Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow Reviews

Maybelline Baby Lips product has been everyone’s favorite balm in recent times. Apart from water and food, the next essential thing for a lady should be the balm. This is not just a fashion item; rather it’s a must have in everyone woman’s toilette regardless of the age; whether 16 or 60 years old.


What is Maybelline Baby Lips

This is a lip balm manufactured by Maybelline, they have been in the business of promoting Baby Lips for both care and repair. This is infused with Sun Protection Factor of 20 that keeps our lip area protected from the damage of the sun, as well as carrying a warm scent. Also, promises to give moisturization for up to 8 hours of. It has a hydration restoring formula that moisturizes and also protects our skin. Using this balm regularly will ensure that our lips are renewed and feeling supple.

If our eyes are considered the windows to our soul, then our lips are external indications of how well you take care of your body. Psychologists have proven that both men and women take note of someone’s attractiveness just by looking at their lips. So our lips are visual signs of fertility as well as health, beautiful plus healthy go a long way in increasing your success in the dating game. And a good way to groom and care for our lips is by using this balm.

What sets this product apart from others is the high Sun Protection Factor. There are no other balms that contain as high as SPF 20; that is if there is any. This formula is very nice also unique in its own way. It settles perfectly onto lips, plus announces its presence anywhere you go.

How does it work

This formula has SPF 20. SPF is an acronym for Sun Protection Factor, and it implies the measure of the amount of time you can stay in the sun without getting burnt. Therefore, SPF 20 means that if you begin to tan after 10mins, then the protection will be longer. SPF is found in many cosmetic products especially sunblocks and sunscreens, plus not harmful to our skin. It protects our skin from the harsh UV rays (UVAs and UVBs). Another important function of SPF is that it prevents our skin from aging quickly. It’s a known fact that the longer you are exposed from UV rays, which gives harm, such as sunburn, plus wrinkles, it does to your skin.

Therefore products with a Sun Protection Factor, such as this balm, is recommended for everyday use to help protect your skin and specifically your lips with regards to this product. This will not make your lips fairer than it’s already, but it will protect them from the harmful effects of the sun. So, it will help preserve your lips and maintain its natural color, moisturizing and keeping it rejuvenated for up to 8 hours.

Main Ingredients

This balm main ingredients are Octinoxate (7.5), Ozokerite, Petrolatum, Octisalate (3%), Candelilla Wax, Octyldodecanol, Polyethylene, %), Polybutene, Isopropyl Myristate.

Advantage and Benefits

This balm is cutely packaged in a lightweight plastic container that is easy to carry, and they are available in different pop color cases to suit your desire and demand. This has a high SPF 20, plus formulated to moisturize and make them feel supple.

Why use Maybelline Baby Lips

This brand is specially formulated with a high SPF 20 to help prevent it from drying. Some of the ingredients in this that make it really work are the Polybutene. This ingredient, which is similar to silicon, prevents moisture from escaping. It also contains Octyldodecanol and Isopropyl Myristate; they are oily compounds that make spreading easy. Other ingredients worthy of note are Petrolatum, moisturizing agent, and Polyethylene, Ozokerite, Candelilla Wax to enhance consistency. With a product rich in ingredients such as the ones highlighted, there is no doubt that when you use it on your lips, it will leave a lasting effect.

Who Can Take this

This is for those who want to have supple and moisturized. This lip balm is outstanding among other lip balms in our market. Also, it will surely make you stand out anywhere.

Are there Side effects

This doesn’t have any side effect. It’s made from natural ingredients, plus safe for use. Since it’s a brand, it is 100% safe and cannot be harmful in any way.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Maybelline Baby Lips does a good job with moisturization, you start feeling it right from the moment you apply it, making your lips looking and feeling rejuvenated for up to 8 hours – according to the claims. It’s safe for use, and so it’s highly recommended to maintain beautiful lip area at all times.

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