these. It is made from natural ingredients mostly found in a common fruit in the Philipines called dalandan.


What is product First Vita Plus Gold Dalandan Drink Mix Natural

The product is effectively an extract of dalandan with added vitamins derived from a variety of herbs. It is offered as a powder that can be made into a tasty, well-tolerated drink. All of the parts of the plant have been shown to have beneficial effects on a broad range of metabolic processes. Therefore, the product contains ingredients from the entire plant. A multitude of studies has praised the enormous number of metabolic components that are benefited by this plant. They range from anti-carcinogenic to anti- depressant, anticonvulsive, antioxidant, and thermogenic ( inducing weight loss). Since ephedrine was dropped from use for this purpose, the extract of this plant has come to the fore. The product is also a very active antimicrobial and, along with its antioxidant action prove to be of great value in hot, polluted areas. Value is also apparent as a sedative and as a relaxing agent for the relief of anxiety.

How does the product work

There are a variety of ways in which the product works depending upon the particular process. In weight loss, it acts to increase the metabolic rate and thereby turn fat into energy (thermogenesis). This, of course, adds not only to physical but also mental health.

Extracts of this fruit exhibit limiting effects on the production of cancer cells. This is true, particularly for gastric and colorectal cancer cells. The same studies also show that the normal cells are left unaffected.

Uterine spasmodic episodes are both unpleasant and dangerous for women. An extract of the flowers of the plant has been seen to mitigate these effects. This is due to the generally calming effects the product has on the nervous system. Another benefit of this kind of effect is the treatment of sleep disorders. The product has specific implications for the mitigation of sleeplessness in cardiac patients.

Thus First Vita Plus Natural Health Drink Gold works in many ways over the range of bodily processes.

Why use this product

Many people suffer the effects of pollution just as a result of where they live. The antioxidant in this product will help deal with such issues. Cancer also provides a source of concern throughout the planet, and many of the compounds in this product provide a hostile environment for cancer cells, particularly on the stomach and bowels. Sleeplessness, nervousness, and anxiety affect a large number of individuals on a daily basis. The supplement is a nonaddictive remedy for this where the alternatives are dangerous, narcotic drugs. This product is not habit-forming. It is a safe, effective remedy for many days- to-day inconvenient and sometimes hazardous conditions.

Advantages and benefits

The product is advantageous in many ways. It has incredibly therapeutic effects where the alternative is either more dangerous or addictive. It is pleasant -tasting and easily tolerated by the body. The manufacturer has vast experience in the production of dietary supplements and is a well-known and respected name.

Who can take this product

Men and women of all ages can use this product. As always safety is of the utmost importance, particularly regarding children. The use of this product is mainly in the area of thermogenesis, the conversion of fat to energy and anyone who is feeling chronically fatigued can avail themselves of the benefits.

Are there side effect

This is a safe and natural product that has a range of benefits to the body. No side effects have been noted pertaining to the use of this supplement in a recommended fashion. The product contains Citric Acid, (Vitamin C), which has been known to cause allergic results due to its acidity. Anyone who has suffered allergic reactions to fruit juice should refrain from using this product.

Conclusion and recommendations

Extracts from the citrus fruit dalandan have considerable benefits across the board of body processes. Studies show beneficial effects for many inconvenient and some dangerous conditions. Of particular significance is the nature of the extracts to be hostile to cancer cell development. First Vita Plus Natural Health Drink Gold is recommended for sufferers of anxiety, sleep deficiency, and other nervous conditions such as uterine contractions.

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