Tips for finding the best Slimming Pills in the Philippines


If you find the words “Losing weight” in google research, you will receive about 37.8 million results. It means that losing weight is something that many people concerned. There are many solutions you can take to gain losing weight. Some of them are taking diet, smart exercise, taking oral medicines or even taking surgery to cut off the fat. One of such solutions is using slimming pills. Although slimming pills still have many argumentations, they are becoming a common method that many people are looking for in order to shed off unwanted pounds and fat. In this article, we will look in more detailed about what slimming pills are and how do they work.

What are slimming pills?

There are a lot of different slimming pills in the Philippines market. Normally, they are designed as capsule or tablet. They are one of the most popular types of weight loss product available. In some countries, they are considered as medicines which are prescribed by doctors. But, in other countries, they are called dietary supplements. When slimming pills works as supplements, they are purchased over the counter without the indication by doctors. In the Philippines, slimming pills products are more likely supplements than a kind of medicines. It is better for you if you should consult your physician or doctor whether you can use what kind of slimming pills before buying and using them.

Types of slimming pills Reviews

You will see different types of weight loss pills in the market and even you are consulted by your doctor; I am sure that it is still difficult for you to determine which one is really good for you in terms of losing weight and also side effects on your health. There are some kinds of slimming pills that will bind or burn fat whereas others will suppress your appetite. There are also some kinds that aim at metabolism boosting and others specialise in carb blocking. There are also some mixed slimming pills that target multiple areas of weight loss.

How do slimming pills act to lose your weight?

As mentioned above, there are various types of slimming pills in the markets. It depends on the purpose of end-users or customers. For different purposes, firms (manufacturing companies) produce their relevant products and then have launching marketing strategies upon the demand of the market. With the basic principle of the fact that you can lose your weight only when a number of calories you burn or you use is more than a number of calories you consume. Through many types of research that have been taken, slimming pills are generated subject to some mechanism of limiting calories absorb, burning fat, preventing the muscle formation process…; People are different one by one. Therefore the working mechanism of losing weight method on each person’s body is different also. So, when you decide to use slimming pills as a way to help you release some fat, you should ask your doctor for some advice.

How to choose the best diet pills in the Philippines?

Among many kinds of slimming pills in the market, among many advertisements on slimming pills on TV, in internet network, in magazines, in newspapers…and even that you have some advice from your doctor, you may confuse when you decide what slimming pills to buy and what slimming pills to use. You are careful. It is absolutely right because if you choose wrong, slimming pills not only have no result in weight losing but also cause serious impact on your health. Here are some tips for you.

First of all, you should pay substantial attention to the ingredients of slimming pills due to each ingredient has its own effect. Be sure that all ingredients passed a clinic test. Some of the commonly used ingredients you may see include:

  • Green Tea Extract. Green tea is good for our health, and there are many Green tea products over the world. Some studies have been conducted and given the result that a standardised green tea extract induced 30-pound weight loss after 9 days of treatment.
  • Coleus Forskohlii. It is also named Forslean, plectranthus barbarous. This ingredient is expected to help a man reduce body fat and gain muscle mass if he takes 500 mg 10% forskolin extract daily for 12 weeks.
  • Green Coffee bean extract. This ingredient has chlorogenic acid that can reduce weight. Make sure you choose the slimming pills with Green coffee bean extract that has at least 45% chlorogenic.
  • African Mango (also known as Irvingia Gabonensis). Researchers concluded that 150mg Irvingia Gabonensis extract would help to lose 6.3% of body fat.
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid.

Secondly, looking at the feedback of consumers is a good way for you to decide what kind of slimming pills are best selling product in the market. Also through feedback of consumers, you may know about some side effects of such slimming pills. This information is really good for you to start using slimming pills.

Thirdly, a slimming pills product that clearly marked dosages is a better option for you. This information will help you follow the procedures easily.

Last but not the least, you may take some care of money back guarantee policy committed by the provider. It means that you can refund the money if the slimming pills you used does not work well, it doesn’t help you to lose weight. If the provider commits this policy, you can trust that product and trust that provider.

Where can you buy slimming pills in the Philippines?

You can purchase slimming pills online specially if you don’t have much time to go to any physical store you can purchase online.

What are slimming pill brands that are available in the Philippines?

As being mentioned, there are many kinds of slimming pills in the market. And in the Philippines market, it is not an exception. Following are top most popular slimming pill brands in the Philippines.

  • Orlistat, Xenical is a popular brand in the Philippines. This slimming pill work as a fat blocker, it allows fat only pass through unabsorbed.
  • Garcinia Cambogia. This slimming pill work under the fat burning mechanism. It has a supplement of HCA mixed into it. This kind of slimming pill makes consumers feel full for longer periods of times.
  • L-Carnitine is a favourite brand due to its benefits, and it is a safe product. It is also given by doctors to patients who have problems with heart (heart failure, heart attack), kidney.
  • Green Coffee Bean extract supplementation is the best product for those who want to find the safest way to get weight loss because of the natural ingredient of this product. If you take one cup of green coffee bean extract supplementation daily, you can lose your weight. Other benefits of this supplementation are that it is useful for people who have heart problems, high cholesterol levels.

Slimming pills pros and cons

For each type of slimming pill, there are both pros and cons.

  • For Orlistat, although it is very effective in terms of reducing fat. Its side effect is it may cause diarrhea and oily stool. It may cause some unwanted problems to people who have heart diseases, hypertension. So, before buying this, be sure that you are consulted by your doctors.
  • For Garcinia Cambogia. Many people like it and you might like it too because by using it, people can get weight loss but still keep their normal diet.
  • For L-Carnitine, this kind of slimming pill is known as a fat burner. It moves fatty acid to your cells and then burns it. It is also good for health, brain function and disease prevention. But, in some case, using this slimming pill may cause nausea of diarrhea.


In the modern world, when there are many people facing with obesity or overweighting, people are paying more attention to finding ways to get weight loss. They can do physical exercise, apply a dietary or find help from slimming pills. There are many kinds of slimming pills in the market, and consumers can find and buy them quite easily. But, some of them are good and effective, some of them are not. Therefore, before using any kind of slimming pills, it is better if you can have some advice from your doctor.

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