Nworld NLighten Facial Cleanser Reviews

As a woman, I am very particular in choosing beauty products or cosmetics and even the things I use for cleansing, of course, I am a fan of beauty being natural and all, but it doesn’t mean that I cannot use products that can help me enhance my features physically. And when it comes to facial cleansers, I make use that I use the safest and the most effective one. So far, I’ve tried other facial cleansers, but there is one NLighten Facial Cleanser is the one that stands out.


What is Nlighten Facial Cleanser

So what is this? Well, aside from its core purpose of cleansing your face, it also helps in giving you an even skin tone, which I do think is very important to all the girls out there, well even males do find it important that their skin tone is even. It also helps in giving you a finer complexion, most of us girls, well, at least those that I know, give much importance on their skin complexion. Aside from beautification that this does, it also serve as an effective sun protection. Mainly every one of us needs, I prefer to quote it as “needs” rather than “wants,” because at this time, whether you are a student or an employee or just a regular citizen, we all are conscious with our face. I do think that the face can be someone’s mirror to her personality. It is not vain; it knows how to take care of yourself properly.

How does it work

Just like other brands, this is advisably used every morning and night time, but unlike other brands, this facial cleanser is very effective and at the same time very skin friendly. It does not just have one aim; it aims cleansing, protection, and beautification to your skin. You just have to squeeze a little amount of the cleanser into cotton and smoothly apply it to your face in an upward circular motion. It’s preferably used after a bath. It has a multi lightening complex which helps inhibits melanin formation, melanin is the one helps provide protection to the sun and of course provides the skin a whiter complexion. It also removes residual grimes which results to attain a clear and even skin tone. And it also has a purifying property which helps in refining the pores that we have in our faces. This facial cleanser also aims to provide a young looking skin. I can definitely say that it’s a must try, it’s very effective and it works without any skin irritation on the user’s end.

Who can take this

As to who can use is it, well, this can be used by anyone who needs facial care. Nowadays, it’s not just women who are anxious on how they look or how to take care of their skin especially their face, today, even men are into this trend.


The ingredients of this are the following; Scutellaria baicalein extracts Paeonia suffruticose root extract, arbutin, saxifrage sarmentose extract, menthol, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, citric acid, and glutathione.

Advantages and benefits

What are the advantages and benefits from using this? Well, there’s a lot, one of course is that you don’t have to worry on looking unpleasant. Another advantage is that you will regain your confidence even after having pores, because this helps you have a refine pores. It’s anti aging property also adds to the benefits of using it.

Why use the NLighten facial cleanser

So why use this? Well, this really helps in ensuring that your skin is properly taken care of. It’s very safe to use, and definitely has no side, effect. I as an employee who works on a graveyard shift finds this very helpful, with all other brands I tried, it’s the one I can really recommend. It’s really skin friendly, never did I experience any irritation after using it, no side effect at all. Again, it’s not vanity, this as loving you, when you take care of yourself you feel good, you will feel gain confidence to face your boss, your client, your customers, your special someone and you will feel good each time you face the mirror. This facial cleanser is really a big help.

Possible Side effect

Since all the ingredients use to create this are all natural, there are no side effects, to irritation of the skin and is really safe to use. Unlike other products whereas you need to worry of certain things such as causing your skin to turn red or so, this has none. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people recommend this, there are no side effects.

Conclusion and Recommendation

I am normally not much of a fan of advising to people what to use or recommending them things I’ve tried or sharing them my experience on a certain product, not unless if it is worth it and if it’s a must try product. Well, with NLighten facial cleanser, it is definitely worth it and is surely a must try. This is not just, as they call it, a “girl thing”, it’s more of being responsible in taking care of your body.

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