Kirkland Signature Fish Oil 1200 MG Omega 3 Softgel Reviews

Fatty acids are one of the few dietary supplements that the FDA approves for therapeutic needs in certain circumstances. Kirkland Fish Oil is a formulation of fish oils in the form of a tablet that is easy to take and with an enteric protection to prevent early release. It thus prevents the fishy taste encountered with other types of use.


What is Kirkland Signature Fish Oil

The most useful of the fatty acids are of the Omega-3 variety. There are also two variations of these, docosahexaenoic acid, (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). The richest sources of these are fish from the cold, northern waters of the North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, mainly cod, whitefish, and salmon. Cod Liver Oil was at one time given free by the British government to all children of primary school age.

A supplement that enhances the supply of these essential fatty acids in the diet. Omega-3 acids are not produced naturally in the body and thus have to be ingested as food or as a supplement.

Studies have shown that fatty acids have a role to play in the normal functions of the body, as well as mitigating the effects of some very dangerous and uncomfortable conditions, such as ADHD, Alzheimers, arthritis, and much more. The use of this supplement helps to eliminate some of the dangers of a diet high in fish, as the sources of the product are screened for the common fish contaminants such as Mercury and Dioxin.

How does it work

Fatty acids have an effect on a broad range of the body’s metabolic functions in a wide number of places.

Sixty percent of the brain consists of fats, so it might be apparent that fatty acids could have an effect on brain function. Clinical tests have shown that children with ADHD have a significantly improved intellectual performance when treated with DHA. This, of course, also has connotations with the mitigation of brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s. Studies show that this extends into the area of relief of anxiety and depression.

Arthritis is a scourge not confined to advancing years. A significant number of younger people are becoming affected. The main culprit in younger sufferers is “keyboard stress”, Repetitive Stress Disorder. The normal antidote for this is NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). However, these show some side effects in the stomach, and in some cases, may be dangerous. The administration of a fatty acid supplement has shown effective relief without this danger.

Advantages and benefits

For many years governments have seen the benefits of fish oils as a supplement. It is safe and efficient for the assistance in many of the bodily functions and mitigates the effects of many uncomfortable conditions. It is produced by a manufacturer held in very high esteem in the manufacture of dietary supplements.

Who can take this

Fish oil is a product recommended for people of all ages. Governments around the world have provided it as a food supplement for many years. It is one of the most used, and most acclaimed dietary supplements of all time, and is obtainable in a sustainable fashion from a wide selection of sources.

Are there side effects

There are no reports of side effects from using the product. The manufacturers have obviated the common objection of fishy taste by the method of packaging the active ingredient in the tablet. An allergic reaction is always a consideration, and anyone experiencing a response to fish should seek advice before using the product.

Conclusion and recommendations

A “must use” for everybody. It has been widely utilized over a period of decades and has a beneficial effect on some of the most debilitating conditions that affect the body. Generations of children have benefited from government programs to proliferate its use to enhance their development and well-being.

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