Gluta C Intense Whitening Facial Day Cream Anti Aging Reviews

As a woman you need to know the products that benefit complexion; caring for your face should be the utmost investment if you want a nostalgic beautiful as well as perfect complexion. Have you ever known why a facial cream is used? One of the purposes is to lock-in moisture. Gluta c intense whitening day cream is cream that will take very good care of your face. Read onto find out more about it.


What Is Gluta C Intense Whitening Day Cream

It is a day cream that comes in a pump container that is airless to keep its contents from environmental pollution and contamination. This is made from natural plant, plus organic extracts such as Shea butter, green tea, vitamins A, C and E among others. It’s formulated to satisfy your complexion demands, such as sun burns, aging, free radicals, plus much more.

As its name suggests, it’s indeed a whitening cream. It does use natural ingredients to whiten our complexion and since the UV rays are responsible for the darkening of our complexion; this has an SPF of 25 which protects our skin. These ingredients work together for a finished result. The SPF 25 blocks the UV rays which then allow our skin to regain its natural complexion.

How does it work

The natural ingredients in gluta c breaks down the UV radiations to heat by using there chemical bonds; which makes it safe on our complexion. The anti- aging compound in this acts by reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Our skin nourishment (Shea butter, vitamins E and C) provides a soft, nourished, smooth, also hydrated complexion. It also minimizes the dry, plus dull complexion. It provides oil control and at the same time moisturizes our skin.

The whitening ingredients (vitamin c, glutathione, and plant extracts) acts on our complexion by reducing dark spots, blemishes, also inhibit the production of melanin. The SPF in it protects our complexion 25 times longer from the rays of UVA and UVB which are responsible for sunburn, plus skin aging prematurely.


Glutathione, Vitamins A, C as well as E, Shea butter, plant extracts.

Advantages And Benefits

  • have sunscreen(SPF 25) which protects our skin from harmful rays of the sun
  • has anti-aging properties that reduce fine lines, plus wrinkles
  • light in texture.
  • Easily absorbs in your complexion.
  • has antioxidant that corrects your complexion texture and tone
  • has a mild scent that diminishes quickly.
  • Whitens your skin by reducing minor blemishes, dark spot elimination and lessens minor blemishes.
  • The vitamin A, C, and E in the cream provides complexion nourishment.
  • Has a powdery vanilla effect.

Why Should You Use Gluta C Intense Whitening Day Cream

As you have read this is a product that will give all the essential needs that your skin needs; this will protect your body from harmful effects of the sun rays. It whitens your complexion with plant extract, and for this reason, it’s safe to use. The vitamin C in this will naturally reduce sebum production. It does not have any side effects and is highly recommended by skin experts.

It uses natural compounds to whiten your complexion and does not have any traces of mercury and hydroquinone which are harmful to your body. This is rich in valuable compounds that add moisture to your skin. After application, it leaves your skin with a vanilla powdery effect, unlike other creams that leaves your body feeling oily. It has a smooth consistency that spreads easily, also gets absorbed easily living your body with a velvety touch.

Who Can use this

This is manufactured from ingredients that have been put together to suit all skin type. It is suitable for both men and women. The natural ingredients in it make it suitable for anyone to use more over it’s scientifically tested and approved by experts.

Are There Side Effects

This has been scientifically tested and approved by the experts; it has been proved not to have any harmful chemicals that will adversely affect your body, and for this reasons, there are no side effects. It brightens the skin by using natural plant extracts.

Conclusion And Recommendation

Even the experts have tested and seen that it’s safe and compatible with any type of skin. It is made from natural compounds making them safe to use even for sensitive skin people. It is annoying to buy cream that is not providing what you expect, but with Gluta C Intense Whitening Day Cream the most important skin needs are met.

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