OC 35 Cyproterone Acetate Ethinylestradiol Tablets Reviews

We are not talking about just any acne here. I am talking about the severest acne like acne vulgaris and seborrhoeic dermatitis. These guys are “Acne-Zilla.” These two are not just any skin conditions; in fact, some medical circles classified them as diseases. Pimples, plus other greasy skin conditions are fairly treatable with facial cleansers also moisturizing soap. What you need is something serious because serious skin problem requires a serious solution.


What Is OC 35 Cyproterone Acetate Ethinylestradiol

A pill that treats severe acne by inhibiting androgen production. This is an androgen pill that stops severe acne such as acne vulgaris, plus seborrhoeic dermatitis. If a woman has excessive production of androgen, her sebaceous is overstimulated, plus becomes over-active; and overactive sebaceous glands increases the release of a waxy organic substance called sebum, which feels greasy on our skin. Not only does it feel greasy, the sebum solidifies and clogs skin pores—eventually causing serious infection, plus irritation. A serious infection, plus irritation characterize an existence of acne vulgaris as well as seborrhoeic dermatitis. Topical treatments like facial cleansers, astringents, and exfoliants can unclog pores to stop such infection as well as an irritation but temporarily solve the problem. Abundance of that greasy, also waxy sebum overwhelms these regular and common treatments. You need something uncommon, special, and strong to address the source of the problem. With the severest acne, facial wash, plus soap are just weak stopgaps. Such treatments are quite effective against your regular pimple, blackheads, whiteheads, and grease; but these treatments fails miserably for severest acne. So, you want something that stops problem at its source; you want something that normalizes the androgen level in your blood. In such case, you need a powerful pill. Where can I find one? OC-35 is your answer.

How Does It Work

This has Cyproterone. it has a twofold action: (1) it blocks receptors from binding with the androgen hormone; plus (2) stops the ovaries from producing more androgen. One of these receptors is responsible for stimulating our sebaceous glands. By blocking this kind of receptor, our sebaceous glands’ production dramatically slows down. This does not mean that there is no longer any sebum production; rather, your sebum loses density, plus stops being waxy. Hence, skin pores are not clogged. Also, your skin stops being greasy; skin infection, plus irritation stops. Aside from Cyproterone, this has Ethinylestradiol. Ethinylestradiol is a derivative of estradiol which is a naturally-occurring hormone that our human body generates. Like estradiol, a primary female sex hormone, Ethinylestradiol benefits a woman’s body by maintaining skin elasticity. As a lady’s body ages, the estradiol level gradually falls below normal; and at menopause, our skin loses elasticity, also becomes vulnerable to damage. To delay menopause and maintain skin elasticity, Ethinylestradiol replenishes = estradiol to a normal level. When combined with Cyproterone-acetate, Ethinylestradiol strengthens its effect on sebaceous glands as well as improving skin’s elasticity and moisture retention. Ethinylestradiol accelerates the effect of Cyproterone-acetate, plus heals damaged old skin. Combined dose of Cyproterone Ethinylestradiol stops excessive androgen production, stops skin infection and irritation, restores skin elasticity, also improves our skin’s moisture retention.

Main Ingredients

Androgen-inhibiting pill contains 2 mg of Cyproterone and 0.035 mg of Ethinylestradiol.

Benefits and Advantages

Aside from treating acne vulgaris, plus seborrhoeic dermatitis, this androgen pill stops excessive body hair growth in women. Also, improves our body’s iron and calcium absorption and, thus prevents anemia and osteoporosis. A higher dose, with doctor’s prescription, of this can significantly prevent prostate enlargement in men and irregular menstruation in women.

Why Use this OC 35 Cyproterone Acetate Ethinylestradiol

When facial cleansers, moisturizing soap, antibiotics, also other regular treatment fails, try using this powerful pill. For men, this can reduce the risk of prostrate enlargement and cancer. For women, this delays the onset of menopause, plus effects of aging on our body, specially skin. It normalizes the rhythm of a menstrual cycle, reduces the risk ovarian and endometrial cancer. It does actually normalize the amount of androgen in our blood. Also, it improves iron, plus calcium absorption. If you want something that works for severe acne and other bonuses, use an androgen-inhibiting pill like OC-35.

Who Can take this

Men, plus women can take this product. Pregnant women or women expecting pregnancy should not take this androgen-inhibiting pill since it is a very effective contraceptive. If you have any family history of breast cancer, then do not take this. When you have diabetes, do not take this. Please do ask your doctor because there are some people who have an allergic reaction to OC-35.

Are there any Side Effects

Just like any pill or injection that promises to normalize hormone levels, the user will often experience nausea, migraine, insomnia, tenderness of breast, change in body weight and libido. If you are in doubt, please call your doctor. A good doctor will figure out if you have any allergic reaction to this or you have a disorder or syndrome that needs other methods of hormone therapy.

Conclusion and Recommendation

After trying facial washes, soaps, astringents, also exfoliants, please do try this. This is a powerful androgen-inhibiting pill that treats the worst, severest acne such acne vulgaris, plus seborrhoeic dermatitis. Aside from treating severe acne, this improves skin elasticity, delays menopause, increases calcium and iron absorption. It can even reduce the risk of prostate enlargement in men.


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