Nyx Professional Makeup Butter Gloss Reviews

Nyx Professional Makeup Butter Gloss, is a lip gloss made from Nyx Professional Makeup. It comes in a bunch of different colors as well as shades. This is made from natural products and designed to go on smooth and keep its color all day long. This product is known for its vibrant and strong color that will endure through out your whole day.


What is Nyx Professional Makeup Butter Gloss

This formula is made from beeswax and cocoa butter. It’s designed to go smooth as well as soft to your lip area, and then stick there without wearing off as soon as your lips touch something. It will keep your lip area shiny and smooth all day long. Like all glosses, it’s made to make your lip area glisten and look desirable. Well, this does that, but it also keeps the skin on our lips healthy, plus smooth. This comes in over 10 different colors, from soft muted tones, too bright, also vibrant colors guaranteed to make your looks stand out.

How does it work

This product works by being applied by a small applicator brush that is attached to the lid of the container. You pull it out of the container and spread it across our lip area applying it through out the lip area. It applies nice as well as smooth for maximum coverage. By using the brush, you can be sure that you can control where this goes, so you don’t have to worry about it getting on your teeth or your face.

Main Active Ingredients

The ingredients of this product are cocoa butter, beeswax and essential oils with a nice fragrance and of color.

Advantage and Benefits

There are toes of advantages to using any Nyx product. But as for the Butter, it’s easy to see that the number one advantage of using this brand is that it goes on our lips smooth and stays soft throughout the day. Some users even have described this as feeling velvety on their lips. The product is described as being sticky when applied, but then it dries, giving you lips a color that endures through eating, plus drinking, but still, keeps our lips nice and soft.

Why use Nyx Professional Makeup Butter Gloss

Women everywhere should join us over other brands because the name Nyx means professional. This brand is proven to be a product that is quality made and will keep its color no matter what is thrown at it.with so many color options; it’s hard to say that any woman would have a tough time finding “her” color. Since this brand is a natural product, there is no harm in putting on our lips every day. As far as lips glosses go, it’s reasonably priced, making it easy for any purchaser to by the Butter Gloss in any shade she wishes.

Who Can use this

This formula is safe for girls and women for all ages. It’s made of all natural products, also comes in so many shades of colors that young girls can get more muted colors, plus women of all ages can be assured that there is a color for them.

Are there Side effects

There are no side effects to using this. This is made from all proven safe products; they are all natural and safe for people for all ages. It has been approved for everyday usage.

Conclusion and Recommendation

As far as color lip glosses go, Nyx Professional Makeup Butter Gloss is one that by far is recommended above all others. It has so many different color options, which it would be hard for someone to have a hard time finding the right color for any occasion. It’s made with all natural products, which make is safe for girls of all ages to use. This is a great product that endures through everything that can come your way through out the day.


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