Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Reviews

Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Intensive Moist is a superlative and excellent skincare product, which has got a high concentration of essential essence to stimulate growth and maximize skin health. It brightens our complexion, reduction of wrinkles as well as acts as a skin moisturizer. This formula is purely manufactured as a fluid to intensify the absorption rate.


What is Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Intensive, Moist

Generally, this is a skin treatment product that contains fermented yeast and Himalaya purple Burley; It has a high concentration of essence essential which gives skin maximum protection and care. It’s currently upgraded and has capabilities to perform a couple of functions. It contains Vitamin B3 as well as Niacinamide, which works by improving the elasticity of our face, provides a barrier to our complexion against damages also restores textures and skin touch. This got anti-aging ingredients which protect the DNA from U.V rays and therefore it boost the renewal of mutilated DNA.

After application, it takes a very short moment to give the best skin quality results. Why stay dehydrated? This skincare product gives you the best moisturizing ability, giving your complexion enough moisture all the time.

This formula is genuine. Also it can be applied to all types of skin without any age barrier. It’s fully certified by KFDA, paraben, silicon, alcohol, mineral oil-free among others. It’s safe as it has been tested by a dermatologist.

It is one of the best beauties cosmetic, manufactured in Korea; This company’s motto is to give high-quality premium quality products, naturally extracted ingredients. It believes in quality rather than quantity, and it’s not necessary for this to be expensive, It provides and maintains integrity in its product at a low and affordable price.

How does it work

This product contains a high percentage of yeast extract about 90%, which performs several beneficial aspects of smoothing, sebum regulation, complexion tone boost, skin strengthening, plus repair of wrinkles. It gives a new texture to our complexion and makes a new feeling every day.

It contains the essential essence which gives our face maximum care and protection, regulates skin turn over, boosting the level of growth of our complexion.

This formula contains ingredients which act as anti aging stimulators, DN-AID which is a Cassia-Atlanta extract which grows naturally in Africa tropical areas, is an excellent skin barrier against U.V rays, plus it usually restores normal complexion conditions by boosting rejuvenation of damaged DNA.

It’s manufactured as a fluid; the reason is to maximize the rate of absorption. It is advisable for new users to be aware that this brand has a unique smell due to fermented yeast, it has no fragrance to accord it a different smell because they care about their users. Fragrance leads to irritation; It’s fragrance-free.

It is also recommendable to go through the instructions carefully first, on how to use, before applying this, so that to be 100% sure that this will work effectively.

Why use Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence

This skincare is special; It cannot be compared with other products, the greatest crucial thing you should keep in mind is that this brand has a clean certification from FDA, also tested by a dermatologist, it’s paraben, alcohol. Mineral, fragrance, silicon, and colorants free. Therefore this is safe to use. Has completed firming and hydration test.

It’s effective and fully approved. It’s straightforward to use without any professional guidance from a dermatologist, safe to use at home and if instructions are followed appropriately, automatically perfect results will be observed.

Advantages and benefits

  1. Hydration, smoothing, as well as brightening of complexion
  2. Removes fine wrinkles, plus improve skin tone.
  3. Stimulate skin growth rate.
  4. Provides immediate and intensive beneficial recovery of our face.
  5. Sebum balancing and firming of our complexion.

Main active ingredients

The main star ingredients include:

  • Fermented yeast extract (90%)
  • Niacinamide component of vitamin B3
  • DN-AID (cassia- Atlanta extract)

Who can take this

This product has no age barrier, plus therefore it is flexible for everyone. It is recommended and safe for women in either pregnancy or lactating period, who may opt to make their skin appear younger.

Any there side effects

This is the most sensitive part of this they strictly look upon. People should be very cautious when choosing a product, to check whether this has any side effects. With this, we can confidently say that it’s totally free from substances which may react to human bodies such as silicon, paraben among others. It’s fully certified and 100% side effect free.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Basing on this description above, Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Intensive Moist has full recommendations. This is the only product where your complexion can achieve its normal appearance, soothing hydration, wrinkles clearance, firmness, plus more to that, it has a unique feature, it’s supplemented with DN-AID so as to prevent your complexion from U.V injuries.


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