NutritionWorks Improved Formula Maximum Male Reviews

As men grow old, their ability to produce calcium decreases. Although this is not as prevalent as in women, it can still lead to problems with posture and brittle bones. Minor injuries can result in grave consequences. Maximum Male by Nutritionworks is a product that supplies this extra Calcium. This product also can enrich the iron content of the blood and, at the same time, provides copious amounts of antioxidants to fight pollution.


What is Nutritionworks Maximum Male

The product is a formulation of compounds rich in Iron and Calcium. The product has substances that will enrich the Iron content of the blood. This is necessary for ensuring that the blood can perform two of its primary function: enabling the blood to clot and transporting Oxygen around the body. The two substances involved in this are fibrinogen and hemoglobin; both are compounds of Iron. Therefore there must be an abundance of iron for the body’s metabolism to function correctly.

Calcium is the foundation of the structural part of the body: the bones. If the bones become soft or brittle, they can no longer perform the function of maintaining body rigidity. This leads to bad posture and the danger of bones being subject to stress and other fractures. The product contains Calcium Carbonate in an easily digestible form to help prevent this kind of problem.

Living in densely urbanized areas results in the exposure to pollutants that include free radicles. Certain vitamins can eliminate these. Such compounds are called antioxidants. The vitamins C and E are extremely efficient in this area. This product contains sufficient amounts of these to remove free radicles from the body.

How does it work

Quite simply, the product ensures that adequate supplies of both Iron and calcium become available to the blood and the bones respectively. Calcium is frequently ingested via dairy products such as milk and cheese. However, there are a large number of individuals who are allergic to the other components of dairy products such as Lactose. In such cases, the supply of Calcium can become problematical. Nutritionworks Maximum Male helps to mitigate this deficiency.

In modern times, the appetite for fresh meat has dwindled. There are many apparent health benefits to this, but fresh meat was traditionally the best source of dietary Iron. Offal is also an excellent supply of this iron, but many people find it unpalatable. To make up for this, the use of Iron dietary supplements has come to the fore. Iron is found in many dark green vegetables, but these also contain oxalic acid which causes kidney stones when eaten in a Calcium rich diet. Ergo, we are doomed if we do and doomed if we do not.

Main ingredients

The main ingredients are Calcium Carbonate, Vitamins A, C, E, D, K., Folic Acid, various forms of Vitamin B such as niacin, riboflavin, B6, and B12, and Iodine. The calcium content is significantly lower than in the female version of this supplement.

Advantages and benefits

This product is a formulation of tried and tested components manufactured by a company that has a record that is second to none in the area of supplement preparation. They have put together a product that can make life changing differences to significant proportions of the population. Calcium deficiency can be hard to fix because of allergy issues, and the lack of iron can be disastrous with blood clotting and energy usage problems. Living in a polluted area causes all kind of health problems. The use of this product mitigates the effects of all of these issues.

Why use Nutritionworks Maximum Male

Health care is expensive, and anything that can relieve that cost is certainly useful. This product is of value in areas that might involve significant cost. The cost of repairing bones or clinically trying to restore them is extremely expensive. The price paid for a food supplement that may well obviate that price is a fraction of the cost of the care involved. In the case of iron deficiency, this becomes an issue of survival. Many people die of blood loss before a surgeon gets anywhere near them. If the blood is healthy and clots properly, then surgeons have a better chance of a successful outcome.

Who can take this product

The target market for this product is men, particularly men getting toward middle age. At this age, the bodily functions that produce some of the essential compounds for the metabolism tend to get a bit lazy. Women can certainly take this product, but the same company provides an excellent product that is much more suited for them.

Are there side effects

Nutritionworks Maximum Male is a natural, safe product. There are no known side effects. However, people must always be careful around allergies. That is true no matter what the body absorbs. The clear warning here is that this product is not for children and must stay out of reach of children at all times. Mouthwash poisoning is one of the most common household fatalities; it is important not to let Iron poisoning get anywhere near close.

Conclusion and recommendations

Correct levels of Calcium and Iron are essential for the proper functioning of the human metabolism. Nutritionworks Maximum Male is an active formulation of both of these key elements. The product is recommended for men who are reaching middle age or have a propensity for problematical bleeding.

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