Nworld Nlighten o2 Bubble Cleanser Reviews

Many people have tried a variety of skin products looking for the best solutions to their individual problems, but sadly most of them haven’t had a good solution, but I got good news for you. Have you tried NLighten O2 bubble cleanser? Well if not I think you should try it sometime.


What is NLighten O2 bubble cleanser

This is a product of NWorld Company that is based in the Philippines. It comes in a fancy package and a pump, and you can get yours from either a local distributor or from online distributors in your respective country, and you can take it from me that it will be worth every penny that you pay. I know you might be wondering what is this? It’s a cleanser that uses oxygen therapy to rejuvenate our skin by hydrating it, removing dead cells and by removing unwanted dirt from the surface of your skin including all the unnecessary oils on the surface of your skin. I know it sounds like some kind of magic, right? Well welcome to my world I also did not believe a simple cleanser could do all that, but I guess with the robust technology advancement in this century everything is possible.

How does it work

To use this first, you apply the paste on your face and spread it evenly on your complexion. Give it a minute for oxygen bubbles to form, which you scrape off with your fingers and then wash off with lukewarm water. The oxygen goes deep into one’s complexion where it’s treated with vitamins to help your skin to be firm and smooth again. It helps to reduce itchiness and irritation. The pine in it also helps to scrap infections; mung bean helps to make it stronger, sugarcane helps maintain the young look of your complexion, which arguably is the dream for almost everyone right? Who on earth doesn’t want their complexion to look younger? Well, definitely not me. Also contains lemon, which as we all know is the perfect home remedy for our complexion and if you did not know that well now you know thanks to me. The lemon helps lighten our skin. With the increasing cancer rates, This may turn out to be important as it contains Father David root extract which is an anticancer.

What are the ingredients

This is majorly made up of organic cleanser including;

  • Mung bean extract
  • Kudzu extract
  • Sugar cane extract
  • Orange extract
  • Lemon extract
  • Sugar maple extract
  • Bilberry extract
  • Father David root extract
  • Yellow dock extract

Advantages and benefits

This is made up of organic extracts that individually help to make it an outstanding cleanser, for example, it contains Asian white birch that plays a major role in treating inflammatory diseases. With its hydrating ability and the ability to remove unwanted dirt, it helps to moisturize, clean, and make the complexion brighter.

Why use NLighten O2 bubble cleanser

Well, there are very many reasons as to why. First, it makes our complexion lighter with the help of the lemon in it. Secondly, it increases our immunity against skin cancer hence reducing the chances of one contracting the dreadful disease. Also, keep our complexion look young and smooth. You can’t go without mentioning the fact that this also makes our skinless fragile. Above all, it moisturizes our skin, rejuvenates it and relieves it from dead skin cells and impurities hence leaving you as young as ever.

Who can use this

I know you are wondering if this is compatible well worry no more because it doesn’t have any known discrimination of any type and therefore anyone with any skin type can use the product without any fear.

Possible Side Effect

This can have way a lot of uses and advantages, but if it has as many side effects, then it becomes useless but let’s face it this is like purely botanical, and we all know how user-friendly organic products are. This, therefore, does not have any known side effects.

Conclusion and recommendation

I have tried a lot of cleansers before, but most of them leave our skin dry but if you ask for my opinion, NLighten O2 bubble cleanser is the best cleanser. Because it leaves our complexion fresh and moist and rejuvenated and it’s more useful than foundation and concealers, which will just hide our problem rather than solve it.


Now we got ourselves a product that is safe for our complexion with no side effects, but however, precautions have to be taken as it’s purely for external use and should not be swallowed and if we swallow accidentally, please seek medical attention. Besides the high price for a cleanser, I think NLighten O2 bubble cleanser is an excellent cleanser both safe and natural, and I highly recommend it to anyone whose skin needs attention.

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