Innisfree Lip Concealer Reviews

Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you apply the lipstick which you have just purchased the color of the lipstick is not the color you imagined would be in your lip area? Its because there are different pigments of lips. Some are darker while others have a light color. Innisfree Lip Concealer will minimize the natural color of your lips.


What is Innisfree Lip Concealer

A lip concealer? Really? But what is that? Can you really put concealer on your lip area? These are questions often asked when they hear about this. This concealer is made in South Korea, its a product of Innisfree that uses natural ingredients and is dedicated to sharing the clean and pure energy of nature for healthy beauty. Some people get disappointed when a lipstick that they have purchased when applied to their lips has a different color, because when two colors are mixed, the outcome is usually a different color. Then if its the case if you’ve darker lips won’t you have the chance to wear a lipstick color you like? Well, it’s what this concealer is about. It will erase temporarily the natural lips color, to ensure you get to apply the color of lipstick you have chosen. This will create a smooth and neutral surface of your mouth area. The concealer will help your lipstick color last longer; it will add dimension and prevent feathering. Having this product in the market won’t make you worried about choosing a lipstick color. You won’t have to worry that it might not match color, also easy to carry, so you can just place it in your pouch and carry it with you.

How does it work

Okay, so now that you know this is, you should also know how it works. Well, this contains Camellia oil, which is extracted from the Japanese camellia flower, known as Tsubaki flower. The camellia oil is an emollient, that can be used to people who have dry, flaky and rough areas that are needed to be revitalized and moisturized. It also has anti- inflammatory and anti- aging benefits that will protect your mouth area against the increase of pigmentation, and make your lips soft, radiant looking, promote healing of imperfections, and is also rich in anti-oxidants. It contains shea butter that will protect your lips from acold and dry weather and will reduce the chances of you having dry lips. It has vitamins A and E, which will both soothe and moisturize chapped lips and dry skin. Okay, so this may sound a little crazy, but it also contains olive oil (What??? Isn’t that just for your salad and cooking?), well it seems that olive oil also has benefits for your lips too, it will keep your lips from drying out or becoming chapped. While the jojoba seed oil that the concealer has, also serves as a moisturizer that will keep it soft and supple.

Main Ingredients

Olive oil, Camellia Oil, Jojoba seed oil, plus Shea butter.

Advantage and Benefits

Its main function is to help enhance your lip color, no matter your skin tone color is. It will also make sure that the lip color you’ve chosen to apply will not blend with the color of our mouth area, but rather it will give you an authentic color which you’ve chosen.

Why use Innisfree Lip Concealer

When we apply this to our lip area, keep in mind that it’s best to use a shade which is lighter than our lips color. The first step we should make when we apply this is that we should apply an even amount to our mouth area to avoid and uneven application that may cause our lips having a different color. Let the concealer dry, because there will be a chance that it scatters which will result we have uneven lips. Use this concealer for us to have moisturized and soft lips whenever and wherever we go.

Who can use this

This can be used by anybody who wants to be able to wear the lipstick of their chosen color. We can now stop worrying thinking what color should match our lip area.

Are there side effects

One thing that the products of Innisfree will guarantee us is that they are using organic as well as natural ingredients to all their products. Thus all their products are safe to use plus do not have any side effects that we should be worried of.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Now, we have enough knowledge about Innisfree Lip Concealer, we can order it now, so that we can witness the magic that it can do when it’s being applied to our lips. This is highly recommended for many users, for us to be able to have smooth and radiant looking lips.

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